Sons of the Forest - Official Gameplay Trailer

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Prije 26 dana

Watch the unsettling new trailer for Sons of the Forest, the upcoming sequel to The Forest.
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Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday Prije 26 minuta
How does this Compare with DayZ? im interested but dont know much about this game.
PeneK Prije 40 minuta
poke mon
poke mon Prije sat
There are (cow men) and COW MEN
Dirtbike Dom
Dirtbike Dom Prije sat
This game is the one reason I personally want a PC, I already know the ps5 version isn't coming until like 2023
Michaelangelo Morgado, Jr
Michaelangelo Morgado, Jr Prije 2 sati
I never did find that kid...uh...Jimmy?
importante aprender
importante aprender Prije 5 sati
Will be crossplay?
MrGaggy Prije 8 sati
I look forward.
Mert Adem Ali
Mert Adem Ali Prije 9 sati
2021 came where is the GAME!?
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy Prije 13 sati
Hear me out yeah , when sanity reaches 0 in this game timmy sees hallucinations of megan
ivan 4710Y
ivan 4710Y Prije 15 sati
Enrique Castillo
Enrique Castillo Prije 17 sati
"How could they possibly improve from the first"
SiwyStudio2013 Prije 18 sati
GaMe PRO Prije 18 sati
Очень жду первая чать вообще зашла а это будет вообще пушка просто огонь
PabyMar Mamadisimo ;v
PabyMar Mamadisimo ;v Prije 18 sati
Cuando pongo va a salir
Jacob Dwyer
Jacob Dwyer Prije 19 sati
Is this two player?
MattGames Prije 20 sati
Simply put, I am unable to contain my excitement.
The Irish Drunk
The Irish Drunk Prije 21 sat
How much you wanna bet all those features (especially the graphics) aren’t gonna be there.
Recruit Prije 17 sati
It depends but we see when the first set of people get keys to play the game.
Polaczekkk Prije 22 sati
Hey people know which year this game will come out because I love the first part and I'm waiting for the second
Sammy McMasters
Sammy McMasters Prije dan
I’m in need of another survival game.
Fortune Boy
Fortune Boy Prije dan
so its timmy. finding the truth.
LeEmrico Prije dan
okey, this looks dope.
Tristen Havard
Tristen Havard Prije dan
I can't wait for this game
Marllan Prije dan
Wood Simulator 2021
SKiritoAKunO Prije dan
hong vc
Commander Data
Commander Data Prije dan
Who are the 1k people downvoting this??
Taylor Morgan
Taylor Morgan Prije dan
i loved the first game, excited for this one !
Viktor Strišovský
Viktor Strišovský Prije dan
Me: Sees Forest 2 trailer Also Me: Buys Forest 1
Stranger livingstone
Stranger livingstone Prije dan
1:19 wtf is this enemy
Recruit Prije 17 sati
N1rg3nds Karma
N1rg3nds Karma Prije dan
Sounds Like 80
Илья Дыбовский
Илья Дыбовский Prije dan
It’s best game
bob joe
bob joe Prije dan
yoo i actually want this game now. hot mutant girlfriend 0:25 and some of the boys to help you raid places 1:10?
Recruit Prije 17 sati
That boy is raiding your base. Also the mutant girlfriend thing is unclear for right now all the the devs said was that you can befriend her or sacre her off your base.
Saskia Ferreira
Saskia Ferreira Prije dan
So excited for this!
Tikurai Prije dan
I hope it gets multiplayer
Toxicity Gaming
Toxicity Gaming Prije dan
This: *comes out* My wallet: adios
John Fabbri
John Fabbri Prije dan
I didn't understand anything about this game
Recruit Prije dan
Well kinda need to play the first game since this sequel is similar to it. But basically you stuck in this island that has cannibals that want to kill you and also mutated creatures that also want to kill you. The first game is called the forest and you should look up some gameplay.
Bebop Prije 2 dana
Will it be available on Google Stadia?
Recruit Prije 10 sati
@Bebop yes but they had to do themselves which requires time and it was only done for ps4.
Bebop Prije 10 sati
@Recruit the first one wasn't ported on console already?
Recruit Prije 17 sati
@Bebop probably but not sure how coding works to port it to stadia. But since they can only do so much work for a small studio they will most likely just igrone it and focus on porting it to consoles.
Bebop Prije dan
@uv1egas_ couple of us do, we have a thing called internet, it's great
uv1egas_ Prije dan
Someone plays on stadia?
TheUndefeatedLegend Prije 2 dana
holy graphix, and destruciblitlity?
Reactor XXL
Reactor XXL Prije 2 dana
atlast canibals don't move like ROCKETS anymore let's HOPE !
Loki Prije 2 dana
Урааа! мы дождались!
ThisIsZøka Prije 2 dana
Ist das eine erweiterung von the forrret oder wie?
Ivan Lampov
Ivan Lampov Prije 2 dana
Интересно моё корыто потянет?
