Cobra Kai Season 3 - Team Daniel or Team Johnny?

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We asked the cast of Cobra Kai Season 3 if they're on Team Daniel (Ralph Macchio) or Team Johnny (William Zabka). Be sure to binge Cobra Kai Season 3 when it premieres on Netflix on January 1, 2021.
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lodino 90
lodino 90 Prije 9 dana
Team daniel
Touching Evil
Touching Evil Prije 12 dana
sonic the memehog gaming and comedy
sonic the memehog gaming and comedy Prije 13 dana
MIYAGI FANG KARATE Strike first and strike last A little mercy Defense is the best offense!!!?
Mega Jugador
Mega Jugador Prije 16 dana
Team Daniel! But Cobra kai with Kreese have the most powerfull badass fighters.
Logan Mcgahee
Logan Mcgahee Prije 16 dana
Um team kreese all the way
L M Prije 17 dana
A Hope For The Last!
A Hope For The Last! Prije 17 dana
They unite at the end of the season, so it doesn't matter which team you're on.
A Hope For The Last!
A Hope For The Last! Prije 17 dana
@J-Meister 87 Well yeah that and Kreese will be the main point of tension in Season 4, also imagine is La Russo thought Johnny the moves Chozen thought him.
J-Meister 87
J-Meister 87 Prije 17 dana
They're going to clash on their teaching methods. Predictions for S4.
Legion Prije 17 dana
wow such valuable information about videogames and gaming in this video.
Younis Obaid
Younis Obaid Prije 17 dana
100/100 Johnny
WILLIAM BROWN Prije 17 dana
Jack Lotz
Jack Lotz Prije 17 dana
I’m team they need to realize they don’t need to be enemies and should teach together. Danny needs to realize Johnny’s teacher was the problem and not him. He had a bad roll model and they need to put their differences aside.
Connor Munusami
Connor Munusami Prije 17 dana
Team Johnny but in the 80s it was team daniel
Oscar Rosas
Oscar Rosas Prije 18 dana
Umm this header doesnt make sense cause at the end they team up.. soooo its technically team daniel and johnny
HooLiGameRTX Prije 18 dana
Support guys :(
Uganda Rwanda
Uganda Rwanda Prije 18 dana
Kobra kai 4ever
Otaku Pro X
Otaku Pro X Prije 18 dana
Team Miyagi forever
Shawn O'Brien
Shawn O'Brien Prije 18 dana
Johnny 👊🏻
Justin Amaya
Justin Amaya Prije 18 dana
Team Johnny
Spartacus115 Prije 18 dana
Winstonmureithi Waci
Winstonmureithi Waci Prije 18 dana
Where is the daily fix... I want to see synde Goodman... 😪😪😪
Jesus Salazar
Jesus Salazar Prije 18 dana
After watching Season 3, I have to side with Kreese though.
Marco Brancorsini
Marco Brancorsini Prije 17 dana
Why tho
Tob1Kadach1 Prije 18 dana
I'm team Johnny! Always have been since the original film.
Ash Wong
Ash Wong Prije 18 dana
Cobra Kai season 3: Team Johnny or Team Daniel? End of Season 3: TEAM KREESE
Breadisrad Prije 18 dana
sldn skwkd
sldn skwkd Prije 18 dana
team jhonny n team daniel vs team kreese
David Hodges
David Hodges Prije 18 dana
время играть.
время играть. Prije 18 dana
pokemon unite
DPM Prije 18 dana
I like all 3 teams. Definitely a very interesting rivalry. Love how the show also cleverly navigates today's woke culture without compromising character development or overall story.
Marco Brancorsini
Marco Brancorsini Prije 13 dana
@Hasoon nine I was quoting Johnny...
Hasoon nine
Hasoon nine Prije 13 dana
@Marco Brancorsini no one said anything about gender
Marco Brancorsini
Marco Brancorsini Prije 17 dana
Gender what?????
Brad Smith
Brad Smith Prije 18 dana
D Sanchez
D Sanchez Prije 18 dana
Team Johny
Christopher Harris
Christopher Harris Prije 18 dana
Team Jonny
Boba Fett
Boba Fett Prije 19 dana
Team daniel
stickyfingaz1985 Prije 19 dana
Loving season 3 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Vladimir Davydenko
Vladimir Davydenko Prije 19 dana
Team Crees all the way! No mercy... there is no wrong or right only strong and weak
Jonathan Chavez
Jonathan Chavez Prije 19 dana
My favorite character is Miguel, but team Daniel.
