Wonder Woman 1984's Biggest WTF Questions

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Warning: video contains full spoilers!

While we enjoyed Wonder Woman 1984, it left us with some big questions that left us scratching our heads. We do our best to answer them by turning to our interview with director Patty Jenkins, the comics, and our own geeky intuition.

Jeremy Lister
Jeremy Lister Prije 4 dana
WW84 decimates the continuity of WW1 and Justice League and it is an irredeemably flawed effort. It's DC's Star Trek 5. If WW84 was the first WW film there would not have been a second. Bad job Patty.
Bexi Lesko
Bexi Lesko Prije 6 dana
I love this movie!
Poncho Palito
Poncho Palito Prije 7 dana
Ign giving an 8/10 review on this movie then make a wtf video about this video as well, wth you doing ign? Hypocrite i guess? 🙄🤦‍♂️
I'm just some Canadian guy and I say
I'm just some Canadian guy and I say Prije 8 dana
I’ve seen movies made for less than a million dollars with more effort put into it.
Ravi Teja G
Ravi Teja G Prije 8 dana
IGN trying to do damage control, by changing our WTF to there wtf.
Krishnachandran Shasti
Krishnachandran Shasti Prije 9 dana
Didn't everyone renounce the wish at the end which eventually defeated Pedro's Lord character? IF she still is cheetah, doesn't that mean she didn't renounce and hence not all wishes were renounced to defeat the stone?
Great Nile Medjay Warrior
Great Nile Medjay Warrior Prije 9 dana
The movie could have been better I think Beautiful main character tho but hopefully the next one get better Director it could been better
King OP
King OP Prije 9 dana
Terrible movie 👏🏾
Kain d. Badguy
Kain d. Badguy Prije 10 dana
Who wrote this film and why haven’t they been arrested?
NJ Coolness
NJ Coolness Prije 10 dana
Where’s her sword and shield?
Akeema British
Akeema British Prije 10 dana
WTF did DC release?
Tyler Prije 11 dana
If he just had to have particles making a path between him and everyone else then he could have always affected everyone on the whole planet.
Tyler Prije 11 dana
Might be the worst movie I've ever seen
Astariah Prije 12 dana
ign enjoyed the film , wtf question right there
Aditya Kulshrestha
Aditya Kulshrestha Prije 12 dana
WW84 black day for DC fans
Aquiles Prije 12 dana
you gave it an 8. an 8.
Derrick Wojak
Derrick Wojak Prije 14 dana
There were a ton of things that literally came out the blue. Like wen she changed armor and grew golden armored wings.
Mathew Francis
Mathew Francis Prije 15 dana
Another WTF question, why was this movie so bad?
Ksharp Kay
Ksharp Kay Prije 15 dana
The entire movie is WTF
Arbanius Fanta
Arbanius Fanta Prije 16 dana
I know one person who didn't renounced his wish.The cold blooded billionare.Thats right.The penguin.
Paul Donnett
Paul Donnett Prije 16 dana
You “thoroughly enjoyed “ the film?
Dragonfly Jones
Dragonfly Jones Prije 16 dana
Patty Jenkins: Barbara couldn't walk in heels in the ACT I...was able to walk in heels in ACT II...and reverted back to not being able to walk in heels...That was Barbara's arc 🤯
BlondeGirlSez This
BlondeGirlSez This Prije 16 dana
This movie was SO bad it should have been called Wonder Woman 2020
Jimmy The Clown
Jimmy The Clown Prije 16 dana
I loved this movie I thought it was very well made Very touching 🙏♥️
Victor Mkondo
Victor Mkondo Prije 17 dana
"I wish to be an apex predator" and she doesn't even become the apex of the cat family !
Cam Kartaschew
Cam Kartaschew Prije 17 dana
With the dream stone and the climax of the movie, the people renounced their wish out of personal growth. Max Lord being the stone itself throwing it all away for his sake of his son was what truly dismissed all the wishes in great cinematography! Diana speaking to the world which was in a dream like state, probably didn't retain in peoples mind much like a dream (it is a comic book ending after all). Only evidence of the stone being remembered is after society's fall, in this case society didn't fall and wasn't remembered. Wonder Womans flight, or glide, she may have done it from end of Wonder Woman 1 (Paris) to start of Justice League (London), great screenplay allowed for convenient but purposeful ambiguity What happened to the jet? She probably "lost it" haha
Grant J
Grant J Prije 17 dana
Could the narrator be any more annoying?
