The Best and Worst-Reviewed Games of 2020

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From the best games 2020 had to offer to its worst, this year saw some amazing games and some real stinkers. These are the 10 games with the highest and lowest review scores of the year.

From the best games ever released in 2020 to the worst games of 2020, this our top 10 best and worst games list. Okay, maybe it should be top-and-bottom but whatever, it's still the top and the worst game of the year 2020. You can also check out our Best Games of the 2010s list, for our picks for the best games of the decade

Lauren Bastin
Lauren Bastin Prije 2 dana
Hades is GOTY and isn’t on this list but Overwatch is? Overwatch may have style, but so does Hades, and all I can say is that I’ve played about four times as much Hades despite owning it for an eighth as long. Hades was made by an indie studio without crunch and corporate mandated holidays and easily outperforms big budget AAA in spite of (or frankly more likely because of) it. Cannot stress enough how much more fun I had with it than Overwatch, which whilst stylish has very little to offer outside of its intensely competitive gameplay, which makes it very boring very quickly if you’re someone who only likes to play competitive games some of the time
Japanimal Prije 7 dana
"This review really made you FEEL like a review" 10/10
Jack Prije 10 dana
He thinks Persona 5 is the best JRPG ever made. That's cute.
Micah bell
Micah bell Prije 11 dana
Micah bell
Micah bell Prije 11 dana
__hello baby
Micah bell
Micah bell Prije 11 dana
Me _
Me _ Prije 11 dana
Now do best and worst IGN reviews of 2020
Drunken Productions
Drunken Productions Prije 12 dana
I didn't really play it but it offended me regardless- 0/10 - Kallie Plagge
ENinja35 Gamer
ENinja35 Gamer Prije 13 dana
What does IGN have against Ghost of Tsushima?
George Gombas
George Gombas Prije 13 dana
Ima having to downvote this for featuring TLOU2. How gaming websites think they can continue to get away with giving "Babys first cover shooter with a story that pissed off and alienated its own fanbase" a '10/10 masterpiece' score, is beyond me. The game may not be as terrible as its fan review scores say, but if people are still complaining about the game months later, its nowhere near a 10.
reed Prije 13 dana
It won the ign fan vote. If it was the best game of 2020 according to their own community why would they leave it out of a video like this?
Lil_dashiepogs Prije 13 dana
I honestly enjoyed persona 5 royal and it’s my first persona game in the series. I’m level 11 and heard people said I’m not even a fraction way there
DOUBLE D Prije 13 dana
Half Life Alyx is so amazing, truly my GOTY
BobaDaFett Prije 13 dana
Ok come on April fools right the last of us part 2 ok come funny ign but tell us the truth
reed Prije 13 dana
It was voted game of the year in the ign fan vote... seems like it earned its place.
Madmama23 Ps4
Madmama23 Ps4 Prije 13 dana
Game awards were rigged because of reviewers Last of Us part 2 shouldn’t of won
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Prije 13 dana
I’m a simple man. I see Persona, I click.
Joe Lim
Joe Lim Prije 13 dana
IGN in 2015: Shows the top 10 list on description. IGN in 2021: doesn't show the list so viewers has to either watch the entire video or skip to the part where it matters.
Marco Lala
Marco Lala Prije 13 dana
Reviewers are the last thing i go look for when buying a game.
reed Prije 13 dana
Then why are you looking at one of the biggest reviewers best and worst reviewed games? Lol
kevin bailey
kevin bailey Prije 13 dana
Rhiannon Agutter
Rhiannon Agutter Prije 13 dana
I love these videos because they tell me that I have very different taste than IGN and I should never trust their reviews. Only one of my top five games of the year even made it on to this list!
Tee Nealz
Tee Nealz Prije 13 dana
This was bad.
Nick Tate
Nick Tate Prije 14 dana
Wtf dude. Last of Us part 2 was way too political to be a real game.
AXEschokolade Prije 14 dana
"It's fun after all these years"...aren't these supposed to be games of 2020
HDJD2Saucy Prije 14 dana
They all your worst reviewed games
Asher Tharpe
Asher Tharpe Prije 14 dana
Where was animal crossing
Антон Ман
Антон Ман Prije 14 dana
All this reviews is a joke.
