Top 10 Most Anticipated Anime of 2021

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2021 is here and that means another glorious year of anime to look forward to. From new adaptations to popular returning series, we'll have a ton to keep us busy all year. Here's our top 10 most anticipated anime of 2021 in no particular order and some honorable mentions at the end!
UPDATE: The Bleach anime does not have an exact release date or release window yet for the last arc. Here's hoping we see an update this year!

The winter 2021 anime season is about to kick off so we'll see upcoming anime like The Promised Neverland season 2, Dr. Stone: Stone Wars, and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime season 2 very soon. As for later in the year, series like Shaman King and Bleach are looking to make a return after being away for years in addition to the continuation of The Rising of the Shield Hero and My Hero Academia. Even the record-breaking Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Train is aiming to release this year in North America so another top anime of 2021 to look forward to.

Whether you're on Crunchyroll, Netflix or another streaming platform, you'll have a ton of 2021 anime to check out this year! Don't forget to stick to the end of the video to see out other anticipated anime 2021 choices that didn't quite make our top 10 anime of 2021. Let us know what upcoming anime of 2021 you're looking forward to in the comments below!
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Pritesh Chandel
Pritesh Chandel Prije 8 sati
It could be more better if you've mention Gintama the final
Peter Panda
Peter Panda Prije 10 sati
Oh snap MC Hammer likes anime.
Bob Visneau
Bob Visneau Prije 15 sati
It’s an Isekai, it’s the one that the Mc meets a goddess that doesn’t like the way he looks, and drop him at the edge of the World
Obsidian Nebula
Obsidian Nebula Prije dan
Hey, I wanted Code Geass season 3 , Shaman King , Log Horizon and Btoom I kinda got the first one, another two are already here so I'm just missing one. NOT BAD actually, not bad at all kek
DPK Prije dan
who cares about bleach. i want hunter x hunter
Kali Kaufusi
Kali Kaufusi Prije dan
Overlord Season 4 needs to come this yr
Nate Pia
Nate Pia Prije dan
Dr stone and reincarnated as a slime already have episodes out right now for season 2. but im mostly pumped about rising of the shield hero and bleach also my hero
zekro Prije dan
how is mushoku tensei is not here?
Δημήτρης Ασημακοπουλος
Δημήτρης Ασημακοπουλος Prije dan
You forgot aot and seven deadly sins, but ok I agree with this list ;)
Antonio Rampersad
Antonio Rampersad Prije dan
mero hero academia is one of the animes that most people wanted to see after the endin in s4 where deku meets the previous one for all holders and the first person of one for all its gonna be lit
Antonio Rampersad
Antonio Rampersad Prije 16 sati
Where mero come from 😂 i mean (my hero academia)
Montell Oliver
Montell Oliver Prije dan
Don’t sleep on radiant
Jerry Hendrix
Jerry Hendrix Prije 2 dana
Came here to see if there was anymore news on Chainsaw Man. That’s going to turn anime upside down.
Lansel50 Prije 2 dana
I wish they’d continue rurouni kenshin and yu yu hakusho.
Oboubia Decker
Oboubia Decker Prije 2 dana
Bleach is coming back????
oliviaღ Prije 2 dana
Elden Ring.. ohhhh Elden Ring..... Oh wait... this is anime.
Gorilanator Prije 2 dana
Seekerxl Prije 2 dana
I want Overloard
Nath Henn
Nath Henn Prije 2 dana
Lol redo of healer
meaneeve Prije 2 dana
Only waiting for Log Horizon
Gregg Alans
Gregg Alans Prije 2 dana
About 10 years or so I was very into Bleach. Had such huge promise. What the hell happened after the hueco mundo arc? Was it better in the manga or something?
Poke Fin
Poke Fin Prije 2 dana
Also Mob psycho 100 season 3 and jojo stone ocean not confirmed heavily implied
ta0paipai Prije 2 dana
Slam Dunk
ta0paipai Prije 2 dana
Raj Chavan
Raj Chavan Prije 2 dana
World trigger season 2...🤑🤑
Anna Laila
Anna Laila Prije 2 dana
Shame on you IGN for not mentioning Muv-luv alternative 👎
Patrick V.
