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In today's Daily Fix, Sydnee explains the latest in the seemingly never-ending drama that is Cyberpunk 2077. This time, developer CD Projekt Red is under investigation in Europe by a Polish consumer protection agency. Let's hope the investigation doesn't hinder the development of upcoming patches and DLC. Gotham Knights' combat system has been revealed to focus on multiplayer, but for those playing solo, it'll be reminiscent of the combat found in the previous Batman Arkham games. And in some very wholesome news, gamers pitched in to help the real-life Tsushima island in Japan with some repairs. Good on ya, gamers!
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ItzDatBoiJames Prije 2 sati
WindowLicker 290
WindowLicker 290 Prije 5 sati
Anybody else remember when cdpr said the game wasn't ready but everyone was complaining and pretty much forcing them to launch it? Because same
VR_Wolfy Prije 20 sati
Thanks for letting folks know not to blame devs on Cyberpunk2077. 🤝
Miko Xmas
Miko Xmas Prije dan
You're Beautiful... Hype. Tf just happened???
Christopher Patterson
Christopher Patterson Prije dan
I don’t feel like they deserve ANY compensation at all though but what they do shouldn’t be shunned or criticized at all.
Christopher Patterson
Christopher Patterson Prije dan
Video game developers work impossibly hard.
Christopher Patterson
Christopher Patterson Prije dan
What is there to investigate? There is a plague killing people. They had to work from home.
Mike R
Mike R Prije 3 dana
Samuel-REMAKE Prije 3 dana
What is there to investigate? The game was simply unfinished.
Yan Moistnado
Yan Moistnado Prije 3 dana
Maybe they should investigate why it is so hard to think of any other instance a dev who offered refunds when a game was released in an unsatisfactory state. And also why IGN seem to be condemning them for going further than others by offering refunds to address this mistake.
Dstroke Prije 3 dana
Dangle physics 10/10 Console compatibility 777/10
Jose Luis Calizaya Prado
Jose Luis Calizaya Prado Prije 3 dana
And warcraft3 reforged?...???????
Daring Dave
Daring Dave Prije 4 dana
jesus shes pretty af
Jason Todd
Jason Todd Prije 4 dana
I have had barely any glitches on cyberpunk with the series x
Dan Masoomi
Dan Masoomi Prije 4 dana
IGN over hyped this game to death
Revz Gaming
Revz Gaming Prije 4 dana
03:29 love how she blink her right eye🤣
Nathan Venter
Nathan Venter Prije 4 dana
Ign should be under investigation
Lawless Xing
Lawless Xing Prije 4 dana
There's no excuse if it wasn't for The Witcher 3 I wouldn't be as reasonable I don't appreciate being Cyberpunk'd imo CDPR is responsible for any blowback until they can deliver the promised product.
NaVi Again
NaVi Again Prije 4 dana
Rocksteady is my best friend now. I thought you were my best friend cdpr. But you are not. Let's kill the justice league
J R Prije 4 dana
Jeremiah Pickens
Jeremiah Pickens Prije 4 dana
Was disappointed about Cyberpunk 2077.. Way to many glitches and some of the graphics were terrible. Before I continue this game I'm buying the new series x and waiting a year. Hopefully it's fixed by then.
Kevin O'Donnell
Kevin O'Donnell Prije 4 dana
I loved Cyberpunk on my Xbox One. Over 100 hours spent playing. I didn't expect perfection I guess.
F3lip3 Vr8
F3lip3 Vr8 Prije 4 dana
nice shirt
ninja hattori
ninja hattori Prije 4 dana
*You can't fix Greed,* first impressions did wonders to The Witcher first impressions did wonders to Cyberpunk as well. Super general. CDPR is the new EA minus Multi-player.
Derpster Prije 4 dana
Nemo Pouncey
Nemo Pouncey Prije 4 dana
somebody is getting fired from cd project red.
Nemo Pouncey
Nemo Pouncey Prije 4 dana
the glitches were done by a disgrunted employee. this was probably a middle finger to them.
Gishathosaurus Prije 5 dana
Yeah, but you still gave it a 9...
JOKING HAZARD! Prije 5 dana
Game awards woman
H0DOR , Prije 5 dana
is it me or this has gotten blown waay out of proportions, the company literally offered a full price refund. you don't want to play, you return the product, get your money back and you move on. i mean what else can they do, you want a pat on the back?
