The Best Games of the PS4/Xbox One Generation

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With the PS5 and Xbox Series X finally here, we wanted to take a look back at the console generation we're leaving behind. After extensive internal debate among practically the whole IGN staff, we came up with a list of the top 100 games from last-generation consoles. You can check out the full list here (, but here are - in no particular order - twelve of our favorite games of the PS4 and Xbox One generation.
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antonio tapia
antonio tapia Prije 8 dana
The Witcher 3 is the greatest game I have played. I don’t know what it is but I could play over and over again
Hayk Sahakoglu
Hayk Sahakoglu Prije 8 dana
Fifa 17 NBA 2k19 F1’20 Ufc 3
cringelesh Prije 12 dana
spider man is missed according to me.
Neelmani Yadav
Neelmani Yadav Prije 12 dana
Ripped It's IGNs list and there is no Call of Duty and The Last of us part 2
Junomaster Prije 12 dana
Thank goodness that garbage games like Halo & Fartnite didn't make the list. Sad that there are special needs fans that are oblivious how awful these games are.
Athamas Prije 12 dana
No Uncharted 4? 😂 Seems you really have problem with this game. Have it just 9. Disliked
TheMilkyNipple Prije 13 dana
No cuphead?
stripe801 Prije 13 dana
i just read it. Lost aLL credibiLity by having gone home & fortnite on there. stopped reading after that.
Roberto Munoz
Roberto Munoz Prije 14 dana
How is it that 2019 game of the year Sekiro didn’t even make your top 12 list, ridiculous
The Engineer
The Engineer Prije 14 dana
besides alot of indie gems & red dead 2 this was a big dissappointment for me. When u compare this generation to 360 & ps3 its embarassing. Metal gear solid 5 & death stranding are awful.
Young white male
Young white male Prije 14 dana
Some of my fav games to release this generation (in order) 1- RDR2 2-Last of us 2 3- Dmc 5 4-Re2 remake 5-bloodbourne 6-GOT 7-Gear UE 8-Sunset Overdrive 9-God of war 10-siege Some honorable mentions ( not in order) Dark souls 3 Mw Cup head Gears 4 and 5 Over watch Furi Tony hawk 1+2 Sekiro Fall out 4 Halo MCC Probably the best generation of games ever released imo
Croatia Quad experience
Croatia Quad experience Prije 15 dana
Red dead redemption 2 for the win! Its not only a game, it is a adventure!
Andries Potgieter
Andries Potgieter Prije 15 dana
I think Warzone changed how all royale games quality would need be in future to compare!
shannon yazell
shannon yazell Prije 15 dana
Shovel knight is straight HEAT
Jeffery Flood
Jeffery Flood Prije 16 dana
So many of yahll are literally clones that think exactly the same. Say the same things and do absolutely the same thing
Renard Ryan Ramos
Renard Ryan Ramos Prije 16 dana
Shouldn't your rated 9.6 Fortnite be on this list?
Matt Ellwood
Matt Ellwood Prije 16 dana
Persona 5 Royal maybe? Ya know.... the highest rated game of 2020 🤷🏻‍♂️
Matt Ellwood
Matt Ellwood Prije 16 dana
Horizon Zero Dawn does not deserve to be here.
IIIAHMIII Prije 16 dana
Ive played around 120 titels on ps4 and only a few really where worth my time.
MayoinxAce Prije 16 dana
No fortnite?
Paramesh Reddy
Paramesh Reddy Prije 16 dana
Gears 5
Andy Hendershot
Andy Hendershot Prije 17 dana
No Neir are you drunk
Kris Kirk
Kris Kirk Prije 17 dana
DYo d
GoMhaaad Prije 17 dana
I would have loved it is Persona 5 Royale was included here but having FFXIV as the 1st mention is enough to satisfy me.
Brian Prije 17 dana
This is probably a super unpopular opinion but I think the game I enjoyed the most this generation is Shadow of Mordor. 😅
Jack Parry
Jack Parry Prije 17 dana
Although people absolutely hate it, Fortnite is amazingly fun and should've been on this list
Jo Gr
Jo Gr Prije 17 dana
for my taste a little to less indies on the list... there was more than just shovel knight
Stuart Anderson
Stuart Anderson Prije 17 dana
Outer Wilds had the most jaw-dropping moments. It was *Incredible*
UBI fan25
UBI fan25 Prije 17 dana
This is probably the greatest generation it'll be hard for 9th to top this
Lukas Jackson
Lukas Jackson Prije 17 dana
You seriously didint put battlefield 1 on there?
World Boy
World Boy Prije 17 dana
Csgo, dota , hl-alyx ?
Ladiesman1447 Prije 17 dana
Best generation ever.
