Apex Legends: Fight Night - Official Cinematic Trailer (Stories from the Outlands)

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Prije 24 dana

Here is the official cinematic trailer for Apex Legends: Fight Night.
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Nightwolf Gaming
Nightwolf Gaming Prije 2 dana
these show me why pilots are considered so insanely powerful
Vanspoor's VeePlays
Vanspoor's VeePlays Prije 2 dana
"Piss off scavlander!
YoloFroyo Dude
YoloFroyo Dude Prije 2 dana
I swore I heard the actor for demsy from black ops zombies
Two Two Twane
Two Two Twane Prije 3 dana
I can’t believe little mac is in apex legends
a Milling
a Milling Prije 5 dana
Soooo When are we getting this series? Looks super cool.
DthaOG d.zg._
DthaOG d.zg._ Prije 11 dana
Iffy Fox
Iffy Fox Prije 12 dana
Hearing the voiceline "Just you and me, friend" when down to 2 people on the team is going to have a whole new, and very highly emotional meaning to me now
Iffy Fox
Iffy Fox Prije 12 dana
If we don't find out pathfinders purpose im going to lose it! I believe that's one of his creators in the video. Now we just need to know what they made him for!
Wengie Poops
Wengie Poops Prije 12 dana
Why do I here Steve Blum? XD
Normal Pasghetti
Normal Pasghetti Prije 13 dana
Easily the best cinematic in my book.
Markus Machamuta
Markus Machamuta Prije 13 dana
I've said it in the last cinematic trailers Apex legends needs a series or a movie I think this would be even more successful than the game 😂
No Name Lol
No Name Lol Prije 13 dana
Pathfinders raincoat should be a skin for him
笑笑汽水 Prije 13 dana
its tat cyberpunk?
INFINITY Prije 13 dana
Kids be like
Gumbeau 69
Gumbeau 69 Prije 14 dana
Hope the next legend is the cop
mikefire98 Prije 14 dana
Wait was that baby LifeLine at 2:20? :o
Torch on Grass
Torch on Grass Prije 14 dana
thats the lamest escape ever
Soham Ambe
Soham Ambe Prije 14 dana
I don't care how much hate you have but no one can hate pathfinder
swooce Prije 14 dana
I saw that explosion on Typhon, Respawn. Can't hide that from me! Any other pilots out here excited to see it in Apex?
Andre Busby
Andre Busby Prije 14 dana
Eventhough I stopped playing apex path will always be my boy :(
Christina Yoshimura
Christina Yoshimura Prije 15 dana
Does anyone think maybe Pathfinders creator is wattsons mom?
Charb N
Charb N Prije 15 dana
4.3 CYOTER Prije 15 dana
Smaugman Prije 16 dana
I like hearing steve blum in any video game and show
omari sifontes
omari sifontes Prije 16 dana
3:40 Me Also I totally was like he killed my brown brotha. (Or got him killed)
Serious X
Serious X Prije 16 dana
We need a pathfinder game i swear
Emmanuel Favor Igwe
Emmanuel Favor Igwe Prije 16 dana
Real steel part 2
Dj Robert
Dj Robert Prije 17 dana
When a trailer becomes an episode....
Country Boy
Country Boy Prije 17 dana
Can that dude be in the game please respawn
mikro nano
mikro nano Prije 18 dana
Finally there is no anime girl in a cinematic.
Uncle Rezz
Uncle Rezz Prije 18 dana
0:21 look it's forge and the security guard
Tomondre Rock
Tomondre Rock Prije 19 dana
Pathfiinder in that suit needs to be a skin right now
jayleon Prije 19 dana
Bro night city
Lauscus Prije 19 dana
Can't wait for this battle royale trend to die out. Titanfall deserves better. Say what you will about BR, but it's just glorified gambling, the addictive nature of the next round possibly having better luck than the last. Gambling for that dopamine.
Ace ORION Prije 19 dana
Pathfinder was made for a great purpose, to beat the crap outta kids
ice氷 Prije 19 dana
This would be a a amazing Netflix series? Kudos respawn
BIGHEAD Prije 19 dana
So it's a cartoon
Cables Prije 19 dana
This was really interesting
Seyson Pro
Seyson Pro Prije 19 dana
The best of the best 💣
Rogue Jedi
Rogue Jedi Prije 19 dana
Pathfinder is the best
Al McKimmey
Al McKimmey Prije 19 dana
I wont trust the actual game hype machine. But I did like the trailer. Here's hoping expectations and reality meet; maybe something to enjoy?
Rob Strehlau
Rob Strehlau Prije 19 dana
Another crap game
Will Dupuy
Will Dupuy Prije 19 dana
“I need what’s inside you” “Friendship” “No not that” *Everyone disliked that*
Will Dupuy
Will Dupuy Prije 19 dana
Let’s be honest EA knows they could make money on this show
Romil Prije 19 dana
Apparently they're giving Pathfinder a new passive ability where death and tragedy follows him wherever he goes
Andrew Penny
Andrew Penny Prije 20 dana
Yeah lightning never strikes twice unless your going fast just like the flash.
Harvey Parr
Harvey Parr Prije 20 dana
I don’t even need context, this is beautiful
RareAirsoftReviews22 Prije 20 dana
oh my gosh finally with the specters
Konni Prije 20 dana
that escalated quickly
hadi oynayalım
hadi oynayalım Prije 20 dana
Neoshenlong Archivo 2008 - 2011
Neoshenlong Archivo 2008 - 2011 Prije 20 dana
Duuuuuuuuude this should've been a full movie this is great
ThatZaliaSGuy Prije 20 dana
I feel like this is so inconsistent with the Titanfall universe. It's kind of ruining it.
