The Top 10 Office Episodes Of All Time

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Now that The Office's entire run can be found on Peacock, NBC's proprietary streaming service, we thought we'd salute our favorite sitcom by ranking our favorite episodes ever. Here's the best of the best from Dunder Mifflin!

Tyler Bailey
Tyler Bailey Prije 8 dana
Best episodes? All of them are perfect.
Roger D'Almeida
Roger D'Almeida Prije 10 dana
I was slightly confused why a Watchmojo video was on IGN
Ricardo Pedroni
Ricardo Pedroni Prije 11 dana
Dinner Party, calling it
Matthew Meredith
Matthew Meredith Prije 12 dana
Top 10 parks and recreation episodes please
Jake Heffner
Jake Heffner Prije 12 dana
Miguel Huerta
Miguel Huerta Prije 12 dana
Diversity Day is Top 5
Show Town
Show Town Prije 12 dana
I will give this list a 4/10. Where is survivor man, basketball, performance review, the coup, branch closing, the convict, back from vacation, business school.... I think all these are better than 50% of this list
Jay Scatt
Jay Scatt Prije 12 dana
Scott’s Tots is the best episode
jaimin sharma
jaimin sharma Prije 12 dana
I am a littlestitious
Real Younghang
Real Younghang Prije 12 dana
WTH is stress relief in this list. whoever wrote this list have no idea and pretty sure they didn’t watch the office
Anthony Moro
Anthony Moro Prije 12 dana
Oh look a bunch of people complaining about a subjective top 10 lists, in other words, a bunch of people who don’t understand what opinions are
Winchester2247 Prije 13 dana
Emerald Engineer
Emerald Engineer Prije 13 dana
It was all going smoothly till you learned they didn’t put “stress relief” on here
Josia Castillo
Josia Castillo Prije 13 dana
I am glad „Dinner party“ comes in First. I do however miss „Stress Relief“, „E-Mail-Surveillance“ and one of the Michael Scott Paper Company episodes.
Jesse White
Jesse White Prije 13 dana
Goodbye Michael not even being on the list shows how incorrect you are
timer beller
timer beller Prije 13 dana
why are you celebrating?! now most people can't even watch the office on Netflix, like we used to
- Infinite -
- Infinite - Prije 13 dana
Where is stress relief???
Jose Ortega
Jose Ortega Prije 13 dana
The fIRE iS ShoOtInG aT Us!
Havoc Gamer49
Havoc Gamer49 Prije 13 dana
Friendly reminder that Ryan started the fire
-Aleeke -
-Aleeke - Prije 13 dana
The best is british original version.
Jacob Lassiat
Jacob Lassiat Prije 13 dana
Where is Stress Relief, that's better than most of the episodes on the list.
Zander Farkas
Zander Farkas Prije 13 dana
1. Stress Relief 2. The Dinner Party 3. The Dundies 4. The Injury 5. Casino Night 6. Koi Pond 7. Safety Training 8. The Finale 9. Diversity Day 10. Threat Level Midnight
Mark_bigbrain 164
Mark_bigbrain 164 Prije 13 dana
This list.... This list is so wrong, job fair is not better than diversity day and NO STRESS RELIEF what are you thinking!!!
Max Durk
Max Durk Prije 13 dana
This is a TERRIBLE list lmao
Max Durk
Max Durk Prije 13 dana
Remember when IGN was a video game website?
Jefferson Batisti
Jefferson Batisti Prije 14 dana
What? Injury ? Stress Relief baby! Stay alive!
EmoTempest Prije 14 dana
How is goodbye toby not on this list...
Jordan Townsend
Jordan Townsend Prije 14 dana
WTF you didn’t include the first Christmas party episode?
Brenan Hudgens
Brenan Hudgens Prije 14 dana
Stress Relief may be one of the greatest TV episodes of all time... for it to not be on here is an absolute joke
Valentin Serrano
Valentin Serrano Prije 14 dana
That's what she said
Braxdon johnson
Braxdon johnson Prije 14 dana
It really makes you feel like a white teen without a personality
Aidan Raffa
Aidan Raffa Prije 14 dana
Dinner party is the greatest episode.
