Cyberpunk 2077: How to Romance Judy

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Judy Alvarez is a skilled brain dance technician and a member of the Moxes, but she can also be a love interest of V, if you make the right moves.

Doggy Gunner
Doggy Gunner Prije 2 dana
Panama is bae tho
Gino Norual
Gino Norual Prije 4 dana
Damn Judy is something. wish she was real.
I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition
I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition Prije 5 dana
This man sounds so tired
Luke Bountris
Luke Bountris Prije 5 dana
Everyone leaves after 25 seconds into the video
Clax Prije 5 dana
panam better
Hero Shaun
Hero Shaun Prije 5 dana
Is this game no broken anymore?
CoralX_Rvann77 Prije 5 dana
IGN: Of course I can’t show you what happen next so you’re going to have to go experience at yourself Me: Go goes to channel Naughty Gaming
fake loganpaul
fake loganpaul Prije 6 dana
fake loganpaul
fake loganpaul Prije 6 dana
Cyberpunk: Buggy game IGN: need Female to Romance Female
Neodekvat Play
Neodekvat Play Prije 6 dana
I want to romance with cdpr for ps4 version)
hidorah Prije 6 dana
6:18 nice aim
SpartanPikachu Prije 6 dana
I can’t wait for them to patch this game completely for the ps4
JoelsterG4K Prije 6 dana
Judy and Panam they both friendzoned me, it reminded me when I was single 😥
Traian Ticu
Traian Ticu Prije 6 dana
If you look in the lake after getting up after talking to Judy, you will see Eve in the lake, i dont know if its a bug or not not, but I saw it in the video and in my playthrough
JJ, The Assassin
JJ, The Assassin Prije 6 dana
Ah yes, but thanks to PC mods, Your Male V can too 🥴 It is odd that they had all the male voice lines there and disabled it though..
06Luuis Prije 6 dana
Panam Is better so whatever
Kogera Prije 6 dana
9:53 huehuehue
Fallen One
Fallen One Prije 6 dana
Who else killed Maiko?
Da_Boss_3807 Prije 6 dana
What kind of feminne fetures? 😳
RandomBro Prije 6 dana
coyotemoonTV Prije 6 dana
Almost as hard as romancing a woman IRL...
Small Guy
Small Guy Prije 6 dana
Can this be aplied to real life
marcpmas Prije 6 dana
This isn't a finished game, man........ seems there's no respect for consumers in these days!
myk Prije 6 dana
This is how they program young minds to homosexuality.
Angel Reyes
Angel Reyes Prije 6 dana
It's sad my boy V couldn't have some ffffffun cues he needs to be a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!
Diamond_Doom201X Prije 6 dana
so it has to be a female V so what about the customisation in the below the belt region?
Ashley Richards
Ashley Richards Prije 6 dana
So do her side mission become available after finding Evelyn
Ashley Richards
Ashley Richards Prije 6 dana
So basically be nice to her Pretty obvious but ok lol
Dániel Lévai
Dániel Lévai Prije 6 dana
This game is seriously lame, what the hell is the hype about? These dialogs and the whole movement, like 10 years ago...
Zeemas Prije 6 dana
Isn't this game supposed to be progressive? This is oppressive towards people who favors masculine traits!
Sir Sid Fosse
Sir Sid Fosse Prije 6 dana
Eat screen out.
Frosty Yogurt
Frosty Yogurt Prije 6 dana
Imagine romance in 3rd person.
sanjiv bhattacharjee
sanjiv bhattacharjee Prije 6 dana
Im happy with Panam
Daniel Alasoo
Daniel Alasoo Prije 6 dana
Diving in gta5 looks better
Xian Kent Sanchez
Xian Kent Sanchez Prije 6 dana
"a" -nobody
Anthony M
Anthony M Prije 6 dana
I clicked the video on accident I ain't down bad. I don't even own the game lol. Where's the save button?
Sean Stiggers
Sean Stiggers Prije 6 dana
They purposely made Judy look so much badder than Panam, they knew people would be pissed you can't Romance Judy as Male V. I'd of definitely chosen her over Panam.