Patrick V. Prije 2 dana
Waiting a bleach game on PS5
Corvo Attano
Corvo Attano Prije 2 dana
bleach,kimetsu and overlord :D
Kristian Prayoga
Kristian Prayoga Prije 2 dana
Hope bleach also animated Cant Fear Your Own World. Cuz we will know who is the real bad guys. And you will understand Aizen and Yhwach motive.
Cyrus Jones
Cyrus Jones Prije 2 dana
I’m still waiting on my Initial D reboot...
LilZombieGurl Prije 2 dana
TheSeductiveGiraffe Prije 2 dana
Aiglos Prije 2 dana
Who ready to see the first Kenpachi in action? Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Juan Ruiz
Juan Ruiz Prije 2 dana
Yussef Jeber
Yussef Jeber Prije 2 dana
Shaman King will eclipse everything else.
Omar Ramirez
Omar Ramirez Prije 2 dana
Where is KENGAN ASHURA PART3 ???????????????
Parker Ludwig
Parker Ludwig Prije 2 dana
Yusuf The Rebel
Yusuf The Rebel Prije 2 dana
Where is that shirt from
Anime Memes
Anime Memes Prije 2 dana
hey interesting video
Paul J
Paul J Prije 2 dana
Oh snap! Give me some more Bleach! Hero Academia....gambarimasu!!!
Navneet Pandey
Navneet Pandey Prije 2 dana
Bleach! ...Final Arc 'WAR' Yeah!
donGripo Prije 2 dana
I'm so effing hyped for Bleach!!
Jay Will
Jay Will Prije 2 dana
World Trigger!
sam54 goku
sam54 goku Prije 2 dana
We’re all here for bleach right
Windycity71 Prije 2 dana
Looking forward to Bleach Promise Nederland and the Demon Slayer movie
Hal Prije 3 dana
No Attack On Titan on the list? U guys trippin🤣🤣🤣
DarK Dantels
DarK Dantels Prije 3 dana
Lol Gintama dethroned DS in Few days 😂. Lol
Mark Wood
Mark Wood Prije 3 dana
Bro, 7 deadly sins?
BLAST Prije 3 dana
One Punch Man season 3 and Yu Yu Hakusho season 5
ALVIN ABYSS Prije 3 dana
all imma say is...Chainsaw Man anime 2021
Nomad _00
Nomad _00 Prije 3 dana
What about world trigger, thats what I'm excited about
MarryJanesBud Prije 3 dana
Studios Shop
Studios Shop Prije 3 dana
Y’all really not even gonna mention AoT season 4?
Mietin Prije 3 dana
Here's to hoping that Kubo can end the anime the way he likes. Just a little more story, scenes and rewriting and it wouldn't be so abrupt.
Abhas Sharan
Abhas Sharan Prije 3 dana
The word that stopped me on : *B* *L* *E* *A* *C* *H*
Ram Dass Thakur
Ram Dass Thakur Prije 3 dana
When does MHA get better ? Please anyone i am on S2
The Truth
The Truth Prije 3 dana
Demon slayer is an ok anime, overhyped honestly.
The Truth
The Truth Prije 2 dana
bailey well that's your opinion
kevin bailey
kevin bailey Prije 2 dana
I think not
trashygamerjon Prije 3 dana
Attack on titan where?!?
GC Langusta
GC Langusta Prije 3 dana
Shaman king!? Noise but Bleach!! Hell yeah 😀😀
Joshua Delacruz
Joshua Delacruz Prije 3 dana
Way of the house husband let's gooooo
Kurby Buckets
Kurby Buckets Prije 3 dana
What about Hunter x Hunter
Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray Prije 3 dana
Dr Stone
Dean Jones
Dean Jones Prije 3 dana
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez Prije 3 dana
It took 7 minutes to tell me bleach is back
Tatienou orest
Tatienou orest Prije 3 dana
Everybody should remember Airgear... But it was not skates😑😑 Please dont insult airgears
Tatienou orest
Tatienou orest Prije 3 dana
Vann Aronne Tolentino
Vann Aronne Tolentino Prije 3 dana
It's criminal how Eva 3.0 + 1.0 is only an honorable mention. And disturbing how seemingly no one else in the comments is talking about it 😭
Muhammed Shayan Asghar
Muhammed Shayan Asghar Prije 3 dana
As someone who has read the manga i really like the fact that they put the way of the house husband in the list
Aaron Mooneyham
Aaron Mooneyham Prije 3 dana
Can’t wait for Shaman king.