DAM Prije 14 dana
lmao LOU2 was more of a burden to play then an enjoyment
reed Prije 9 dana
@DAM hollow knight is fantastic :). A lot of great indie games came out last year. I'm getting into hades at the moment. It's really cool :)
DAM Prije 9 dana
@reed nothing, one of my favorite games is a shitty ps1 game. i also enjoyed Doom, and picked up Hollow Knight which was a blast.
reed Prije 13 dana
@Random Dude sure, the op shared their opinion and I shared mine. What's wrong with that?
Random Dude
Random Dude Prije 13 dana
@reed but it's just your opinion
reed Prije 13 dana
@Random Dude I played tlou2, ghost, doom, ff7 remake, xenoblade de, avengers, re 3 remake, the first two hours of cyberpunk(waiting on a refund) yakuza 7, destiny beyond light, a bit of hades but plan to play lots more and I played some great indies as well. Honestly found most AAA games a bit underwhelming last year. tlou2, ff7 remake and yakuza 7 are my top three. Loved all three of them. Why? What's your favorite game of 2020?
XxbaconpikachuxX Prije 14 dana
I love persona 5 royal
Huh? What?
Huh? What? Prije 14 dana
Wtf is the Waking guy even saying?
Aaron Catchings
Aaron Catchings Prije 14 dana
One of these 10s does not belong with the others.....
Nicolas Lemieux
Nicolas Lemieux Prije 14 dana
Wtf is this list, haha.
Roy Patrick
Roy Patrick Prije 14 dana
AssassinJ Gaming
AssassinJ Gaming Prije 14 dana
Nah y'all wrong for fcc review Im playing it and it's super fun with my sisters y'all just can't do a review to save your life
All Hail the Devil Lee Taemin
All Hail the Devil Lee Taemin Prije 14 dana
My trust in IGN: 📉📉📉
Tommy Vercetti gaming
Tommy Vercetti gaming Prije 14 dana
WTH wheres mafia definitive edition and cyberpunk 2020 WTH
smart gaming
smart gaming Prije 14 dana
Where was ac valhalla 😕😕
Random Citizen
Random Citizen Prije 14 dana
Half life will be my game of the year thanks IGN.
WTF Prije 14 dana
Ign acts like children not knowing how strong the word masterpiece is and should be used more rarely
kornilios js
kornilios js Prije 14 dana
IGN reviewers be like: This game is fine I guess... 10/10
red Înghețatul
red Înghețatul Prije 14 dana
wheres among us?
RedBravery Prije 14 dana
your review is full of it
JakeFromStateFarm Prije 14 dana
No Doom, Hades, Ori, AC, etc? But they put on TLOU2?????
JamesEDonaldson Prije 14 dana
"Elly steps into the spotlight" Press X to doubt
blue boy bamboozle
blue boy bamboozle Prije 14 dana
Look I like overwatch, but why is it on here? It's not a masterpiece.
Dam Strait
Dam Strait Prije 14 dana
The fact that IGN gave LOU2 a 10, is all I need to know about IGN and their review systems
Troy TheMighty
Troy TheMighty Prije 14 dana
Wait Overwatch didn’t come out this year
Troy TheMighty
Troy TheMighty Prije 14 dana
One sentence ruins the entirety of the last of us. Abby and Owen on a boat.
I CAN SPELLE Prije 14 dana
This company is the biggest joke on the internet
Nathan Kelly
Nathan Kelly Prije 15 dana
"... is a tedious game that does almost nothing well. It has a little something for everyone 10/10"
- TCBMS - Prije 15 dana
Not even a mention of Ghost Of Tsushima? That’s criminal.
