The King of Fighters 15 - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

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Prije 10 dana

Take a first look at The King of Fighters XV in action in this gameplay reveal presentation.

JUNO Prije 3 sati
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ전설의영상이네 이거 나오고 주가 9000원빠졌던데ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
다솜l l
다솜l l Prije 3 sati
케인아 주식빼라
LSD LKM Prije 15 sati
que asco todo para PS4 ojala Microsoft no deje sacar ninguno de SNK en xbox
Игорь Коршунов
Игорь Коршунов Prije 17 sati
Tekken 2015?
Super Yamchama
Super Yamchama Prije 21 sat
After waiting all this time just to see a bunch of half second button presses is really disappointing and has kinda killed the hype for me, hopefully the next trailer will fix that but for now i'm not expecting much :/
McKov Real
McKov Real Prije dan
은평구 어딘가의 코가 큰 주주님께서 아이고난을 외치십니다 아이고난1 아이고난2
José Facundo Palomo
José Facundo Palomo Prije dan
comparado con el primer trailer de samurai spirit, todavía deja mucho que desear
James Matthews
James Matthews Prije dan
The male characters still look too feminine with those sharp noses and soft features
Timic83tc Prije dan
Same as it ever was, same as it ever was.
MrRawnch Prije 2 dana
I see we're back to making standard characters "DLC"....
혼조우 Prije 2 dana
Fabian Ruiz
Fabian Ruiz Prije 2 dana
Tohma kuki please this is the bmf character..
Girley Alves
Girley Alves Prije 2 dana
Oloco é verdade mesmo !!!!
El tuca mote
El tuca mote Prije 2 dana
No Xbox version 😢
fancydeeldo fafa
fancydeeldo fafa Prije 2 dana
please stop doing this, it's just dumb. what a legitimate joke
J. Chang
J. Chang Prije 3 dana
This looks like a mobile game.
Jacob S
Jacob S Prije 3 dana
The characters look like even more plastic Sims 3 characters and the character designs look like uninspired anime designs made by a fourteen year old. It just makes you sad when compared to KOF13. Big PASS for me.
cuauhtemoc cerriteño
cuauhtemoc cerriteño Prije 3 dana
2D is better
Manaf Benayache
Manaf Benayache Prije 3 dana
It s just some info about the game in development and commercial for KOF 2002 UM that s it !
Manaf Benayache
Manaf Benayache Prije 3 dana
Where s the game play ?
Chase xd
Chase xd Prije 3 dana
Y así es como revivo los recuerdos cuando me agarraba el cambio de las tortillas para las máquinitas
Pan-ji- karan
Pan-ji- karan Prije 3 dana
is this a joke ? it's the KOF14 gameplay for f**k sake
Big GirthyQ
Big GirthyQ Prije 3 dana
What gameplay? It was a reveal trailer. But yea its most likely gonna be similar gameplay to 14
Raion ki Taekwondo APAT Esquel
Raion ki Taekwondo APAT Esquel Prije 3 dana
2021 y seguimos con estos gráficos de mierda
SpiderYass Prije 3 dana
I find kof 13 graphics more suiting to the series.
gammonwalker Prije 3 dana
I accidentally saw the preview of KoF XIV complete edition before the XV trailer thinking it was the new game. Now having seen the XV trailer, SNK needs to fire their entire 3D department, lol... XIV was already mediocre (or worse) looking, but it somehow still looks better than this. The game KoF: All Stars for MOBILE PHONES has - d r a m t i c a l l y - better 3D models and animations, which is just embarrassing. Obviously the tech in XV is better but the art, something SNK used to be exemplary at, is far worse. Maybe they should get NetMarble to make all their games from now on.
psychoman 13
psychoman 13 Prije 3 dana
Who else is hoping they bring back K9999 for this instalment?
Bayron delcid
Bayron delcid Prije 3 dana
Ohhook DLC characters already
Big GirthyQ
Big GirthyQ Prije 3 dana
For 14 not 15
Nando Natella
Nando Natella Prije 3 dana
Boring... The only real fight game is KI
Enrique Garcia
Enrique Garcia Prije 3 dana
Nintendo switch when??