Shiranai LS01
Shiranai LS01 Prije 3 dana
Naruto has new generation Inuyasha has new generation Now it's time for bleach
StepDad Gremmy
StepDad Gremmy Prije 3 dana
anime im looking forward to 1- bleach (obviously) 2- chainsaw man 3- record of ragnarok (plss)
At the end of watching the final arc of bleach I think I'll b so sad but cannot wait!
QuizMFlex 07
QuizMFlex 07 Prije 3 dana
I like this guy.
Drew Martin
Drew Martin Prije 3 dana
Bleach is expected in 2021?
Marcel Sarkoezy
Marcel Sarkoezy Prije 3 dana
Finally bleach is back!!! Waited so long for this, i just hope most of the voice actor are the same and no cgi please
Mr. Green Guy
Mr. Green Guy Prije 3 dana
Dr. stone is my cup of tea. But i've been waiting for bleach, too..
Dolan Trimp
Dolan Trimp Prije 3 dana
Baki: Son of Ogre
Craig Dennis
Craig Dennis Prije 3 dana
Isn’t the Moro arc for Dragon Ball Super supposed to some out?
StepDad Gremmy
StepDad Gremmy Prije 3 dana
Not now no official release dates but we can expect it in 2022
Frito lay
Frito lay Prije 3 dana
D B Prije 3 dana
Anyone not waiting for high school dxd S5 and Domestic girlfriend s2?
Mihajlo Milanovic
Mihajlo Milanovic Prije 3 dana
Wait, does this mean that dbs ain't coming out this year? Noooooooo
Chinese Checkers
Chinese Checkers Prije 3 dana
bulletproofman323 Prije 3 dana
I'm actually waiting for Edens Zero's anime.
Sushant Shetty
Sushant Shetty Prije 3 dana
When will Hunter X Hunter be back 😭
geckoo Prije 3 dana
House husband is prolly gonna be like kanto kousei no nichijou
thesly ninja
thesly ninja Prije 3 dana
Can't wait for the rising of the shield hero
Tour Quadrillion
Tour Quadrillion Prije 3 dana
I appreciate that bleach is being mentioned but where the hell is record of Ragnarok???
Viral Prije 3 dana
Shaman King one of the most underrated animes!!! Can’t wait + Bleach
Mo1stMayo Prije 3 dana
So we're not gonna talk about Vinland Saga Season 2?
Salgi Dango
Salgi Dango Prije 3 dana
GrimmJay22 Prije 3 dana
So is Shaman King going to be a remake or do I have to go and watch the old one. Also I hope Record of Ragnarok comes in 2021.
Lendo YouToo
Lendo YouToo Prije 3 dana
Shôto matte!! Shaman king is coming Back? Omg Another year saves by all those Artists!
Fredward and The Bear
Fredward and The Bear Prije 3 dana
Just waiting for Mob Psycho Season 3...
Haluk Ayar
Haluk Ayar Prije 3 dana
kblam1001 Prije 3 dana
finished the house husband manga some time back, was baffled to know it did not have its own anime.. guess its about time now :))
Saif Hussain
Saif Hussain Prije 3 dana
What about vinland saga!!!!
Angry Goblin
Angry Goblin Prije 3 dana
Αll I care about is JoJo part 6. I hope it airs this year.
Ayush Kumar
Ayush Kumar Prije 3 dana
U forgot world trigger it's back
Michael Rumer
Michael Rumer Prije 3 dana
Bleach and Evangelion well be lit
Felipe Fabricio
Felipe Fabricio Prije 3 dana
Log Horizon 3rd Season.
bralo Prije 3 dana
Where's World Trigger??!!...
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