WandaVision's MCU Timeline So Far

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With WandaVision coming to Disney+ to officially kick off phase 4 of the MCU, it's time to take a look back at the tumultuous timeline of The Scarlet Witch and Vision, her Infinity Stone powered, synthetic love. Marvel's first Disney+ series looks like nothing we've seen in the MCU before and there are plenty of theories as to why, so, from their first meeting in The Avengers: Age of Ultron to Infinity War and Endgame, here's your catch up on everything Elizabeth Olsen aka Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany as the android formerly known as Jarvis have done in the Marvel Cinematic Universe... so far!
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Jake Llavore
Jake Llavore Prije 17 sati
2:02 Dr. Helen Cho (Claudia Kim)
Raza Hyder
Raza Hyder Prije dan
He spoiled both Infinity War and Endgame in the first 9 seconds 🤣
Ahlam Ahmed
Ahlam Ahmed Prije 3 dana
OMG A few minutes before Wandavision comes out!!
Darryl Davis
Darryl Davis Prije 3 dana
I hope in Multiverse of Madness she learns from Doctor Strange and go after Mephisto to find the twins. If not I hope to see some cool combo moves.
Vagelis Tsirogiannis
Vagelis Tsirogiannis Prije 4 dana
So this series is after Endgame?
MexicanSoup69 Prije 3 dana
Yes it’s after...it’s about Wanda living in a reality with vision.
Shridhar Koli
Shridhar Koli Prije 4 dana
I have a huge theory I think that wanda gets trapped in the fiction world of television and she is the director and writer of the show and everything happens as she wants But mufisto is the television president and he wants the power ( money I guess ) of wanda and giving her what's she wants And Agnes is the producer here trying to control wandas world ( tv show ) Thats why we see wanda go through sit com styled world of television throughout the decades
darko99x Prije 4 dana
Visions backup is nearly done but not completed. This is a VR based on Vanda's mind in which the remaining part of Vision's consciousness is reconstructed.
Dropxng Prije 4 dana
She has a game called control
ryan ng
ryan ng Prije 5 dana
I can like a simple and great movie. Life as routine, why so trilling?
Maximus Saints
Maximus Saints Prije 5 dana
I think that Wanda's powers are a form of manifestation similar to that of the reality stone, her powers can technically manipulate the surrounding reality around herself and others.
Jkid _14
Jkid _14 Prije 5 dana
The big twist is that Vision was never there and that the whole show was being told from the perspective of Wanda’s super powered hallucinations. Then Dr. Strange pulls up at the Season Finale like “Yo, snap out if it you’re in my sequel and we gotta go yoink Tobey and Andrew for Tom’s trilogy let’s go.”
Aditya Prije 2 dana
Lol great one
Gilbert Smith
Gilbert Smith Prije 2 dana
You forgot to mention she resurrects quicksilver
MiD Knight
MiD Knight Prije 5 dana
cant wait for it , gonna be amazing ,
TTony0503 Prije 5 dana
Almost forgot Disney shat on there origin's and made them non mutants
Thomas Cunningham
Thomas Cunningham Prije 4 dana
They couldn't say they were mutants because Fox owned the rights to the X-Men and all the other Mutant characters. Wanda and Pietro were an exception because of their history with the Avengers in the comics.
Kaioken 99
Kaioken 99 Prije 5 dana
Honestly this series looks laughable.. Not interested tbh.
MrManny Prije 5 dana
The averagers should had just not do a thing after Infinity wars. Now the timelines are all messed up.
Enryu Wolfgang
Enryu Wolfgang Prije 6 dana
No point in this video. Its revealed in the Trailer that what’s happening is created by Wanda
Apollo Light
Apollo Light Prije 6 dana
Theory: The new mind stone may be what causes Mutants. I read a comment, “ If Wanda was powerful enough to destroy a Infinity Stone couldn’t she create one?” That highlighted A LOT! Wanda and Pietro both got their powers from the mind stone right. That may be the trigger to the whole thing accidentally. All that energy channeled to create that pocket reality with a mind stone will have to go somewhere. Idk, i just pieced that together. would be lit.
Z e p h y r
Z e p h y r Prije 4 dana
I can already hear MatPat frantically typing out this film theory
BITW Awesome
BITW Awesome Prije 6 dana
Romance girl.
