A Glitch in the Matrix: Official Trailer (2021)

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What if we are living in a simulation, and the world as we know it is not real? To tackle this mind-bending idea, acclaimed filmmaker Rodney Ascher (Room 237, The Nightmare) uses a noted speech from Philip K. Dick to dive down the rabbit hole of science, philosophy, and conspiracy theory.

Leaving no stone unturned in exploring the unprovable, the film uses contemporary cultural touchstones like The Matrix, interviews with real people shrouded in digital avatars, and a wide array of voices, expert and amateur alike. If simulation theory is not science fiction but fact, and life is a video game being played by some unknowable entity, then who are we, really? A Glitch in the Matrix attempts to find out.

A Glitch in the Matrix debuts in theaters and On Demand on February 5, 2021.

Garrett Watts
Garrett Watts Prije 17 sati
I am so stoked for this.
Doreon Gray
Doreon Gray Prije dan
lol ok...
Gandalf The White
Gandalf The White Prije dan
Why is IGN posting this?
Vaughn Hunter
Vaughn Hunter Prije 2 dana
I find this theory really intriguing but this looks messy and then I saw that it was the director of “room 237” which was another great idea that was awful
josephsheranda Prije 2 dana
When I saw the thumbnail I thought this was some wacky fan mashup of Hugo Weaving as both Agent Smith and Red Skull.
Digital Addict Design
Digital Addict Design Prije 2 dana
Honestly, being in a fake world seems like a better reality than reality sometimes.
Al Serrano
Al Serrano Prije 2 dana
Oh no, the humans are waking up, I'll notify the devs to patch this up in the next build.
Jon B.
Jon B. Prije 4 dana
so its a documentary about a conspiracy theory?
HeroNamedHawk Prije 4 dana
What if we are the player and the code? So somewhere out there is a version of me playing a version of me playing a version of me playing a version of me playing me.
LexiCat Prije 4 dana
ttttypes Prije 4 dana
Any time you hear the phrase "I'm gonna show these people what you don't want them to see" or "they don't want you to know this", there's a 99.9% chance you're talking to a proponent of pseudo-science or some other kind of info-cult member
soless dialtone
soless dialtone Prije 4 dana
im real lmao shut uppppppp
Digital Mozart
Digital Mozart Prije 5 dana
Thought this was an Attack on Titan spinoff from the thumbnail
Taiga Prije 5 dana
Any civilization technologically advanced that keeps advancing forever is almost guaranteed to create simulation universes eventually. And those simulation universes could follow the same pattern and create simulations inside simulations. So odds are very unlikely we are the actual base universe, but are instead a simulation
Bogdan A
Bogdan A Prije 5 dana
So release date is 2nd of may or 5th of february ??
sizserb22 Prije 5 dana
Is this a game or a movie ?
Innerstanding Prije 6 dana
Read - The Code to the Matrix by Sevan Bomar
Shuaizu Prije 6 dana
And here I thought this was the Matrix 4 trailer.
Optimus Phill
Optimus Phill Prije 6 dana
Just read Descartes or Plato and you can get your own ideas and see the influences peps.
Cyberdemon Mike
Cyberdemon Mike Prije 6 dana
Even if the word "matrix" existed way before the movie, it's obviously clear these people are using the wachoskis work just to catch popularity
VaeSapiens Prije 5 dana
I mean before the movies a "matrix" was just a thing that you did in intro to algebra and hated every minute of it.
Real Prije 6 dana
I thought this is matrix 4... nvm
Victor George
Victor George Prije 6 dana
I want to believe this so bad but it's just not true. I'll be checking this out though.
marktheshanker Prije 6 dana
I am waaayy too high for this😂
Jackie Frankie
Jackie Frankie Prije 6 dana
3iii's Prije 6 dana
Look into opening ur 3rd eye and doing lsd dmt and ayahuasca its life changing we're all the same consciousness experiencing and creating reality through the body👁◽🍄
zimm413 Prije 6 dana
Must be fans of the show Dark
woosaa Calmdown
woosaa Calmdown Prije 6 dana
i dont feel like getting brain washed ty
ccarry Prije 6 dana
You controlin me.bring bakc my hair
Jason Greenwood
Jason Greenwood Prije 6 dana
WTF did I just watch?
lugia laku
lugia laku Prije 7 dana
If this is a simulation then Kudos to the programmers 🎉🎉🎉
Mackenzie Glidden
Mackenzie Glidden Prije 7 dana
Anthony Henry
Anthony Henry Prije 7 dana
If someone controls u its obviously someone you know. But part of me believes what u believe is what guides you.
joeslickback Prije 7 dana
"You disappoint me Mr. Anderson"
Chase Moorehouse
Chase Moorehouse Prije 7 dana
Man, I thought this was going to be a trailer for Matrix 4.
