DC Universe Online - Official 10th Anniversary Trailer

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Check out the latest trailer for DC Universe Online which celebrates its 10th anniversary with free player events, gifts, member-only bonuses, and more.

The free-to-play MMO, DC Universe Online, is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

IGN Prije 13 dana
That first cinematic trailer is still really cool! hrpost.info/history/epp_mJHOaLp_n2k/video
The Pillowhead
The Pillowhead Prije 2 dana
Can we at least just get better combat?
Bewe Issor
Bewe Issor Prije 4 dana
My friend got me in this game, we play it now and then. IMO its a solid MMORPG. I do agree it needs a visual update though, other than that, I'm glad they put the game on PS5.
EliteToadLord Prije 5 dana
KingLattice Prije 6 dana
Ok, now make it New 52
Higgs Prije 6 dana
I played this game every January since it came out, cant believe its been 10 years already
Donte Booth
Donte Booth Prije 8 dana
Kon El
Kon El Prije 9 dana
This games so broken still it disconnects players during raids, boss fights, & starts randomly disconnecting players 10 mins before shutdown. PVP has been broken for 5yrs, as well.
I Am Bored
I Am Bored Prije 9 dana
69 nice
saul Serrano
saul Serrano Prije 10 dana
Who is still playing this?
Alex Walls
Alex Walls Prije 10 dana
This game needs to die already.
Versatile Wolf
Versatile Wolf Prije 10 dana
I actually liked this game
ethan weise
ethan weise Prije 10 dana
Name of the song
GOLDEN THREAT Prije 9 dana
@ethan weise 😎 you're welcome my ninja
ethan weise
ethan weise Prije 9 dana
Thank you so much 😊
GOLDEN THREAT Prije 9 dana
The group and song called: Two steps from hell moving mountains...
SuperSaiyanBroku Prije 10 dana
This game came out on ps3
Elijah Acevedo
Elijah Acevedo Prije 10 dana
Tried making a character, but couldn’t because every name I tried to get was taken 😹
Dan Jones
Dan Jones Prije 11 dana
I havent played this since they ruined pvp with all those automatic shield mods on gear and stuff... played it so much and spent so much money beforehand. Weird seeing this in recommended
Nerrad Prije 11 dana
cant believe this game still holding up
Zack 7K
Zack 7K Prije 11 dana
asjeje Prije 12 dana
Don't give me a trailer for an anniversary update the graphics to unreal 5 and update the gameplay will play it again. Like the stories just got boring with the lame hit effects and blinking
Sad Craig the Brute
Sad Craig the Brute Prije 12 dana
I haven't been on since the ps3 premium days
Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier Prije 12 dana
Music anyone
GOLDEN THREAT Prije 9 dana
@Winter Soldier you're welcome my ninja
Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier Prije 9 dana
@GOLDEN THREAT thank you friend
GOLDEN THREAT Prije 9 dana
The group and song called: two steps from hell moving mountains
Will Prije 12 dana
this game still alive?
Steven Cisneros
Steven Cisneros Prije 12 dana
Please put this game on the Switch, PLEASE!!!
Steven Cisneros
Steven Cisneros Prije 7 dana
@nub oh.......ok?
nub Prije 7 dana
It is on the switch df r u talking about
Noah Olson
Noah Olson Prije 12 dana
I wasn’t even aware of this game is still going
Markel Paige
Markel Paige Prije 12 dana
Updated Graphics, this game would take over until GTA 6
Bob’s Mustache
Bob’s Mustache Prije 12 dana
People still play this game lol
Pizza Jedi
Pizza Jedi Prije 12 dana
Fun game!!
mjthrillme2020 Prije 13 dana
I remember playing on the PS3
onidub Prije 13 dana
Damn its been 10 years and no new graphics
Crush lemons
Crush lemons Prije 13 dana
6 years ago after I had my back surgery and I couldn't move I downloaded this game for free and played it on a laptop on my belly, this game took me out of my depression I will forever be grateful for DC universe online and I hope it continues for another 10 years.