Frosty Yogurt
Frosty Yogurt Prije 18 dana
Bunch of nonsense. Mostly when suddenly she wears her golden armor. Is it portable, nano tech, stored on pokeball, or what? It should be nice if there is a scene when she wear it after say goodbye to steve atleast. And fly with it.
Mast3rBlast3r Prije 18 dana
All those are idiotic yes...but the biggest problem of them all is the one wish rule the movie establishes....yet Cheetah gets 2? Once to steal a demigod's powers, accidentally, and then the second again to become Cheetah....
ttz49beta Prije 18 dana
Gal Gadot is hot.
Neil Menezes
Neil Menezes Prije 18 dana
Two big questions I had were.. How the hell did that fighter plane have enough fuel to go from DC to Cairo and how does satellite broadcast = touching?
Jaqen Prije 18 dana
“We love this movie!” Followed by a list of massive plot holes that made the movie completely absurd and borderline unwatchable. This movie was trying to lean into the silly comic book logic with a veneer or realism that really didn’t work for me.
Crunchy Nutter
Crunchy Nutter Prije 18 dana
Who made the wishing stone? *Hear Thor shout Loki’s name in the background*
boombox r-23
boombox r-23 Prije 18 dana
ign enjoyed the film... hahaha
ws279 xL7
ws279 xL7 Prije 18 dana
😆🤣🤣🤣 I sure did asked myself that question about the whole movie.
Belinda Ray
Belinda Ray Prije 18 dana
It was an awful movie. I was so disappointed.
disciprine Prije 18 dana
Talk about tone deaf. Enjoyed? Did we even watch the same movie? Only thing people are wondering is wtf happened to make this movie such garbage
P Pearson
P Pearson Prije 19 dana
My question is why didnt they center the movie around diana finding asteria aka lynda carter aka the OG wonder woman after only finding her armor? Which Diana completely ruins the first couple of seconds she had it on. I think that would have been more of a movie instead of whatever that was i watched over the course of two days because i kept falling asleep. Literally nothing happens the first hour and a half of the movie.
5thElementSandwich Prije 19 dana
I guess the biggest wtf question is why doesn’t Warner Bros fire all their DCEU writers, and replace them with the animation writers?
Himanshu Sharma
Himanshu Sharma Prije 19 dana
This particular video is beautifully editied.
CooterCritters The GameCat Adjacent Adjourned
CooterCritters The GameCat Adjacent Adjourned Prije 19 dana
2:59 "Can wishes even bring somebody back from the dead?" While showing the scene where Wonder Womans dead boyfriend comes back after her wish.
CABLE 715 Prije 19 dana
My biggest why, is why do they keep letting Geoff Johns write DC movies, he needs to stick to comics.
Donna Brooks
Donna Brooks Prije 13 dana
What other DC movies did Johns write?
Donna Brooks
Donna Brooks Prije 13 dana
So you think he was the primary problem & not Patty Jenkins? What about the third writer? I know nothing about him. Thank you for posting a comment that opens up interesting discussion instead of just begin vitriolic verbal vomit.
Pratik Raut
Pratik Raut Prije 19 dana
This movie was lame compared to the first WW movie which was legendary....
Steve Kaspar
Steve Kaspar Prije 19 dana
Really???? A fully fueled and ready to fly jet at the museum??? You crazy?? Forget that that particular jet would have had to land and refuel at least once to get where they were going.. Jesus. Wind and Air???? What about frickin GRAVITY Jenkins!!? Another Jesus... pleeeeeze... to many plot holes to even get started. Lmao.. horrible movie
Candypiggy (´・ω・`)
Candypiggy (´・ω・`) Prije 20 dana
I know Max Lord became the dreamstone itself, but why is he going around granting random people's random wishes...? Is that a built in trait and desire of the dreamstone?? I thought since he's hyped as one of the villains, he would use the power for more selfish and strategic means, which would be interesting. At first he did and made people wish for his own wish, and granting some higher ups their own wishes to use them and as a show of power, but then he just went randomly granting cows to random dudes with no real merit whatsoever..? 😂 im bamboozled
Donna Brooks
Donna Brooks Prije 13 dana
Do you know what bamboozled means? Do you actually mean "perplexed" or puzzled? Bamboozled means you were fooled or tricked or scammed.
