Batman: Soul of the Dragon Review

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The latest entry in the DC Universe Movies line gives The Dark Knight a 70's martial arts movie makeover. Batman: Soul of the Dragon teams the Caped Crusader (Dave Giuntoli) with fellow fighters Richard Dragon (Mark Dacascos), Lady Shiva (Kelly Hu) and Ben Turner (Michael Jai White) in a battle against the terrorist organization Kobra. Is the result as fun as it sounds? Find out in our review.

Batman: Soul of the Dragon will release in Digital HD on Tuesday, January 12, 2021 and Blu-ray, DVD and 4K Ultra HD on Tuesday, January 26, 2021.

This was waaaaaaay better than I expected it to be. When Richard ask Bruce why, hasn't he stopped Shiva? I instantly laughed because I know he couldn't. Gold XD XD
Christopher Tobar
Christopher Tobar Prije 2 dana
I still believe this should have been 70s Wonder Woman Powerless story.
Badre Bally
Badre Bally Prije 2 dana
It's weird seeing Richard Dragon who's a Red haired Caucasian in the comics being not only Asian but looking similar to Bruce Lee but then I remember the novel where the character made his first appearance had a cover where he was drawn to look similar to Bruce Lee.
Francisco Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez Prije 2 dana
If that was the case, it would have been called soul of the dragon 🐉, minus the batman.
MsMusic902 Prije 4 dana
This movie was kinda wack.
Tevya Smolka
Tevya Smolka Prije 4 dana
I personally thought this movie was tons of fun
Tevya Smolka
Tevya Smolka Prije 8 sati
@All Star whatever that’s there opinion
All Star
All Star Prije 11 sati
Maybe that's the reason why it earns 56% audience score on rotten tomato because they're story is off the rails.
Ishwar Bulbule
Ishwar Bulbule Prije 4 dana
They used 'Batman' in movie name just for drawing subscribers, fake marketing... its Richard Dragon movie no one would want a movie with him as titular character lol
D Howard
D Howard Prije 4 dana
That ending.........Terrible!
ReVoMAN Prije 4 dana
This movie was so all over the place and weird and left a bad taste in my mouth with that half assed ending wtf
L Turner
L Turner Prije 5 dana
Just a different excuse to throw the old Bruce Timm style Batman back out there. Their cartoon animation approach looks stiff and lifeless just like their mortal Kombat animated movie. They should go out side of their traditional animation style and move away from their traditional animators and go get the people who made Akira.
Cecille Tecson
Cecille Tecson Prije 5 dana
I like this movie. DC should make a Batman Soul of the Dragon part 2 to complete the whole story. Remember, the door in the other side is still open
Sandro Cristiani
Sandro Cristiani Prije 2 dana
Exactly. I think its gonna be a part 2.
lapaul mathis
lapaul mathis Prije 5 dana
They made batman weak as hell lol. Literally was the weakest one out of the group.
The Joker's Corner
The Joker's Corner Prije 5 dana
Oh I love it when reviews are written so poorly that they bring up 1 point twice, almost word for word. 🤦‍♂️😂😂
20PME017 Abhishek Dhar
20PME017 Abhishek Dhar Prije 6 dana
It was a nice movie,though I agree Richard Dragon could undergo more character development
sirDomo4 Prije 6 dana
Will Godfrey Ho be there?
Kosta Souleles
Kosta Souleles Prije 6 dana
It was awful.
Jerrmin Rangwani
Jerrmin Rangwani Prije 6 dana
O sensai is one of Bruce's Master per the comic book? 🤔
I agree, Batman is not necessary for the story, I was hopping to see a remake of the Terrible Trio. On the other hand, this is a cartoon rather than a 3D animation, which is a huge asset for me. I watched this movie without expecting much, and actually I enjoyed it.
Scarvanger 17
Scarvanger 17 Prije 6 dana
Is that sub zero?
David Holbrook
David Holbrook Prije 6 dana
Doomsday would have some of the DNA from orcs on well Krypton the power snatchers from marvel those pointy ear dudes or those guys called those are severely corrupted and twisted versions of what the elves on the Krypton supposed to be and some of the DNA from wood imps whatever that called part women part tree part Faye anyway that DNA made it to Earth and became a extremely recessive gene that was really watered down and guess who has it poison ivy the joker may have an extremely watered down barely hanging there thread of a thread of dark elf Gene that was twisted.
