HBO's 30 Coins: Official Trailer

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Watch the trailer for HBO's new European horror thriller, 30 Coins. Here's how HBO describes the show: "30 Coins follows Father Vergara (Eduard Fernández), an exorcist, sent away by the church, to become the local priest of Pedraza, a remote town in Spain. When inexplicable terror begins to plague the idyllic community, the local vet Elena (Megan Montaner) and the town's mayor, Paco (Miguel Ángel Silvestre), form an unlikely alliance to understand the source of the strange and demonic events. The series also stars Macarena Gómez, Pepón Nieto, and Manolo Solo." 30 Coins airs Mondays on HBO and is also available to stream on HBO Max.
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Pasha Pasovski
Pasha Pasovski Prije 22 sati
Best show since Penny Dreadful
Max B
Max B Prije 7 dana
This show is amazing
Nune Aka Mr. Propane
Nune Aka Mr. Propane Prije 11 dana
Damn!!! Looks Wild & Epic
Gd2knw Prije 13 dana
Constantine Spanish version
FumUnda Cheese
FumUnda Cheese Prije 13 dana
In the thumbnail I saw coins and a women with dark hair pushing away from herself. I am disappointed to find that this is not a Mistborn adaptation.
UrbanCarnage Prije 13 dana
The monster reminds me of a quiet place
Nikola Radulaski
Nikola Radulaski Prije 14 dana
Sounded like Super Mario title...
Shane Harrington
Shane Harrington Prije 14 dana
Tristan XIX
Tristan XIX Prije 14 dana
national treasure x silent hill
Ovrlrd Unknown
Ovrlrd Unknown Prije 14 dana
Ekim Nij Vlogs
Ekim Nij Vlogs Prije 14 dana
Constantine Spanish Version
Duke of Christ
Duke of Christ Prije 14 dana
Resident Evil 4 Las Plagas
The Partisan13
The Partisan13 Prije 14 dana
30 coins? But I spent the last 20 on laundry
Scott Gordon
Scott Gordon Prije 14 dana
I feel like this is loosely stolen from The Dresden Files.
Christopher Child
Christopher Child Prije 9 dana
That's what I was thinking too...
Dark Shinobi
Dark Shinobi Prije 14 dana
Please tell me this is dubbed as well. 👀
Ross- A -Roni
Ross- A -Roni Prije 14 dana
This is a fantastic show. Brilliantly weaves religion, the occult and drama all together. 👍 Highly recommend it. This may sound absolutely strange but: this show does stabbings right. You'll notice what I'm talking about right away.
Born Justice Rule
Born Justice Rule Prije 14 dana
Looks crazy dope
Ernesto Edwin
Ernesto Edwin Prije 14 dana
It’s like Constantine in Spain
Juan Zepeda
Juan Zepeda Prije 14 dana
Fatima Family In Dubai
Fatima Family In Dubai Prije 15 dana
Cellardoor Prije 15 dana
This show, while fun, is freaking ridiculous. Mostly because I didn't know where it was heading going in. At first I thought it was a serious show, then it got creepy, then it got silly, then it turned into Constantine-Evil Dead. And the priest is like Constantine mixed with Batman... Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the hell out of it. It's just not an Exorcist-like show like how it's advertised in some places.
Barn Star
Barn Star Prije 15 dana
This is how you make a trailer!
Cihangir Gürbüz
Cihangir Gürbüz Prije 15 dana
Did anyone else get lovecraftian vibes from this, or is it just me?
PJ LopBra
PJ LopBra Prije 14 dana
Yes, it's one of the director inspiration.
Chad Downey
Chad Downey Prije 15 dana
At 0:27 the guy looks kinda like Jimmy Kimmel, haha
Edmund Mondo
Edmund Mondo Prije 15 dana
HBO are cheap, if it were Netflix they would have Antonio Banderaz as Father Vergara! 🤔
Sherwin Celeste
Sherwin Celeste Prije 12 dana
Lmao netflix can't even afford a quality cgi for The Witcher smh
face Prije 15 dana
guess thats why netflix is in billions of dollars debt. went for status quo...
Aashray Kumar
Aashray Kumar Prije 15 dana
Looks like devil may cry but europe
Varios sevocare. scientia. Musicorum
Varios sevocare. scientia. Musicorum Prije 15 dana
The Exorcist IV: The 30 Coins Of Judas.... lol
Raphael Prije 15 dana
So HBO is Netflix-level of crap now
just another human
just another human Prije 15 dana
just more weird NLP for whatever they think is coming
Trashcan Trevor
Trashcan Trevor Prije 15 dana
david jeffery
david jeffery Prije 15 dana
i can deal with subtitles and have sone for over 30 years with chinese asian movies but my wife aint got the speed to read like me so looks like i won’t be watching
Dare - wait for it - Devil
Dare - wait for it - Devil Prije 15 dana
My boy Lito (Miguel Angel Silvester) is in it!
