Dead Cells: Fatal Falls DLC - Official Gameplay Trailer

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Check out the gameplay trailer for a look at the upcoming Fatal Falls DLC which features two new levels with new enemies, as well as a new boss.

Explore the floating islands of The Fractured Shrines, The Undying Shores, and more when Dead Cells' Fatal Falls DLC launches on January 26, 2021 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
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Adam El ATIFI Prije 5 sati
Fuckin love this game , shame I can’t afford a console or even the game rly
lo ko
lo ko Prije 11 sati
Yo Mushroom boi wtf bruv, why you push me off the cliff dood
Thành Hoàng
Thành Hoàng Prije 11 sati
the boss when it see u step on flowers:KISAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rafael Calvay
Rafael Calvay Prije 17 sati
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vincent afton
vincent afton Prije dan
Yay mushroom child has revenge his father
43_Ranjeet Kumar Mahato
43_Ranjeet Kumar Mahato Prije dan
I love dead cells. It's really an awesome action game. those variety of weapons and equipments love to unlock them and play. But I am mobile and this update will surely take long for mobile devices
Fried Water
Fried Water Prije 2 dana
Is the crazy flower lady a reference to the crazy flower lady from botw!?!?
Mlggoghog [PrickProductions]
Mlggoghog [PrickProductions] Prije 2 dana
mark Prije 2 dana
yay more stuff to kill me!!!
Hisui Ryu
Hisui Ryu Prije 2 dana
That ending tho
c a.c. n
c a.c. n Prije 3 dana
Just when I think Im out they PULL ME BACK IN
Nova Prije 3 dana
"I will show you, the flowers rage!"
Ryan Pratama
Ryan Pratama Prije 3 dana
Wait a minute.... Is that...sword familiar?
Lol Gaming
Lol Gaming Prije 3 dana
I am most excited for the sickle weapon,
Thomas Dunstan
Thomas Dunstan Prije 3 dana
Can’t wait
עידו אלראי
עידו אלראי Prije 3 dana
The Gardener's a boss now, cool
Here2 Play
Here2 Play Prije 3 dana
Such a great game but I pretty much gave up on the 2 cell run lol
Fabian Gutiérrez
Fabian Gutiérrez Prije 3 dana
Porfabor pongan promoción de un día de gratis espere el juego desde la primera animasion no tengo plata para compralo
Paul Andrei
Paul Andrei Prije 3 dana
*This Game Will Never Die*
Afaq Prije 3 dana
elioisblue Prije 3 dana
This or Hades?
Saeed Saeed
Saeed Saeed Prije 3 dana
Both are depends to u which do u prefer...
Roi Furnace Premier Du Nom
Roi Furnace Premier Du Nom Prije 3 dana
0:40 Hippitty hopitty your homonculus rune is now my property
Elvino Cruzo
Elvino Cruzo Prije 4 dana
The completionist will not be happy
Tony Wellio
Tony Wellio Prije 4 dana
Desmond Green
Desmond Green Prije 4 dana
Glad to see more huge enemies! The only one in the base game is the Golem and Hammer, and...well...those are my least favorite enemies...
Motiva Tamil
Motiva Tamil Prije 4 dana
Dead cell one of favourite games...any recommendations similar as this gem?
Motiva Tamil
Motiva Tamil Prije 2 dana
@Saeed Saeed thx m8
Saeed Saeed
Saeed Saeed Prije 3 dana
Blasphemous/ Hades / Hollow Knight / Skul
Motiva Tamil
Motiva Tamil Prije 3 dana
@Dante Henrique Andrade de Oliveira not yet , I'll try it soon. Thx for Recommending.
Dante Henrique Andrade de Oliveira
Dante Henrique Andrade de Oliveira Prije 3 dana
Have you ever tried Hades? Similar energy
R Bee
R Bee Prije 4 dana
Top 5 Best Value games of all times arguably.