Alexander Gino Chire Mollo
Alexander Gino Chire Mollo Prije 2 dana
Que suspenso, espero que salga pronto...
Данил Лазарев
Данил Лазарев Prije 2 dana
Новая порция кирпичей
Austin Carlos
Austin Carlos Prije 2 dana
I wonder when the release date will be announced
The Tube
The Tube Prije 2 dana
Gun? Now you are talking in my style.
the_kajvar Prije 2 dana
Can we play that online?
LieutenantMaster Prije 2 dana
Kyle S
Kyle S Prije 2 dana
so I can finally have a girlfriend?
Tej Gidda
Tej Gidda Prije 2 dana
I can’t wait!!!!
nathan quach
nathan quach Prije 2 dana
And i thought the forest was already scary
Kenneth Lasyone
Kenneth Lasyone Prije 2 dana
T.T.D for shovels is really low. You can't let players dig with them. Mythic Quest shows us that.
Caseairplane 903
Caseairplane 903 Prije 2 dana
What’s it rated
LFC 1892
LFC 1892 Prije 2 dana
I approve!
Someone Prije 2 dana
Wtf are those phisics :O
The dirt Boys
The dirt Boys Prije 2 dana
Mean Akatsuki
Mean Akatsuki Prije 2 dana
The graphic so cool
Jesse Jean
Jesse Jean Prije 2 dana
nowone knows of a release date yet? im interested in getting the forest but not if its sequel comes out soon
СПАЙК Gaming
СПАЙК Gaming Prije 2 dana
Есть русские?
NK yukineko
NK yukineko Prije 2 dana
待望のforest最新作 果たしてバグやカタパリは残っているのか ↑ここ重要 面白いバグ、カタパリ残ってて欲しいなぁww
Noahlizard7 Prije 2 dana
I hated the melee combat of the first game
gerfi Prije 3 dana
sisi ya se sabe que muy lindo es el trailer pero quiza sea igual al cyberpunk una decepción
Sam Mainwaring
Sam Mainwaring Prije 3 dana
SoLyTy-LilDrunk Prije 3 dana
Justin Daniels
Justin Daniels Prije 3 dana
Aight, so I'm gonna throw some theories out here. I don't think that we're gonna be playing as Eric OR Timmy in this one. Instead, I think that we're going to be playing as entirely NEW characters, instead. Here's what I think went down after The Forest's ending. So, as we all may know by now, the ending where Eric saves Timmy doesn't really seem that promising for either of the two. Timmy was undoubtedly infected by the Spider Parasite that Megan had, which meant that, eventually, he'd turn just like she did. Sure, he was able to hold it back up to adulthood, but then when it fast-forwards to him as an adult, it became clear that the parasite was hitting him harder than ever. That being said, the future looked quite bleak for him, and by extension, the city he was living in. Finally, he ended up losing the battle against the parasite, transforming into the creature Eric fought. This would undoubtedly lead to a massive spike in fatalities for the people in the Apartment Building, and maybe even the streets surrounding it. However, instead of being in the forest, the battle took place in the City, where the military could've been sent in to deal with it via Firearms. They'd eventually defeat Timmy, and end up with many questions like "What the hell was that thing?", "What the hell just happened?", and "What caused this to happen?" These questions would lead the Investigation Team back to Timmy's Apartment, where they'd find the notes and maps that lead to the second island. This is where the players step in. As members of a team of investigators, their job is to find out what they can about this island Timmy researched before his turning, only to be ambushed whenever they get close enough to it. Player 1 is the leader of this team, thus why he was wearing headphones instead of the helmet. Maybe he was speaking to HQ to let them know that they were approaching the island at the time of the attack. Players 2 and up are the surviving members of the squad. Another thing to note is that, instead of the helicopter crashing from an Electrical Pulse, it was physically attacked by a mutant. This means that this island's likely not going to have some "Crazed Scientist" pulling the strings in the background. And if it does, it's clearly not to save their child. Perhaps then, this one is for a more self-preservation reason? That, or maybe it gets a bit deeper than that. Maybe the island isn't run by some random crazed scientist. What if the clues that Timmy left in his apartment wasn't to research the cannibals... but to find his dad, who was missing in the ending cutscene? And what if the man pulling the strings in THIS island happens to be none other than Eric, himself? To save his son, Timmy, he was willing to crash a plane and sacrifice three innocent children, disregarding his view on Moral Principles. We know that before that plane ride, he lost his wife in a tragic accident. So would it be hard to believe that, maybe, after seeing that his son can be saved from death, itself, he'd begin searching for a way to bring back his WIFE, too? Lost in the madness, for the sake of bringing back his entire family, it's actually not that farfetched of an idea that he'd want to bring her back, as well. But then, comes the question: where did THESE cannibals come from? Maybe they've been there from the start? Maybe they're the failed results of years of research from the notes of a long-dead scientist that's being scavenged by the man who took his place? Perhaps these cannibals are all inbred clones of Eric's failed wife experiment and his recently re-deceased son? As for the soldiers: they were never supposed to be there. They are intruding on a madman's territory where he spent several years trying to revive his family. That... or maybe the experiments to revive Eric's wife operates similar to when he revived Timmy: an eye for an eye, a life for a life. But anyways, that's the theory I'm going with. In the end, though, we'll just have to wait and see!