Pushi Bear
Pushi Bear Prije 19 dana
Jimbo Slug
Jimbo Slug Prije 19 dana
Team Johniel.
Oscar Guzman
Oscar Guzman Prije 19 dana
Team Johnny . Watch season 3 in 12 hours
Hito157 Prije 19 dana
Daniel has that nerd/geek chip on his shoulder that he just can't get past. Team johnny for season 3!
Sharito742 Prije 19 dana
Season 3 was kinda meh to be honest.
Cambaz Prije 19 dana
Team Johnny!!!!!! 1000%
Ryman-Gaming Prije 19 dana
Couldnotic Prije 19 dana
I think I almost teared up when Daniel went back to Okinawa and 2 characters from the 2nd film came back as well. The season 3 finale almost felt like it was the series finale but I'm still glad were getting a season 4. There's literally one character from the franchise that really needs to be back in this show, and that's Hillary Swanks Julie from Next Karate Kid film. She's the only other character in the franchise that was Mr. Myagi Student / Pupil. We really have no clue if Daniel LaRusso has ever met Julie at all and i think if they did meet each other it would feel so complete. Julie also had a different fighting style then Daniel, all while being trained under by Mr. Myagi.
Akash Meena
Akash Meena Prije 19 dana
Team Johnny Always!
Mr Goose
Mr Goose Prije 19 dana
Both? Both? Both
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Prije 19 dana
Team Miyagi o7
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer Prije 19 dana
Mr. Miagi would cry seeing what they did with his legasy. Some movies should stayed in the past!
DeadLock Prije 19 dana
Team Johnny!!!🤠
Modern Norseman
Modern Norseman Prije 19 dana
Doesn't really matter now since the ending
مبارك الكندي
مبارك الكندي Prije 19 dana
سلام عليكم
VRAJ GODHAT Prije 19 dana
I am in Team Johnny
Edgar perez04
Edgar perez04 Prije 19 dana
i saw this pop up before i started watching s3 and now i finished and woah can i just say this season was crazy and the last episode too I can't wait for season 4 this show is crazyyyyy
harshlens Prije 19 dana
Julian9990001 Prije 19 dana
Never watched the show but TEAM DANIEL FOR LIFE
Awesome Star124
Awesome Star124 Prije 19 dana
well team kreese.
Lev Prije 19 dana
Why not both?!
J Hwang
J Hwang Prije 19 dana
Team Johnny all the way
CallMeFrog 76
CallMeFrog 76 Prije 19 dana
Team Johnny!! But this season was frickin AMAZING!! Major character developments and (SPOILER) the return or Aly was played perfectly
joetabasco Prije 19 dana
This is the best show!!!
Augustine Nsang
Augustine Nsang Prije 19 dana
At first - Daniel for the most part Now - Both since they are officially on the same team.
Cobra Kai Dude
Cobra Kai Dude Prije 19 dana
Team Johnny (sorry Mr. Larruso)
GODZILLA MAN Prije 19 dana
Me : Team Badass !!!
Rock StarSouth
Rock StarSouth Prije 19 dana
Team Johniel up against Kreese
Slyrixz Prije 19 dana
Team both
GoSPAM907 Gaming
GoSPAM907 Gaming Prije 19 dana
Cobra Kai always dies!! Team Miyagi Do
Cristopher Williams
Cristopher Williams Prije 19 dana
F it... I’m half way thru season 3 and I’m on team Kreese....
fizzy g
fizzy g Prije 19 dana
Team both of them, if u watched the finale u know what i mean
Roberto Cavicchi
Roberto Cavicchi Prije 20 dana
Season 3 was AMAZING, loved every moment. Me personally I'm team Johny, LaRusso acts self righteous but isn't actually shy about pulling some very weasely moves.
im trying to break out the matrix
im trying to break out the matrix Prije 20 dana
Great show 😂👍
roberto red one
roberto red one Prije 20 dana
Team johnny.
Newniverse Interactive
Newniverse Interactive Prije 20 dana
Bold of you to think im not Team Kreese.
Newniverse Interactive
Newniverse Interactive Prije 18 dana
@Awesome Star124 Same!