Lava Corpse Man
Lava Corpse Man Prije 4 dana
Dead Cells really pumping quality dlcs like it nothing
AK-MAL ASHAARI Prije 4 dana
So this 2021 game look like
Денис Охритько
Денис Охритько Prije 4 dana
I love this soundtrack so much.
Xerma Prije 4 dana
Hey there are more infected heads
Haris Gougoudis
Haris Gougoudis Prije 4 dana
Remember when they amy schumered someone's review of this game?
Jayce Bee
Jayce Bee Prije 4 dana
I wanna play this now
Dremurian The Culprit
Dremurian The Culprit Prije 4 dana
No animation this time but they got a magical mek’leth!
Slice Of Life 1985
Slice Of Life 1985 Prije 4 dana
I got ps now and I can play dead cells, is the dlc included?
Oscar Liu
Oscar Liu Prije 4 dana
Flowerblight in dead cells?
Talha Javed
Talha Javed Prije 4 dana
🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸 *YoU kNoW wHaT tO dO...*
Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson Prije 4 dana
The completionist isn’t going to be happy with this
templar 127
templar 127 Prije 4 dana
Nice! More ways to kill myself! The Completionist: *sweats profusely*
Ben Peter
Ben Peter Prije 4 dana
Is it Free ?
Aakash Singh
Aakash Singh Prije 4 dana
Porbably my 2nd fav indie game of all time
ivko zi
ivko zi Prije 4 dana
What could be your #1?
Michael O.
Michael O. Prije 4 dana
Well I’m physically incapable of getting past 2BC so unfortunately I’m not really interested in this game anymore. Love the support it’s getting though.
Michael O.
Michael O. Prije 2 dana
cobaltmdn Prije 2 dana
git gud
Justchrono Hi
Justchrono Hi Prije 4 dana
Someone tag the completionist
Ivan Perez
Ivan Perez Prije 4 dana
ok but can i have a katana
Alvin REDDELTA Prije 4 dana
DEAD CELL i thought it was a rock band
Jamandabop Prije 4 dana
Three types of comments 1) They're still making DLC!? 2) Completionist references 3) IGN plagarist references
Jake Eastman
Jake Eastman Prije 3 dana
Haemo Goblin a youtuber called The Completionist beat this game a few years ago and he struggled with it because of all the content it had even back then.
Haemo Goblin
Haemo Goblin Prije 4 dana
What is the completionist reference? I dont get it
Succulent Cactus
Succulent Cactus Prije 4 dana
Is this releasing on switch right away or is there gonna be a wait??
Waldez Prije 4 dana
why slashers? give satan but not slashers!
Axio Prije 5 dana
Это на свитч ???
Ovrlrd Unknown
Ovrlrd Unknown Prije 5 dana
Jake Kilemade
Jake Kilemade Prije 5 dana
Me: sees this Also me: *Vietnam Flashbacks*
Jers N
Jers N Prije 5 dana
Adrià Fret
Adrià Fret Prije 5 dana
SJunior B.A.
SJunior B.A. Prije 5 dana
EyeSword OP??🤔
ARH78 Prije 5 dana
And bring it to the mobile game also because it's a awesome port 😉
_Shad Prije 5 dana
Bought dead cells on mobile but can't bring myself to ever play it because it's always miles behind on content. Wish in the future you could migrate saves between platforms so i could at least not feel bad about progressing differently on 2 platforms
Danish Reyaz
Danish Reyaz Prije 5 dana
Get out of my -Swamp- Garden !!!
erkiswagn Prije 5 dana
I love the music. Is it the new area music?
Teshika Fernando
Teshika Fernando Prije 5 dana
Yeaaaaaaaaah that's what I'm talking about new update
Mae Borowski
Mae Borowski Prije 5 dana
Gotta laugh at these DLC haha Can't even complete the 1★ mode ;--;
Connor O'Halloran
Connor O'Halloran Prije 5 dana
Release on Australia day fellas, can't wait
Alex Mitchell
Alex Mitchell Prije 5 dana
Am I the only one who played Dead Cells, completed it a couple times and then never played it again, because it felt too easy/boring? That's even with the boss cells.