Loki Loki
Loki Loki Prije 17 dana
The last os 2 AND Spiderman AND uncharted 4
Marc Montana
Marc Montana Prije 18 dana
Shoutout to my game of the generation - NieR: Automata
Buggah Mann
Buggah Mann Prije 8 dana
-finleymorris04- Prije 18 dana
Inb4 the list is kinda dogshit
Neintendew Prije 18 dana
After scrolling through the list, I agree with a few.
Jules A
Jules A Prije 18 dana
I suppose breath of the wild doesn't exist.
FILNAT2011 Prije 17 dana
Was not on ps 4 Xbox one
Michael Arriola
Michael Arriola Prije 18 dana
Its about time Apex gets recognition 👏
/Mattie/ /Ice/
/Mattie/ /Ice/ Prije 18 dana
You got a lot of your top 100 list correct, but you forgot one. You forgot Metro Exodus...
Frankie Ortiz
Frankie Ortiz Prije 18 dana
Kingdom Hearts 3 is amazing. The game that introduced me to beautiful single player games.
Moose Prije 18 dana
From the site: *Monster Hunter: World* Monster Hunter has been many things over the years - vertigo-inducingly deep, gorgeously precise, stupendously weird - but it's never been truly popular outside of Japan. It really can't be overstated how huge an achievement World (and its 16 million copies sold) is. That Capcom turned a silly, hard-to-master action game into a gorgeous, mainstream success story across the world is a magnificent, unbelievable thing. That it's quite probably emerged as the best Monster Hunter game at the same time is even better.
Rafael Lopes
Rafael Lopes Prije 18 dana
Video starts at 0:50
Ryan Skor
Ryan Skor Prije 18 dana
Not many Xbox exclusives
alex hiras
alex hiras Prije 18 dana
9 ps4 games , 1 xbox one game ! hurray to bill gates !!
Ry Prije 18 dana
My top 5 Games Of The Generation: 1. The Witcher 3 2. Final Fantasy XIV 3. Bloodborne 4. Persona 5 5. Cyberpunk 2077 Despite the bugs, I really enjoyed the story to Cyberpunk. Ill never forget it.
Helios Prije 18 dana
"you got the game of the generation for sure" i AGREE on that Horizon Zero Dawn is a masterpiece .
Silent Phantom
Silent Phantom Prije 18 dana
The last of us part 2 ???
Fehrplay Prije 18 dana
Ign: Shovel Knight before Hollow Knight Me: Its treason then
Omar Ziyad
Omar Ziyad Prije 18 dana
Metal Gear Solid 5, Doom Eternal and Red Dead Redemption 2 are 10/10 imo
J Prije dan
MGS5 had a train wreck of a story.
Out of HP
Out of HP Prije 18 dana
The fact that they put Apex instead of Titanfall 2 goes to show how you can't take IGN seriously.
Fresh Walker
Fresh Walker Prije 18 dana
Really put shovel night and 2 remastered games on this list I’m sure u could’ve put something else on the list
Windows 2050
Windows 2050 Prije 18 dana
🎮Battlechasers Nightwar is better than these
Sheikh S.
Sheikh S. Prije 18 dana
This generation would not have been complete without The Witcher 3 And now that the next gen edition is coming, the white wolf will conquer next gen as well!!
Mateo Del Rosario
Mateo Del Rosario Prije 18 dana
No Ghost of Tsushima :0
Rhino D'NerdBuff
Rhino D'NerdBuff Prije 18 dana
What about Uncharted 4?
Pedro Rivas
Pedro Rivas Prije 18 dana
I find your lack of Uncharted 4 disturbing
David King
David King Prije 18 dana
Persona 5!
Zo Prije 19 dana
Persona 5????
Mimi Grace
Mimi Grace Prije 19 dana
Overwatch a "masterpiece of competitive gameplay" lol ign is nothing more than a bunch of clown
bastard asshole
bastard asshole Prije 18 dana
Why they like game I don't like 😡
DeadShot1307 Prije 19 dana
The Last of Us Part 2: one of IGNs highest rated games Yet they know the hate they'd get for putting it on this list
Leandro Teixeira
Leandro Teixeira Prije 19 dana
It lacks the last of us, Uncharted 4 and Ori is better than Shovel Knight. And FFVII is better than FFXIV. People have very bad memory: how could people forget Dragon Age Inquisition. It was a masterpiece in 2014.
Kalebv11 Prije 19 dana
Am I the only one that thought this was the most disappointing Gen?
Miles Childers
Miles Childers Prije 19 dana
R6 Siege should be on here
Nadir Butt
Nadir Butt Prije 19 dana
No breath of the wild?