Clickbait37 Prije 7 dana
Thought this was the matrix 4 title lol...
Tatlo Dos
Tatlo Dos Prije 7 dana
Hey player! Go for the harem ending!
Blender Study
Blender Study Prije 7 dana
Now, that movie looks awesome. I'll check it out when it comes out.
Chairs Prije 7 dana
Wait, so this isn't a video game trailer?
LennyFelly Prije 7 dana
Tass tuff Duttreacts a glitch in the matrixx
StevenTheGameMaker Prije 7 dana
Ein fehler in der matrix
Hakai Prije 7 dana
Is that the collosal titan in the thumbnail?
Fadlie Hidayat
Fadlie Hidayat Prije 7 dana
Cho Ogata no Kyojin
CybernautZero Prije 7 dana
Could be interesting, but I am also worried about how far people take their theories. We've had people destroy 5G towers because of what they believed.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Prije 7 dana
I doubt it
Shisui Uchiha Rosé
Shisui Uchiha Rosé Prije 7 dana
So is this a game or matrix 4? lmao its confusing me like the movie!!!!
Kevin Mccann
Kevin Mccann Prije 7 dana
Let's see how deep the rabbit hole goes
Tabsky v
Tabsky v Prije 7 dana
If my player is reading this.. RESPEC RESPEC RESPEC!!!
Lord Moose
Lord Moose Prije 7 dana
Well that was the stupidest thing I've seen all day
The Renaissance Man
The Renaissance Man Prije 7 dana
Ghost in the Shell, we're spirits inside bodies.
Domi Prije 7 dana
U could do again for war thunder because it has been 3 years maybe? And it realy changed
MAX XIV Prije 7 dana
I like this one
Neo Prije 7 dana
KingScotto Prije 7 dana
2 days without a upload
Monty Kunwar
Monty Kunwar Prije 7 dana
Pity how almost everyone here is talking about they are themselves just wrong choices ,and useless humans ... Damn .. world became a really sad place for humans..cause of their own deeds....
Xz0779 Prije 7 dana
Where's Morpheus ??? I need to ask him for the other pill , the one that gets ya out of this damn " Matrix "
JERZEELOON Prije 7 dana
I've witnessed some things that make me really believe that we are in a matrix of sorts or at least a truman show type world
Don Falloon
Don Falloon Prije 7 dana
Eh, I'll go back to the original TRON. My life was certainly coded on a PC-XT.
Alex Hein
Alex Hein Prije 7 dana
I thought this was the matrix 4 trailer
D R H Prije 7 dana
This sure is a shitty matrix were in
J L Prije 7 dana
Well I hope the matrix gets hacked and give everyone unlimited funds and health.
JumperXY Prije 7 dana
Just summon a demon and you will see that matrix is not real
J L Prije 7 dana
So serial killer are really player one? 🤔
Ken Bolado
Ken Bolado Prije 7 dana
Just like inception, when your dreaming, a life time in this simulation is only hours in the real world. So when you die and lived out this simulation, you wake up in the real world. In the real world you set the parameters, ethnic background, the wealth of the family your born in, etc etc. When your plugged back in your born again to play in the simulation. Experience each and different parameters you've chosen to see how it pans out. When you run out of ideas, you pick random and the computer decides what your next up bringing will be. Sometimes the mind is so strong there's recollections of pass memories in children like they're reincarnated. They can recollect memories of a past life. They override the software that blocks the previous memories of who they were. It's the same thing as why the Simpsons can predict the future. Someone who died now in 2020 chose to be reborn in the past to write the events to mind trip everyone.
James Price
James Price Prije 4 dana
@Ken Bolado Enough with that Zen Buddhism crap
Ken Bolado
Ken Bolado Prije 4 dana
@James Price the closer humanity gets into creating a simulation the greater the odds it becomes that we already are. Remember that.
James Price
James Price Prije 4 dana
That's just dumb
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Prije 7 dana
IGN, will dead island 2 ever come out? Or is it never going to happen
bumpy6994 Prije 7 dana
So Brain in the Vat theory?