Shelcey Gusek
Shelcey Gusek Prije 3 dana
@Alex Mitchell I have over 300 runs on 1 BC and cannot beat it. This is by far NOT AN EASY GAME. If it is, then you should probably seek your challenges elsewhere. You are at a point where gaming is now going to be too easy overall. Your other option is to scale back... Nerf yourself and find ways to enjoy the stupidly simple and fun parts of gaming that us filthy casuals are here for. 😊👍
Alex Mitchell
Alex Mitchell Prije 3 dana
@Shelcey Gusek Maybe you're right. It just felt odd, considering I got so much enjoyment out of similar games like Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon, and Spelunky, that I was expecting a similar experience with Dead Cells but never got that. I actually barely play video games anymore, I just saw this in my recommended, so you're kind of right. I got burned out on gaming.
Shelcey Gusek
Shelcey Gusek Prije 3 dana
Try free climbing. Seek your challenges elsewhere. You're beyond gaming. Move along.
Rohan Angus
Rohan Angus Prije 5 dana
Try not to steal a review for this! :)
Kevin Vu
Kevin Vu Prije 5 dana
Will this fix my game though cause I'd click continue and crash my game it's been like this since barrels
Andante Gerardus
Andante Gerardus Prije 5 dana
UNDERGNOMES Prije 5 dana
The completionist isnt gonna be happy about this 😂
Mark DiBuo
Mark DiBuo Prije 5 dana
Why do I get the feeling that talking might become his signature weapon?
Ivan Prije 5 dana
Yo ya lo estoy jugando en el móvil y está de 10
Draedyn Prije 5 dana
0:48 Flowerblight Ganon, is that you?
Hyrum Ewell
Hyrum Ewell Prije 5 dana
Thank you Motion Twin and Evil Empire for creating this wonderful game! I know you guys have had thoughts of moving to new projects, but please continue to support dead cells. It’s a home run of a game that deserves continuous support for years. As long as you make content for this game I’ll always buy it!!
ReallyBadFriendlyChannel C
ReallyBadFriendlyChannel C Prije 5 dana
I like how it was on gamepass
OneEyeSy Prije 5 dana
Can't wait for Philip to review this on his channel and get destroyed to hell again lmao
Stray God
Stray God Prije 5 dana
Why this character looks like hero killer stain from my hero academia.. lol
Alex Cameron
Alex Cameron Prije 5 dana
One of the great indie games of all time 😇
James Knowles.
James Knowles. Prije 5 dana
Still haven’t beaten the base game, feels bad. HAND OF THE KING IS SO DIFFICULTBABANFLGPGMFKRBEB
FireyVisor Prije 3 dana
I don’t know if it is or not but if your on the switch version the rise of the giant DLC is free and you can get a weapon called the giant killer which always crits on bosses or elites
frostmourne1986 Prije 4 dana
@Julio Morales it's... not actually that huge. IIRC 2-3 is the biggest jump.
Haemo Goblin
Haemo Goblin Prije 4 dana
@Julio Morales actually I beat 1bc on my first run using the Katana (this was my second run with it, my first run with it I got 1bc) and I'm not bragging, it's probably all the weapon's doing for I've been stuck on 0bc for so long and it's so frickin easy to use too... And 2bc is totally a different story
Haemo Goblin
Haemo Goblin Prije 4 dana
@Tom Weirded Warrior drops it... Found in Stilt Village... Use Hunter's Grenade maybe cus it's not a 100% drop
Tom Prije 4 dana
@Haemo Goblin Haven't even found that weapon yet, where is it ?
Mariusz Adamczyk
Mariusz Adamczyk Prije 5 dana
Just started to playing the regular game of the Dead Cells 2 days ago and I keep clinging to the screen - it is just fantastic!!!
