Fortnite - Official Green Arrow Trailer

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Green Arrow joins Fortnite Crew in January's pack, featuring his latest look inspired by The CW and DC's television series. It also includes the Tactical Quiver Back Bling plus Style and Boxing Glove Pickaxe.
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Enlightment Prije 9 dana
It makes sense to the whole concept of the season of bounty hunters sorta because in season 1 of Arrow Oliver crosses off names
Enlightment Prije 9 dana
Also hunts bad people what I men
joey kill
joey kill Prije 9 dana
Glad I don't play this garbage.
Johnny McF
Johnny McF Prije 10 dana
Homer Simpson once said: 'BORING.'
Skull Collector
Skull Collector Prije 10 dana
Everyone: can you stop doing crossovers... FOR FIVE MINUTES!
The King
The King Prije 6 dana
Crossovers aren’t even that bad crybaby
Andre Uva
Andre Uva Prije 11 dana
Wish it was comic Oliver.
Why didn't they just use his rebirth suit instead of this
yadnesh kulkarni
yadnesh kulkarni Prije 12 dana
These people ruin everything man!
yadnesh kulkarni
yadnesh kulkarni Prije 12 dana
U have failed the brand of Oliver queen
amar kaur sachdev
amar kaur sachdev Prije 12 dana
Wait... so the flash ... white canary... batwoman.... stargirl... atom... killer frost are coming tooo Pls say yes🥺
amar kaur sachdev
amar kaur sachdev Prije 12 dana
Pls say other arrowverse guys are coming too plssssss 🥺
SlcKnight Prije 12 dana
Nooooo, this is hell for a DC TV fanboy like myself 🤮🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 you have failed this city
The One And Only
The One And Only Prije 13 dana
Question is, can he floss? 🤣
ExoticGamer Prije 13 dana
Fortnite players, you have failed to make this omelette!!!
Shaurya Saklani
Shaurya Saklani Prije 13 dana
Wow to early
ALEXOMC Prije 13 dana
Dead game
Sxcrifice _x
Sxcrifice _x Prije 13 dana
They should dead bring back the bow for this
Jacob Sawyer
Jacob Sawyer Prije 13 dana
These franchises need to stop letting fortnite use them.
Nathan Cooke
Nathan Cooke Prije 13 dana
Fortnite ruins everything. It needs to die
Barry Lindon
Barry Lindon Prije 13 dana
Stop it Fortnite!
Tony-94 Prije 13 dana
Nice. Another character ruined by gayness game
Zachary Jorrey
Zachary Jorrey Prije 13 dana
When is the new season
DYT001 Prije 13 dana
And. There you have it folks! .
Jubi Prije 13 dana
Look how they keep massacring my boys 😔 first kratos now my boy oliver
chebas90 Prije 13 dana
Arrow was everything on My life
letypesansnom Prije 13 dana
Look how they massacred my boy
Sponge man
Sponge man Prije 13 dana
Where's his bow
Shurm O
Shurm O Prije 13 dana
DBZ characters coming soon. Just give it time.
bigballerju07 Prije 13 dana
Oh yea. I can see that coming a mile away. As if fornite is not already rolling in money.
Youssef Addas
Youssef Addas Prije 14 dana
Make up ur own characters, don’t ruin the ones we love. First master chief then kratos and now this
The King
The King Prije 6 dana
It’s not ruining characters by putting them in a video game smh
Sadboyj Prije 13 dana
First kratos then master chief*
Ehsaan_101 Prije 14 dana
What an original skin. Nice work epic games! Fortnite is so original and amazing!
Ehsaan_101 Prije 13 dana
@Pedicc lol dummy? They can only do crossovers because they ran out of original ideas
Pedicc Prije 13 dana
They’re not trying to make it original though? It’s a crossover dummy
Lucas Petrieee
Lucas Petrieee Prije 14 dana
No please no
GRONK 15 Prije 14 dana
I’m a upcoming HRpost trying to make my way to 1k subs I make fortnite content and do montages I would love if you could check my channel out thank you.
