Cobra Kai Season 3 Ending Explained

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Old flames, big brawls, snake pits, secret karate strikes, Kreese's phone call, and Season 4's villain! Let's explain Cobra Kai's Season 3 ending.

How did the end of Cobra Kai Season 3 connect to the Karate Kid movies, and specifically to The Karate Kid 3? We recap the ending and try to figure out what it can all mean for Season 4 of Cobra Kai!
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PARADOX Video Library
PARADOX Video Library Prije 4 sati
when youtubers run out of contents, this happens!
Johan Jönsson
Johan Jönsson Prije 21 sat
"Mystery man"
el13 Prije 3 dana
Ohhh now I get it..
Jermaine Wright
Jermaine Wright Prije 3 dana
You people are crazy , you don't know what it's like in the 80s
Jos Ortega
Jos Ortega Prije 4 dana
what happened to Stingray?
Jim Bob
Jim Bob Prije 4 dana
If they broke into my house like that and tried hurting ANYONE, they’d have bullet holes all over them.
Donomin Canty
Donomin Canty Prije 4 dana
This is literally my favorite show on Netflix and I’m like 7/7 call man
Brave Starr
Brave Starr Prije 5 dana
Kreese was obviously calling Terry Silver. Dude is scary as hell!
Sippin0nTea Prije 5 dana
OK so does anyone remember at the end of season 2 when Robby and Miguel were fighting Miguel said "she loves me not you!" That cracked me up bc i was like is there any connection between you two? I'm glad they get together in season 3 :)
Josh Dubois
Josh Dubois Prije 5 dana
I wish Stingray was back 😂😂
It’s Lee
It’s Lee Prije 6 dana
Hawk (eli dunno if I spelt it right :/) is my second fav character and in season 3 I started to hate cobra Kai (not the series) and when Johnny tried to get hawk back I was like COME ON HAWK GO JOIN EAGLE FANG and when he said no I was like grrr hawk u where my second fav 😢 and at the very end when hawk saves dimitri from his cobra Kai friends I was like OOOOOH HAWK IS BACK IN THE GAME BABY. Like if hawk is ur second fav
UglyBunda64 Prije 6 dana
Daniel's face looks weird in the thumb
zimm413 Prije 6 dana
If they bring back hilary Swank , i’m oit.
S AJ Prije 7 dana
It’s to childish for me. Men acting like kids. Seemed liked another teenage movie. Or maybe I’ve grown out of it.
yoli Prije 7 dana
looking foward to season 4 i did some binge watching watch the 3 season
Chris Cunningham
Chris Cunningham Prije 7 dana
One of the wort programmes I've ever seen
Prad G
Prad G Prije 7 dana
Johnny's character is fantastic. Zabka did a fabulous job.
Ike Broflovski
Ike Broflovski Prije 7 dana
I gotta say I was so bummed that Johnny and Ali didn’t get back together!
Jermaine Wright
Jermaine Wright Prije 3 dana
That's what cause their rivalry in the first place it's not helping their students
Ike Broflovski
Ike Broflovski Prije 7 dana
@_ Asare guess I just got a thing for old flames lol
_ Asare
_ Asare Prije 7 dana
I was happy I know it’s cheesy but I prefer him and Miguel’s mum.
Craven Hunter
Craven Hunter Prije 7 dana
Wtf is the purpose of this video this isn’t inception. I watched the episode I’m very aware of what happened at the end 🤣
Bill Randolph
Bill Randolph Prije 7 dana
Anyone else notice how Ralph Maccio walks? It looks like he had a broom stick inserted up his butt.
James Jackson
James Jackson Prije 7 dana
Hopefully we can get more of Johnny this season felt more like Daniel was the focal point.
Anthony Stockley
Anthony Stockley Prije 7 dana
this it litterally ' Saved by the bell only with ' only with shitter acting
GhostFace Prije 7 dana
Terry Silver and Mike Barnes are coming back. That's all.
