Kids' Show Features Character With Super-Powered Genitals - IGN Daily Fix

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In today's Daily Fix, would you let your children watch this Danish show about a man with a really long and flexible ding dong? In gaming news, a book collecting former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's nuggets of advice is being published in the West. You can pre-order it today! And in related Nintendo news, there's a Gengar plushie where you can stick your whole head in its mouth. Or lie on its incredibly long tongue. Or wrap it around yourself. The possibilities are endless!
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Y alm14
Y alm14 Prije 3 dana
Denmark? That explains it.
Y alm14
Y alm14 Prije 3 dana
That Mustache is a nice touch.
wesley smith
wesley smith Prije 6 dana
Wait til the action figures come out.
Dean Betteridge
Dean Betteridge Prije 6 dana
It's the end times
Gustav Koch
Gustav Koch Prije 12 dana
im from denmark and my brother watches it and i hate it
R520 J R
R520 J R Prije 12 dana
There’s no way in hell this is a kids show. This sounds like an Adult Swim thing
XxNightmarexX _PR
XxNightmarexX _PR Prije 12 dana
God 2nd coming
God 2nd coming Prije 13 dana
No Sydney don’t hurt your eyes!!
Game City Savior
Game City Savior Prije 13 dana
That generation of kids are going to be known slamming their junk in a car door or setting it on fire 😬
Game City Savior
Game City Savior Prije 13 dana
I the it was just a joke, i kept putting it off, but it's exactly what you think.
Chapo Prije 13 dana
Looks like something from adult swim
Cosmic XXIV
Cosmic XXIV Prije 13 dana
Who else was here from the Shorts.😂😂😂
Константин Высоцкий
Константин Высоцкий Prije 14 dana
вот и помер дед Максим...
Mikkel Siegenfeldt
Mikkel Siegenfeldt Prije 14 dana
This video now belongs to Denmark. ÆØÅ!
ShinoDaku Prije 14 dana
I don't want to anything anymore...
Shenan Vindinu
Shenan Vindinu Prije 14 dana
what the F# did I saw!
J R Prije 14 dana
Everyone else shocked and I’m just jealous
Shah Jee
Shah Jee Prije 14 dana
I need mine to be little more bigger so I can save the world.
New Reality Gaming
New Reality Gaming Prije 14 dana
I found Waldos Willy
Ayabonga Hlwele
Ayabonga Hlwele Prije 14 dana
Southstands303 Prije 15 dana
Thats disgusting. You are part of the problem too syd if you have a fav episode and see no issue with it.
Hosea SHPM7
Hosea SHPM7 Prije 15 dana
2:30 😭😂😂😂😥
Dan Garcia
Dan Garcia Prije 15 dana
Idk what's more pathetic, the fact that this show exsist or that ign is so starved for views they'll make a video about it
jesterking Prije 15 dana
I'd like to know what kind of madness the creator of this show was thinking
Red Bullet
Red Bullet Prije 13 dana
It was just supposed to be an all ages way to teach kids about anatomy, and they apparently got input from child psychologists to determine if the show was appropriate or if it could be misinterpreted in other ways.
Noah Dalager Steensgaard
Noah Dalager Steensgaard Prije 15 dana
As a dane I am proud this is how people hear about us! 🤣
DedCobo Prije 15 dana
Whaaats up everbo......wait.... what now?!
Missing No.
Missing No. Prije 15 dana
Glad I don't use cable anymore.
Dylan Connelly
Dylan Connelly Prije 15 dana
It’s not a children’s show, wtf, that is just not a children’s show, I’m sorry, it just isn’t
Andman8210 Prije 15 dana
Y’all need religion
Geremias Orlandi
Geremias Orlandi Prije 15 dana
WTF??? Hahahaha ✌️✌️🤘🤘🇧🇷🇧🇷
Palle Jespersen
Palle Jespersen Prije 15 dana
Well we all take crack soo this is what we got
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez Prije 16 dana
Sydnee is so damn gorgeous and sexy 🥰🌹❤️❤️❤️❤️only reason I’m watching this and subscribed to this channel .....FACTS
AceTanahashi80 Prije 16 dana
And we thought Japan was weird
Larson Davidson
Larson Davidson Prije 13 dana
Meh, still tame compared to some Japanese kids shows.
Ghost Type
Ghost Type Prije 16 dana
So the show is for children but it's nfsw at the same time?.....
Aryan Dey
Aryan Dey Prije 16 dana
Okay, what the actual heck did I just read, this isn't right in so many levels
Fábio Monteiro
Fábio Monteiro Prije 16 dana
Lixo !!! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Malik Kauczki
Malik Kauczki Prije 16 dana
I'm proud to be a Dane. Also, it was pretty funny to hear her try to pronounce Morten Messerschmidt. 😂
Backup Prije 16 dana
Those damn trolls in Denmark.
NewklearPhil Prije 16 dana
By far the cringiest Fix I’ve ever perused.
Shantilal Parmar
Shantilal Parmar Prije 16 dana
Sydnee no outside bra today
normanozwald Prije 16 dana
IGN providing the risky clicks today.
Shadowhawk88 Prije 16 dana
Sydney: "I wanted to see it for myself".
Signe Jensen
Signe Jensen Prije 16 dana
Children will get this humor, aha
xXx_Coney-Island_xXx xXx_White-Fish_xXx
xXx_Coney-Island_xXx xXx_White-Fish_xXx Prije 16 dana
And then, one day for no reason at all
Jeff Cox
Jeff Cox Prije 17 dana
The character's name is John Holmes. Look it up.
malibar1 Prije 17 dana
this is the same for a lot of European shows like in France. America is terrified of sexuality, protect the kids from seeing nudity but it is fine showing someone getting cleaved in half.