ZX GALAXY Prije 14 dana
Cool! 😎👍
cornbred6969 Prije 14 dana
Imagine still playing fortnite
The King
The King Prije 6 dana
Imagine hating on a video game. It’s just a video game chill you don’t have to hate for attention
Cool Grandma
Cool Grandma Prije 12 dana
Why not, There's nothing wrong with that. People can play whatever they likes.
[InsertYourUsername] Prije 13 dana
@Pedicc imagine being mad at someone who is spitting straight fax
Pedicc Prije 13 dana
Imagine being a crybaby
JustJoshin Prije 14 dana
Green Arrow, but he uses a shotgun. These skins are cool and all, but they don't feel or act like the actual character.
Ariya Prije 11 sati
Tullock Prije 14 dana
bassican7 Prije 14 dana
The shitty green arrow
Christopher Punter
Christopher Punter Prije 14 dana
Where’s the emote of you failed this city and where’s my free 1000 vbucks? This deserved better. Like loading screen poster. Green arrow theme. Like Batman got. No green arrow glider too 🤔😔 we need dc chapter like marvel and Star Wars did or arrowverse
Tomás Olivera Sala
Tomás Olivera Sala Prije 14 dana
so stephen amells legacy? ffs 🤦‍♂️
D link
D link Prije 14 dana
Not buff enough
Joseph Raymond
Joseph Raymond Prije 14 dana
dc vs marvel
TripleMoya Games
TripleMoya Games Prije 14 dana
I am just waiting for the Fortnite animated series at this point
Sadboyj Prije 13 dana
i saw a vid talking abt a movie in the works 😭💀💀
Amari Aaron
Amari Aaron Prije 14 dana
I wish I could see a more comic accurate green arrow
Sir Gatorbats
Sir Gatorbats Prije 5 dana
I hate when people want idiotic things like this.
super star RIP
super star RIP Prije 13 dana
His show ended a while ago
Ayy Prije 14 dana
Yay... another licensed skin. Just what we all wanted..
Marbin Vasquez
Marbin Vasquez Prije 14 dana
What took you so long uploading this video and the other channel have uploaded the video days ago??
Nathan Rounkles
Nathan Rounkles Prije 14 dana
Fortnite dishonors every character they put in this trashfire of a game since they lack originality 😑🖕 Sorry....NOT SORRY
Master Zone
Master Zone Prije 14 dana
Nice owsom
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody Prije 14 dana
Where the hell is his bow? Or did he somehow get hold of Yondu's arrow?
Talia al Ghul
Talia al Ghul Prije 14 dana
I came for the "You have failed this city" comments...
shadowghosts 67
shadowghosts 67 Prije 14 dana
Fortnite, you have failed this skin
luis marin
luis marin Prije 14 dana
Fortnite is really trying so hard to stay relevant but it’s actually working
JumpingAxe33 Prije 14 dana
“HRpost comments you have failed this city” (nothings original lol)
Elijah Hill
Elijah Hill Prije 14 dana
So they can put Green Arrow in Fortnite but they can’t make his own game?!🥲
Nirgendsdahierschon Prije 14 dana
For a skin you dont need great gameplay
Doctor Anarchy
Doctor Anarchy Prije 14 dana
Jaydr0id Prije 14 dana
This business practice is the ONLY reason why fort nite is still alive.
Janice Small
Janice Small Prije 14 dana
Imagine doing only Collabs to keep your game *AFLOAT* sorry epic but the ship is already sinking Lad
Nirgendsdahierschon Prije 14 dana
Keep dreaming 🙃
jbroti 004
jbroti 004 Prije 14 dana
DC fans: "Haha Marvel fans, Fortnite is ruining the image of your beloved characters" Marvel fans: *Uno reverse card*
Nirgendsdahierschon Prije 14 dana
Aquaman, Joker, Batman, poisen ivy, black manta: are we a Joke to you?
Is this boosted mode?!