Michael305 M
Michael305 M Prije 13 dana
Stress relief
Frozen Eucalyptus
Frozen Eucalyptus Prije 14 dana
Michael Scott Paper Company/Dream Team also Threat Level Midnight
Killzuzall Prije 15 dana
Great List but Happy Hour Episode has to be top 10 when we are introduced to "Date Mike"
Dalton Chitko
Dalton Chitko Prije 15 dana
Almost every episode should be in the top 10
free tayk
free tayk Prije 15 dana
Where Pam and Jim wedding episodes at
Universe Point - Amazing Facts
Universe Point - Amazing Facts Prije 15 dana
Love it! We also make similar videos :)
Ray Prije 15 dana
Remember people this list is subjective and not fact. So dont go crying your favorite episode isnt on the list.
Lucaz 37
Lucaz 37 Prije 15 dana
Luckily we got The Office on Netflix in South Africa!🇿🇦
jambo Prije 17 dana
Here for Swaim.
TheZaxAttack Prije 17 dana
The music and narration on this is bizarre
Derek Lasker
Derek Lasker Prije 17 dana
Where the hell is stress relief
Nibhan Raheem
Nibhan Raheem Prije 17 dana
hey Mr. Scott what you gonna do?
TheVillainOfTheYear Prije 17 dana
Ah yes. The Office. The scripture of my Millennial generation.
Stephen Harrison
Stephen Harrison Prije 17 dana
4:04 - "Which just goes to show you, funny jokes are a very solid strategy when it comes to comedy." What a stupidly, obvious thing to say. I turned the video off after that comment.
Brian Phillips
Brian Phillips Prije 17 dana
Sofia Pent
Sofia Pent Prije 17 dana
Idk if I agree with this list. Drug Testing is for sure on my top 3.
Dustin Scott
Dustin Scott Prije 18 dana
I made it to number seven. That's all I needed to know.
shoaib dear
shoaib dear Prije 18 dana
all the memes. lol
HyperJunk 1987
HyperJunk 1987 Prije 19 dana
The dinner party and drug testing are my 2 favorites
Dan Holley
Dan Holley Prije 19 dana
Casino Night and Threat Level midnight have no business being left outside of the top 5, let alone top 10, of all time. This list is terrible.
See Jay
See Jay Prije 19 dana
Host sounds so boring, I can't even watch it. Happy New Year!
Rahul Dubey
Rahul Dubey Prije 19 dana
Where's the safety drill episode
Torbero Prije 19 dana
Fact: I'm not getting emotional over this list and thinking about all the great moments of this great show. Michael is indeed the greatest character ever written...
Harry Scott Elliott
Harry Scott Elliott Prije 19 dana
This isn’t the real office
Nicholas McNeese
Nicholas McNeese Prije 19 dana
I just know they didn’t leave our stress relief
Jeremy B.
Jeremy B. Prije 19 dana
Yes! Dinner party is seriously one of my favorite episodes of any series ever!
Daniel Adams
Daniel Adams Prije 19 dana
Absolutely agree with the #1 choice. "Took me by the hand... and made me a maaaan"
james howard
james howard Prije 19 dana
"Baler?... I hardly know her"
Taylar Tupou
Taylar Tupou Prije 19 dana
Na, this list ain't right. Really thought Stress Relief would be number 1
Taylar Tupou
Taylar Tupou Prije 19 dana
The episode with the CPR dummy is definitely the best episode of the office. Too funny. Lol
StevieT2411 Prije 19 dana
Long story short, the diversity episode is hands down hilarious unless you're a sensitive lil b***h
Gregory Adams
Gregory Adams Prije 19 dana
Still think the Finale was a great episode. Or The one with the final Dundies
Legion Judge
Legion Judge Prije 19 dana
Office funeral since it’s off Netflix?
David Hernandez
David Hernandez Prije 20 dana
i'm so missing the office now that I can't watch it on Netflix, uuugh I really don't want to get peacock to watch it lol
-Aleeke -
-Aleeke - Prije 13 dana
It's on Netflix in Sweden. Just started watching it this week.
Thomas Bagel
Thomas Bagel Prije 20 dana
One of best tv series of all time
Mao Kujo
Mao Kujo Prije 20 dana
Netflix....its still on netflix.
US War Machine
US War Machine Prije 20 dana
I hope Peacock fails like Quibi, and Netflix gets The Office back.
Mitchell Kirkland
Mitchell Kirkland Prije 20 dana
This will always be my favorite show...
Tom Daniel Tingey
Tom Daniel Tingey Prije 20 dana
I would rather you just play the scenes, we don't need guiding thought it like we are children, oh but then we would form our own opinion, can't have that can we.