Ben Parsons
Ben Parsons Prije 13 dana
@Random Dude no I'm not but ok
Random Dude
Random Dude Prije 13 dana
@Ben Parsons dude you complaining cause you got that xbox lmao
The Wild One
The Wild One Prije 13 dana
Bro, it wasn't that bad
toluwalase olutola
toluwalase olutola Prije 13 dana
@Ben Parsons tf
MrJaplay Iversen
MrJaplay Iversen Prije 13 dana
@International K they won't
Austin Tuttle
Austin Tuttle Prije 15 dana
Persona 5 Royal is arguably the best RPG ever. it’s so damn addicting if you have never played it
Daniel Brandão
Daniel Brandão Prije 14 dana
@Give me your phone same bro, loved the game for years and I'm finally playing. Very addicting. Almost at the 3rd palace on my second week with the game :D
Give me your phone
Give me your phone Prije 14 dana
Yeah I’m still like only at the end of second palace but I seriously love it
The Monkey King
The Monkey King Prije 14 dana
giovanni Prije 15 dana
"Persona 5 the best jrpg ever made" Lmao do you people even play games? Just becuaseyou played one you decide this? Try another hobby you are such a joke
giovanni Prije 14 dana
@Give me your phone ok kid
Give me your phone
Give me your phone Prije 14 dana
Opinions, something we all have, maybe respect them
Symfony Prije 15 dana
Ghost of tsushima best lol
Shoreszy Prije 15 dana
Y’all actually have Overwatch a masterpiece I- 🤣🤣🤣
Fury Prije 15 dana
Can you rerereview Rainbow Six Siege like Overwatch? Cause that game has a masterclass of innovation, community support, monetization, and gameplay engineering
Quantum Solus
Quantum Solus Prije 15 dana
Can you make a list for best and worst "reviewers" 🤣
Imnoonewhoareyou Prije 15 dana
Sorry guys, did you overwrite the Hades spotlight with Overwatch by accident or something?
Pavel Prije 15 dana
Did you play the games ign?
Damn Dan
Damn Dan Prije 15 dana
Honestly persona 5 royal deserves Goty it’s been far too long for Atlus
Keops PS
Keops PS Prije 15 dana
Genshin better be on this list
Jason Schmidt
Jason Schmidt Prije 15 dana
Half life alyx and persona 5 are both masterpieces, but other then that they give out 10's way to much.
Jason Schmidt
Jason Schmidt Prije 15 dana
True, but overwatch and lasts of us part 2 aren’t what I would consider masterpieces
Knives Arcade
Knives Arcade Prije 15 dana
The 10’s list is completely fair. Definitely the best that those genres have to offer.
Alexandre Giaccheri
Alexandre Giaccheri Prije 15 dana
The Last of Us Part 2 is a masterpiece(...) lol
reed Prije 15 dana
Agreed. It's a great game. One of the best on ps4 :)
Wonder Punk
Wonder Punk Prije 15 dana
Anyone know what song that is in the beginning of the video?
Synthemesc Prije 15 dana
Hmm... I wonder what’ll be lowest...
oohrann Prije 15 dana
Over watch came out in 2016 and tho
oohrann Prije 15 dana
Last of us is controversial because yes it’s highly detailed and pretty fun, but the first one was a new concept but now it’s not
Rafael Soares
Rafael Soares Prije 15 dana
Lol, imagine giving overwatch a 10 out of 10 in 2020
Give me your phone
Give me your phone Prije 14 dana
Imagine not respecting someone’s opinion
Classic Shotgun
Classic Shotgun Prije 15 dana
Imagine actually caring what someone else thinks
Utkarsh Kumar
Utkarsh Kumar Prije 15 dana
Persona 5 Royal deserves GoTY. Its my favorite game of all time and thr highest rated game of 2020.
Deivs Hdz
Deivs Hdz Prije 15 dana
Nope, it is a re release so no thank you. Also it is 9 or 8.5 for me.
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider Prije 15 dana
Too bad its a re-release
Why Jacob
Why Jacob Prije 15 dana
I like fifa. It’s a genuine soccer game with solid mechanics. Honestly, you can’t expect much from sports games. There’s only so much to work with
J Prije 15 dana
tlou2: 10/10 Hades: 9/10 GOTY - Hades Guess ND ran out of money
J Prije 15 dana
@reed Not surprised. The only people dumb enough to care about ign's GOTY are leftcucks.
reed Prije 15 dana
The game of the year isn't decided by the guy who reviewed hades. It's decided on by all of the staff. Tlou2 won the ign fan voted goty. Don't be a child just because you don't like the game.
packlesswolf1 Prije 15 dana
Worst games of 2020 are easily TLOU2 and cyberpunk
moht 2b
moht 2b Prije 15 dana
I can't believe you done this *pointing at p5r*
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker Prije 15 dana
Did you play the tutorial of overwatch and base the score off that?
Ayhan Zorer
Ayhan Zorer Prije 15 dana
For me Persona 5 Royal deserved GOTY
ette Prije 13 dana
@Classic Shotgun yeah this is a fact, it’s still my fav game of the 2010s but you’re right. BUT Maruki (for me) was truly the best antagonist I’ve ever come across in a video game.