Is this boosted mode?! Prije 14 dana
Everyone here just needs to grow up and realize even if Fortnite is my the game for this it’s a well made free to play game that could be many peoples first game and seeing this hate towards it’s players just for enjoying something is disheartening
Booming Bob
Booming Bob Prije 14 dana
This is a disappointment
General Grievous
General Grievous Prije 14 dana
When will I be in fortnite
Emyr Thomas
Emyr Thomas Prije 14 dana
Why would they bring green arrow as a skin but not bring back the actual bow and arrow?!
Nathan Hills
Nathan Hills Prije 14 dana
When Stephen Amell said he would do another season of Arrow this is not what he met
Nathan Hills
Nathan Hills Prije 12 dana
@Ayman Al-Tamimi He said on a podcast a few months ago that if the cw was failing due to quarantine, he would come back for another season of Arrow.
Ayman Al-Tamimi
Ayman Al-Tamimi Prije 12 dana
He not making another season. Arrow is over
Sirios Art
Sirios Art Prije 14 dana
Laziest character introduction ever, NGL
Fellow Space Marine
Fellow Space Marine Prije 14 dana
Fortnite you better stay tf away from Flash
High Tier Loot
High Tier Loot Prije 14 dana
Fortnite Kid watching Arrow Season 01: Hey, it's that the fortnite guy. They stole him from Fortnite
Dylan Ramirez
Dylan Ramirez Prije 5 dana
@Pedicc Very true
Pedicc Prije 13 dana
[InsertYourUsername] When I see a joke over and over again for months on end, it kinda loses its humour
[InsertYourUsername] Prije 13 dana
@Pedicc eh well its funny
Pedicc Prije 13 dana
Overdone joke
Cicada -
Cicada - Prije 14 dana
no please don’t ruin the dc universe even more 😔
Prompthorizen 12
Prompthorizen 12 Prije 14 dana
It shall consume all
HoodRich NiteNite
HoodRich NiteNite Prije 14 dana
Me: why? Fornite: why not? Me: you make a strong argument
Rogerio Prato
Rogerio Prato Prije 14 dana
Person Man
Person Man Prije 14 dana
Reject Fortnite, return to Minecraft
Dragonblood3204 Prije 14 dana
“Dr. Disrespect, you have failed this city! - Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.
Mr. Deez
Mr. Deez Prije 14 dana
Gimme money...
Zapper-Zac Prije 14 dana
Spoiler warning to the show Well look at that *A dead character for a dead game*
[InsertYourUsername] Prije 13 dana
Fortnite is too soft of a game to hear this roast
ヅno one know me
ヅno one know me Prije 14 dana
Josh The Boss
Josh The Boss Prije 14 dana
Fortnite is deader then my will to care
Афанасий Prije 14 dana
Слава сидабу
Zenon Chi
Zenon Chi Prije 14 dana
If this happened when it was still seasons 1-2 then I would've have been excited. Arrow failed DC fans a long time ago.
ebkreiss Prije 14 dana
Tom hanks next
Incursion Prije 14 dana
*Oliver in Tilted, You have failed this city
TIL - AQUILAHELL Prije 14 dana
open your world
open your world Prije 14 dana
"You have failed this game"
SmallVille Prije 14 dana
What’s next?? Elon Musk...
Shining Trickster
Shining Trickster Prije 14 dana
Io sono Arrow e arreró
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees Prije 14 dana
You all hate a game because kid's like it ?
The Twin WiFi Routers
The Twin WiFi Routers Prije 14 dana
Next it's gonna be *Gandalf The Grey.*
Luigi Prije 14 dana
Damm is fortnite dying this bad since they giving out free things
Jon Lorg
Jon Lorg Prije 14 dana
First the arrow, Next Grunkle Stan They gonna do anything to keep their game alive.
