Apex Legends "Fight Night" Lore Analysis - Pathfinder's Creator Revealed

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The latest Apex Legends lore video released new information on Caustic's backstory, Pathfinder's memories, and the reveal of Pathfinder's creator who may be Wattson's mother. Here is everything you might have missed in the "Fight Night" video and a deep dive into Apex and Titanfall lore.
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Epsilon Entertainment
Epsilon Entertainment Prije 14 dana
I know it's popular to put down IGN and those that work there, but this is really well done. Great job!
The Master Samurott
The Master Samurott Prije 15 dana
Just starting playing Apex and I’m trying to get into the lore. Wait so Apex and Titanfall take lance in the same universe????
EliasKiller007 Prije 15 dana
These Apex Videos are literally like a series and every single is a episode in that series
Raven TheShill
Raven TheShill Prije 15 dana
Everyone else: Caustic is one of the worst legends,even after all the buffs. Me:I FEEL MOST ALIVE WHILE RAPIDLY APPROACHING MY DEATH!!!
Reblaster 2006
Reblaster 2006 Prije 11 dana
Nah only caustic mains say he’s bad everyone else knows he busted that’s why everyone complained when they were gonna buff him agian in the fight night update but luckily they didn’t
chease hi
chease hi Prije 15 dana
Saquial Prije 15 dana
That baby can’t be Wattson, she’s in her mid 20’s and the baby was from 50 years ago, but he must be someone we know.
ELanD Prije 17 dana
I think pathfinders creator is Watson’s grandmother (fathers side) and the baby is Watson’s mom Becuase Wattsons mum created Nessie’s for Wattsons as a small child so maybe she had a similar type of teddy and that’s where the inspiration for wattsons mum to make Nessie’s ? the timeline matches up perfectly
poi pug
poi pug Prije 19 dana
Dude imagine if maldera is a new legend that comes with the update there would be very fun interactions between the 2
Ethan Mena
Ethan Mena Prije 20 dana
Wait so, Titanfall and apex are in the same Universe 0-0
Saquial Prije 15 dana
It has been that way since release.
SwitchHandz Prije 20 dana
Nintendo switch version!?! Waiting
Aji Halfa
Aji Halfa Prije 20 dana
Fight night at freeaadyyy..
singhsanghsungh Prije 21 dan
Let this all lead to Titanfall 3 please.
Mr. Wayne
Mr. Wayne Prije 21 dan
I wish respawn would make a animated movie of apex legends I would support it.
Darth Stoner
Darth Stoner Prije 22 dana
I like this game but could never get into the lore like i could with something like OW, seems like an after thought vs OW which feels like the lore has always been there.
Mashable Prije 22 dana
3:23 Baby watson :o
Rory Evans
Rory Evans Prije 22 dana
It's possible that Dr. Amelie P. is most likely Wattson's grandmother. The video on Path's memory log says the year 2658. Wattson was born on 2711, a 53 year difference. It's also stated from the memory log that she was a part of the Phase Runner Energy Crisis that Horizon was trying to stop way back when. Maybe she made that message for Pathfinder to relay the word to the Outlands.
Sharkbrix Prije 22 dana
When I first saw Apex Legends I thought: “just another br shooter game.” But really there’s a lot more to it and the game mechanics and the lore shows that. I’m happy Respawn made Apex cus they’re great at little details and sci-fi lore in their games. I love Pathfinder as a character so this trailer was super cool, love the amount of lore in the universe.
Ray R.
Ray R. Prije 22 dana
I just want Titanfall 3, 😢
HypnovaFPS Prije 22 dana
"I may be smiling, but that also means I'm happy!"
Mattapawd Prije 22 dana
no spoiler warning for titan fall games is a bit odd. literally just picked them up in the 2020 holiday sale
- Baluta
- Baluta Prije 22 dana
Pathfinder is just best M.R.V.N.
Lorena vitoria Dutra
Lorena vitoria Dutra Prije 22 dana
E vapo
Téchnics XD
Téchnics XD Prije 22 dana
Subscribe my channel 👌
Téchnics XD
Téchnics XD Prije 22 dana
@Téchnics XD
Johnny Unami
Johnny Unami Prije 22 dana
Path is by far my favorite character
Søren Jannerup
Søren Jannerup Prije 22 dana
Now, once again i really only want a new Titanfall game. :(
ShutUpLooie Prije 22 dana
Whatever gets us Titanfall 3 thats the theory i want
deepak singh
deepak singh Prije 22 dana
i love this kind of world building
Sakray Prije 22 dana
Nobody talks about how x amount of people are grappling around with a grapple gun...??