Multiverse Prije 9 dana
Thanks for sharing that was Fr interesting. Games can really do a lot for us all
Eman The scripter
Eman The scripter Prije 10 dana
That's actually pretty cool
Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman Prije 13 dana
I’m not getting a PS5 until it’s confirmed that this game, the original DCUO, is playable on it. This game is still the only reason I’d get a next generation console.... until GTA 6 comes out.
G Prije 13 dana
Who be on the 5v5 chat on dcuo, that shii hella funny😂😂
Saif Khan
Saif Khan Prije 13 dana
They should make a dc game just like marvil avengers
Jaquan Callins
Jaquan Callins Prije 13 dana
All these years and the game still has bad graphics
solanoguz Prije 13 dana
Wait, this still exist? I thought it was gone 9 years ago. and there's people playing it? 🤨
Careca Moment
Careca Moment Prije 13 dana
I smell play to win
Uriel Aguiñaga
Uriel Aguiñaga Prije 13 dana
10th Aniversary of the game and almost 7th aniversary of being a broken game.
Dwayne Uzoaru
Dwayne Uzoaru Prije 13 dana
This game is still active?
Ollie Prije 13 dana
Moe like 10 years since the death of City of Heroes. 😥
Mob 100
Mob 100 Prije 13 dana
How about rocksteady make another dc game where we can customize our characters and save the justice league, just saying since we saw Gotham knight and suicide squad kill the justice league.
Daniel Fanboy
Daniel Fanboy Prije 13 dana
Name of soundtrack?
GOLDEN THREAT Prije 9 dana
Two steps from hell moving mountains
Jax Prije 13 dana
This game looks like it can be played on smartphones now
Plasma Doku
Plasma Doku Prije 13 dana
What the hell? This game is still allive?
ZX GALAXY Prije 13 dana
whatsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Prije 13 dana
Look forward to a major update/ remake. Played for a bit wasn't for me
Kain Enigma
Kain Enigma Prije 13 dana
This game died few years ago when loot boxes appeared.
SpikeTheWolf Prije 13 dana
The trailer was the best
SHIELD Prije 13 dana
To anyone who wants to know, the song is called “moving mountains” from two steps from hell, I listen to it all the time. But whenever I hear two steps from hell music in trailers I feel like the trailer cheapens the music :(
GOLDEN THREAT Prije 9 dana
Thank you I was wondering what's this song ❄️🥃
James Kennedy
James Kennedy Prije 14 dana
Planetside 2 is better
James Kennedy
James Kennedy Prije 14 dana
connerdude100 Prije 14 dana
I’m so proud and thankful for this game! Happy anniversary!!!
Moustafa Sherif
Moustafa Sherif Prije 14 dana
I never thought this game will stand the test of time and for 10 years that's super impressive.
Tim parsons
Tim parsons Prije 14 dana
69 million, nice
T S Prije 14 dana
They could make so much more out of this game if they updated it or made a sequel
Lord Wicked
Lord Wicked Prije 14 dana
I loved this game but it really needs a part 2 it's getting outdated
T.K The God Breaker™ 神ブレーカ
T.K The God Breaker™ 神ブレーカ Prije 14 dana
Im sure 90% of people here are on their annual "Welp time to download DCUO for the first time in a year, play it on end for days and drop it till next year again" phase
Zason Vargr
Zason Vargr Prije 14 dana
I thought this game got deleted...
Flip Prije 14 dana
The server reopen?😯
Destiny Rise of Iron Destiny Gameplay
Destiny Rise of Iron Destiny Gameplay Prije 14 dana
Ps5 update???????
Alfred Chan
Alfred Chan Prije 14 dana
Damn, I remeber this game looking amazing back in the day.
