CD Projekt Red Shuts Down Cyberpunk Rumors - IGN Daily Fix

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In today's Daily Fix, surprise surprise, there's some Cyberpunk 2077 news. Developer CD Projekt Red is denying rumors about the game's development that have been floating around recently, which comes from a supposed CDPR dev posting some juicy details. Some of those details have to do with an early version of Johnny Silverhand. In other news, Xbox is surveying gamers to see if they want PS5 DualSense features in the Xbox Series X controller. And Arkane Studios is working on a new game, with some veterans of the Prey and Dishonored franchises on board. Maybe it's Prey 2, or Dishonored 3. Maybe it's a Prey/Dishonored crossover title. Who knows?!
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Dj Dre
Dj Dre Prije 6 dana
she showin us the lingerie we got for her. were in bois. mission complete
さんトム Prije 7 dana
She's just so beautiful.
JAK4MBM Prije 7 dana
Look at the fresh meat
Jon Graves
Jon Graves Prije 8 dana
Why is she wearing see through lingerie over her work clothes 🤣.
lazyman 24
lazyman 24 Prije 8 dana
I-i won't given in to my lust.
NOWRAX Prije 8 dana
yo forget the video topic , wtf she wearing ???
ahmad arif
ahmad arif Prije 8 dana
Came straight to the comments to looks for an explanation on "WHY?" I mean underwear is supposed to be "under" the shirt. There must be a hysterical explanation. Now someone needs to dig it out.
Big Yoshi
Big Yoshi Prije 8 dana
que viagi usando sutiã por cima da camiseta, ela sim ta em 2077
021. Lalbiaksanga
021. Lalbiaksanga Prije 8 dana
Superman : Wears underpants outside Sydnee : Hold my beer
Nerd Council
Nerd Council Prije 8 dana
Interesting fashion forward wear I've seen
Andrew Bereczki
Andrew Bereczki Prije 8 dana
Wtf are you wearing?
Iris Rose
Iris Rose Prije 8 dana
Idk what she is wearing, but like it!!!
Spacepunk Prije 8 dana
This is hilarious and disappointing at the same time.
Kaddiss Ventorum
Kaddiss Ventorum Prije 9 dana
Um... Just wear it without the shirt next time not sorry. It looks bad. Just get pasties or a nice suit jacket and button it just right to cover the bits but... This outfit looks hella uncomfortable. Like are you ok??? You can wear lingerie without anybody in the house you don't need an audience to enjoy the money you spend on those pieces XDD
anprettycoolguy Prije 9 dana
Daily Fix: Brought to you by poorly dressed presenters and a FULL LIQUOR BAR!
Jay Swizzle
Jay Swizzle Prije 9 dana
Here’s the latest news in cyberpunk: Sydnee Goodman has forgotten how to dress herself.
Joe K
Joe K Prije 9 dana
That is not professional work attire....woman. IGN want those sweet kiddies eyes on this channel.
Rohit Prije 9 dana
okay, where are normal comments? 😂
Joe Wolfe
Joe Wolfe Prije 9 dana
Thanks for the update! I think your shirt's inside out though.. But still not as bad as Lady Gaga 🤣
Armondo Neal
Armondo Neal Prije 9 dana
When there wife or husband come home early and you have t-minus 30 seconds from the time you hear honey I'm home to the moment they open up that bedroom door. Don't have time to see if it looks right or for adjustment. Get it, put what you can on and jump out that window.
Jonathan Torres
Jonathan Torres Prije 9 dana
Is she wearing her bra outside of her shirt?
Silly Goose
Silly Goose Prije 9 dana
Why the hell would you wear lingerie over your normal clothes?
looksnotperfect L.N.P.
looksnotperfect L.N.P. Prije 9 dana
is that a bug? or dressing style?
Joseph Ezzie Jr
Joseph Ezzie Jr Prije 9 dana
I don't appreciate all the immediate truth be bending about Cyberpunk. This video game journalist is more like a PR apologist. I love the game personally, but people are allowed to talk about the obvious. The game DID not come out when it was expected. How could she lie like this? The disgruntled Developer waa probably the closest thing we'll ever get to the truth and Cindy here just flatly takes away from him. The game was better and finished in 2018. Before they brought Keanu on. Also, I love Keanu. But let's be honest here. Anyone who followed the development of this knows what CDPR did. They changed most of the game after they were finsihed developing the main story to make room for the new Johnny. Hopefully one day they release the original game. Hopefully I find a way to block content from this youtube channel. I don't like lobbyists or apologists. And anyway, never trust someone who wears their underwear on backwards for the sake of likes/views.