FILNAT2011 Prije 17 dana
PS 4 Xbox one!
MUZAMIL KHAN Prije 19 dana
Dmc 5😕
Lionbeard09 Prije 19 dana
Glad to see Warzone get love on the list. Battle royale is taking over but one was done really well and hooked a lot of people. I wonder how this will affect cod multiplayer going forward.
Imperfected Prije 19 dana
hell ya the witcher 3
Joseph Quest
Joseph Quest Prije 19 dana
Support my gaming channel 🤙🏼
Chai the Holy Spirit Bishop777
Chai the Holy Spirit Bishop777 Prije 19 dana
Fallout 4 for sure
Justin Caesar Anthony Batocabe
Justin Caesar Anthony Batocabe Prije 19 dana
No Metal Gear Phantom Pain? :(
Kharris Prije 19 dana
Does anyone know the name of the song in the begining? much obliged
Marcus S
Marcus S Prije 19 dana
The Outer Wilds and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order should definitely make this list
Gerald Sterling
Gerald Sterling Prije 19 dana
Uhmm no skyrim???!!!
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas Prije 19 dana
That was 7th gen.
Hugh Kolomar
Hugh Kolomar Prije 19 dana
shovel knight instead of hollow knight?
Amr Shurman
Amr Shurman Prije 19 dana
persona 5?
Felipe Carvalho
Felipe Carvalho Prije 19 dana
I just wanna say Shovel Knight should be playable in smash
raidthanfl Prije 19 dana
No ori?????
PUBG mobile
PUBG mobile Prije 19 dana
Witcher 3 is the greatest game of all time
sandi Prije 19 dana
Overwatch ? Hmmmm
QueSera Prije 19 dana
Spiderman should be on this list
Jamel Buckhana
Jamel Buckhana Prije 19 dana
So basically this should be a list of PS4 exclusives and 3rd party games?
OreosTV Prije 19 dana
Rainbow six siege doesn’t get enough credit. Over watch over siege?
Noe Ginting
Noe Ginting Prije 19 dana
where is tlou2
Maja kama
Maja kama Prije 19 dana
How the f is sekiro not here
Kinza Rehman Official
Kinza Rehman Official Prije 19 dana
Where is the last of us, gta 5, devil may cry 5, uncharted 4?
FILNAT2011 Prije 17 dana
GTA 5 was on ps 3 and Xbox 360 hard to believe it that old
mohammed shakkah
mohammed shakkah Prije 19 dana
Where is undertale
PastoKage Prije 19 dana
What the hell is Horizon Zero Dawn doing Here?!
JA COB Prije 19 dana
I disagree. As much as it pains me, fortnite should definitely be on this list and not Apex...
Mohammed Al-Mashehdi
Mohammed Al-Mashehdi Prije 19 dana
No (Days Gone) ? Your list is flawed.
Lucritous Prije 19 dana
The fact that Rainbow Six Seige is not here for its innovative take on the tactical fps genre is so apparent when you give games like Apex Legends the title of best game of decade.
Michael Hardman
Michael Hardman Prije 19 dana
Say what you want but you can't have apex and not fortnite it was way more impactful
M. lit
M. lit Prije 19 dana
Forza Horizon 4 finally get some kudos!
TheCivildecay Prije 19 dana
As someone that never played bloodborne (but did play dark souls and sekiro), why does bloodborne get all the praise but Dark Souls 3 not?
dohny91 Prije 19 dana
Because Bloodborne is darker, faster, and has way more memorable bosses and locations.
TheCivildecay Prije 19 dana
Outer wilds, the witcher 3, hollow knight, dark souls 3 were my picks
Johnny Snowman
Johnny Snowman Prije 19 dana
Nintendo cries
edgarector Prije 19 dana
Cuphead Ruiner Shadow Warrior (2013 remake) Huntdown Persona 5
The Abyss Watchers
The Abyss Watchers Prije 19 dana
Outlast 1 was the best horror game during Xbox one/ps4
Mancosnite Gaming
Mancosnite Gaming Prije 19 dana
What about Anthem?
Alexander Larsen
Alexander Larsen Prije 19 dana
FFXIV has an amazing soundtrack, yet has never ever won a game award for best soundtrack or even a nomination is beyond criminal when FFXIV has over 500 songs currently and Shadowbringers ost was expertly crafted by Masayoshi Soken
Sagar M
Sagar M Prije 19 dana
Modern Warfare deserves a mention.
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas Prije 19 dana
Maybe Warzone only, the rest, no.
Jared Dudley’s Sweaty Headband 6969
Jared Dudley’s Sweaty Headband 6969 Prije 19 dana
Hell no. It's not even a top 5 call of duty game
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