Eamon Smith
Eamon Smith Prije 6 dana
Huh never thought IGN would go from being the most trusted source for game ratings to being the most trusted source of how to date in-game
Md. Taufiqul Huq
Md. Taufiqul Huq Prije 6 dana
Wha has this world come to
R Prije 6 dana
Cant wait for a pc mode to romanced her with a male charecter
j carter
j carter Prije 6 dana
is v wraith from apex?
dumpsteRat Prije 6 dana
I spent over 15 hours, only to get one fling under the sheets and a peek at her secret tattoo. I was hoping for some dirty talk, gently stroke her face, snuggle on the couch, but no instead she just stands there and mentions about you not wearing clothes. Why take this away from us?? We wanted a decent love weather it be Judy or Panama (the two best ever) no you stole our thunder, our hearts, our very souls! No holding hands in the car, no road head, no cheap dinner, nothing except a lousy phone call
UltraShadow Games
UltraShadow Games Prije 6 dana
So basically you have to only be a female to do this?
Fuck YT
Fuck YT Prije 6 dana
No thanks! Worst romance ever...
Explain the fun away
Explain the fun away Prije 6 dana
wait so there's one lesbian in the game and she's a fecking TERF? cool. cool cool cool cool cool.
Adrian Antipas
Adrian Antipas Prije 6 dana
Playing male V just to "F'' her but shes lesbian :\
G1 Smokescreen
G1 Smokescreen Prije 6 dana
Yeah....if your a male, you'll be in the "friend zone"....ugh...why do girls have to be so damn picky?!?! 🙄🤦🏼‍♂️
BlazingJalapeno Prije 6 dana
I realized at one point that Judy was for the ladies out there
darkspy666 Prije 6 dana
Hottest chick in the game just had to be a lesbian 😑
killah QB
killah QB Prije 6 dana
After I saved Evelyn. I never heard from Judy again and I played as female V.
Paweł Rylski
Paweł Rylski Prije 6 dana
How to Romance Judy: Be a Girl.
Hugo Prije 7 dana
Will female with male parts not work?
XCURExGhostx Prije 7 dana
“How to get used for love”
David Hammel
David Hammel Prije 7 dana
First ever playthrough chose female V, street kid. No idea how the story would go, avoided spoilers, didn’t use any guides. I legit had no clue Judy was even a romance option. Was nice to her every quest as I’m pretty much nice to everybody in every game during first playthrough. Judy wasn’t even on my radar at all and I literally expected nothing but street cred. Got all the way up to the part where she invites you on a date and I was like “????????” then *nothing happens* and then back in the cabin it gave the option and I was like “WAIT WHAT!?!? Whaaaa????”.... A testament to how clueless I am in real life too lol.
Traian Ticu
Traian Ticu Prije 6 dana
The exact same thing happened to me
Daniel Ho
Daniel Ho Prije 8 dana
Not to hate Judy, but the whole romance thing feels wrong because you are essentially riding off Evelynn's suicide to get close to her, I feel it's more of like a coping mechanism then an actual healthy relationship.
Jason H
Jason H Prije 8 dana
Ugh, I didn't realise how horrible this looks on console compared to PC.
Nachda Dragon
Nachda Dragon Prije 9 dana
When you can't find anyone in real life so finally in-game you decide to change your gender and viola!
SuperMX Prije 9 dana
But she like to scissor ✂️...!!
Darryl Wolfe
Darryl Wolfe Prije 9 dana
Do you actually get to make love with judy?
Darren Blakley
Darren Blakley Prije 10 dana
Just so you know i did my run through the same except for after killing three dudes i answered differently to maiko she then attacked me so i killed her no kiss from judy but surprise surprise still got to romance her just finished the diving trip scene and got together with her, what a fitty lol
FrostedZaibatsu Prije 10 dana
Thats why Panam is better
cuellar4500 Prije 10 dana
Does the game work now?
goodbye Prije 10 dana
I mean I get it, you like Judy's character, but like y'all really gotta download mods to get with a lesbian? Damn.
piper Prije 10 dana
i’ve played way further into the game and still haven’t gotten a call:/ do i have to restart?
Magnum Chau
Magnum Chau Prije 10 dana
Big D
Big D Prije 10 dana
What a joke , Geralt plowed more Bar Girls in one night than this entire game has in romance .