Razvan P
Razvan P Prije 9 dana
I only clicked for the comments
Alien Monkei
Alien Monkei Prije 9 dana
April fools outfit leaked
Charles Bloomer
Charles Bloomer Prije 9 dana
Must have got dressed in the dark. lol
Jay Garcia
Jay Garcia Prije 9 dana
Next daily fix you should wear that burgundy top again but with nothing underneath. 🙏❤
unchartedrocks1 Prije 9 dana
To busy getting warm with the husband she didn't realize she had her bra the wrong way.
donald stpierre
donald stpierre Prije 9 dana
Cyberpunk is amazing!!! i love it. Crazy fans
21 Problems
21 Problems Prije 9 dana
Is that a lingerie top over a shirt 😑
21 Problems
21 Problems Prije 9 dana
Yo, I was sitting here wondering if anyone else noticed. She’s getting COOKED in the comments 😂
M B Prije 9 dana
Syndee is the only reason why i watch Daily Fix ;)
Akhmad Supriyadi
Akhmad Supriyadi Prije 9 dana
Thankyou for the fan service
Michael Chen
Michael Chen Prije 9 dana
I don't know why people keep coming up with this "i'm working on stuff but I can't talk about it news". Thanks a lot, that's like 30 seconds of my life that I can't get back.
Jason Todd
Jason Todd Prije 9 dana
My favorite controller is the Xbox elite 2. My least favorite is the Xbox series s/x when it comes to this newer gen. It feels significant cheaper compared to the ps5 but the ps5 still doesn’t beat the elite 2. I don’t care for the adaptive triggers
Tommy Chiorano
Tommy Chiorano Prije 9 dana
Y’all think she’s wearing a bra under her shirt too?
radcow Prije 10 dana
She did it for comments 😉 to push the video it's sort her job
Bruce Hardwood
Bruce Hardwood Prije 10 dana
This was definitely intentional and it is definitely working on all of us.
Daqwell Carrasquillo
Daqwell Carrasquillo Prije 10 dana
Was it laundry day or something? 😂 😂 😂
Pdubz21 Prije 10 dana
Couldn’t keep my eyes off her torso... until the info about Xbox trying to be like Ps5I know I’m not the only one.
Sunny A.
Sunny A. Prije 10 dana
I'm wearing shoes on my hands now
Elric of Melniboné
Elric of Melniboné Prije 10 dana
Yo why are you wearing your bra outside of your shirt?
manni wie manfred
manni wie manfred Prije 10 dana
Terrible top what she is Wearing! !!!!!
Darth viVek
Darth viVek Prije 10 dana
Guys its just a bra glitch!
Bagus Sri Adji Pamekas
Bagus Sri Adji Pamekas Prije 10 dana
I hate these clothes. Wtf man
Umar Khan
Umar Khan Prije 10 dana
Impressed from superman who wears his underwear over his pants
Soumyajit Sarkar
Soumyajit Sarkar Prije 10 dana
Nice to see IGN finally copying Superman's sense of fashion.
Dr. Mak
Dr. Mak Prije 10 dana
What kind of dressing scence in this....
Alexander Bjerkvik
Alexander Bjerkvik Prije 10 dana
I wear jeans on my chair.
Sam B
Sam B Prije 10 dana
Lol and we’re suppose to believe these liars? I don’t know if that Reddit post is true or not, but I certainly won’t be looking to CDPR to confirm or deny.
Aditya Roy
Aditya Roy Prije 10 dana
I mean it is clearly looking out of place
Fencer Dennis
Fencer Dennis Prije 10 dana
I like the look though. Don't @me
Paul Fenton
Paul Fenton Prije 10 dana
Why was this filmed with an airport xray machine?
Ninad Dhond
Ninad Dhond Prije 10 dana
10/10 for this daily fix
Adrien Sawyer
Adrien Sawyer Prije 10 dana
Solid.... Steak?
John Zealand-Doyle
John Zealand-Doyle Prije 10 dana
Seriously can't take you seriously even if it's ironic. "roll the thing" and wearing underwear on the outside. Dumb.
Zevac Prije 10 dana
she just had to wear that on the outside
MerkinMuffly Prije 10 dana
Was sorta hoping you would where your panties like your top
MerkinMuffly Prije 10 dana
Look everyone, it's Sue Ellen Mischke, the O'Henry candy bar heiress?
jzderf Prije 9 dana
I understood this reference!