David Holbrook
David Holbrook Prije 6 dana
Some versions of the theory state that the book of Revelations have correspondence with what happened to Krypton brainiac IE the beast the dragon and the Kings attached to the beast I.e the guardians of the universe Green lantern guardians etc etc etc etc.
David Holbrook
David Holbrook Prije 6 dana
There's a fan theory that Batman the Wayne family is one of the 13 exiled kryptonians that had their DNA locked out the match whatever species that they were sent to and encrypted severely and that's the reason why Batman can push himself so long and why he can learn so much and why he can't seem to let go it's the tiny bit of Kryptonian that is shining through under layers and layers and layers and layers and layers of falsehuman now this happened a long time ago so his DNA got spliced on some mutants or something and then there's also the theory that Krypton what screwed over by brainiac originally fan theoryized rise that Krypton was originally more like the world of Warcraft and that the kryptonians had their own magic and their own houses and coat of arms and all sorts of other stuff and then brainiac introduced genetically Superior versions that of the people of Krypton that didn't believe in their gods and didn't believe in magic and was super science heavy and literally programmed into their DNA to be more manipulated by brainiac from the shadows The brainiac we know in the show is really a fusion between the AI that the kryptonians built and the AI from that is that is the real brainiac.
R Prije 6 dana
Movie name: Richard Dragon And His Friends: Quest For The Gate Of The Dragon.(and some rich guy dressed as a bat for some reason, who knows)
Alvaro Wilson
Alvaro Wilson Prije 6 dana
Why is bruce Wayne dressed as batman ?
Ollie Connors
Ollie Connors Prije 6 dana
Not gonna lie. This was an amazing film but Batman was unneeded, we could have the martial arts trinity.
MARVEL DC Fan 4 LIFE Prije 7 dana
how are they gonna escape the realm???
Night Fury
Night Fury Prije 7 dana
Movie was great. People always complain
Master Derin
Master Derin Prije 7 dana
First time I felt like Batman was a useless character. It should have just been called, Bruce lee and friends.
farhan Mehmood
farhan Mehmood Prije 7 dana
the movie was alright. byt was so suprised how they killed off jade
farhan Mehmood
farhan Mehmood Prije 6 dana
@FoxRNG did i forget to mention, they set up a sequel for the movie.
FoxRNG Prije 6 dana
@farhan Mehmood And? It literally just came out, that's like leaving the cinema after endgame and saying to the people watching next "Iron man dies" and justifying it by saying "it's out" Spoiler bans lift after 2 weeks and this is a non spoiler review.
farhan Mehmood
farhan Mehmood Prije 6 dana
@FoxRNG its out
FoxRNG Prije 6 dana
Why tf would you spoil it?
Amg B
Amg B Prije 7 dana
***FOR THOSE WHO SEEN IT*** Is it worth watching? Doesn’t have the best ratings but love Batman
It's Over 9000 Productions
It's Over 9000 Productions Prije 7 dana
It was a lot of fun. I love these Elseworld stories. My only issue is that Batman was barely in it.
jakstrieder Prije 7 dana
anyone else confused by the ending or is it just me?
ken riddell
ken riddell Prije 7 dana
if you have seen any bond film or golden harvest film then you have seen this
Clifford Terrell
Clifford Terrell Prije 7 dana
I honestly don't know what to think because I have not finished the movie yet. Every time there's a flashback I stop watching. I hate flashbacks they just take me out of the story.
Clifford Terrell
Clifford Terrell Prije 6 dana
@Jerrmin Rangwani After the first 3 I just lost interest. Plus I am a Kevin Conroy fan.
Jerrmin Rangwani
Jerrmin Rangwani Prije 6 dana
So you also never watch Batman Begins with its flashback?
David Hill
David Hill Prije 7 dana
This movie was horrible. It was extremely boring from beginning to end.
Channel 14
Channel 14 Prije 7 dana
This has to be the least asked for theme or period to see The Batman in by any type of Batman fan, I dont see why this was made at all
MoshTMA Prije 7 dana
Does King Snake (Bane's Dad) have much time in the film or is it just a quick cameo?
MoshTMA Prije 6 dana
@Red Bullet thanks
Red Bullet
Red Bullet Prije 7 dana
He serves as a major opponent against Richard Dragon during the climax, but that’s about it.