Mark Stark
Mark Stark Prije 5 dana
Investigate cod tf
Stympt Prije 5 dana
remember they said it has "Gone GOLD" lul
Anita Blunt
Anita Blunt Prije 5 dana
cyberpunk was perfect on my pc
Alberto Marcano
Alberto Marcano Prije 5 dana
The thing is, it isn't just bugs, glitches and game breaking issues, the game itself is just bad. Have you seen BeatEmUps video? It's not opinion anymore, it's facts, this game will be never be fixed, they'd have to start from the ground up.
Mihailo Bojovic
Mihailo Bojovic Prije 5 dana
NIce Thumbnail, that cop looks like Master Mirror from Whitcher 3 :-)
A K.
A K. Prije 5 dana
where is your bra?
Zfhj Gfjk
Zfhj Gfjk Prije 5 dana
World logic: -Make world's biggest voting fraud and attack actual president: no big deal -Some game have bugs: World's biggest crime ever..
Derlis N
Derlis N Prije 5 dana
Panam giving these news LEL
riddler vpenguin
riddler vpenguin Prije 5 dana
I wish games would bring back splitscreen
DEAL151 Prije 5 dana
Come on, give CDPR a break. How about investigating all the sports games that rob people of their money every year?
Danilo Del Rosario
Danilo Del Rosario Prije 3 dana
No-one is forcing people to buy sports game every year tho,
Dan's Mantra
Dan's Mantra Prije 5 dana
Simple solution to why they launched the game when they did...To try and boost sales (CEO got greedy and wanted to line his pockets before christmas) to take advantage of players along with the launch of ps5 during the Christmas period. Game has promise but sadly we, as consumers need to remember the likes of No Man's Sky. We waited years for that and look at what we got. Took those devs over a year to finally give us the game that was meant to be that we was promised but the damage was already done. We have to be smarter when it comes to launches if we are shelling out millions every year to game companies that it is us that pays their salaries, if we took a stand and saw a game for what it was or the devs issued a demo before launch to show us what it was like then we can make a decision then. We need to take a step back and really look at the bigger picture to gaming now rather than just jump at the next big thing just for it to be "cool". I did not even think of getting a pre order of a ps5 even though i have every generation of playstation, I am holding out until Sony eventually bring out a larger HDD/SSD version with better firmware/hardware.
Saadi Ansss
Saadi Ansss Prije 5 dana
I waited this game for years i mean 8 years and it totally disappointed they ruin this game with bugs and lots of cut contents and other stuff which is hard to explain
Quill_ Prije 5 dana
The thumbnail looks like Gaunther O'dimm
Wado Ichimonji
Wado Ichimonji Prije 5 dana
Am I the only one who finds her "What's up everybody?" annoying?
Wado Ichimonji
Wado Ichimonji Prije 2 dana
@Cesc VR Don't worry you'll get there someday xD
Cesc VR
Cesc VR Prije 3 dana
Filium Prije 5 dana
You can tell they threw the game together last min and sold people and unfinished product
Javier Torres
Javier Torres Prije 5 dana
need fix this game Cyberpunk 2077 to many Bugs need new update the game
Ashlynn P.
Ashlynn P. Prije 5 dana
It’s really depressing because you can see how much soul and passion was put into the story. You could see the passion put into story characters and regularly made you question your actions one way or another. I loved it. I just wish they finished it.
Stinky Boi
Stinky Boi Prije 5 dana
I never had any problems or crashes, I beat the game twice, you people just complain
rd n
rd n Prije 5 dana
Can't wait play this game after 10 years. Potato pc problems
ItsYourMama Prije 5 dana
There she is the only reason I watch Ign.
RedCloud Prije 5 dana
CDPR really hurt their image
Just Fit
Just Fit Prije 5 dana
Man what’s so crazy about this game was I was so excited for it, I played it on Xbox one and got my refund and I honestly forgot bout this game. Such a shame a game that got so much hype just got swept under the rug smh
dlmcc1987 Prije 5 dana
Stop buying supposed triple A games. Let others waste the money. How many times has this happened.
Felix Parra
Felix Parra Prije 5 dana
Okay so let me get this straight, cyberpunk is getting all this heat , yet the NFL Madden Series has been horrid for years and they don’t get fine for making a poor quality game? Something clearly wrong with this system
Mayukh Nandi
Mayukh Nandi Prije 5 dana
Why is this comment section totally different from the status ones😂?