Jon Richard
Jon Richard Prije 9 dana
👏👏👏 bravo
Oscar Persson
Oscar Persson Prije 10 dana
I Love Risa Sensei
I Love Risa Sensei Prije 10 dana
Sydnee Goodman reminds of Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your it just me?
I Love Risa Sensei
I Love Risa Sensei Prije 10 dana
As soon as I saw what she was wearing, I paused the video and came straight down here. And I am not disappointed cause 90% of the comments are about this.
Mizfit Prije 10 dana
i came here because of the thumbnail. i wondered what the story was behind the bralette over shirt. guess she either lost a bet or was doing something quirky with an outfit :) well back to quiet despair and doom scrolling
HippeusOmega Prije 10 dana
That's one way to get views 😏
Kevin Macc
Kevin Macc Prije 10 dana
Did she lose a dare?
Lobajoba Prije 10 dana
Well this aged poorly.
Chris Bolts
Chris Bolts Prije 10 dana
Nothing about Cyberpunk turned out to be true. Why keep going to this company which is a notorious liar?
Bodo Banali
Bodo Banali Prije 10 dana
Clipping bra glitch. Classic CP2077
Zups Shaw
Zups Shaw Prije 11 dana
Wtf is she wearing man
olaff 422
olaff 422 Prije 11 dana
Cool superhero move wearing your underwear outside your clothes.
Orjan black
Orjan black Prije 11 dana
Why is she wearing a bra on top of a top... Blind or stoned?
Dan Can
Dan Can Prije 11 dana
What are you wearing though?
sw3d3r Prije 11 dana
I'm soooooo confused 🤔
Black Out
Black Out Prije 11 dana
Ummm youre bra is on wrong. Now before you say im a guy and i dont know, this one im for is im right about.
SoNotDavid Prije 11 dana
Soooooo, 2021 wardrobe change?
Larry Thompson
Larry Thompson Prije 11 dana
This is the most big box of all HRpost video game Content. 🤮 I've blocked ign multiple times but it keeps popping up. Hmmm
Dante Appling
Dante Appling Prije 11 dana
It took me over half the video and a couple dozen comments for me to realize she had her bra outside her shirt.
Anup Bhuzel
Anup Bhuzel Prije 11 dana
She sure took Going Superman to whole another level...🤣🤣🤣
内田ガネシュ Prije 11 dana
Ahhh yes she is doing a superwoman cosplay.
Gil Epshtain
Gil Epshtain Prije 11 dana
why your bra on top of your shirt?
Jared Dennis
Jared Dennis Prije 11 dana
What the hell is this outfit lol
Jono Prije 11 dana
I usually don’t notice the clothing people wear. Not this time.
Serenity Prije 11 dana
Wtf is that outfit 😂
PointyBow Prije 11 dana
What did she say?
Blue_belt_blues Prije 11 dana
Xbox controller.....yeah maybe stop using AA batteries for a start
Blue_belt_blues Prije 11 dana
Superman did it first.....
Dr Dongflex
Dr Dongflex Prije 11 dana
ign: wear some lingerie sydnee: “why i left IGN. a video”
Kartik Sheel
Kartik Sheel Prije 11 dana
C'mon guys it's her choice let it be . I get it we are just joking here but it's just that it might get to her right ?
wayne brooks
wayne brooks Prije 11 dana
cant take someone seriously when there underwear is on top of there clothes lol
ImpatientTurtle Prije 11 dana
IGN be like "why does this video have so many more views than our other ones?"
leviradford46 Prije 11 dana
Does she not know how to wear that
Tre ,
Tre , Prije 11 dana
I wonder if she’s wearing a bra with another bra in the inside of her shirt also, or 2bras one shirt idek I’m having a little to much fun trying to figure out what’s going on here🤣🤣🤣
jdrukman Prije 11 dana
I worked on gamefaqs for many years and we always pronounced it “game faks”. Not “eff ayy cues”.
yung lifty
yung lifty Prije 11 dana
video starts at 0:27
Alfonso Nahuat
Alfonso Nahuat Prije 11 dana
thats an interesting outfit
K h y s o r
K h y s o r Prije 11 dana
Nick Medina
Nick Medina Prije 11 dana
Not the incels commenting on what she wants to wear..
Guren Prije 11 dana
If supermen wear underwewear over his pants, what about supergirl..?
Joseph Rousseau
Joseph Rousseau Prije 11 dana
hey... made me click the video.... well played
Fazlur Rahman
Fazlur Rahman Prije 11 dana
Make sence! Was that a question 🤔
Jay Swizzle
Jay Swizzle Prije 9 dana
It was a pun because she was just talking about the dual sense controller. Did you really not get that or did I not get your irony?
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