SdotVdotHeHott Prije 7 dana
I truly enjoyed this one absolutely 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯 don't listen to ign watch it yourself and you be the judge.
Carlos Albarran
Carlos Albarran Prije 7 dana
i would have enjoyed it much more without Batman.
Gd2knw Prije 7 dana
Batman Anime would be nice.....
Jack Ngo
Jack Ngo Prije 7 dana
It did not really need the batman.
Bala Mohammed
Bala Mohammed Prije 7 dana
to be fair this is the 1st time Richard Dragon was brought to the screen. Therefore, they will have to introduce him as a spin off to established xters like batman
Astacia Mckinnis
Astacia Mckinnis Prije 7 dana
I would love to see this
Christopher Poole
Christopher Poole Prije 7 dana
I thought it was pretty good..I've definitely seen worse animated movies but usually they're animated films are a solid 7 or 8.
Tim Barreto
Tim Barreto Prije 7 dana
this movie was so bad i had to rewatch year one to forget the bad taste this one leaves, what a waste of time
Enki Prije 7 dana
Spoiler alert they all die at the end.
Rohan Asuthkar
Rohan Asuthkar Prije 7 dana
Batman's snapping necks in this movie.
DPS86 Prije 7 dana
The whole movie felt like they wanted to make a 70s martial arts movie, but could only find a budget if Batman was in it.
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever Prije 4 dana
They are all better fighters than batman anyways Batman can’t even beat Cassandra Cain one on one
R ever SE
R ever SE Prije 6 dana
and ? movie was still great.
DPS86 Prije 7 dana
@majin mok I got to the part where they all walked through the door and turned it off.
StephonST Prije 7 dana
Nail on the head.
majin mok
majin mok Prije 7 dana
You are just sad because Batman didn't gave the final blow .
Cleon Hinze
Cleon Hinze Prije 7 dana
It was arite.
Pied Piper
Pied Piper Prije 7 dana
Wb animation is just boring
Hito157 Prije 7 dana
I give your review 7/10
A. Wilkerson 2nd
A. Wilkerson 2nd Prije 8 dana
Watched it last night. Gotta say it was off the chains. Hope there's a sequel soon
Mike The Chicago Critic
Mike The Chicago Critic Prije 8 dana
Wow thus movie is so cool and i like it and its 70s look.
Mason James
Mason James Prije 8 dana
AWESOME!! Can't wait to watch again then part II ?
Sean Casey
Sean Casey Prije 8 dana
Not the best entry. Not really a batman story. More a Richard Dragon story that happens to have batman in it.
MrNumberFour Prije 8 dana
Batman and Bruce Lee? sign me up
Jon_ oVo
Jon_ oVo Prije 8 dana
I loved this movie it’s now my favorite dc movie
promit roy
promit roy Prije 8 dana
Hated it!!!
RRSmurf Prije 8 dana
Really enjoyed this... Agree with 7.
Ovrlrd Unknown
Ovrlrd Unknown Prije 8 dana
Delvin09 Prije 8 dana
Victorian batman, ninja batman, Russian batman, old batman and now 70s batman. What’s next? Future batman with young Bruce instead of terry, or maybe a medieval batman vs jester joker.
james pilcher
james pilcher Prije 7 dana
Elsewords are as DC Comics as Wally West being killed
Terell Williams
Terell Williams Prije 8 dana
So Batman meets Bruce Lee
Major Brix
Major Brix Prije 8 dana
Great movie !
Justin Carawan
Justin Carawan Prije 8 dana
3:23 Cyborg?
Jerel Boza
Jerel Boza Prije 8 dana
Honestly DC can't survive without Batman. AT&T might dissolve or sell them off if they keep fuckinf up like this especially if or once Batman sales in comics, movies, and merchandise start to slip. Cause seriously if I was looking at what sells and only see 1 and sometimes Superman sell yea ight that company is done.
Jerry Dboss
Jerry Dboss Prije 8 dana
Shouldnt have been named Batman who really played no significant role
Master Derin
Master Derin Prije 5 dana
@bigbabysld Agreed
bigbabysld Prije 5 dana
@Master Derin nothing worse than a crappy batman movie...they need to focus on the DCAU movies
Master Derin
Master Derin Prije 7 dana
Agreed. It was infuriating, Batman was totally useless in the movie. It was like he couldn't fight at all.
Nawal Annur
Nawal Annur Prije 8 dana
I would like to see this movie in life action starring the voice actor.