Donna Brooks
Donna Brooks Prije 13 dana
LOL Dishonor to you! Dishonor to your house! Dishonor to your cows! LOL
nikos themelis
nikos themelis Prije 20 dana
The invisible jet was a miracle Diana herself pulled by using divine powers that she has as a goddess that come from her ancestry as a daughter of Zeus and an Amazonian Queen. She has powers that she is unaware of because there are no other gods around to show and teach her what she can do and what’s possible. She figures out what she can do by experimenting and by chance, now that she is aware of her divine status.
nikos themelis
nikos themelis Prije 20 dana
Wonder Woman was a legend, a story, like “Elvis lives” or alien abduction stories. At that point, there weren’t other superhuman beings active in the world that the in-universe people knew of, so for them, a goddess-like superhuman woman saving people and doing impossible stuff was a myth, a story.
Doomsday 94
Doomsday 94 Prije 5 dana
Not by all the humans saw her and the cameras
shreder75 Prije 20 dana
WW84 is 2.5 hours of my life I'll never get back. Truly awful movie in typical overhyped dcu style. Dreadful.
Harry Steedman
Harry Steedman Prije 20 dana
Ww84 was probably the worst superhero film I've ever seen
Iman Albatraoz
Iman Albatraoz Prije 20 dana
I hate that there are people that are like, _"That one ant in the movie wasn't supposed to be there! Ugh, so disappointed."_
m.t Prije 20 dana
Changed the channel as soon as they said they thoroughly enjoyed the film
m.t Prije 13 dana
@Donna Brooks patty...is that you? BTW basically everyone hates this film
Donna Brooks
Donna Brooks Prije 13 dana
No you didn't. You took the time to comment, to let everyone know what an internet badass you are. LOL You're ridiculous. "I'll punish YOU, IGN, for having a different opinion than mine!! [Evil laugh.]" I guess you showed them!
Retr009x Jones
Retr009x Jones Prije 20 dana
Keep jenkins away for the third one
BERLINETTA Prije 20 dana
worst movie
Justin Baldonado
Justin Baldonado Prije 21 dan
Thoroughly enjoyed the film? This film was complete garbage.
Joshua Meyer
Joshua Meyer Prije 21 dan
“Thoroughly enjoyed”?! Did we watch the same movie and didn’t u rate the movie a 7/10...?
Placignation!! Prije 21 dan
The first movie was masterpiece but this one what the hell happened?
Gursewak Singh
Gursewak Singh Prije 21 dan
Where was her sword and shield in this movie????
Sabah Ah
Sabah Ah Prije 21 dan
At one point I had to make sure I am watching wonder woman. I was so confused
Drankus Prije 21 dan
How can she fly? She’s literally a goddess. It’d be weird if she never learned to fly
Drankus Prije 20 dana
@Candypiggy (´・ω・`) We never really seen her I any need of flying in bus and JL. Even when she learned to fly in WW84 she still used her lasso
Candypiggy (´・ω・`)
Candypiggy (´・ω・`) Prije 20 dana
Unfortunately, not as we seen in the movies that take place in the future of this one... 😅😭
mark two
mark two Prije 21 dan
You tackle all the softball questions none of the real ones, like your are playing it safe. How about why did Steve Trevor haft to come back in another man?? There's no rules that says he can't come back as himself.
Donna Brooks
Donna Brooks Prije 13 dana
Seriously? It's "HAVE TO", not "haft to". If you are writing "haft to" all the time, you need to stop watching movies & making YT comments & take an English class.