Tyler Loconte
Tyler Loconte Prije 15 dana
I know this isn't Dresden related but I love that the Knights of the Blackened Denarius are getting the HBO treatment.
treeman15c Prije 15 dana
Priest cop!
Saitama Prije 15 dana
they are gonna find half a coin in each episode
Ваня Семеняка
Ваня Семеняка Prije 15 dana
Бадюк на минималках)
Ace Ravenscar
Ace Ravenscar Prije 15 dana
Sorry but this just a rehash the dresden files did it first
Back to the 80’s
Back to the 80’s Prije 15 dana
Title is similar to 50cents
Mirul Shah
Mirul Shah Prije 15 dana
John Constantine Spanish cousin? I'm in
Peter Retep
Peter Retep Prije 15 dana
Pennyy dreadful
KlingonCaptain Prije 15 dana
Dora The Explorer 2: Hunt for The Judace Rimmer
Tadeo Gil
Tadeo Gil Prije 15 dana
*Laughs in Granados*
Nolan Schotanus
Nolan Schotanus Prije 15 dana
1:33 so its a dark souls show.
TruUchiha 187
TruUchiha 187 Prije 10 dana
Boss battle hehe nice find
jdude222 Prije 15 dana
Rocky ROCKS Prije 15 dana
Are they speaking Italian or Latin ?
angelesoinsectos Prije 15 dana
Both Italian and Spanish (part of the plot develops in The Vatican) In fact there is an episode that's almost entirely in Italian.
Rocky ROCKS Prije 15 dana
@Marion Cobretti thanks man... It's beautiful language
Marion Cobretti
Marion Cobretti Prije 15 dana
MelodiousRhyme Prije 15 dana
Reminds me of Warrior Nun but for adults
PJ LopBra
PJ LopBra Prije 14 dana
It's totally different, you'll see ;)
ZX GALAXY Prije 15 dana
Skank Hunt
Skank Hunt Prije 15 dana
Goobacks took are jeeeerbs
Dwito Prije 15 dana
HBO should remake Constantine Series 👍
Ladarius Harris
Ladarius Harris Prije 15 dana
Must watch
TheAnubite Prije 15 dana
It’s Mexican Witcher!! Cue the Cucaracha and Tamales!
bioschlock Prije 15 dana
Will it stream in wuhan?
Alaric's Blog
Alaric's Blog Prije 15 dana
Lol 7 episodes have already aired and ign is releasing a trailer now 😂
Emir Ayub
Emir Ayub Prije 14 dana
Pero en España. Yo los estaba esperando en latinoamerica ,supuestamente iba a estrenar en noviembre del años pasado a la par de Patria, pero restrasaron su estreno hasta este año.
Alz Dsz
Alz Dsz Prije 14 dana
Yea he is right but I believe it's aired only in some countries earlier somewhere in start of December and other countries the release was 7 Jan
Samantha M.
Samantha M. Prije 14 dana
I only see 3 on the app
Cellardoor Prije 15 dana
Gaby Gibson
Gaby Gibson Prije 15 dana!
BITW Awesome
BITW Awesome Prije 15 dana
Romance girl.
BITW Awesome
BITW Awesome Prije 15 dana
granto ,
granto , Prije 15 dana
It went from a drama to thriller to science fiction. Nice
RedRoom Prije 10 dana
More like bibilical horror series which im down for
angelesoinsectos Prije 15 dana
it's more a horror-scifi-dark comedy
mister dondon
mister dondon Prije 15 dana
gonna be honest, i only watched this show for the nudity
mister dondon
mister dondon Prije 15 dana
@Fairwhite dont wanna spoil but youre close
Fairwhite Prije 15 dana
5 episodes in and no nudity yet.
angelesoinsectos Prije 15 dana
it's actually its only redeeming value
david jeffery
david jeffery Prije 15 dana
we all love honesty and i never noticed till ya said so thanks, my review has gone from a 7 to a 10/10 now 🤣
Yoshi Prije 15 dana
this would make an awesome videogame too, the whole game could be in spanish with english subtitles too! why not right
Royce Dz
Royce Dz Prije 12 dana
hell yeah I'm down for it
Ace Ravenscar
Ace Ravenscar Prije 15 dana
If you are into the idea of the 30 coins being host of demons look into the Dresden files by Jim butcher
lenny everything
lenny everything Prije 15 dana
Looks cool but it would drive me insane looking back and forth from the subtitles
ElCanalacoDeRaul Prije dan
Reading, am I right?