Noctis Lucis Caelum
Noctis Lucis Caelum Prije 8 dana
Same such a brilliant movie
anna Kidney
anna Kidney Prije 8 dana
This really wasn't a batman movie, it was a Richard Dragon movie, guest starring Batman. The 70s theme was cool, a lot of the action was cool. The concept was great. The execution lacked in parts, and frankly the wokeness injected into this pissed me off. Having Bronze Tiger belittle Bruce's trauma of his parents being killed somehow is he is still privileged and then of course having Tiger beat Bruce up. Cause that's what the public want a rich white man beat up my a black man and also being told his trauma doesn't matter, as being a child seeing your parents killed in front of you. Doesn't deserve sympathy cause your white.
Stu Prije 8 dana
Oh wow that's annoyingly political
Ian De leon
Ian De leon Prije 8 dana
Not a batman for me. I like batman noir style story telling.
Daryl Kulenga
Daryl Kulenga Prije 8 dana
DCAU style animation?? I'm down
tiago game altink
tiago game altink Prije 8 dana
Bronze tiger
j man
j man Prije 8 dana
I don't want to watch a 5 minute video, *just tell me if it's worth watching*
Umberto Novelli
Umberto Novelli Prije 8 dana
I slept easily though 2/3 of this. Not the best work WB animation has did.
Jimothy A Steward
Jimothy A Steward Prije 8 dana
Honestly if I was to write it on a scale 1 to 10 it would be a 5 1/2 Batman being the weakest link out of the four of them just didn’t make sense to me. since he has beaten every last one of them in the DC universe, not only that since when is Batman a killer? And not only that the whole Bruce Lee homage was kind of corny what was cool is it took place in the 70s.
Joseph Zhavec
Joseph Zhavec Prije 8 dana
is that dave or David Guintolli?!?! The guy from Grimm?
Denis Boss
Denis Boss Prije 8 dana
The way he said michael jay white bothers me
JeffZ1028 Prije 8 dana
It's how it's spelled too.
JeffZ1028 Prije 8 dana
That's how it's pronounced, its "Jai"
Mob 100
Mob 100 Prije 8 dana
I know this is a crazy idea but what if The Godfather had met bruce Wayne found out that he is batman, and bruce starts helping the corleone family, against the court of owls and their mafia allies.
Trueflame197 Prije 8 dana
Batman should fight covid
Juan Carlos Otero
Juan Carlos Otero Prije 8 dana
It was a really well done movie in my opinion, Lady Shiva and Bronze Tiger were the best. Also Batman was such a noob in comparison with the other guys and I actually liked that lol
MizzyXGamer101 Prije 8 dana
Is it me or repeat himself thought I hit something
Patrick Prije 8 dana
1:12 Spectacular
Brandon Cobb
Brandon Cobb Prije 8 dana
Idk why the art's always meh on these Marvel and DC animated movies. I mean, I do... it's cheaper, easier and no one will question it, but still..
ronin fleming
ronin fleming Prije 9 dana
I wish DC would give batman some cool down time. There tons of characters more interesting than Batman.
jason hearn
jason hearn Prije 6 dana
Batman is way oversaturated i guess DC forgot they have other superman and the rest of the DC universe along with over 80 years of material
FoxRNG Prije 6 dana
More interesting? No. But yes Batman needs a break.
Red Bullet
Red Bullet Prije 7 dana
@Rager Carnage Well Swamp Thing or John Constantine for starters.
james pilcher
james pilcher Prije 7 dana
@Rager Carnage how much time do you have ???
Rager Carnage
Rager Carnage Prije 7 dana
Like who seriously?
Kiran Punnoose
Kiran Punnoose Prije 9 dana
I watched it online earlier today and it was truly epic.
majin mok
majin mok Prije 7 dana
So did I . It's amazing
Derrick Haggard
Derrick Haggard Prije 8 dana
@Kiran Punnoose If they can somehow get Chuck Norris do the lead VA role do it especially if they have Richard's appearance in line with the comics, and not the OG Novel.
Kiran Punnoose
Kiran Punnoose Prije 8 dana
@Derrick Haggard I agree with you. And if they decided to reimage him back into the original version from the comics (red headed blue eyed Caucasian) Chuck Norris should provide his voice to it.