Awesome Star124
Awesome Star124 Prije 19 dana
i binged the season jan 1st night.
TIL - AQUILAHELL Prije 20 dana
JBK19XX Prije 20 dana
6 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CaptainTalon448 Prije 20 dana
Cobra Kai season 3: Team Johnny or Team Daniel? End of Season 3: *YES*
15thCrypt Prije 19 dana
I was waiting for that since the s2 finale and was glad to finally see it happen (was hoping for a long 2 on 1 fight the moment Johnny started the Kreese fight though)
مبارك الكندي
مبارك الكندي Prije 19 dana
سلام عليكم
Francisco Larenas
Francisco Larenas Prije 20 dana
Team Daniel. Johnny is awesome but so inmature...
Кое-кто Кое-что
Кое-кто Кое-что Prije 20 dana
Team Johnny 100%
Bread Pitt
Bread Pitt Prije 20 dana
Miguel looks wide in the face here. Look like he’s out on weight. Probably the steroids.
Bread Pitt
Bread Pitt Prije 20 dana
Team Sam. Hnghhh
Trevon Stallings
Trevon Stallings Prije 20 dana
Team johnny
Dae T
Dae T Prije 20 dana
Team Johnny
Jesse Millan
Jesse Millan Prije 20 dana
I'm team Daniel all the WAY.
Elite MWZ
Elite MWZ Prije 20 dana
Roh games
Roh games Prije 20 dana
I'm team eagle fang 🦅
Dan VR
Dan VR Prije 18 dana
Yes sirrrr same
King Lord Greendro
King Lord Greendro Prije 20 dana
I'm team Johnny
Freddy Chavez
Freddy Chavez Prije 20 dana
I'm team Daniel 🗾👘🏯🎌 but I do like Johnny as well. I just relate to Daniel more and plus I love japanese culture.
Crypticxkillua Prije 20 dana
Early squad
Majora's Doobie
Majora's Doobie Prije 20 dana
Worst season :( very disappointed. Still excited for season 4, but they need to step up the writing. First 2 seasons were miles better.
AJ !
AJ ! Prije 20 dana
Don't know what you were watching or if you were drunk but this season is miles better than the previous two!
LoyalT401 Prije 20 dana
They need to bring sting ray lol
Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson Prije 20 dana
I like Johnny but hate Daniel in Cobra Kai!!
Naman Rawal
Naman Rawal Prije 20 dana
Anyone else done already
Alexander Adams
Alexander Adams Prije 20 dana
Just finished! I need that fourth season now! Hopefully it’s not over a year before the next one.
deathclown Prije 20 dana
always love the soundtracks, the ending credits soundtrack used for episode 10 is so cool
deathclown Prije 19 dana
@Kalen White no, i meant in the ending credits
Kalen White
Kalen White Prije 20 dana
In the air-phil collins
Mr Santo show
Mr Santo show Prije 20 dana
Team Cobra
Master Zone
Master Zone Prije 20 dana
Nice owsom
Loki 2012 Batman
Loki 2012 Batman Prije 20 dana
How about both
skrymze Prije 20 dana
SPOILER WARNING I would choose... both
K Prije 20 dana
i actually predicted it would happen, cant believe it took another full season for it to happen
Dill Tuber
Dill Tuber Prije 20 dana
Hell yes
GoldBread Prije 20 dana
Nazim Hossen
Nazim Hossen Prije 20 dana
Team Johnny. Anyone else?
Lew How init
Lew How init Prije 7 dana
@Tamara Jones true but Eagle fang karate rocks
Tamara Jones
Tamara Jones Prije 7 dana
Johnny is a drunk man jealous of Daniel win in 1984 so no
Tucker Mulder
Tucker Mulder Prije 18 dana
Me I’m on team Johnny
Lew How init
Lew How init Prije 19 dana
Daniel.will Always be my favourite Character but I'm team Johnny
Bradley Fiore
Bradley Fiore Prije 20 dana
I havent watched the video but the title is counter to the point of the show
John Rambo
John Rambo Prije 20 dana
Exactly I doubt whoever made that title even watched season 3 because if you watch the whole season you know what I’m talking about
Yogendra Limbu
Yogendra Limbu Prije 20 dana
Team Eagle fang 4 life
Ivars Matisons
Ivars Matisons Prije 20 dana
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