GIZMO RADOS Prije 5 dana
Kyle Brummer
Kyle Brummer Prije 5 dana
I personally think the whole bug thing is completely overblown. Yes there are bugs, but I still love the game and have put in more than 70 hours (I run the game on a mid-range gaming PC. So cant talk for console players)
hello Prije 5 dana
Need to look at COD Black oops
Chris Oliva
Chris Oliva Prije 5 dana
I loved the game the story is amazing
Irishman89p Prije 5 dana
On ps4 game is great , only 3 things have happened , invisible enemy wouldnt leave elevator , 2 dead npcs couldnt be looted and bodies were as if they were immovable rocks
Ws'Upevrybody Prije 5 dana
Hi yes ok cool
Matt Worthy
Matt Worthy Prije 5 dana
I'm normally on PS4, but I've been playing Cyberpunk on Google for a couple weeks now and have had little to no issues. It's such an intoxicating game
El Abuelo
El Abuelo Prije 5 dana
“Roll the thing” has got to be the most annoying thing a host has ever come up with.... ever.
Readers High
Readers High Prije 5 dana
after so many years, still trying to recreate olivia munn but there can be only one
Edgar Contreras
Edgar Contreras Prije 5 dana
this is what happens when you release an unfinished game
lsesam Prije 5 dana
What is this ... ign 🤮
Elder Roll
Elder Roll Prije 5 dana
another milestone for cdpr. truly next gen
Rob S
Rob S Prije 5 dana
People still playing this hahahHa
Wyatt Welton
Wyatt Welton Prije 5 dana
alright alright, this is cool glad to get the news... but why are you cherry-picking cyberpunk 2077? CDPR puts out very few games and even in its state is still a pretty impressive game. Yet you let Fallout 76, Madden, anthem, and tons of other games/companies shady stuff fly under the radar? I think it might be because CDPR does not own you guys essentially so you have no neck in the game by bashing them, I could be wrong tho.
Cho Koon
Cho Koon Prije 5 dana
i feel like I've seen Cyberpunk under investigation content every day in my recommendation feed.
Minimalist SG
Minimalist SG Prije 5 dana
Despite being a much older game, GTA 5 is leaps and bounds better than Cyberpunk 2077.
Tay Mobley
Tay Mobley Prije 5 dana
Decent game but terrible launch. CD Projekt should have just focused on PC and next gen.
Sergi Ortiz
Sergi Ortiz Prije 5 dana
Sydnee you are beautiful
ravenburrd Prije 5 dana
CyberPunk 20 Buggity Bugger.
Jordan Lok
Jordan Lok Prije 5 dana
The game is getting investigated, imagine braindead fans still protecting it
GoonTube TV
GoonTube TV Prije 5 dana
Sp this means we not getting that witcher 3 enhanced version
Johna Robinson
Johna Robinson Prije 5 dana
This bull with the games must stop!
Jonathan Jung
Jonathan Jung Prije 5 dana
Just got my refund for this game mwehehe
00CrazyJOE000 Prije 5 dana
So we are gonna forget ea mess too
The Spiken
The Spiken Prije 5 dana
Ah crap FIB(GTA’S FBI) on the seen!
Marquete50 Prije 5 dana
They gotta investigate EA with FIFA (and others) and how they recycle the same game and give us the same garbage every year. Cyberpunk despite its very obvious flaws is still a great game and can only get better from here.
Mundane AudioHead
Mundane AudioHead Prije 5 dana
Red didn't have a real intention on release it on the consoles, but some were asking for it. The graphics were intensive on the base consoles which is why it was intended for PC only until the tech improved. Govt is getting into territory that it doesn't know how to tread yet. Graphics are time consuming to hammer out & to get it to work properly requires advanced tech that only a select few can get their hands on. Base consoles, again, can't handle that level of power in GFX.
p0r5ch3911 Prije 5 dana
I think the main problem is that it was developed by CD Project. If EA or Ubisoft would have released such a game everyone would just say 'not again, I should have known better'.
EEE Y Prije 5 dana
Dont blame devs. Blame management.
DarthSailorMoon Prije 5 dana
I don't get it? They hardcore apologized about it, and made a clear statement that they'll honor full refunds regardless. I hope this is not a waste of tax payer's money in the UK.
