Indiana Jones Bethesda Game - Official Teaser

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Prije 10 dana

A new Indiana Jones game from Bethesda and Machine Games has been revealed! Check out the short teaser here!

matt T
matt T Prije 4 sati
Yessss this and James bond .man I hope these games are awesome
RivalDragons Prije 10 sati
That's it?
Iamnotinaclan Prije 11 sati
First new bond game now Indiana Jones we are back in the movie tie in age of games
doom slayer
doom slayer Prije 3 sati
Robocop made by cd
ace Hafiz
ace Hafiz Prije 12 sati
No lollygagin
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Prije 2 sati
Teaser Trailer : Exists Random HRpostr : 101 things you missed in the teaser
doom slayer
doom slayer Prije 15 sati
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Prije 2 sati
I remember playing the emperors tomb on the Xbox and it was awesome like the original last of us I hope this is something like that
cringemonkey 507
cringemonkey 507 Prije 15 sati
16 times the whip detail..
Ahmad R
Ahmad R Prije 15 sati
Machinegames? Not sure i'd want them after all that hell yeah, dude!
tetch 1
tetch 1 Prije 16 sati
Welp bethesda use your no 1 feature: bugs and gliches
D. Aardent
D. Aardent Prije 17 sati
I was interested....until i saw it was Bethesda, I hate Bethesdas, why did it have to be Bethesdas.
doom slayer
doom slayer Prije 15 sati
Its machine games
Daltira Prije 17 sati
JL McLeod
JL McLeod Prije 17 sati
Naughty Dog should have gotten this game.
Rimuru Tempest
Rimuru Tempest Prije 17 sati
Once upon a time, seeing this would have filled me with joy and excitement, now I just feel sadness and trepidation.
1 2 3
1 2 3 Prije 18 sati
Game Demo?
Star Gazer
Star Gazer Prije 18 sati
You find out Fallout 76 is inside the Ark.
Ice Blade
Ice Blade Prije 20 sati
Damn, straight up ripped off uncharted.
doom slayer
doom slayer Prije 15 sati
Indiana Jones come first
numako999 Prije 20 sati
Well this was really lazy!
Matt Mox
Matt Mox Prije 21 sat
Spent 30 seconds watching the trailer. Another ten minutes laughing at the comments.
Frazer 7
Frazer 7 Prije 22 sati
Haven’t got a ps5 or xbox series x yet does anyone know if this will be exclusive on xbox now with there deal with Bethesda because now I might just have to get an Xbox instead
firestorm5432 Prije 23 sati
I remember playing the emperors tomb on the Xbox and it was awesome like the original last of us I hope this is something like that
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Prije 23 sati
Teaser Trailer : Exists Random HRpostr : 101 things you missed in the teaser
Lucas Jacques
Lucas Jacques Prije dan
anything but elder scrolls 6 eh bethesda
Eric TS
Eric TS Prije dan
2021: teaser 2031: Time to end this little game
X Prije dan
I just found out that this game will have microtransactions in it. Here we go again.
SpiffyMario55 Prije dan
Bethesda: anything you guys want us to make? players: yeah! we want Elder Scrolls 6! WE WANT ELDER SCROLLS 6!!! Bethseda: okey-doke you got it! Indiana Jones it is!😉👍 players: 😑
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Prije 23 sati
Another title for upcoming Xbox games👌
David Boucher
David Boucher Prije dan
Doctor Jones Doctor Jones!
Jacks108 Prije dan
"It just works."
The Fighter
The Fighter Prije dan
Glitches, glitches never changes
Dank_Goth_Trash Prije dan
This is a Bethesda game, we all know it's going to be awful smh
Monsieur Habib
Monsieur Habib Prije dan
It's not. The game is being developed by MachineGames, the developers of Wolfestein. They are much better.
Radames Venturini
Radames Venturini Prije dan
Thrilled just to hear this song!
Sangeki Kenkyona
Sangeki Kenkyona Prije dan
How did I miss this
Omio Kabir
Omio Kabir Prije dan
So excited about this GAME..........❤😱🤟
TheMythicWaffle Prije dan
Get mark hamill to mimic Harrison and we got Indiana Jones.
ogeiD Prije dan
No0BTu63r's Corner
No0BTu63r's Corner Prije dan
I remember playing an Indiana Jones game on the PS2. Let's hope this packs the same amount of heat. 🔥
WorldsWorstBoy Prije dan
Oh Jesus Christ.... Who needed this?
ogeiD Prije dan
doom slayer
doom slayer Prije dan
doom slayer
doom slayer Prije dan
indy921 Prije dan
Lightning Rod Studios
Lightning Rod Studios Prije dan
“Let me guess, someone stole your artifact”
Effed Yourmom
Effed Yourmom Prije 3 sati
Why did I read this in Master Chief's voice lmao
Tracor3k99 Prije dan
I said no camels!