FLATSATURN Prije 3 dana
wtf IGN
Mr. Nemesis
Mr. Nemesis Prije 3 dana
Should've done what GG and BB have done graphically or kept the hand drawn style. Like the last one, it looks like Maximum Impact on PS2...
B Jenkins
B Jenkins Prije 4 dana
Bring back louise meyrink please!
EmiTV Prije 4 dana
I like the part where they showed us the same teaser from before
Should have been introduction trailer
Rainando Prije 4 dana
AM I the only one who expect for every single japanese fighting game to have arc sys visual treatment?
Big GirthyQ
Big GirthyQ Prije 3 dana
No but you should be the only one
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor Prije 4 dana
Hopefully they finally put some effort into this one. Haven't been worth playing since 97-02
Sparky Prije 4 dana
I'm here for Samurai Shodown
Anes Budiman
Anes Budiman Prije 4 dana
Welp, that's the finest title to get views I guess
Josh Naranjo
Josh Naranjo Prije 4 dana
Juan Rigeway
Juan Rigeway Prije 5 dana
Would love it on switch or xbox...
kofkyo321 Prije 5 dana
When is this game coming out on PS3?
David Atenas
David Atenas Prije 5 dana
Continues horrible...
patrick strollo
patrick strollo Prije 5 dana
a Dollar says it's got to be the Street Fighter Team in this Game
Gabriel C
Gabriel C Prije 5 dana
kiba kong
kiba kong Prije 5 dana
Is duck king back?
Vexium Prije 5 dana
At Least I know my boy iori getting a new style for a new KOF game.
Nanaboru Prije 5 dana
i hope snk gets something liike the capcom golden year capcom got monster hunter world iceborne and rise, megaman 11, devil may cry 5, and resident evil 2,3 remake and soon to be 8 village
Ace v
Ace v Prije 5 dana
As a Last Blade 2 fan, I am pleased.
Luno Prije 5 dana
3:38 who is this white-haired girl? =(
Bruno Gutierres
Bruno Gutierres Prije 5 dana
Como se llama la canción
chicarew banner
chicarew banner Prije 5 dana
Platypus Pie
Platypus Pie Prije 6 dana
The animations just don't look right to me in KOF
Samuel Lima Silva
Samuel Lima Silva Prije 6 dana
Ficou mais dahora que o XIV
Martín Hernández
Martín Hernández Prije 6 dana
Click bait...
Sean Reynolds
Sean Reynolds Prije 6 dana
DLC when the game isnt out trailer
Hey You
Hey You Prije 6 dana
What happened to Iori, Terry, Ryo and Athena?
Zubair Williams
Zubair Williams Prije 6 dana
What's the song plz? @ me plz - K, Vanessa, Angel my team for this game
fighting force
fighting force Prije 6 dana
The hair looks the same as sf5. Lol
Ar- clac
Ar- clac Prije 6 dana
K9999 please
Bruno Buss
Bruno Buss Prije 6 dana
well the only exciting part of this is that kof 2k2 e coming back
Bruno Buss
Bruno Buss Prije 6 dana
4:50 WTF
Ser Gav
Ser Gav Prije 6 dana
Animation kinda similar to SF X TK
Twistaz Prije 6 dana
wow IGN lying. There is no gameplay here.
Cyberdemon Mike
Cyberdemon Mike Prije 6 dana
Those models are stuck in 2007. The franchise needs a serious rehauling. No, I'm not asking for realism, but needs an upgrade
Chokoreetokun Prije 6 dana
Shatter all expectations
Juuzou Prije 6 dana
Imagine KOV XIII for PS4😱😱😱
Eliezer M
Eliezer M Prije 6 dana
Y see only future DLC AND DLC More money to one game dead. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
pancake muffin
pancake muffin Prije 6 dana
It did "Shatter" our expectations.
Salman Aamir
Salman Aamir Prije 6 dana
2d version of KOF XV would be much better than 3d version of thid game
Danya Lombardi
Danya Lombardi Prije 6 dana
Not impressed not at all
grizzlyflute Prije 6 dana
The video title though.. Jerks.