Chuck rogers
Chuck rogers Prije 7 dana
This is like zeitgeist for the new generation
Romen Balladarez
Romen Balladarez Prije 7 dana
Existential OCD Exposure: The Movie
Reshyrah Prije 7 dana
1997 called.. they want their movie back.🍿🎥
Chuck Kistler
Chuck Kistler Prije 7 dana
Looks dull
Proxy Payload
Proxy Payload Prije 8 dana
The pure concept of people questioning their existence as some kind of player controlled game is contradicted if the player is asking a digital world if they are being puppeted while puppeting puppets..
Rahul Vinod
Rahul Vinod Prije 8 dana
And the pandemic was a bug
dggross Prije 8 dana
"I am a code, I am a string of numbers constantly replicating itself." This dude had a breakdown after finding out how DNA works.
Johnny Guitar
Johnny Guitar Prije 4 dana
after taking 900 micrograms LSD,,,
Foudyl Prije 8 dana
seriously, selected at sundance ? my movie is much better showing what is out the matrix check for ReXxel beauty trailer
Bhaumik Solanki
Bhaumik Solanki Prije 8 dana
Kgf 2
Kelly Sherrer
Kelly Sherrer Prije 8 dana
I find it strange that a documentary like this would be selected by sundance. Maybe it’s a documentary on the making of the matrix movies?
Crypto Orell
Crypto Orell Prije 8 dana
Actually we are numbers. It's not a secret. Our ADN tells everything
dopp nett
dopp nett Prije 8 dana
Thought it was a game
Eshcroft Prije 8 dana
Is it a movie or a game?
THE ROCK Prije 8 dana
Sale chirkut.
THE FIGHTER Prije 8 dana
What the sims are thinking
SadisticRobot Prije 8 dana
When redditors have money.
Dave Gilliam
Dave Gilliam Prije 8 dana
This is the dumbest thing I've seen. You have to never low intelligenceto believe this crap lol
Nayan Ghule
Nayan Ghule Prije 8 dana
Damn I clicked this because I thought its reference to DARK
Zombie Paul Walker
Zombie Paul Walker Prije 8 dana
I must be being played on Legendary difficulty
MICHAEL Donnally
MICHAEL Donnally Prije 8 dana
Rolls eyes
Matthew Prije 8 dana
Seriously... This is probably gonna be just as garbage as the Covid 21 movie.
Julia Walkers
Julia Walkers Prije 8 dana
We are not living in a sim. Just like religion you’re only evidence that contributes to your inexperienced ideas is that “we have no proof”. You can’t prove a negative. Both religion and idiotic theories like this are negatives Sort of like if I said a magical invisible 9 foot peacock ruled the entire universe and you said that’s incorrect I would say you can’t prove it. It’s pathetic, stop it
ChangO: TV
ChangO: TV Prije 8 dana
Thought that was Dan Harmon in the opening shot for a second
Ariel Malsi Real
Ariel Malsi Real Prije 8 dana
"Matrix Is A Documentary." ~ Keanu Reeves *[MIND BLOWN]*
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher Prije 8 dana
J C Prije 8 dana
It’s the idea of that we’re living in the matrix. The matrix the movie really have you
Hans von Schröder
Hans von Schröder Prije 8 dana
So it’s like room 237 but they lean even harder on the crazies?
Brad Raleigh
Brad Raleigh Prije 8 dana
I would say we definitely are in a matrix.. although the concept of a computer matrix is likely just a metaphor for the true spirtual matrix we are in and can not fully understand ...
Heat Filter
Heat Filter Prije 8 dana
Why does this fell like zeitgeist 2.0?
Matic orozel
Matic orozel Prije 8 dana
Karl Taylor
Karl Taylor Prije 8 dana
I reckon we're brains in jars.. we allready uploaded so we couldn't upload ourselves to say a cloud or database bit we can make robot avatars that sustain our brains and work as bodies.. and travel off planet in theses vessels ...you cant upload conciseness to a database .. not within this construct bit we can prolong the brains function out of the body ..and make a new artificial body..I dont think we have the tec to put into a new biological body ..yet
mike Hamilton
mike Hamilton Prije 8 dana
Visuals of the game are still better than cyberpunk lol
xtension xward
xtension xward Prije 8 dana
we are in an infinite loop of simulation ! our players world is also a simulation and so on ...
Fxx Prije 8 dana
COnnor HAle
COnnor HAle Prije 8 dana
This is the movie people need to see
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