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier Prije dan
Another title for upcoming Xbox games👌
Linayat Ilyas
Linayat Ilyas Prije dan
It's not a Bethesda game if someone isn't marking things on your map.
Chief Executive Orbiter
Chief Executive Orbiter Prije dan
Indiana Jones, oblivion NPC
Munklock Prije dan
"New Indiana Jones game" *YEAH!* "By Bethesda" *oh no*
doom slayer
doom slayer Prije dan
Machine games
Tey-Zuka Prije dan
By Machine Games actually. Bethesda is simply publishing it.
Im_A_W1zard Prije dan
This is the most excited I've been about a game since I was a kid.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Prije dan
“Hey lady! You call him Dr Jones!” Speech 100
Neon Gamer
Neon Gamer Prije dan
I hope this lives up to the master piece of Lego Indiana Jones
GMorley121 Prije dan
i thought this day would never come
Vicious Mixes
Vicious Mixes Prije dan
Uncharted 5 already looking great
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier Prije dan
Except that it’s most likely not going to ps5
Sinnah Krome
Sinnah Krome Prije 2 dana
Anyone else remember that PS2 Indiana Jones game? The one where I think you start out in the desert and fly a plane?
indy921 Prije dan
Oh I know what game your talking about its indiana jones and the staff of kings.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Prije dan
Is it gonna be an Xbox exclusive
Roger Halt
Roger Halt Prije 2 dana
It’s going to be full of bugs and a garbage multiplayer
doom slayer
doom slayer Prije dan
@Roger Halt this game is being made by machine games and one of the reasons why fallout76 is buggy is because it is badly optimized and open world
Roger Halt
Roger Halt Prije dan
@doom slayer Did you play Fallout 76?
doom slayer
doom slayer Prije dan
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier Prije dan
...uh huh
AZT TECH PH Prije 2 dana
I guess it's an rpg like fallout
Massive Nebula917
Massive Nebula917 Prije 2 dana
Ahhh so Uncharted 5 then.
OfficialExilica Prije 2 dana
The Indiana Scrolls: Skyrim Uncharted
Škïppēr Prije 2 dana
Mr. Bobby Wright
Mr. Bobby Wright Prije 2 dana
Love how uncharted took things from Indiana Jones and tomb raider and now tomb raider and Indiana Jones are taking things from uncharted somehow
SgtRoszell:CIB-11Bang Prije 2 dana
Wow... the damn ads were longer then the teaser.
Kinglik7 Prije 2 dana
I’m not wanting to be a downer but I’m not all that interested. I’ve already played Uncharted and Tomb Raider to death at this point. I know Indiana Jones came before but they’re both similar concepts to Indiana so I don’t get the point of this tbh. This would have to have some UNIQUE concepts to catch my real attention.
Son’s & Daughters
Son’s & Daughters Prije 2 dana
Indiana Jones game made by Wolfenstein devs? WHHHAAAATTTT?!?!?!?!
DDot98 Prije 2 dana
Do we have to purchase to get different whip colors for $4.99 each???
N O T A 444 TM
N O T A 444 TM Prije 2 dana
We. Are going. TO DIE. :(
Chase Prije 2 dana
Anyone else get goosebumps
BobbyFergersonJr Prije 2 dana
cant wait for bethesda to give us half a game again !
Kian Power
Kian Power Prije 2 dana
Is it gonna be an Xbox exclusive
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier Prije dan
Most likely or flat out 100%
MAXX Prije 2 dana just works
Novmet 86
Novmet 86 Prije 2 dana
Same engine like in skyrim ? 🤔
Arts Veiman
Arts Veiman Prije 2 dana
is this going to be pc or console or both
ogeiD Prije dan
I think its going to be a Microsoft exclusive, so probaly pc and xbox
theYOUNGoutlaw Prije 2 dana
please make this game look like emperor's tomb and infernal machine, those games are what defined video gaming industry!!!
tinyyboxxmann 763
tinyyboxxmann 763 Prije 2 dana
Cool concept but its a Bethesda game
dopE bomB
dopE bomB Prije 2 dana
Just Some Guy
Just Some Guy Prije 2 dana
It’s weird seeing Bethesda do this type of game tbh, if it’s with the creation engine the game will be a train wreck so I hope they’re using a new engine
PapaChuck Prije 2 dana
This game needs to be barely any gunplay, and needs to be a bunch of puzzle/riddle solving. And chase sequences. Maybe some environmental platforming with the whip...and some punching 🙂
Fishermaster Prije 2 dana
Whyd you pick Indian Jones though Bethesda? Just bring out es6 already far out... Or atleast focus on that o_O
LEGO star wars Indiana Jones
LEGO star wars Indiana Jones Prije 2 dana
How long has it been sense I was in a game?