Marco Staffiere
Marco Staffiere Prije 6 dana
make these enhanced versions of kof games also on ps5
Yishu Ci
Yishu Ci Prije 6 dana
my expectation is already shattered. the character model looks worse than SF4.
Big GirthyQ
Big GirthyQ Prije 3 dana
But they actually don't though... Do you remember sf4 models?
Nagase 2006
Nagase 2006 Prije 6 dana
This looks like street fighter x tekken
Luffy M
Luffy M Prije 6 dana
This is not KOF XV you liars
José Alejandro Cervera Góngora
José Alejandro Cervera Góngora Prije 6 dana
La misma vaca pero revolcada diferente
Manijas Podcast
Manijas Podcast Prije 7 dana
DLC?? Oh Nooo. Why don't back in the 90's stile games? PLS!!!
ThanosTK Prije 7 dana
Já estamos em 2021 e a KOF em 2015. SNK n eh mais a mesma
nonce Prije 7 dana
I miss the old kof
Paulo Casualculture
Paulo Casualculture Prije 7 dana
Cade gameplay?
Thiago Bravin
Thiago Bravin Prije 7 dana
8 dlc characters before release? Are there going to be any char in the base game? lol
Andy Wijaya
Andy Wijaya Prije 7 dana
Is it only me who wish they back to 2d rather goes to 2.5d?
J. E.
J. E. Prije 7 dana
Not the graphical leap you’d expect 4 years after KOF14, not to mention the huge bank account that just bought the company...
Allan Felipe
Allan Felipe Prije 7 dana
Jhonathan Santiago
Jhonathan Santiago Prije 7 dana
Tekken : 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Leo llc
Leo llc Prije 7 dana
Is this on xbox 1
Ruki Noodlemantra
Ruki Noodlemantra Prije 7 dana
Now the art design looks like Shinkiro's illustration, very.... VERY CLASSIC...
ahmar ali
ahmar ali Prije 7 dana
my top fighting games 1.tekken 2.motral kombat 3.soul calibur 4.kof ❤🇵🇰🙂
KC Smooth
KC Smooth Prije 7 dana
I'm disliking this. Not because of SNK, but because of IGN's click bait.
Sgt Geezy
Sgt Geezy Prije 7 dana
Ps3 graphics smh
Love Fox
Love Fox Prije 7 dana
2002 um onps4 2002 um onps4 2002 um onps4 Yes yes yesssss 👏
Last Resort
Last Resort Prije 7 dana
I hope they put the South Town badass geese in this game
freeeeeman952 Prije 7 dana
Why do like Capcom? Kof XIII was great, both the gameplay and the 2d visuals.
ThatOneGuyYouSawYesterday Prije 7 dana
Ik this ain't a gameplay vid but I'm still happy this series is getting attention
안재민 Prije 7 dana
전작은 중2라도 간지였는데 와 시발.... 13전 직원 다나갔냐 ㅋㅋㅋ 존나 따로놀면서 오글거리네
Tiago Trindade
Tiago Trindade Prije 7 dana
Ao ver esse trailer, infelizmente, ouso afirmar que a SNK errou mais uma vez. Enquanto Street Fighter e Mortal Kombat acertam no meio do alvo do sucesso a cada jogo lançado, King of Fighters parece não fazer ideia de como trazer a franquia para uma perspectiva 3D. O últiumo bom jogo da série ainda é o 2002.
Kevin Avila
Kevin Avila Prije 7 dana
When is the release date? Will it be for both consoles?
Junior Santos
Junior Santos Prije 7 dana
Cadê o Joe desgraça!
Yuut a
Yuut a Prije 7 dana
The game is not out yet but their is 8 dlc characters already this is no for me dogg.
Yuut a
Yuut a Prije 3 dana
@Big GirthyQ u a like they not gunna do that for 15 doo doo bird.
Big GirthyQ
Big GirthyQ Prije 3 dana
You know you messed up by saying that right? Those are dlc characters for 14... Not 15
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