Mancada100 Prije 8 dana
All I want in S4 is for Johnny to finally kick Daniel's sorry butt directly into life support. I have been waiting 35 years for that to happen!
Jermaine Wright
Jermaine Wright Prije 3 dana
Your crazy
Mr. Cinematic
Mr. Cinematic Prije 8 dana
You should also watch my cobra kai review brah
Johnny Lawrence
Johnny Lawrence Prije 8 dana
Torry is the kind of character I would willingly slam there face into a fire and slap multiple times
MaximusJohal Prije 8 dana
I hope Ali isn't part of the show in season 4, i like that the guys moved on.
SANSHU UK Martial Arts
SANSHU UK Martial Arts Prije 8 dana
Great season 👊🏻
Carbon Atom
Carbon Atom Prije 8 dana
The ending doesn’t need explaining. I need an explanation why these kids all breaking and entering along with destruction of property... weren’t arrested. Miyagi do could have killed them all in self defense and gotten away with it.
Umer Shaikh
Umer Shaikh Prije 8 dana
i hated robbie/tory so most this season
Jermaine Wright
Jermaine Wright Prije 3 dana
They have a lot in common
Matthew Bishop
Matthew Bishop Prije 8 dana
Return of terry silver!
Brock Whiting
Brock Whiting Prije 8 dana
Didn't know that about kreese's war buddy, heard about that guy from a redlettermedia video, thanks for the info, hes definitely going to be in the next season
A RANDOM PERSON Prije 8 dana
This series is awesome, the best, i love gta, but this is nostalgia, the heart men, different level
Servan Castillo
Servan Castillo Prije 8 dana
love this show man
iconicboy 831
iconicboy 831 Prije 8 dana
I hope they bring back terry silver and leo howard should play the son of terry silver that would be badass
iconicboy 831
iconicboy 831 Prije 8 dana
I just finished watching cobra kai season 3 like 4 days ago I think and it was awesome I loved it I love watching that show it's my favorite show on Netflix
Maōkami Prije 7 dana
It's not a bad show but I prefer shows like Lucifer or Alice in Borderland since they are less cheesy
Clint Evans
Clint Evans Prije 8 dana
The final house fight reminded me of some lame power rangers episode fight... it was a little cheesy
xdTecsz Prije 8 dana
*That's what you get for being named Kyler* Everyone named Kyler: 👁👄👁
CookieSlayer17 Prije 8 dana
Does this even nEED an explanation? I guess IGN still tryna to stay alive and relevant.
the ugly truth
the ugly truth Prije 8 dana
Mike Reyes
Mike Reyes Prije 8 dana
Not gonna lie, thought "ponytail" was Terry Silver at first
MeH AlRiGhT Prije 8 dana
hope its not expired, lmao
King Yeager
King Yeager Prije 8 dana
Krees and Johnny is literally the only reason this show gets renewed everyone season.
the AR-15 Junkie
the AR-15 Junkie Prije 8 dana
agreed, Larusso is a putz,
Albo King 19
Albo King 19 Prije 8 dana
Hopefully stingray makes an appearance in season 4
Gabby Operanta
Gabby Operanta Prije 8 dana
“And now with better hair son Robby” LMAO-
Alya Kothdiwala
Alya Kothdiwala Prije 8 dana
I honestly want the Cobra Kai students to join Johnny and Daniels dojo and leave kreese
Alya Kothdiwala
Alya Kothdiwala Prije 8 dana
whose side are y’all on miyagi fang or cobra Kai?
Frank Lopez
Frank Lopez Prije 9 dana
Those snakes were like pythons and boas corn snakes lol nothing dangerous.
Erny Vi
Erny Vi Prije 9 dana
Robby became Dart Weider of this show
Killershootin 69
Killershootin 69 Prije 9 dana
What a disappointing season.