Rilo Honeu
Rilo Honeu Prije 20 dana
dinner party m, as far as comedy goes is number one as far as the best episode, for me its always beach day
Blacklyon Dreams
Blacklyon Dreams Prije 20 dana
Hahaha loves this
endisforever22 Prije 20 dana
Erm u have it all wrong Ricky Gervais isn't in the US version. So u need to re look at the best office episodes ever becuase non of the US episodes come anywhere near the UK version FACT
serialkiller77 Prije 20 dana
This is just what I wanted to see today. The Office is such a classic
Jamie Counsell
Jamie Counsell Prije 20 dana
Came here from my news feed because I saw your name - sure do miss your after hours videos. All the best mate
FaZeGaNg Zone
FaZeGaNg Zone Prije 20 dana
We need it back on Netflix!
lazaro crespo
lazaro crespo Prije 20 dana
I can’t believe STRESS RELIEF isn’t in the top 10 😱
Eniah McClinton
Eniah McClinton Prije 20 dana
Yall gave the tax collector 6/10 😂😂
Chris Ang
Chris Ang Prije 20 dana
I’m surprised Beach Games or Goodbye Michael isn’t on here.
vidsub12 Prije 20 dana
Super surprised Job fair is on here. Not a bad episode, but it wouldn’t even be in my top 50. Most of the rest of the list I would mainly agree with
Neel Mohan
Neel Mohan Prije 20 dana
How isn't stress relief on this list. It's literally the best episode of all time
Victor Torres
Victor Torres Prije 19 dana
I agree with you 100% I recommend that episode to everyone who haven’t watched the office
RelaxedKoi Prije 20 dana
Oh yeah upload this when it’s off Netflix.
RyElkrypto Prije 20 dana
10,9,8,7 are on my worst list as 4,3,2,1
L. R.
L. R. Prije 20 dana
Not a fan of the show, as a matter of fact I play the show on the background to help me sleep. Crazy thing is living in PA driving home on r78w a few weeks back I drove by a dunder mifflin paper company box truck. Possibly filming something 🤔
Scott M
Scott M Prije 20 dana
Can’t believe stress relief isn’t on here. AT WORST it’s #2
P S Prije 20 dana
So yall are watchmojo now
Did Knee
Did Knee Prije 20 dana
Imagine if y’all posted this like, idk a week ago
Vc Legacy
Vc Legacy Prije 20 dana
Inside gaming network is making a video about the office...? Y’all should go bankrupt
PunkRockZombie205 Prije 20 dana
This was in no way the best episodes, wtf
Mr Grumpy
Mr Grumpy Prije 20 dana
UK Office far better than the American version
George Jacinto
George Jacinto Prije 20 dana
So this is watch mojo now
Damien Prije 20 dana
Is this IGN or WatchMojo?😂
skyguy713 Prije 12 dana
@Anglo-Saxophone but doesn't IGN stand for international gaming news?
Anglo-Saxophone Prije 19 dana
Yeah because only WatchMojo can make top 10s
JoshSHOCKZ Prije 20 dana
The fact that Stress Relief didn’t make the top 10 just tells me whoever wrote this list is incompetent
boonanaman Prije 13 dana
or the finale isnt here or A.A.R.M or that one episode where michael announces he's dating pams mom
CHS Celebrity
CHS Celebrity Prije 13 dana
@Dalton Chitko Dinner Party
Dalton Chitko
Dalton Chitko Prije 15 dana
Stress relief is the only episode that I would watch if it was the last episode I could ever watch
Diego Ramírez Bustos
Diego Ramírez Bustos Prije 17 dana
Donald Ezell
Donald Ezell Prije 20 dana
EarthsGeomancer Prije 20 dana
Season 4 and 3 are the best.
Jesus O.
Jesus O. Prije 20 dana
The list shows how everything after Michael left changed, although Dwight still carried.
Jesus O.
Jesus O. Prije 20 dana
@PunkRockZombie205 Of course it was. I'm simply pointing out their impact.
PunkRockZombie205 Prije 20 dana
It was still funny
Brenden Lowenthal-Wojcik
Brenden Lowenthal-Wojcik Prije 20 dana
No just no. I’ve watched the office over 9 times every season and the top episode it FRAME TOBY
NET Alliance
NET Alliance Prije 20 dana
If Dinner Party isn't number 1. False.
Shubham Shandilya
Shubham Shandilya Prije 20 dana
The Office is the best sitcom.
Blender Study
Blender Study Prije 20 dana
Great cast and great story.
Jiro Dy
Jiro Dy Prije 20 dana
Fire drill???
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