Justin Daniels
Justin Daniels Prije dan
@Recruit The "Fight Demons" tattoo?
Recruit Prije dan
Sorry dude but it's been confirmed that timmy is the main character since the character of the first trailer had the same tattoo as timmy.
bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob
bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob Prije 3 dana
does anyone hear dead by daylight in the music?
Ольга Горкальцева
Ольга Горкальцева Prije 3 dana
grafon klass
Ольга Горкальцева
Ольга Горкальцева Prije 3 dana
wau veri treller
Anomalous Dog that lurks Youtube comments
Anomalous Dog that lurks Youtube comments Prije 3 dana
Keep your expectations so low, you will never be disappointed.
Dipmaniaman Prije 3 dana
I finished the forest story was epic Im hyped
Ability to dig a hole is the best thing. Imagine building an underground house
vufushoe Prije 3 dana
Yes, but tell me more about the mutant waifu
propepo Prije 3 dana
Is this game cooperative??
SNIPER GAMING Prije 3 dana
Kyle La Cuesta
Kyle La Cuesta Prije 3 dana
Can we have creative right from the start this time
Jaczka Raczka
Jaczka Raczka Prije 3 dana
Does anyone know the release date
Silent Trigger
Silent Trigger Prije 3 dana
This is very unsettling but I can’t wait to get my hands on it though
Bib Bonb
Bib Bonb Prije 3 dana
piz rux
piz rux Prije 3 dana
I hope you can still duplicate things
Affandithegamers Prije 3 dana
You are the Sons of the Forest.
Daddy Duncan
Daddy Duncan Prije 3 dana
zSz Prije 3 dana
The game is great but the music is so bad xD
-UnJust- Prije 2 dana
@DevilNinja he likes dubstep lmao
-UnJust- Prije 2 dana
You have bad taste in music
DevilNinja Prije 3 dana
wrong in every way
Fang Her
Fang Her Prije 3 dana
I don't like how the Aim down sight looks. Hopefully the developers will fix that.
-UnJust- Prije 2 dana
It's supposed to be "bad". They purposely made it that like the first game to make your character feel like an inexperienced fighter. It made sense because I doubt timmy has any experience with guns.
Anna Blixt
Anna Blixt Prije 4 dana
Omg cant wait 😁 have started to play The forest again just for fun
Samed Prije 4 dana
give us a crosshair
-UnJust- Prije 2 dana
No dont give us crorsshair
Samed Prije 4 dana
Why nobody talk about a crosshair for the weapons???
Solomon Prije 4 dana
I really hope they have an rtx setting for all of that rain. It would take a beefy pc I would assume without some sort of aid.
Samed Prije 4 dana
*We need a Crosshair!!!!!!!*
dpd4 10
dpd4 10 Prije 4 dana
I feel like the person you play as is the guy's son from the original
dpd4 10
dpd4 10 Prije 4 dana
If you save da kiddo he starts turning into a monster
Leostar Prije 4 dana
wonder if you're playing as timmy, it would explain the first 2 mutants being friendly
GlitchTV Prije 4 dana
im calling that last mutant chompy
GlitchTV Prije 23 sati
@Abdullah Abdullah then Im calling it Senor. Tickles
Abdullah Abdullah
Abdullah Abdullah Prije dan
Corey Fox
Corey Fox Prije 4 dana
When is the release date
Randy Prije 4 dana
What if I just did LSD tho
-w- Key
-w- Key Prije 4 dana
Yessir !!!!!
game life
game life Prije 4 dana
cant wait to get my hands on this game
komewgi Prije 4 dana
komewgi Prije 4 dana
@Leostar it was tedious as hell even with the log cart. i just want to be able to carry more logs or have things require less logs to build. i absolutely love the forest but half of the game is spent getting logs and it's just not that fun
Leostar Prije 4 dana
log cart, it's that simple
David Meraz
David Meraz Prije 4 dana
When I saw this I was hoping for a vietnam type game but it still looks cool.
zigzack54 Prije 4 dana
-UnJust- Prije 2 dana
Imposter Jerry Jeremiah
Imposter Jerry Jeremiah Prije 4 dana
1:19 that thing looks terrifying...
Dark blade
Dark blade Prije 4 dana
Is this the same team that made "the forest?" Just found the game so not sure.
Dark blade
Dark blade Prije 4 dana
@Leostar Thanks. It wasn't a popular game but it is fun.
Leostar Prije 4 dana
Lc Rose
Lc Rose Prije 4 dana
Dude I just got the forest
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