Edu D
Edu D Prije 17 dana
Oh it's just Denmark
Peter Nader
Peter Nader Prije 17 dana
This world is going straight to hell It gets me scared to have kids
HEAVY HITTA#1 HEAVY Prije 17 dana
This is desensitization of pedophilia smh😕
Chall Bekan
Chall Bekan Prije 17 dana
Denmark all the way. Lol
ebenezer berty
ebenezer berty Prije 17 dana
Name of song in th3 beginning of the vid?
Deadly Nightkid
Deadly Nightkid Prije 17 dana
It would be okay if it's was for adults, but for the children ! Everything is going wrong in this world...
Rasmus Grove
Rasmus Grove Prije 17 dana
FYI "Diller" is more like saying "willy" in English 😅
Sheldon Singh
Sheldon Singh Prije 17 dana
I think hes actually just a black man😅
Sheldon Singh
Sheldon Singh Prije 17 dana
Wait what
DBZayan Prije 17 dana
Yeah just wait til kids start trying to use their dongs to swing from trees 💀😂
Pistrix3 Prije 17 dana
Go home IGN you're drunk.
Sponge man
Sponge man Prije 17 dana
Finally, a normal clothes
nile3k Prije 17 dana
TheSprengyboy Prije 17 dana
Just when I thought nothing could top Cuties....
DarthRanger55 Prije 17 dana
I am a parent and this is just wrong for a kids TV show, surely there are more intelligent ways to entertain children? The worry also is what if young boys start putting their private parts in or near dangerous things because of the influence of what they are seeing on a basic level. It is a sick mind that invented this crappy show.
SkyleRelyks Prije 17 dana
At least ... what?! No no no NOOO
BrownBearBoxProductions Prije 17 dana
Imagine someone asks some kid who their favourite superhero is lmao
A voice of reason and compassion
A voice of reason and compassion Prije 17 dana
I wonder if these are the things Mr. Fantastic does in his free time.
Ben Cheshire
Ben Cheshire Prije 17 dana
Almost ike South Park and Happy Tree Friends never existed
MrHyjac Prije 17 dana
What is wrong with her? How did she report on this ? AND say “my favorite episode is...” !?!?!??
Edwardo Cumberbatch
Edwardo Cumberbatch Prije 17 dana
2:45 so proud 😂
Sir Amic Varze
Sir Amic Varze Prije 17 dana
Making kids accept themselves for being different is great, but this is just downright weird.
Priest Guardian
Priest Guardian Prije 17 dana
Democrat Left strikes again
Killer Clean
Killer Clean Prije 17 dana
Wtf is wrong with people
Brad Cole
Brad Cole Prije 17 dana
Sebastian Prije 17 dana
Hold up sis
Quack_ A_Doodle
Quack_ A_Doodle Prije 17 dana
He's not allowed to save the whole world cuz it would be sexual harrasment xD
Casper Friis
Casper Friis Prije 17 dana
You americans entertain us all the time intentionally and unintentionally. We are just happy to give something in return :) Can't wait for the US/Latin remake: Senior DingDong!
Piomi Strawhat
Piomi Strawhat Prije 17 dana
This belongs on adultswim....
NinjaRunningWild Prije 18 dana
Denmark is an alternate reality.
just bored
just bored Prije 18 dana
I thought I seen it all but I seen this
G Akers
G Akers Prije 18 dana
How would a female version of this show concept work?
someguy Prije 18 dana
Looking forward to 2050s kids shows
xamon 2
xamon 2 Prije 18 dana
It's pretty funny but seriously weird it's aimed at kids 🤣
Ben Burton
Ben Burton Prije 18 dana
Wow that is like so progressive! 😯 👏 Jesus Christ progressives are human garbage
Business Clown
Business Clown Prije 18 dana
What in sam hill
Blaiselion Prije 18 dana
Don’t usually watch the daily fix, but when I do, dillarman
Abdul Roikhan 14PQARGHOWEMVYXC Prije 18 dana
Nice se
Sir Duke
Sir Duke Prije 18 dana
Hey but his is a skinny we need a balance here.
SKYMERC Prije 18 dana
John has turned himself around after attacking Mother's Milk.
Sir Duke
Sir Duke Prije 18 dana
Lol this whole time I thought I had something special just to be outdone by a cartoon figure. Just wonderful.
Mr. Styles
Mr. Styles Prije 18 dana
Wow what lol.
Judge Dread
Judge Dread Prije 18 dana
G-Quan Booker
G-Quan Booker Prije 18 dana
todd vincy
todd vincy Prije 18 dana
Beats, Games, Life -ZimM804
Beats, Games, Life -ZimM804 Prije 18 dana
Freudian slip at 1:40
musizlover2008 Prije 18 dana
LOL!!!🤣 Those Danish producers must be drunk on drugs and beer to think that innocent, impressionable kids can watch a show about a guy with a superpowered a**.
Angela Miceli
Angela Miceli Prije 18 dana
Is this what kids cartoons are coming down to? No wonder why these kids are crazy nowadays
Joseph BlackWood
Joseph BlackWood Prije 18 dana
Sorry bois, she was talking about me. Better luck next time
AlicetheMalice Prije 18 dana
Never did I think "NSFW" and "Children's Show" would be put together
Pratik Sagle
Pratik Sagle Prije 18 dana
So this is the man with super long...
dubs4 dayz
dubs4 dayz Prije 18 dana
Kid shows just aren't the same anymore lol
lomin8 Prije 18 dana
Just when you thought 2021 couldnt be weirder than 2020 a wild John Dillermand appears.
Lemuel Heath
Lemuel Heath Prije 18 dana
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