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Prije 5 dana
Your voice is horrendous
Nicholas Alexander
Nicholas Alexander Prije 5 dana
Me: “mhm which person should I listen to” First vid: 9 mins long IGN’s vid: 5 mins. Me: well you guys should know.
Ghost Raider
Ghost Raider Prije 5 dana
Why don't they do the same thing for Activision? Cold War was making PS5s turn off..
JUAN 999
JUAN 999 Prije 5 dana
Cant believe this games was in development before the ps4 and xbox one released and then was put out after next gen consoles released
Bryant Martinez
Bryant Martinez Prije 5 dana
Well on the xbox one X it plays well for me never had issues.
lee togo
lee togo Prije 5 dana
This Cyberpunk Case is so ridiculous, play it on PC and u got an awesome experience. Got no major bugs, no running Errors, 90hours of pure fun and entertainment. And i dont even have an high class PC, 1000€ HP Laptop 4Years old. Running without any problems.
Giancarlo Duncan
Giancarlo Duncan Prije 5 dana
They said that the game would be playable on PS4 and Xbox One, but it isn't which means they lied.
Sir Amic Varze
Sir Amic Varze Prije 5 dana
Gotham Knights looks awful. They've obviously removed the cool freeflow combat system and exchanged it for something more generic like the Avengers. Hard pass.
TheFaintofHearts2113 Prije 5 dana
Everyone talking about the bugs in Cyberpunk, but what about all the missing content and features?? Fixing the technical side is only half the battle in delivering the game we were promised.
D Man
D Man Prije 5 dana
A lot of cliches in games lately, maybe it's covid. But Im wondering are the development tools becoming too awkward to use for game makers. Game design seems to be quite a tedious process and new games seem to need fixes on release, Development never became drag and drop. Could tools be better to make the build process easier. Instead of programming people could just buy styles or ai behaviours, buy characters, buy assets, like buildings, furniture. Each asset should just come with options like 'make solid' or 'make transparent'. Why. do game makers have to reinvent the wheel. It's tedious and leading to games full of errors.
D Man
D Man Prije 4 dana
@Giancarlo Duncan Yes I mean just buy asset packs, allow editing of colours and shapes, textures, solid or holographic. You could have basic character assets, where you can just select body shape, arm length, foot size, then just sell clothing assets for the characters, or sell movement styles for the characters. Dumb the process down a bit I mean, so have more indie games and still need the bigger devs to innovate for the best games. So like now except better standard.
Giancarlo Duncan
Giancarlo Duncan Prije 5 dana
That's basically what some Unity games like Phasmophobia do. It works well when you're making a game set in suburban houses and abandoned high schools, but not when you're making a highly unique and futuristic world because the assets will clash or look generic.
Madskilld james
Madskilld james Prije 5 dana
Blah blah blah cyperpunk plays great on my xbox one series x get an upgrade .
Madskilld james
Madskilld james Prije 5 dana
@Giancarlo Duncan I guess u didnt upgrade to bad get over it.
Giancarlo Duncan
Giancarlo Duncan Prije 5 dana
They said it would run on PS4 and Xbox One, maybe they shouldn't have lied.
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones Prije 5 dana
I just really want to know what happened I never lost faith in anything quite this fast since I found out how the US government is run.
Stephen Valente
Stephen Valente Prije 5 dana
Jeez, the madness goes on! They're giving refunds, and now someone is seriously proposing digital bonuses too. IGN staffers were some of the biggest whiners for the delays, so we could blame them for laying some of the pressure on CDPR to release a bugged product. Sue them too! Hey, while the money chasing lawyers are at it, I want a digital bonus for the inconvenience of the last 10 months. Who do I call looking for compensation?
Graysen Luckensmeyer
Graysen Luckensmeyer Prije 5 dana
Doesn’t the guy from the video picture look like the master of mirrors from the Witcher 3
Braeden Black
Braeden Black Prije 5 dana
With regard to CDPR they should be fine with giving refunds. If you buy a physical product and it doesn’t work you take it back and get your money back. So if people who bought CP aren’t happy return it, get your money back. But don’t do that and then complain that you can’t play the game anymore. Otherwise keep the game don’t get a refund and just hope and wait that CDPR will fix everything.
Azz Azz
Azz Azz Prije 5 dana
I can't wait to play Cyberpunk 2078 in 14 years time
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