BITW Awesome
BITW Awesome Prije 6 dana
Viet Le
Viet Le Prije 6 dana
That’s going to be one weird 👶
Leon Besa
Leon Besa Prije 6 dana
*For them who didn’t watch Marvel: Legends...* *This video is so far the Marvel: Legends series, but with a lower budget.*
Cool Beans
Cool Beans Prije 2 dana
Its actually kinda better and i think this came out before lengends
R Prije 6 dana
Omg what a headache
Cedsoncole Prije 6 dana
The stone unlocks there powers not give it to them
KeelanJohnson Podcast
KeelanJohnson Podcast Prije 6 dana
This is what I through the legends would be
Jasing Marma
Jasing Marma Prije 6 dana
Lol... this guy's narration.. 😂
DJ Jay
DJ Jay Prije 7 dana
Cannot not wait to watch just got Disney+ over the weekend!!
Justin Garcia
Justin Garcia Prije 7 dana
They really stretched this to 9 minutes lmao.
Ira Ford
Ira Ford Prije 7 dana
Amazing journey for wanda in the mcu.
KidCigano Prije 7 dana
He said Sokovio ?
Pugplays464 Prije 7 dana
I think I would be a secret avengers movie set during the time between civil war and infinity war.
Master Zone
Master Zone Prije 7 dana
Nice owsom
Matto Prije 7 dana
Tbh I could care less I just wanna watch the show
NesDav22 Prije 7 dana
Hopefully Disney doesn’t pull a Mulan and charge people to watch Wanda Vision.
Ghost Prije 7 dana
This show is originaly for disney+, mulan for theater thats why they need money.
Akshay Thakur
Akshay Thakur Prije 7 dana
may be cap did not left with soul stone..🤔
Frosty Yogurt
Frosty Yogurt Prije 7 dana
so her power is from mind stone or because she is a mutant?
HostilePancakes, the One and Only
HostilePancakes, the One and Only Prije 5 dana
@uncanny dcmarvelous Oh.... Is it official MCU canon? If so, then I stand corrected.
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Prije 5 dana
@HostilePancakes, the One and Only A book called The Wakanda Files stated that, that the Mind Stone may just had activated/unlocked Wanda and Pietro's dormant powers.
HostilePancakes, the One and Only
HostilePancakes, the One and Only Prije 6 dana
@Eduardo We don’t know if that’s true yet. If that’s the case, the show may tell us that. If it’s not, expect an official message from Feige that declares Wanda to not possess the X-Gene.
Eduardo Prije 6 dana
Wanda Maximoff has always been a mutant all along. The Mind Stone merely unlocked Wanda's latent X-Gene.
editor guy wrote this
editor guy wrote this Prije 6 dana
She is a mutant in comics
S. Abhishek
S. Abhishek Prije 7 dana
*Witch and Android romance* HmmmmMmmmmM
VillageIdiott Prije 7 dana
Do we know what time the shows will air ? Will the be like the Mandilorian and drop in the middle of the night ?
Chuma1977 Prije 3 dana
@TTony0503 true
TTony0503 Prije 5 dana
Of course, It's Disney greed so expect 1 episode per week since they have nothing else to offer on Disney plus
Ira Ford
Ira Ford Prije 7 dana
Lionscar 128
Lionscar 128 Prije 7 dana
Will wandavision bring X-men to the MCU? I think the house their in, is the same name as the X-men house. That’s my theory.
DJ Jay
DJ Jay Prije 7 dana
Probably introduced them or mention “mutants” at least
Ira Ford
Ira Ford Prije 7 dana
Probably not in this show or until a few more years before xmen are in the mcu.
M Giebus
M Giebus Prije 7 dana
This looks soo bad
M Giebus
M Giebus Prije 6 dana
@Ira Ford. Looks like they know their market...
Ira Ford
Ira Ford Prije 7 dana
Nah it looks like the most unique mcu project yet.
Danshee500 Prije 7 dana
Where is kenobi and mcu spiderman 3
NMB Prije 6 dana
not in wandavision.
Lüx Bõt
Lüx Bõt Prije 7 dana
Please house of M movie marvel oh please
IIONNICC Prije 7 dana
Everything that comes out of Disney is a tool to brainwash you and your children into oppression.
IIONNICC Prije 6 dana
@NMB thanks, I'll reword it next time. I didn't grow up watching Disney, parents couldn't afford it. Now as an adult, I've been watching Disney content from the past 20ish years. The underlying content is very shocking.