Tom Harris
Tom Harris Prije 9 dana
The ending was very easy to understand, just watch the season and its pretty self explanatory
Evan Manister
Evan Manister Prije 9 dana
Maybe Daniel could call Chozen to help
OmarSaad Prije 9 dana
I don't want Tory anymore they could've chosen anyone but they went with Peyton list. A small flaw is an almost flawless show
Zackery Barnett
Zackery Barnett Prije 9 dana
This needs explaining?
TIL - AQUILAHELL Prije 9 dana
LightningWolfXxHedghog Prije 9 dana
I literally started the show at 11pm the day before yesterday now I just finished s3 I'm depressed and it seems like with the way he story is going only one season left 😭😫😭😩😩
funny animal world
funny animal world Prije 9 dana
School full of ninjas 😅
Giovanni Carlevarino
Giovanni Carlevarino Prije 9 dana
Not sure what it is but I can’t get into watching the show.
Reload_T rex
Reload_T rex Prije 4 dana
Gables Mahrd'e
Gables Mahrd'e Prije 9 dana
🧼 I watched this with my enchanted raisin soap
SlothSyndrome Prije 9 dana
What's the point in this video?? 🙄 the ending is pretty self explanatory. Nothing worth making a video over 😑
Kinshasa PR.
Kinshasa PR. Prije 9 dana
I love this series, but the guy who plays Robby is a horrendously bad as an actor LOL
normanozwald Prije 9 dana
Thank you! They could replace him with anybody else even a dog and Id be much happier than with Robbies current actor.
Karan Singh
Karan Singh Prije 9 dana
Johnny is literally the best in the movie I hated him but in the series he’s the GOAT
Jimmy Nicol
Jimmy Nicol Prije 9 dana
Why do you do these videos for really easy to understand endings? It's nonsense.
No1 Target
No1 Target Prije 9 dana
My prediction hawk is a double spy, Cobra kai needs to get a new fraction to make the dojo bigger threat
piano0011 Lee
piano0011 Lee Prije 9 dana
Is it just me but there is nothing in the season that mentions that Ali saved Miguel or had anything to do with Miguel's recover? Also, just wondering who got Tory in Coyote Creek in Season 2, can't be Hawk?
GuyCyber Prije 9 dana
Make a review of all 3 seasons instead
saif khan
saif khan Prije 9 dana
That school fight in season 2 was hilarious with hawk hunting down demytia and stingray scene 😂😂😂
Ethan W
Ethan W Prije 9 dana
Never heard of this series ? But looks like power ranger haha 🤣 some brilliant acting there .. 🙄🤣 is this a spoof series?
DaWatcher357 Prije 9 dana
They call Jackie Chan to fight Rob Van Dam
Master Zone
Master Zone Prije 9 dana
Nice owsom
Carefree Jimbob
Carefree Jimbob Prije 9 dana
Wonder if at the tournament Mr han and dre will be competing.
Traveller Pete
Traveller Pete Prije 9 dana
Terry silver returns with Mike Barnes
FrostBite Pokin
FrostBite Pokin Prije 9 dana
This is the most useless video ever
JARof Sacredhearts
JARof Sacredhearts Prije 9 dana
Wow, do they All Look fantastic or what! Johnny, Daniel, and Alley! Still 💚em
Freddie Johnson
Freddie Johnson Prije 9 dana
The ending was self explanatory it wasn't exactly cryptic so there is nothing to explain unless you skipped every single episode before that and had no clue about what was going on.
Jermaine Wright
Jermaine Wright Prije 3 dana
Johnny and Daniel find common ground after seeing ali, that is why they unite two dojos
Amir Amzar Mohammad
Amir Amzar Mohammad Prije 9 dana
This series become just like fast n furious simple car race turn war spy action. Lost the root
AbirCoD Prije 9 dana
Don’t u dare compare this to daredevil fight scenes
SkyWalker Texas Ranger
SkyWalker Texas Ranger Prije 9 dana
Daniel: You were the chosen one!! It was said that you would destroy the Cobra not join them.