Da Wol3 Pack
Da Wol3 Pack Prije 19 dana
What in this trailer is inconsistent to the titanfall universe?
Kerri Prije 20 dana
Thank you)
Giraffinator Prije 20 dana
Typhon blowing up lmao
Boss John
Boss John Prije 20 dana
I need that pathfinder skin now
Keem Prije 20 dana
if you play titanfall yall know who specters are
Keem Prije 20 dana
GOOD_DAY Prije 20 dana
почему это сделано лучше, чем все русские фильмы с милионными бюджетами?
Nsa Google
Nsa Google Prije 20 dana
Respawn and EA spends $1000s of dollars on animations to expand the lore. EA spends nothing to improve the shittiest tickrate servers on any modern online FPS game.
Judy Macias
Judy Macias Prije 20 dana
They need to make this into a show
Neelanshu Kumar
Neelanshu Kumar Prije 20 dana
Nice visuals!!!
linux750 Prije 20 dana
That security guard should become a new legend. I'd like that.
Zeter Zero
Zeter Zero Prije 20 dana
When you're watching something that feels like an episode of Cowboy Bebop and realize Steve Blum is here...
Tyreese Prije 20 dana
hit me with that volt action
Abulkhair Lol
Abulkhair Lol Prije 20 dana
Mike Tyson with Pathfinder playing duos
Z- Chan
Z- Chan Prije 20 dana
Pathfinder looks like Q from SF3
Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct Prije 20 dana
This is my favorite short so far. This is why Apex should have a campaign mode, or at least a mode that focuses more on story.
Charlie Allen
Charlie Allen Prije 20 dana
I have an idea where apex legends gets a sort of campaign based off of stories from the outlands
Nunya Business
Nunya Business Prije 20 dana
cyberpunk 2077
Fernando Valles
Fernando Valles Prije 21 dan
Vruh he just left pathfinder as if he isn't a machine that can be repaired
Barry McCockiner
Barry McCockiner Prije 21 dan
I bought the gloves gimme the piss off voice line
ginger guy
ginger guy Prije 21 dan
They really need to make this into a show preferably a anime
Jayman493 Prije 21 dan
Game developers need to make HRpost series out of all their online games. Give us something for our imagination as we shoot things with these characters.
hotsauce 33765
hotsauce 33765 Prije 21 dan
Steve Blum!!!
Juhn559 Prije 21 dan
Tank Dempsey???
cub _gaming417
cub _gaming417 Prije 21 dan
Not gonna lie that had us in the first half
Han H
Han H Prije 21 dan
Why does this feel like it could be in Cyberpunk 2077 universe
One Twosky
One Twosky Prije 19 dana
because of the heavily borrowed themes from bladerunner -(noir film set in a cyberpunk universe)
M 87
M 87 Prije 21 dan
I’m getting total walle vibes from path lol
UrbanCarnage Prije 21 dan
I loved this and I wonder if that security guard will become a legend at some point
Mauze Prije 21 dan
Cyberpunk 2077
Fadzil Ashari
Fadzil Ashari Prije 21 dan
Love the graphics.looks nice
Omega Hydra
Omega Hydra Prije 21 dan
I hear demsey in the mob dude
Bigtoe Escobar
Bigtoe Escobar Prije 21 dan
Night city replica
pomme melon
pomme melon Prije 14 dana
Dee Oh
Dee Oh Prije 21 dan
Whoa. This new Johnny 5 movie looks great! 🤣😂
Yobi Prije 21 dan
This is both the most badass and wholesome thing I’ve ever seen.
APOLLO Prije 21 dan
This does not look progressive enough
chipsinatube Prije 21 dan
These flavor videos are cool, Apex is fun and the Titanfall universe is awesome. Please make Titanfall 3, you know you want to Respawn/EA. Please 🙏🥺
Ketamollycane Prije 21 dan
So ign needs to re-upload to stay relevant HAHAHAHHWHAHAHHAHAHA
WingMan Prije 21 dan
Is that tank dempsey?
Seraphiel123 Prije 21 dan
Given that Dr Nox has barely changed his outfit and is a celebrity on the most popular televised bloodsport in the Outlands, I have to assume that Victor Maldera is just a really bad detective.
Samuel Gandarilla
Samuel Gandarilla Prije 21 dan
yo any tf2 player realizing that the planet exploding was typhon
Samuel Gandarilla
Samuel Gandarilla Prije 16 dana
@Lonewolf360 now the odds our in our favor
Lonewolf360 Prije 21 dan
Oh look another pilot
albino taco
albino taco Prije 21 dan
Path finder noir skin would be dope
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell Prije 21 dan
Nobody gonna talk about Steve Blum (Tank Dempsey) the legendary voice actor voicing the mafia guy???
Jonah Prije 21 dan
piss of scavlander!
Failis Sabil
Failis Sabil Prije 21 dan
Owh itu sangat sedih
Jayden Wilson
Jayden Wilson Prije 21 dan
That kill quip and skin for pathfinder better be in-game soon!
XScorpion Prije 21 dan
they wanna be cyberpunk so bad .
Pelatiah Williams
Pelatiah Williams Prije 21 dan
Body shield here Lvl3
Pelatiah Williams
Pelatiah Williams Prije 21 dan
PinkCow 2016
PinkCow 2016 Prije 21 dan
hey that one mob guy is voiced by the guy who played dempsey
Star Thiccinum
Star Thiccinum Prije 21 dan
Steve Blum
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