NMB Prije 6 dana
sounds like some pretty heavy propaganda there bud.
Elifan 06
Elifan 06 Prije 7 dana
Apollo Light
Apollo Light Prije 7 dana
Imagine if Vision didn’t stop Wanda from attacking Thanos..
Apollo Light
Apollo Light Prije 5 dana
@MX Tung And she’s a mystery power house
MX Tung
MX Tung Prije 5 dana
She would obviously lose. Thanos had 5 stones already.
Cam'ron Henderson
Cam'ron Henderson Prije 6 dana
This is probably the point of the whole reality biz. Wanda doesn't know what's going on, if it's real or not, and she'll probably choose not to escape it, because the reality that's probably her doing is kind of her way finding peace after fighting all the wars and battles and experiencing the loss of the people she ultimately loves in her life. Wanda's like the people that see that the world has changed and reality has changed with it and they find it suffering as well, so they're desperate to find or hope for a way to escape to find peace of their own.
Cam'ron Henderson
Cam'ron Henderson Prije 6 dana
@Apollo Light Honestly we don't know what's happening, but I know Wanda's cool and epic and not crazy and weird. If the whole thing with the sitcom and Vision being alive all a reality that she's making, this could be her powers coming to a maximum level and she doesn't know it or how to stop it. I've see it happen before in Steven Universe Future, their powers become too powerful if they're having PTSD, as in a few traumatic experiences they had in the past and Wanda's had a lot of them with her parents, getting experimented on, losing her brother to Ultron, Lagos, Raft imprisonment, getting snapped out of existence, and losing Vision to Thanos.
Apollo Light
Apollo Light Prije 6 dana
@Ant-Man And protecting Vision is kinda her thing, ik she would have put on a show for him. Win or lose.
Raj Modi
Raj Modi Prije 7 dana
PAXperMortem Prije 7 dana
4:48 Leipzig, not Berlin
Danny Rodríguez
Danny Rodríguez Prije 7 dana
Hasn't anyone ever read "house of M"? This Wanda /Vision thing looks like it...
Jared Gooding
Jared Gooding Prije 4 dana
@Danshee500 she did not she just changed reality and then depowered hella mutants. She only killed a few heroes accidentally
Kaioken 99
Kaioken 99 Prije 5 dana
Nah this show looks terrible tbh..
Danny Rodríguez
Danny Rodríguez Prije 7 dana
@Danshee500 but you have to agree that it is similar in the sense that she's changing reality because she gets crazy, cucu...
Danshee500 Prije 7 dana
She murders everyone in the marvel universe on accident in that one I dont think that's what they are aiming for
Blackheart Inferno
Blackheart Inferno Prije 7 dana
No they got their powers from their father Magneto! Please stick with the program!
Ira Ford
Ira Ford Prije 7 dana
@Blackheart Inferno they couldn't use xmen during that time so the mcu versions got thier powers differently.
Ant-Man Prije 7 dana
They can't *stick* to that program, at least at that time.
Blackheart Inferno
Blackheart Inferno Prije 7 dana
@TheGoodStormTrooper I know but I'm hoping they bring in the other sibling too. Polaris! No one ever talks about her anymore! Smh. I wonder if in reality Scarlet Witch is in that psych ward like in the x-men shows!
TheGoodStormTrooper Prije 7 dana
Not in the mcu. Marvel didn't have movie rights to xmen back then so they had to change the origin The reason they could use the characters in the first place was because of a loophole in the deal
William Folwell Shryock Cooke
William Folwell Shryock Cooke Prije 7 dana
keenen tenedero
keenen tenedero Prije 7 dana
If Wanda could destroy the Mind stone, could it possibly she create one?
Cool Beans
Cool Beans Prije 2 dana
Its easier to drop the weight than to lift it
AeluronLightsong Prije 4 dana
I presumed thats sorta what happens. Her powers get to a point of reality altering and well...we're in a House of M situation sorta. Or its all in her head and thats when she REALLY loses it.
Rooney Mweemba
Rooney Mweemba Prije 4 dana
If I can destroy a super computer does it mean I can destroy one 😅
Tanayy D
Tanayy D Prije 7 dana
3:00 Ah, the Scooby-Doo line that never gets old.
Oneal Goodwin
Oneal Goodwin Prije 7 dana
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Eddie Roach
Eddie Roach Prije 7 dana
Is this the 3rd episode of Marvel Legends?