Kevin Echols-EL
Kevin Echols-EL Prije 15 dana
If you watched anime you would of awakened your visual prowess
Lucid Explorers
Lucid Explorers Prije 15 dana
Reeding herts mi brane
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell Prije 15 dana
Is that Lito?
Quintin Sanders
Quintin Sanders Prije 15 dana
Call me when they get an English language dub of this show.
Pedro Pupo Alves
Pedro Pupo Alves Prije 15 dana
Why just don't you read the subtitles?
john Prije 15 dana
Ain't that the same spider from the mandalorian
john Prije 15 dana
@No one maybe a distant cousin then since it's not an ice spider haha. joking aside, would you recommend 30 coins?
No one
No one Prije 15 dana
I've watched both shows. No, it's not the same spider lol
Jordi Adoutan
Jordi Adoutan Prije 15 dana
IGN : hey thats a cool show lets Wait a week before show ig the trailer
Ser_RP Prije 15 dana
If you dont know Alex the la Iglesia just make yourself a favour and watch this show.
Jon_ oVo
Jon_ oVo Prije 15 dana
English please?
Stephen Thornhill
Stephen Thornhill Prije 15 dana
Looks cool
Liam's niece, son
Liam's niece, son Prije 15 dana
I swear that's Jon Bernthals stunt double
John Lewis
John Lewis Prije 15 dana
Man at first I was like sweet Jon bernthal is in this. Then I like no he's not. Then yea he is lol
Nick Murphy
Nick Murphy Prije 15 dana
Pleeeaase do a dub I’m way to lazy to read subtitles
super snake
super snake Prije 15 dana
Too bad it's not in English
Cowpoke Prije 15 dana
Anyone seen warrior ?
B. Allen Carroll
B. Allen Carroll Prije 15 dana
Looks dope
Sleepy Android
Sleepy Android Prije 15 dana
30 Coins is all it requires, Kevin.
General Rainbow
General Rainbow Prije 15 dana
FIREWERTYHN Prije 15 dana
OMG -it must be interesting
Fightforthelost Prije 15 dana
Ah I see the hunt is on for the blackened denarians..... somebody call Dresden, he should be in a phone book
Scott Gordon
Scott Gordon Prije 14 dana
Ha! This was my first thought when I watched this.
Fightforthelost Prije 15 dana
@DemonicDirewolf or there's a demon named Anduriel. Have every book and just wish they'd reboot the tv show
DemonicDirewolf Prije 15 dana
I'm so happy someone else reads those books, if only one of the villains in this show was named Nicodemus.
Andrew Helmer
Andrew Helmer Prije 15 dana
Came looking for a comment about Dresden. Thank you . Did not disappoint
Sensei Kensei
Sensei Kensei Prije 15 dana
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson Prije 15 dana
HBO Woke! No intrest in anything they offer
angelesoinsectos Prije 15 dana
@Nathaniel Seaberry just ignore him, look at his nick, even himself admits he's a turd. By the way, I didn't enjoy the show all that much for different reasons, but woke it ain't.
Nathaniel Seaberry
Nathaniel Seaberry Prije 15 dana
@Jonathan L people are weird today. They feel the need to announce to everyone, if they don’t like something.
B. Allen Carroll
B. Allen Carroll Prije 15 dana
@Jonathan L when you’re threatened by Wonder Woman you have to question your life choices
Jonathan L
Jonathan L Prije 15 dana
@Nathaniel Seaberry it makes him feel better if he drops his two cents
Nathaniel Seaberry
Nathaniel Seaberry Prije 15 dana
But, you came to a trailer for one of their shows???
Xuan Yi
Xuan Yi Prije 15 dana
You need 100 for an extra life
Darkening Demise
Darkening Demise Prije 15 dana
Why am I being recommended Hulk Vs. after this?
The Troll Patrol
The Troll Patrol Prije 15 dana
ErosLikesGames Prije 15 dana
So this is like collecting Coins in Demon's Souls or Shadow of the Colossus 🤷‍♂️ so what's the big secret here
face Prije 15 dana
big secret dont tell anyone from the gaming community shhhh* but not everyone on this planet plays video games that watch movies and series. 🤷‍♂️
actionvids35 Prije 15 dana
yup basicly
Medusa Concepts
Medusa Concepts Prije 15 dana
I'm two episodes in, this show is f'ing amazing. Reminds me a lot of Prince of Darkness!!!
InnerRise Prije 13 dana
But you have to read their mexico language. NO THANKS!
randomnobody playthrough
randomnobody playthrough Prije 14 dana
What did I just watch?