Ayhan Zorer
Ayhan Zorer Prije 14 dana
@Classic Shotgun true
Classic Shotgun
Classic Shotgun Prije 15 dana
I thought it was goty also I just couldn't give the game it just because its still technically the same game from 4 years ago with some dlc added so I really don't count it as a new game
Nickel Dime
Nickel Dime Prije 15 dana
Really neither persona 5 nor overwatch should have been on the list. Overwatch is about a 5 year old game now, even with this being a list of reviewed games, it is far to old to belong on here. And persona 5 royal is just basically a DLC pretending to be a new game, persona 5 was the actual game, the royal part is just DLC and yet for some reason is being treated as a completely new game for lists like this. With so many things like ghost of Tsushima to choose from, you didn't exactly have to make exceptions and grasping at straws for titles of games that deserved to be on this list.
Nickel Dime
Nickel Dime Prije 13 dana
@scamanderous I mean most everything I have seen calls it a DLC, and again, length of time added doesn't really matter seeing as there are DLC with equal or more length and content added. Either way it is added content, there by making a DLC, it isn't a new game, and shouldn't be treated as such. Perhaps it is even the equivalent of a DLC with a bit of a remaster or something like that, but that is still not a new game. If they went and put Skyrim remastered on this kind of list I would also argue that it didn't belong there, given that if is in no way a new game. A remake might be a bit different though, depending on the nature of it, such as with the crash Bandicoot and spyro trilogies since they actually completely redid the games, not just a graphical upgrade.
scamanderous Prije 13 dana
@Nickel Dime I didn't "inflate" the number, it was my exact playtime of the new story chapter. On top of that, as I stated before, there's even more then just the story arc. Going into detail about that would take to long, but I've played OG P5 and Royal, and the changes and added content of Royal are basically everywhere throughout the whole story. Atlus' rereleases are a bit like renovating your whole house, adding a garage and a garden to it and giving it a new paintjob: It's the same building, but that's basically all that stayed the same.
Nickel Dime
Nickel Dime Prije 15 dana
@scamanderous and yet oblivion added shivering isles, which is about the same if not more time, and it was a DLC. Also when you google it, it just says over 20 hours, so it seems you might have inflated the number a bit. Didn't say it wasn't a big DLC, but it is a DLC none the less, not a brand new game. It's like saying destiny is a brand new game every update. It adds a lot of time, but it isn't a new game.
scamanderous Prije 15 dana
25-30 hours new story content (not even counting the tons of new and improved content) isn't mere DLC level. There's so much more to it.
ejcrosman Prije 15 dana
Overwatch 🗿
Jack A
Jack A Prije 15 dana
P5R excellent story. That's funny right there
better kombat next year
better kombat next year Prije 15 dana
Remember like bots can be purchase
Zaid Choudhry
Zaid Choudhry Prije 15 dana
Let’s go Persona 5 Royal! 100% the best game of 2020!
Suneru Prije 15 dana
Big black
Big black Prije 15 dana
I thought Cooking Mama was a fantastic game.
Classic Shotgun
Classic Shotgun Prije 15 dana
Yeah, just not this one
Harry Haris
Harry Haris Prije 16 dana
Marvel's avengers should be on here
OrbitX Gaming
OrbitX Gaming Prije 16 dana
IGN = In Game Noobs :)
Erroneous Botch
Erroneous Botch Prije 16 dana
Overwatch! 10/10! LOL!!!!
Harshad Prije 16 dana
I disliked the video but they got it very much right with FIFA21
Tài Võ
Tài Võ Prije 16 dana
Tlou part 2 10/10 ? You high or what ?? Such a joke.
Random Dude
Random Dude Prije 15 dana
I have no idea how walking simulator can be higher than 6/10 Specially when story is awful
reed Prije 16 dana
It's the second highest reviewed game of 2020 and it won the ign fan vote for game of the year. It's pretty normal to see it in a video like this.
cat piranha plant
cat piranha plant Prije 17 dana
why overwatch? tf2 is better
ScorchedHam117 Prije 17 dana
Last of us part 2 doesn't deserve a 10, its a 5 at best imo
ScorchedHam117 Prije 16 dana
@VinyCross67 are u are PS fanboy or something, I'm just expressing my opinion
VinyCross67 Prije 16 dana
Mr xloser boy
VinyCross67 Prije 16 dana
James Ferguson
James Ferguson Prije 17 dana
Soooo....IGN's game of the year, not even listed?!