Mariusz Adamczyk
Mariusz Adamczyk Prije 4 dana
@Haemo Goblin absolutely true. The soundtrack gives the game incredible ambience .
Haemo Goblin
Haemo Goblin Prije 4 dana
Not to mention the amazing soundtracks
Akuma Kurosawa
Akuma Kurosawa Prije 5 dana
Subscribe to Boomstick Gaming HRpost channel. xD
Kyells_2710 Prije 5 dana
Sill didn't beat the game
menso Prije 5 dana
You mean the first time or with boss cells active?
Jer emy
Jer emy Prije 5 dana
Everlygod Prije 5 dana
Its time
Arkarov Prije 5 dana
My favorite part of Dead Cells are all the music mods on steam.
Mickey Andersen
Mickey Andersen Prije 5 dana
I love this game so much....!
Ultima weapon
Ultima weapon Prije 5 dana
I love this game
Master Zone
Master Zone Prije 5 dana
Nice owsom bro SUBSCRIBE MY channel Guys
Freddy McLeod
Freddy McLeod Prije 5 dana
Emiliano Merendino
Emiliano Merendino Prije 5 dana
Wonder if there will be a new finale
Thomas Allsup
Thomas Allsup Prije 5 dana
Looks like the completionist isn't done yet.
Falselybrave Beast
Falselybrave Beast Prije 13 sati
You watch him too? That’s pretty cool his vids get help time pass for me
Marcelo Prije 4 dana
the game gets updated quite regularly outside of the DLCs, so he’ll only be done when the devs call it quits lol
Mehmet Demir
Mehmet Demir Prije 5 dana
I want to see the all things in this games world
Socko *
Socko * Prije 5 dana
Best game I've played in about 5 years
Oot is trash
Oot is trash Prije 4 dana
I need to get around to playing dead cells
Oot is trash
Oot is trash Prije 4 dana
Thats me for a lot of games lmao
Socko *
Socko * Prije 5 dana
@Ryan Davadi it's on my list. Just waiting for a decent price drop on Switch. I'm sure it's fully worth the standard price but I'm tight 😅
Ryan Davadi
Ryan Davadi Prije 5 dana
I thought the same for Crosscode
cabdeef Prije 5 dana
that joint should be for phones too
Mandingo _
Mandingo _ Prije 5 dana
They do but different versions.
A servent of ALLAH
A servent of ALLAH Prije 5 dana
Will we get this dlc on Android too?
BloodMoney Prije 5 dana
I recently bought and refunded this game. I might buy it later in the future but for the time beign it disappointed me
Pilkin ator
Pilkin ator Prije 5 dana
Is that plantera????
Ay mi pichula
Ay mi pichula Prije 5 dana
muy chido y todo, pero donde esta mi trailer en animación 2D? u.u
Phoenix Sunrise
Phoenix Sunrise Prije 5 dana
Most egregious DLC ever.
Vindrael Prije 5 dana
but.. where's the animated trailer?
Mole knight
Mole knight Prije 5 dana
Motion twin hinted at one on their Twitter page
wiseguy 26
wiseguy 26 Prije 5 dana
This trailer was well done lol seriously.
Imam Prije 5 dana
Show this to the completionist!
travistotle Prije 5 dana
This game is Jirard's worst nightmare come to life. DEAD CELLS WILL NEVER BE COMPLETE.
Zen Advent
Zen Advent Prije 5 dana
Jirard: finally completed the game and its new update and DLC Motion Twin: Here is another new Dead Cell DLC Jirard: .........
Shabuli125 Prije 5 dana
Oh look it’s that game that IGN completely plagiarised the review for
Cristian Biscaro
Cristian Biscaro Prije 4 dana
It wasnt IGN. It was a dude who worked for them. IGN fired him as soon as they heard that his review was stolen and deletel all of his review from his website. They handled the situation pretty well tbh. On the other hand, the dude......
Animanji. Prije 5 dana
BOTW reference with crazy plant lady???
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