Medusa Concepts
Medusa Concepts Prije 15 dana
@angelesoinsectos Yeah but I was referring to the biblical horror, everyone sites Lovecraft like he invented demons and horror lol. The Bible and Sumerians did a great job as well.
angelesoinsectos Prije 15 dana
well, both prince of darkness and this show have a strong Lovecraftian influence, maybe that's why you find them similar.
TheTribalFreshie Prije 15 dana
Would you recommend?
Archmage John Paul II
Archmage John Paul II Prije 15 dana
cool show
Smesh Prije 15 dana
HBO doing all they can to get back all those season 8 Game of Thrones fans they lost lol
Dark Matter
Dark Matter Prije 14 dana
Lol. Yeah.... they're really in a hurry to get those fans back. 🤣 The amount of money that hbo max is about to make this year and the next is just insane. And those fans you speak of will eventually return for the next installment. But trust me, they're not worried about that fanbase at all.
Zac Boyles
Zac Boyles Prije 14 dana
@AlonsoFan2016 yup and that broad appeal tends to ruin the content for everyone. Trying to make too many people happy while forgetting the story actually needs to make sense. Shame. Shame. Dumb and Dumber, shame.
AlonsoFan2016 Prije 15 dana
​@Cătălin Florea Game of Thrones was also seen by numerous viewers who normally have no interest in fantasy at all. Some of them, for example, have only been interested in individual characters or storylines. Know some people who were not at all interested in the White Walkers or comparable. These viewers were more interested in Winterfell, Kings Landing or Highgarden.
Cătălin Florea
Cătălin Florea Prije 15 dana
@AlonsoFan2016 Appeal to a broad range of audience? Dude, fantasy is a pretty niche genre even if big.
AlonsoFan2016 Prije 15 dana
Game of Thrones simply had the advantage of appealing to a very broad and diverse range of viewers for a variety of reasons. I don't think they get many of the lost viewers back.
Riley Riley
Riley Riley Prije 15 dana
English dub ?
ericb420 Savkid
ericb420 Savkid Prije 15 dana
Alexander Xiong
Alexander Xiong Prije 15 dana
Hellboy Prije 15 dana
Alex de la Iglesia is my favorite contemporary Spanish director. In my opinion, one of the five best television series of the year. Lovecraft passed through the filter of the typical Castilian Spanish village. Simply great.
Michael Sierra
Michael Sierra Prije 15 dana
Sounds like resi 4 then, sign me up.
Brittany - Porn STARS ღ*GO MY PROF!LE* ღ
Brittany - Porn STARS ღ*GO MY PROF!LE* ღ Prije 15 dana
You're still here? It's over. Go home. Go!
Dog On Dog Action
Dog On Dog Action Prije 15 dana
Why the dislikes? This looks very interesting.
Jon Ander López Llaguno
Jon Ander López Llaguno Prije 15 dana
Malísima, un -1
Hellboy Prije 15 dana
Qué es lo que no te ha gustado y, sobretodo, qué consideras tu que es "buenísimo"? La has visto?
Sinumber Snake
Sinumber Snake Prije 15 dana
Cómprate amigos anda
ConMan1226 Prije 15 dana
Am I the only one who saw the thumbnail and thought it might be a Life Is Strange adaptation?
Random Reviews
Random Reviews Prije 15 dana
i sure there's 30 coins in it
Michael Siler
Michael Siler Prije 15 dana
Hmm and I was just thinking about getting the HBO app.
InnerRise Prije 13 dana
Shoulda got it for wondereoman ya dweeeeb
John Hoang
John Hoang Prije 15 dana
Were these coins ala Bison dollars?
N S Prije 15 dana
4/10 honestly
Ast Rocoso
Ast Rocoso Prije 13 dana
go to Disney kid
Ismael Salih
Ismael Salih Prije 15 dana
I'm so happy there's a trailer out for this. Had no idea what the show was and why it popped up on my recommendations
InnerRise Prije 13 dana
@Ismael Salih lol I put it on my "list" after seeing the promo on the app.
Ismael Salih
Ismael Salih Prije 13 dana
@InnerRise oh i definitely was not expecting what i saw in that trailer! I thought it was some melodrama... not some crazy Constantine madness en español lol. Yeaaaa imma check it out
InnerRise Prije 13 dana
You convinced?
The Original DJ Johnny Digital
The Original DJ Johnny Digital Prije 15 dana
So there searching for pocket change. exciting!
Jonathan L
Jonathan L Prije 15 dana
judast pocket coins
Cosas A Celebrar
Cosas A Celebrar Prije 15 dana
SjthaDj Prije 15 dana
Kartel Skeete
Kartel Skeete Prije 15 dana
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