Derrick Haggard
Derrick Haggard Prije 8 dana
Same here this was an awesome movie. And I would love to see a 2nd martial arts film from DC and WB minus Batman focusing on Richard Dragon.
Kiran Punnoose
Kiran Punnoose Prije 8 dana
@JeffZ1028 Incredibly excellent, very 70s mixed with incredible acrobatics from every chinese martial arts films from every era.
Steven Soto
Steven Soto Prije 9 dana
Dude dc crapping anime batman movies this is like the 4th 5th one in like a year
Norfsy Q
Norfsy Q Prije 9 dana
Am I tripping or did he say Michael Juy White?
Norfsy Q
Norfsy Q Prije 6 dana
@JeffZ1028 oh I always thought it was Jay and not Juy
JeffZ1028 Prije 8 dana
"Jai", that's how it's spelled and pronounced.
Tom Hickman
Tom Hickman Prije 9 dana
where can i watch this? specifically services provided in the UK
Yas Bel
Yas Bel Prije 9 dana
Just one question why is Richard dragon asian isnt he a red head Russian
Kiran Punnoose
Kiran Punnoose Prije 9 dana
That true, because in the comics Richard Dragon is a red headed blue eyed Caucasian.
Manny Ramirez
Manny Ramirez Prije 9 dana
This review is too word vomity. Sounds pretentious and hipster af lol
kamalfarhat987 CH
kamalfarhat987 CH Prije 9 dana
i watched the movie,and my review for it is this:" it is not a batman movie"
KKane96 Prije 6 dana
@j man its worth watching, its fun, just dont expect much Batman.
j man
j man Prije 8 dana
@kamalfarhat987 CH Thank you
kamalfarhat987 CH
kamalfarhat987 CH Prije 8 dana
It doesn't contribute to the previous batman and justice league animated movies( flashpoint, batman hush, son of batman.. those type of movies ) so yeah it is not worth watching , u r going to feel like it is a separate movie than the previous ones ..
j man
j man Prije 8 dana
Weird, it not worth watching?
Marc E.T
Marc E.T Prije 9 dana
Sounds like this movie could've used the "Batman: Assault on Arkham" movie treatment. There they focused more on the Suicide Squad characters with Batman more in the background. They would have his name in the marketing and give him minimal involvement, at least until the climax.
majin mok
majin mok Prije 7 dana
@Pcssfc yes it's it's awesome . THE DRAGON
Pcssfc Prije 7 dana
That is exactly what they did
Ribby The Party Frog
Ribby The Party Frog Prije 9 dana
*It really makes you feel like Batman in the 70’s -IGN*
Amg B
Amg B Prije 7 dana
Really is it worth it
Red Harrison
Red Harrison Prije 9 dana
Worst Batman movie ever made period!
JeffZ1028 Prije 8 dana
Doubt it with stinkers like Batman and Robin out there.
Fred Stark
Fred Stark Prije 9 dana
Bruce Wayne meeting Bruce lee.
TigerMacc Prije 9 dana
This is not a batman movie. Low key shows up for 10 seconds. And is in the film for the final 10 min. But take it as you will
DEEP JOSHI Prije 9 dana
Batman picture in Bruce Lee style🤯🤯🤯
Supersmashhead Prije 9 dana
the ending teases a sequel, so is there gonna be a sequel?
Derrick Haggard
Derrick Haggard Prije 8 dana
If we get a sequel please let don't put Batman in it. I want to see a animated Martial Arts movie from DC, and WB starring Richard Dragon heck the plot could be that one storyline form the comics where Richard takes on the martial artist crime lord Ricardo Diaz who goes around committing crimes, and becoming a enemy to Green Arrow using Richard's identity, forcing Richard to take on Ricardo to clear his name.
OscarG787 Prije 9 dana
I wanna know too! 😭
希ᴋɪʙᴏ Prije 9 dana
New52 Bruce wayne was way more handsome and manlier. I was thoroughly enjoying all the new 52 series.
Theworldsbiggestfailure Prije 9 dana
batman wasn't op or the main character i loved it
deVaras Prije 9 dana
Should have just been a Black Dynamite crossover.
lapaul mathis
lapaul mathis Prije 5 dana
Chris Cannon
Chris Cannon Prije 7 dana
I miss that show.
Astacia Mckinnis
Astacia Mckinnis Prije 7 dana
Hell yeah
Prajwal Jayaraj
Prajwal Jayaraj Prije 7 dana
I agree
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