Ant-Man Prije 7 dana
Looks like it, albeit more casual.
vicK Prije 7 dana
Fuad İsmayilov
Fuad İsmayilov Prije 7 dana
Salam cox əla
Uriah Prije 7 dana
Ol mate Fegelein
REG Prije 7 dana
(1:06) except for the fact that the Maximoff Twins are actually “MUTANTS”
TTony0503 Prije 5 dana
Yeah Disney took a sh%t on there origins way back, they just pull things outta there butts now like they did with the new star wars vomit
Mogy73 • 16 Years and
Mogy73 • 16 Years and Prije 7 dana
@Ira Ford thats what I said
Ira Ford
Ira Ford Prije 7 dana
Not in the mcu.
Mogy73 • 16 Years and
Mogy73 • 16 Years and Prije 7 dana
In the mcu they aren't yet
Chris C
Chris C Prije 7 dana
Equrrrrreu ii erudite
Yomama Sushi
Yomama Sushi Prije 7 dana
im just here chilling with the bots yes that was a vision reference
Dwight Marten
Dwight Marten Prije 7 dana
Basically, Wanda gave Tony his visions of Thanos. It's not his "curse" that led them to the Titan.
CouncilCape897 Prije 5 dana
@Quyen Nguyen Yeah, but he didn't actually know about Thanos' existence until just moments before. Before Bruce told Tony who Thanos was, everyone thought the Chitauri's alliance with Loki was an independent and isolated agreement. Thor didn't mention anything about a mastermind behind the scenes providing Loki with the Chitauri army, he just says they're not from any known world. That's why Tony's nightmares in Iron Man 3 and Age of Ultron didn't show any hint of Thanos, just the Chitauri invasion. It wasn't until Bruce revealed that Loki wasn't behind the attack that Tony realized that Thanos was technically in his head.
Bruno Namavirs
Bruno Namavirs Prije 5 dana
@Quyen Nguyen @Dwight Marten Tony found out that Thanos was responsible for attack on NY when Hulk returned to Earth. Same attack on NY that gave him PTSD in Iron Man 3.
Quyen Nguyen
Quyen Nguyen Prije 6 dana
I remember Tony say that he had known Thanos for 6 years from when He send an army to NY.
Bruce Aitken
Bruce Aitken Prije 7 dana
The theory I had was that the Mind stone was essentially designed to control the other stones by providing the operational blueprints of the task required, performing the operational calculations, ect. As such it would have at least a partial knowledge of the inner workings of the other stones. I bring this up because Scarlet's powers, as observed so far in the MCU, seem closely related to the reality stone, both in color and behavior. My theory is that Hydra found that section of information from the Mind stone and integrated it into Wanda, changing the state of the reality around her whenever she loses control.
Millard Lim
Millard Lim Prije 6 dana
I theorize that the Mind Stone activated Wanda's X-gene. This is pretty much canon now. This will account for psi abilities (telepathy, psychokinesis and all its derivatives such as flight and levitation). But the Mind Stone had another "gift": it gave Wanda a psychic or psionic link with all the other five Stones, empowering her to control and use their powers psychically even if not in physical possession of them. I really hope this is how "chaos magic" would be depicted in the MCU: a mortal having the ability to harness the power of all Infinity Stones.
Spencer Brogdon
Spencer Brogdon Prije 6 dana
@stillstanding idk I guess
stillstanding Prije 6 dana
@Spencer Brogdon So she’s a mutant?
Spencer Brogdon
Spencer Brogdon Prije 6 dana
It actually confirmed that the mind stone only unlocked the powers inside of Wanda.
Ayoub Malki
Ayoub Malki Prije 6 dana
Interesting May be true
acid rain
acid rain Prije 7 dana
I just watched this to remind myself why i dont watch avengers.
acid rain
acid rain Prije 7 dana
@Ira Ford not really. It firms my opinion instead, now im more sure this content isnt for me and as an act of free speech, i am putting it put there. Scorcese is right abt this movies not being cinema and I agree with him.
Ira Ford
Ira Ford Prije 7 dana
Its a really dumb reason to watch a video of something you don't like and just waste time on something you're not interested in.
DYT001 Prije 7 dana
Welp here we go again
Ron-j Ignacio
Ron-j Ignacio Prije 7 dana
Not a fan and I don't have to go
Ant-Man Prije 7 dana
Go where?