ogeiD Prije dan
Way to long
Dan Otero
Dan Otero Prije 2 dana
Will this be available on PS5 ?
ogeiD Prije dan
I dont know if ita going to be an xbox exclusive, or Microsoft will release this game in other plataforms after 1 year
Monsieur Habib
Monsieur Habib Prije dan
Maybe no
John Davies
John Davies Prije 2 dana
I was waiting for the trailer to start and then- oh it finished
Calvin Donnely
Calvin Donnely Prije 18 sati
Its the teaser not the trailer. Its just to show people its bejng made.
Emmanuel Strickland
Emmanuel Strickland Prije 2 dana
I want to be excited but I cant betray Uncharted
Cooper Davis
Cooper Davis Prije 2 dana
"Let me guess, someone stole your idol."
ALL1NERD Prije 2 dana
Please let it be an amazing RPG!
OnAirNation Prije 2 dana
its prob gonna be called Indiana Jones & The Hidden Vatican City
Kylez Prije 2 dana
Wonder how this, will play different to uncharted and tomb raider?
Kylez Prije 2 dana
Something different
NordicBeaver Prije 2 dana
I bet this is just gonna be a worse uncharted
Steven Dee
Steven Dee Prije 2 dana
It’s gunna have distant weather systems and be four times the size of fallout 4
Michael Prije 2 dana
I miss my ps2.
Brisk Pepper
Brisk Pepper Prije 2 dana
"Don't. Don't give me hope."
Dzony Dzonkowski
Dzony Dzonkowski Prije 2 dana
Saron Gas
Saron Gas Prije 2 dana
Y'all do know Microsoft bought Bethesda right? So is this going to Xbox and Playstation?
i4-ni Tooth4-A-2th
i4-ni Tooth4-A-2th Prije 2 dana
Let's Go Uncharted 5 !!!!!!!
boonarooni Prije 2 dana
I hear the world will be 4x bigger than in The Last Crusade
SpoonAddict Prije 2 dana
Nah man I got the Lego game
The Hooder Productions
The Hooder Productions Prije 2 dana
I've been wanting for a new Indy game for so long, Hyped even if it's not voiced by Ford
The Hooder Productions
The Hooder Productions Prije 2 dana
@Noir Rain tbf they are just the publisher's this time round but I don't blame you
Noir Rain
Noir Rain Prije 2 dana
After cyberpunk fiasco and me spending money in a vapor, I don’t give two shyts about these teasers or even demo anymore. The industry went downhill. Maybe they are hiring based on looks and not knowledge. Too many pinky hairs and binarywhatever that is
Frosty Prije 2 dana
Fallout 76 flashbacks
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Prije 2 dana
Forbidden stones, plane ticket to Rome? Still can’t solve it.
Vinícius Vyller
Vinícius Vyller Prije 2 dana
@Smokeythebandit I took a better look at both the trailer's clues and the Palladium, its not it.
Smokeythebandit Prije 2 dana
@Vinícius Vyller Actually makes sense for the nazi's to get their hands on it. Indy would say the stone would belong in a museum haha
Vinícius Vyller
Vinícius Vyller Prije 2 dana
The Palladium? According to the Illiad, it was a wooden stone of Athena that fell from the sky in Troy, the kingdom who posessed it would never lose a war, but the Palladium at ancient Rome was a spherical stone with the goddess Victoria on top of it. It would be something of interest for Germany in the 40s, so that's my best guess.
Alex K
Alex K Prije 2 dana
From ps2 era anyone? 😂
Freddie Richmen
Freddie Richmen Prije 2 dana
My initial thought was oh no
gustavo piñeiro
gustavo piñeiro Prije 2 dana
"Trailer" xD
Gustavo Corral
Gustavo Corral Prije 2 dana
Omg omg omg omg 😲
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Prije 2 dana
10 bucks says its another boring tomb raider.
dewebby Prije 2 dana
I absolutely loved the staff of kings when I was little, hopefully this one lives up to the hype.
Deion Goldsmith
Deion Goldsmith Prije 2 dana
Bethesda game exists* Gamers: I glitched through the rolling boulder twice 🤷
Bravo Echo Echo Romeo
Bravo Echo Echo Romeo Prije 2 dana
Indiana Jones: Sweet rolls, Soul Gems and Lollygaggings.
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard Prije 2 dana
No lollygaggin
Gabriel M.
Gabriel M. Prije 2 dana
Mmmm Bethesda... immediately lost my interest in this game...
Man Az
Man Az Prije 2 dana
Uncharted 5 is that you
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