Jonny Raul
Jonny Raul Prije 10 dana
I didn't pick up the breakfast she left me, now she is not calling me for days!!! Or she is offended, or is a bug :(
Meteor Man
Meteor Man Prije 10 dana
Spoiler alert they play an awesome game of adult twister
farrell gray jr
farrell gray jr Prije 11 dana
I got a crush on judy. But I would love to this when I get the cyberpunk 2077
GoGo YoYo
GoGo YoYo Prije 11 dana
Is there a Romance opt for Panam???
sidhu704 Prije 11 dana
Honestly, I'm happy with Panam, I think she's way better
Joel Alvares
Joel Alvares Prije 11 dana
If u guys want to romance my cyber sis... smash that like button..... 😜🤣
UntilTammaro Prije 12 dana
Hope this helped some of you out! Just wanted to say, killing Maiko will not stop you from romancing Judy; however, the point of the video is to show you the best path, including getting a kiss from Judy following "Pisces". If you kill Maiko, Judy will be upset after "Pisces" and not kiss you, but she will still call you back after and continue the romance.
Breaking Good
Breaking Good Prije 12 dana
Panam is my waifu
Randhika Ikra
Randhika Ikra Prije 12 dana
at first cdpr made her bi so male or female v could romance her. but i guess they changed it last minute
Kevin Ferdian
Kevin Ferdian Prije 12 dana
And they don't believe me when I say Cyberpunk is an LGBT game
Bach Pham
Bach Pham Prije 12 dana
Letting Maiko take over is better than let Tom die
Juan Jr
Juan Jr Prije 12 dana
Don’t worry Panama is 10x better
ShyGamers Prije 12 dana
after the story finish she starting to sent pic and her it...
BITW Awesome
BITW Awesome Prije 12 dana
Romance girl,.
BITW Awesome
BITW Awesome Prije 12 dana
Stephen Sanders
Stephen Sanders Prije 12 dana
i will Romance Judy on my next playthrough :p
Hifly13 Prije 12 dana
So are you not supposed to tell her about Johnny or does she not care if you do because I told her the truth
TinCanGamer Prije 13 dana
I didn't watch this and nailed it my first playthrough. I'm glad Mass Effect taught me that the female voice actor is usually the better performance choice.
Battleaxe Gaming
Battleaxe Gaming Prije 13 dana
Can i get 1 subscriber🥺 I upload gaming related videos but my channel isnt growing😔
Feyisayo Victor
Feyisayo Victor Prije 13 dana
Check out the shadow glitch on Judy's hair near the end on the docks
Sina Olaei
Sina Olaei Prije 13 dana
That seems like a lot of work. But Judy is worth it.
AA ZZ Prije 13 dana
STALKER 2 how to romance Sidorovich
Nasratullah Prije 13 dana
2021 and still creepy graphic quality!
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones Prije 13 dana
Imagine playing this game and not accepting a mission.
zepcrazyfre Prije 13 dana
SuzanoSho Prije 13 dana
Is Judy supposed to be attractive? She just looks dirty to me...
CyberPonz 2077
CyberPonz 2077 Prije 13 dana
Plot twist: the glitches are just Johnny Silverhand messing with you.
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson Prije 6 dana
Maybe the tree glitches?
Ukuk Popiop
Ukuk Popiop Prije 9 dana
Knew it
Taz Mercer
Taz Mercer Prije 12 dana
Yo you everywhere my guy
Simon Farre
Simon Farre Prije 13 dana
Yeah it's why my choice to use Panam for the final mission was so painfully obvious. Judy wants to leave, Aldecaldos are the only real option for leaving with her.
Simon Farre
Simon Farre Prije 13 dana
Guide: don't have a ding dong.
PengWin76 Prije 13 dana
This game look so boring in these huge scripted scenes! So disappointing
Максим Романенков
Максим Романенков Prije 13 dana
SJVV pieces of sh1t. Thank you for destroying 2000 years of culture. All the movie franchises, all the video game franchises, all the social networks. Everything is on the SJVV altar.
Hoang Pham
Hoang Pham Prije 13 dana
wow.. this one is 14 minutes while the panam one was only 2.
deltavagen Prije 13 dana
She is so fine
The Rickest Rick
The Rickest Rick Prije 13 dana
Get mods on pc, ez win.
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