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher Prije 7 dana
Kaveh Teimory
Kaveh Teimory Prije 7 dana
Honestly this video was actually pretty funny! Much better than I expected.😂
Savage Parker
Savage Parker Prije 7 dana
Can’t wait for this to come out
лук герцог
лук герцог Prije 7 dana
woah i really needed this
Add Vinz
Add Vinz Prije 7 dana
6 minutes ago
Justin Bell Pa
Justin Bell Pa Prije 7 dana
They broke MCU
Tawheed Hossain
Tawheed Hossain Prije 7 dana
Wanda vision will introduce magneto
Hasan Nasir
Hasan Nasir Prije 6 dana
@Tawheed Hossain that yes.
Tawheed Hossain
Tawheed Hossain Prije 7 dana
But can be a nod to an upcoming crossover after secret invasion tv show
Hasan Nasir
Hasan Nasir Prije 7 dana
Could be an Easter egg. House of M doesn't sell wine. We'll see.
Tawheed Hossain
Tawheed Hossain Prije 7 dana
The trailer shows house of m wine bottle
лук герцог
лук герцог Prije 7 dana
Jon Fee
Jon Fee Prije 7 dana
I am early
лук герцог
лук герцог Prije 7 dana
yeah noti gang
Desenhos animados e filmes.
Desenhos animados e filmes. Prije 7 dana
Whoever is the last to click liked it will get rich
best playz games
best playz games Prije 7 dana
Jayzen17 Prije 7 dana
ASM_616 Prije 7 dana
I fell down the stairs today.
Shloomy Sloms
Shloomy Sloms Prije 6 dana
@Skkelendnd Memdmndndd best more like
Shloomy Sloms
Shloomy Sloms Prije 6 dana
Skkelendnd Memdmndndd
Skkelendnd Memdmndndd Prije 6 dana
Worst superhero backstory
doomslayyyter Prije 6 dana
hope ur okay ^~^
andre byrd
andre byrd Prije 6 dana
Did you gain any superpowers?
JD C Prije 7 dana
In 4 Days Of Wandavision With MCU On Dinsey+ 🦸🏻🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️🤵👰‍♀️🏡🏠👶🏼👼👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 I’m Very Excited.
ColossalDonut Prije 6 dana
Imagine if WandaVision gets delayed the day before it releases XD
лук герцог
лук герцог Prije 7 dana
same here bro
De Ny
De Ny Prije 7 dana
well let just see what if hilda and wandavision do same multiverse get
AvemReacts Prije 7 dana
The show ain't even out yet
snipersut yt
snipersut yt Prije 7 dana
Hope everyone that sees this has a great day and stay safe everyone
лук герцог
лук герцог Prije 7 dana
@Jade oh ok
лук герцог
лук герцог Prije 7 dana
@gamer480 ?
gamer480 Prije 7 dana
Are you able to say something else? Clown.
лук герцог
лук герцог Prije 7 dana
oh they will see it
Saksham Mehta
Saksham Mehta Prije 7 dana
When loki come?
Elijah B
Elijah B Prije 7 dana
In may
HoboJoe Prije 7 dana
Ok, seems cool
M S SubbaRaju V
M S SubbaRaju V Prije 7 dana
G1 Grimlock
G1 Grimlock Prije 7 dana
We have to find out Vision still alive?
Arun Sengupta
Arun Sengupta Prije 7 dana
:D :D :D :D
Veydant's Infographics
Veydant's Infographics Prije 7 dana
1 SUB BEFORE 2022?
1 SUB BEFORE 2022? Prije 7 dana
Claim your *`here within an hour`* ticket here```
Cxntrol Prije 7 dana
59 minutes
Son_Saitama Prije 7 dana
Shut up clown
Rick de Graaf
Rick de Graaf Prije 7 dana
HoboJoe Prije 7 dana
I was the 2nd viewer
Savage Parker
Savage Parker Prije 7 dana
Everyday Jokes
Everyday Jokes Prije 7 dana
Joke of the day: What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? *"where's my tractor?"*
Naseer Uddin
Naseer Uddin Prije 7 dana
HAHAHAHA! Kevin Hart is that you
ASM_616 Prije 7 dana
JOMARYT Prije 7 dana
Ayo first
MrBeast Gaming
MrBeast Gaming Prije 7 dana
To the 1 person reading this: "You're cool and adorable stay safe"🐾
Rick de Graaf
Rick de Graaf Prije 7 dana
Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith Prije 7 dana
Same to you!
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