rick rick
rick rick Prije 9 dana
The authors Said they have the cobra kai serie final alteady in mind.... I wonder what could IT be
ibechuu Prije 9 dana
I hate how everyone betrayed Robby.
nyne dollas
nyne dollas Prije 9 dana
Yo be4 the big fight in the house when they throw that kid through the window had me crying Lmaoooo
xSavagepr Prije 9 dana
EMU Play
EMU Play Prije 9 dana
Херня в лохматом стиле 90х, бои поставлены на 2+
Dr krack
Dr krack Prije 9 dana
No thx on the Hillary swank I’d rather have jaden smith and jacki Chan show up lol 😂
Th3_P0Op _God420
Th3_P0Op _God420 Prije 9 dana
I forgot Julie was part of the Karate kid story, tho I’m not sure how her character is relevant to the Cobra Kai series. I mean Sure she knows Mr. Miyagi, but then again i was a little kid when I saw this movie so idk what happened in that movie that might come into play in the Cobra Kai series.
G2K Prije 9 dana
Hawk and Robbie need to fight
Mando Prije 9 dana
Terry Silver and Mike Barnes season 4
Jermaine Wallace
Jermaine Wallace Prije 9 dana
I binged the whole season in 5 hours!!!!!😁😁😁
Alex tepe
Alex tepe Prije 9 dana
It’s gotta be Terry Silver that Kreese reached out to at the end of season 3. Silver would probably jump at the chance for some long overdue payback against Daniel Larusso,
Mando Prije 9 dana
It was Terry who he called
0valeyes Prije 9 dana
Maybe a Avatar could resolve this problem.
ChrispyAKAKon Prije 9 dana
Season 4 can’t come soon enough 😩😩 Cobra Kai 🔥🔥🔥
Aaron Te'o
Aaron Te'o Prije 9 dana
I feel for you bro
Oscar Guzman
Oscar Guzman Prije 9 dana
Boom robby joins the Darkside
Dante P
Dante P Prije 9 dana
Kreese called silver. Saved you 4 minutes
mickobee Prije 9 dana
Ok I've never seen an episode of this show in my life. But, I'm going to assume that this ending 100% did not need explained.
Fros ty
Fros ty Prije 9 dana
Who else watched all 10 episodes in one day non stop 😂😂😂
Vortex Clan
Vortex Clan Prije 12 sati
@gatotkacagovlog yh
gatotkacagovlog Prije 14 sati
Me too, hahaha, so dope with the story. It's weird that the rating still falling in IMDB.
Johan Jönsson
Johan Jönsson Prije 21 sat
I did today! :D
Vortex Clan
Vortex Clan Prije 3 dana
Kind of had school
It’s Lee
It’s Lee Prije 6 dana
Me too
Optimusprime809 Prije 9 dana
There's gonna be infighting between Danny and Johnny, I can smell it already.
Mr. Cinematic
Mr. Cinematic Prije 8 dana
You should also watch my cobra kai review brah
Optimusprime809 Prije 9 dana
They both have two completely different teaching methods and approaches to Karate, there's no way they'll get along flawlessly.
CaptainTalon448 Prije 9 dana
It's gonna take some time to blend Miyagi-Do techniques with Cobra Kai that's for sure but we know that there are offensive techniques in Miyagi-Do thanks to Chozen
Alexis__RX Prije 9 dana
doubt it but maybe they could fight when someone gets hurt
King Lord Greendro
King Lord Greendro Prije 9 dana
Lol we really didn't need an explanation for this 😂😂🤣
Andy Andys
Andy Andys Prije 9 dana
Yeah kreese calls Julie and said to her..."long time"...I'm sure they were inseparable best friends since high school
grant snider
grant snider Prije 9 dana
Ok but this vid is pointless it’s not covoluded at all
Super Unknown
Super Unknown Prije 9 dana
After possibly bringing barnes and silver back thats pretty much it for characters from the trilogy of karate kid and apparently they plan on taking this too season 6 so it should be a intresting next few seasons.
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