J Man
J Man Prije 21 dan
They messed up on this movie all over the place. The more I think about it from day to day, the more I realize was wrong with it. So many sloppy details. Bummer
OfficialBigShy Robot
OfficialBigShy Robot Prije 21 dan
cheetah only transformed because Maxwell used a price from one of his wishes to grant her that wish she asked him for on the plane, once he renounced his wish all of that went away, but she kept her wish so... she still has her powers. wonder woman is Zeus's daughter riding the winds is something she should've always been able to do, losing Steve again just pushed her to do it. nobody saw Diana when she spoke with them, they only heard her voice and saw a golden image on their screens, so... it would still be pretty easy to stay hidden, even though the government knew that she existed. Maxwell Lord was the last to renounce his wish. Diana appealed to everyone else before he gave up his wish, once they all started giving up their wishes, he then gave up his wish, which in turn stopped any of the wishes he may have granted while being the stone.
DingFooking Dong
DingFooking Dong Prije 21 dan
In wonderwoman 3 Gal Gadot is pregnant and have to tell this random guy he is the father!
Korbin Dallas
Korbin Dallas Prije 21 dan
These superhero movies are all so painfully cornball
Danny Barrera
Danny Barrera Prije 21 dan
‘We thoroughly enjoyed the film’ No we didn’t!😂🗑
mohan aryal
mohan aryal Prije 21 dan
I’m really disappointed with the sequel.
ian wong
ian wong Prije 21 dan
didnt ign give it a glowing review though? now that everyone else hates it, u want to change your tune?
Chimpinalls Prije 21 dan
This movie makes the DCEU officially exist completely outside of logic. For example... -Over in Gotham City, it would still be only a few years since Bruce Wayne lost his parents when the global "make a wish" event happened. He undoubtedly would have wished for his parents to be alive again and he's clearly OK with losing who he is as a person in response to their deaths. Are we supposed to believe that he chose to undo his wish? -The Joker got a wish and then chose to give it up? Unlikely. -Jonathan Kent spent Clark's entire upbringing telling him the world isn't ready for superheroes and even gives his own life to keep Supes a secret. Why did he do this if everyone on Earth already remembers the day magic powers happened?
irman925 Prije 21 dan
4 wtf questions i have: Why the hell did Steve come back in someone else's body? What's the consequence to wishes if you can just renounce them? why did a movie called WW84 not have any 80's music? Why did this movie feel longer than Endgame?
Jake Smith
Jake Smith Prije 21 dan
Why the hell is the Mandalorian in this film?
Si Lang
Si Lang Prije 21 dan
I love sci-fi, fantasy and superheroes but I just don’t think that this film is aimed at me. WW1984 lacks any consistent internal logic, characters are sketched in and it all feels like something that could have been written in 1984. I couldn’t enjoy the film because there were so many inconsistencies nagging at my attention. I uphold other people’s right to have enjoyed it but I didn’t.
MadSaltySkills Prije 21 dan
The Movie was Hot Garage
Pasha Ninja
Pasha Ninja Prije 22 dana
Oh and another important point. In the beginning in the mall scene they show and arcade. That arcade had RAMPAGE! A game that came out in 1986 not 1984. Did Marty McFly go into the future and bring it back for kids to play.
Pasha Ninja
Pasha Ninja Prije 13 dana
@Donna Brooks Either way the film was weak.
Donna Brooks
Donna Brooks Prije 13 dana
That's important to YOU, but most people are not going to notice that. Not having iconic '80s music, like Madonna & Michael Jackson are things people are going to notice, b/c they permeated the entire culture. EVERYONE knows who they are & most people who were listening to pop music in that era liked their music.
Colors 66
Colors 66 Prije 22 dana
"thoroughly enjoyed the film"...everyone hated it!
Colors 66
Colors 66 Prije 21 dan
​@Erastus MwandingiI speak for everyone!
Erastus Mwandingi
Erastus Mwandingi Prije 21 dan
Speak for yourself NPC
Haris Javed
Haris Javed Prije 22 dana
PSA: Even if you make a jet invisible it will still be visible to the radar.....
Erastus Mwandingi
Erastus Mwandingi Prije 21 dan
Nope. It's the same spell that hides her island home, it deters radar as well
Haris Javed
Haris Javed Prije 22 dana
Tooooooo many plot holes....even though I enjoyed it. Gal Gadot was very very very underutilized.