XxeasycompanyxX Prije 14 dana
Used to love this game
sabaton liam
sabaton liam Prije 14 dana
holy crap this is still going
john Retro
john Retro Prije 14 dana
I really used To loved that game, recently played it again on switch and was fun too. But just need a sequel at this point
Napalm Prije 14 dana
Best SuperHero game ever made, but needs graphic updates and more powers and character creation especially facially
Bizzy Gamer
Bizzy Gamer Prije 14 dana
Miss playing DCUO might have to come outta retirement & start back playing it
Tay Mobley
Tay Mobley Prije 14 dana
How is this game still going but Marvel Heroes is shutdown? lol
Valve k9
Valve k9 Prije 14 dana
How can you celebrate an anniversary of a dead game.
Spencer Herbert
Spencer Herbert Prije 14 dana
So cool City of Heroes is still around
Forsaken One
Forsaken One Prije 14 dana
People still play this game?
wolverine7811 Prije 14 dana
I've been saying this for the last 6 years if they updated the graphics to next gen this game would be poppin again!!
Doctor Big Richard
Doctor Big Richard Prije 14 dana
69 mil...................................................................
Hyper Impact
Hyper Impact Prije 14 dana
I remember when I used to play this... it was cool.
NoNa Prije 14 dana
Game still kicking?
F W Prije 14 dana
that song choice brings me back
Jesus Gomez
Jesus Gomez Prije 14 dana
Man I really wish the teenage mutant ninja turtles would be playable characters.
PandaVengeance Prije 14 dana
Make a sequel already!
Aaron Ito
Aaron Ito Prije 14 dana
Be honest. Is there still heaps of people playing. Cos I loved this game
bhill005 Prije 14 dana
No -_-
Max N
Max N Prije 14 dana
0:05 come on
Durail Colvin
Durail Colvin Prije 14 dana
Yet the game is still garbage
Mike Munoz
Mike Munoz Prije 14 dana
I find it funny people think 10 years is long, when Champions Online came out 2 years earlier and is still going.
Justin Brown
Justin Brown Prije 14 dana
I wish I could of got into this game. I tried for days, to do the first few quests but I just kept getting killed. No remorse for newbies
Onyxtomahawk Prije 14 dana
People still play this game?
angelwarrior27 Prije 14 dana
I wish this was monthly subbed. Once it went f2p all my friends stopped playing because the microtransactions got ridiculous
ScrubTheNub Prije 14 dana
Completely forgot this existed
READ Comics
READ Comics Prije 14 dana
Had no idea this was still going. I would love it if avengers lasted this long
Dennis Cleary
Dennis Cleary Prije 14 dana
I used to play with my wife all the time, my characters name was Green Cleary
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Prije 14 dana
Improve the graphics and more people would play
Sheep Boy
Sheep Boy Prije 14 dana
this game is still on i see
KEVCAT Prije 14 dana
This game could have been so great :o
Ray67 Prije 14 dana
Yo this game still exists? Lmfao
Sunbreaker7 Prije 14 dana
I would be interested in this game if it didn't look like dog poop.
Noobie.mp4 Prije 14 dana
*69* M+ characters created
havocgr1976 Prije 14 dana
Wow used to play it a looong time ago, its still going?!
andrei florin
andrei florin Prije 14 dana
And stilllll looks like cyberpunk cyberpunk 2077....
Diego Iraira Valenzuela
Diego Iraira Valenzuela Prije 14 dana
Someone still play this game?
JayGamerShow Prije 14 dana
Oh man, I completely forgot about this game O_O
Terrell Williams
Terrell Williams Prije 14 dana
Still no Jason Todd after 10 years
bluknight99 Prije 14 dana
I admit it: I've spent countless more hours designing superheroes in this game than actually PLAYING it!
Crooked Beats0v0
Crooked Beats0v0 Prije 14 dana
Update the graphics like wtf how is it so hard to throw in a different engine take the game down and reconstruct it for better performance visually and gameplay wise!! The stories already there lmao just fix the gaming mechanics, animations, and the styles
huge boner
huge boner Prije 14 dana
remake the fucken game
devito anonymo
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