Justin Prije 17 dana
Ori Will of the Wisps deserves a 10 too
F Respects
F Respects Prije 15 dana
@Rizaldy D yeah because people who voted on the steam awards aren't completely detached from reality and actually play the games they vote on.
Classic Shotgun
Classic Shotgun Prije 15 dana
Definitely, that game was a masterpiece
Remleh The Great
Remleh The Great Prije 15 dana
Not in my book. A 7 maybe.
Rizaldy D
Rizaldy D Prije 15 dana
agreed, the game is underrated. thankfully ori win best art direction on steam awards
Phillip Moss
Phillip Moss Prije 17 dana
I love how Ghost of Tsusima and Hades aren't on the list, but Overwatch is 😂.
Hall.p Prije 17 dana
*id just say fifa 21 is awful period! Hardly any difference between that and Fifa 20*
Death Shot
Death Shot Prije 17 dana
I need real reviews Not emotional review
Alan Bijoy
Alan Bijoy Prije 13 dana
Wtf? Reviews are subjective, it’s nearly impossible to be completely objective and devoid of emotion.
doom slayer
doom slayer Prije 17 dana
wait wait, they actually ranked something bad??
Elijah Tang-Spigelman
Elijah Tang-Spigelman Prije 18 dana
IGN gave their GOTY to Hades yet it isn't even in this video! 😂😂😂 What the heck!
reed Prije 4 dana
@BoRyonto The Leader it's actually the best selling playstation exclusive of 2020. They announced it yesterday. All in all the game has been a big success. I wouldn't believe everything you hear on youtube lol. Do your own research :)
Varma Prije 5 dana
@BoRyonto The Leader Ah yes, the elusive 'everyone' which, in this context, means all of the loudest people on HRpost and Twitter and excludes literally most critic and fan voted awards
BigMovieGamer Prije 6 dana
@BoRyonto The Leader hmmm if everyone hated there wouldn’t be as much praise as there is hate for the game. 🙄
BoRyonto The Leader
BoRyonto The Leader Prije 6 dana
@BigMovieGamer my dude, EVERYONE despises that game. Why you think it's not selling? Keep living in delusion. Mgs 4 is more of a masterpiece than that hot mess
Mark Twain Williams
Mark Twain Williams Prije 13 dana
If you like stealth action, tlou2 has some of the best sequences waiting for you to play through. I’m also a fan of mgs for example and loved the game.
Rickrickboom Prije 18 dana
Where TLOU2 haters at? 😂
Rickrickboom Prije 16 dana
@reed definitely lol. People are too fragile when it comes to change.
reed Prije 16 dana
@Rickrickboom yea, I think the hate was really overblown on this one :)
Rickrickboom Prije 16 dana
@reed I mean things are looking up
reed Prije 16 dana
@Rickrickboom what do you mean?
Rickrickboom Prije 16 dana
@reed there's still hope 🙂
Jerry Neutron
Jerry Neutron Prije 18 dana
That 2/10 for FIFA should be for the regular version as well
Keenangraz Prije 18 dana
Wouldn’t be an ign list if the comments and like ratio wasn’t split in half
Brandon San Agustin
Brandon San Agustin Prije 18 dana
yeah you lost all credibility when you gave the last of us 2 a 10
reed Prije 15 dana
@Random Dude well they aren't in the same genre but if you mean just in terms of general quality then yea. tlou2 has the reviews, awards and sales. did you play it?
Random Dude
Random Dude Prije 15 dana
@reed are u trying to compare it to masterpieces like doom eternal? I honestly enjoyed cyberpunk way more Ac valhalla Even squadrons is more revolutionary Just because websites are giving this thing 10/10, it doesnt matter its deserved (considering the fact that the most revolutionary shooter of year don't have 10)
reed Prije 18 dana
Most outlets gave it a ten. It's one of the best games of 2020.
IDontEvenKnow Prije 18 dana
Have you played the game?
Lunar Worx
Lunar Worx Prije 18 dana
I have to contradict you guy on The Last of Us Part 2. It's story could've been so much better.
casey Prije 19 dana
You guys gonna review Super Meat Boy Forever? Apparently that came out and no one knew.
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