Mr. Reckless
Mr. Reckless Prije 22 dana
I like the movie a lot it had a old school vibe to it.
meowzerz and me
meowzerz and me Prije 22 dana
I hate when you can immediately see the political message of a movie 15 minutes in and it keeps repeating the message every 5 seconds
Jishnu Jalaja Venugopal
Jishnu Jalaja Venugopal Prije 22 dana
She wasn't flying coz "Snyder" and "Whedon" were busy killing and bringing Superman back to life.
pash91 Prije 22 dana
Barbara's inspiration for fighting WW was protecting Maxwell her "love interest" as well as knowing that if he was defeated that her wish would revert...she didn't have to renounce, it was taken away from her once WW beat Maxwell. ALL wishes were reverted once Maxwell was defeated, whether they were renounced or not.....WW's wish DID bring Steve back from the dead...so why even ask if they can? WW remained a secret because of shitty writing "Who made the Dream Stone"? then immediately answer it lol She made the jet invisible also via shitty/lazy writing...no no it does not make alot if any sense. Ditto for the flying
WesTexHorror Prije 22 dana
If she can "fly". Why didn't she in Batman V Superman? Or Justice League?
Vidhya Hanumanth
Vidhya Hanumanth Prije 22 dana
She said to Bruce Wayne that she's been hiding for 100 years in Justice League. This movie shouldn't have existed in the first place.
al g
al g Prije 22 dana
She made those characters her own. Ruined the movie for me.. It was bad anywase though.
Jiggity Juice-Maine
Jiggity Juice-Maine Prije 22 dana
Thoroughly enjoyed? This movie was awful. They butchered the characters and the story was hot garbage
Alberto Chaves
Alberto Chaves Prije 22 dana
My biggest WTF question was about Steve Trevor coming back in the body of a random guy and Diana sleeping with him and kissing and everything and... WTF? If someone can wish more nuclear weapons and they suddenly pop out from nowhere, why does Steve take the body of another guy and doesn't just simply appear? Absolute nonsense...
ckw Prije 22 dana
Too many pointless "dramatic" dialogue. Weak ending , not very cool fight scene . Kinda disappointed tbh . 2020 guys . Nothing going right this year . They should have wait until 2021 like Black Widow
M C Prije 22 dana
As a Star Wars geek I'm worried about Rogue Squadron.
Heroic Enemy
Heroic Enemy Prije 22 dana
Movie is garbage
ITz CHAMPz Prije 22 dana
Where tf was every other super hero?
Utkarsh Tiwari
Utkarsh Tiwari Prije 22 dana
How did Max Lord knew there was such a stone lying in Barbara's office?
Eighty Kakes
Eighty Kakes Prije 22 dana
So no one wished for infinite wishes? They'd literally be the strongest being in the universe. Zod lands on Earth? Wish he never existed. Done. Doomsday? Wish he was a puppy? I don't like Superman... Gone. Was this a first draft script? 😂
ddsmitty1 Prije 22 dana
Wonder Woman 84 was just awful. All of it.
Jason Reliford
Jason Reliford Prije 22 dana
Super meh movie.
Casua1Gamer Prije 22 dana
I haven't seen the movie yet and I already don't like it lol
James McDonald
James McDonald Prije 22 dana
IGN thoroughly enjoyed the film. That says enough about IGN.
Cesar Camacho
Cesar Camacho Prije 22 dana
For me a big WTF was that there was no reference to the music of 1984 at all. No MJ, no Madonna, no Prince, no Cyndi. Nothing!
Marcelo Alfman
Marcelo Alfman Prije 22 dana
WW84 is the most plot holes per minute movie ever.
Don't Watch This Show LIVE!
Don't Watch This Show LIVE! Prije 23 dana
This movie was bad. I even love JLA. But this was just bad. Too long and boring.
Maht Larango
Maht Larango Prije 23 dana
This movie was terrible. It seems everytime dc comes out with a decent movie the next movie puts them 2 steps backwards
Arasu Filvindor
Arasu Filvindor Prije 23 dana
Cheetah didn't get a proper storyline Maxwell Lord didn't get a proper story line Linking the whole thing with Dreamstone is lazy & lame storytelling by Patty Jenkins!
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