Qi Fuh Yue
Qi Fuh Yue Prije 14 dana
Look how they massacred my boy
Xander Cook
Xander Cook Prije 3 dana
@ETHANDAALLMIGHTY this outfit is from the newest season and it’s honestly the best looking season 8 is where it’s from and it’s cool
@Craig Stewart they used his worst suit
Wray Prije 13 dana
@Yousuf Razwan exactly lol
Yousuf Razwan
Yousuf Razwan Prije 13 dana
@Craig Stewart at least he looks better than taskmaster... look how they massacred him...
Craig Stewart
Craig Stewart Prije 13 dana
He doesn’t even look bad
BraveOil Prije 14 dana
isn't that the guy who got stuck on Lian Yu
Michael Everett
Michael Everett Prije 14 dana
Remind me why we never got a green arrow game.
Booming Bob
Booming Bob Prije 13 dana
@I Don’t Exist exactly
I Don’t Exist
I Don’t Exist Prije 14 dana
@Dog On Dog Action And how many people watched Arrow?....Enough to make a universe
Michael Everett
Michael Everett Prije 14 dana
@Booming Bob Someone else besides batman needs a new game, like green lantern or wonder woman.
Booming Bob
Booming Bob Prije 14 dana
Because they never thought about it before they care more about the more known like Batman
Dog On Dog Action
Dog On Dog Action Prije 14 dana
Because no one cares about that character and his game would sell horribly.
phillyboyleem Prije 14 dana
Flash next then super girl ?
LJ Evans
LJ Evans Prije 14 dana
Epic failed it customers
Star Cabal
Star Cabal Prije 14 dana
Fortnite, you have failed Stephen Amell's character
Sadboyj Prije 13 dana
@Pritzel Brain well duh 🗿
Pritzel Brain
Pritzel Brain Prije 14 dana
@Joxhua Thomax No, but it's obvious this one was based of off him.
Joxhua Thomax
Joxhua Thomax Prije 14 dana
because Stephen Amell invented Arrow. ok
Ken McKinnie
Ken McKinnie Prije 14 dana
People still play this lol
ᴋɴᴏᴜʀɪsʜ Prije 14 dana
At this point, im expecting naruto or goku to pop up in this game sooner or later..
Lizörd Prije 14 dana
Yea probably even Gordon Freeman
Dead Ryan
Dead Ryan Prije 14 dana
It's not worth it
Luke Barber
Luke Barber Prije 14 dana
I know the cw show went downhill but I didn't realise it was this bad, guess they still need to profit from green arrows character.
Veer Pal
Veer Pal Prije 14 dana
Should’ve been the OG goatee Ollie since they marketed it by saying it’d be his “iconic look”
John Diggle
John Diggle Prije 14 dana
Its not even his iconic Arrow look, that would be either S1,2,4 or 7. They for some reason decided to go for the costume he wore in the last season/during crisis and didnt even have it for that long
Sentry 1
Sentry 1 Prije 14 dana
That’s not green arrow, where’s the mustache and the blonde hair?
Veer Pal
Veer Pal Prije 14 dana
Exactly lol the goatee is missing but they decided to use the Arrow version and called it his “iconic look” for some reason
No Name
No Name Prije 14 dana
DC is the best.. Even better than, you-know-what..!!
gamer480 Prije 14 dana
Read your profile pic..
Chad Narukami
Chad Narukami Prije 14 dana
George Hillier
George Hillier Prije 14 dana
Is this the same Epic that made the original Gears of War games?..... why do studios always go this way? 🤦‍♂️
Mello Money
Mello Money Prije 14 dana
Epic must be stopped ( some 9 year old is gonna flame me for sayin that )
E Prije 7 dana
Antoine Charles de Gaulle
Antoine Charles de Gaulle Prije 12 dana
You haters can leave
Kristen - I m live with cam ᑕᕼEᑕK ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪE
Kristen - I m live with cam ᑕᕼEᑕK ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪE Prije 14 dana
Throw that blanket and breathe in the fresh morning air!
ヅno one know me
ヅno one know me Prije 14 dana
@Lizörd well say
Endotl yeet
Endotl yeet Prije 14 dana
@Lizörd agreed my friend.
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