Julian Martin
Julian Martin Prije 22 dana
Yeah but they don't have it built in to them
EGRJ Prije 22 dana
So Pathfinder is robot Forrest Gump?
indigo Prije 22 dana
the baby has blue eyes , as does wattson
Almighty Loaf
Almighty Loaf Prije 22 dana
I want a spectre skin for pathfinder
Senshai Prije 22 dana
The jazz like music in the background.....I can't even-
Zephyr Prije 22 dana
Arnab Paul
Arnab Paul Prije 22 dana
"Pesticides for crops. But Caustic started testing them on...living things". WHAT?
C Ol
C Ol Prije 22 dana
@2:49 fast-forward too far? Or rewind too far?
Kenshi Saan
Kenshi Saan Prije 22 dana
ok basically I miss the whole video. thanks for explaining
Dang3r.r 187Jc
Dang3r.r 187Jc Prije 22 dana
Ryder* Prije 22 dana
sick beat IGN wtf :D
Dembuckeyes Prije 22 dana
Respawn has me re hooked
Sensible UK
Sensible UK Prije 22 dana
What a great video by IGN on this great apex story
savesch Prije 22 dana
Looking at the time line doctor P. Is probably Wattson’s grand mother and the little baby is probably Wattson. It also makes sense having Caustic around. This police officer has all the rights to be the new next legends but still I am aspecting Ash.
Tekaruku Uchiha
Tekaruku Uchiha Prije 15 dana
@Gooner exactly
Gooner Prije 15 dana
The baby is too old to be wattson because watsson is in her early 20es
Tekaruku Uchiha
Tekaruku Uchiha Prije 16 dana
The baby would be mother of Watson
saimone sakisi
saimone sakisi Prije 22 dana
So is the detective a new legend or not
THUNDER LOVE Prije 22 dana
I enjoyed the cinematic more than the game
Olphy Prije 22 dana
Nice matel
TIL - AQUILAHELL Prije 22 dana
Byron Wright Jr.
Byron Wright Jr. Prije 23 dana
They are still showing Cyberpunk 2077 ads? Why? 🤨
Largentina TM
Largentina TM Prije 22 dana
@Byron Wright Jr. Yeah, you definitely don't understand how it works. Your comment makes no sense because of it. I also would've put more into the game and less into the marketing budget, but the game is already out and that's not really how it works from that point on.
Byron Wright Jr.
Byron Wright Jr. Prije 22 dana
@Largentina TM I guess I don't. If I had a product that had been criticized so heavily by everyone my marketing budget would have gone back into the product and then once I was ready to release it again I would have a marketing budget.
Largentina TM
Largentina TM Prije 22 dana
Do you not understand how marketing works?
Tibble TV
Tibble TV Prije 23 dana
GREAT JOB STELLA! So much juicy info here!
Itsalex55 Prije 23 dana
You missed so much
No Question 1122
No Question 1122 Prije 5 dana
@parallaxstella lol luv it no filter here👌🤣
parallaxstella Prije 22 dana
@Largentina TM Holy shit bro
Largentina TM
Largentina TM Prije 22 dana
@Itsalex55 You did find alot of extra stuff but the creator of this video has actually seen the sun and breathed fresh air, so it's a little more difficult for them. It's easy for you since HRpost and Apex are your entire life.
Itsalex55 Prije 23 dana
@parallaxstella forge was in two photos at the beginning, the jacket path wears is going to be a skin, the detective has been mentioned in the game ever sense season one, the first time path was fired it was at the place where lobas parents were murdered, caustic was wearing an unreleased skin, the wingman was made my rampart, the baby was horizons because of the hologram constellation, and the ship he was in was horizons which makes no sense but still 👑
parallaxstella Prije 23 dana
? Explain?
MR inFAMOUS729 Prije 23 dana
When i first watching it The fact that pathfinder had major connections with 3 legends
Ramsey Inigo
Ramsey Inigo Prije 23 dana
Wanted more lore. 6/10
Aʀɢᴜᴍᴇɴᴛᴀʀɪsᴛᴀ SCCP333
Aʀɢᴜᴍᴇɴᴛᴀʀɪsᴛᴀ SCCP333 Prije 23 dana
FIRST here
Ace of aces 1
Ace of aces 1 Prije 23 dana
I bet Stella won’t reply to this
parallaxstella Prije 23 dana
I won't ;)
tremaineKR Prije 23 dana
That story was amazing and hilarious.
parallaxstella Prije 23 dana
I was like how is Pathfinder SO BAD at working??
ToonCraft Prije 23 dana
Nice Stella! 👌 Really well put together. Lots to catch on this one. Love your videos! 🍿🤖🥊
Kiran Balachandran
Kiran Balachandran Prije 22 dana
Look who is here. Love your toonz
Derryl Sanders
Derryl Sanders Prije 23 dana
Amazing work! I watch video like these all the time and this one was the best I've ever seen.
parallaxstella Prije 23 dana
ツRedツ Prije 23 dana
We need an Apex Animated Serie. I really loved what they did.
TheGood GameGuy
TheGood GameGuy Prije 17 dana
@ツRedツ Your not wrong
ツRedツ Prije 22 dana
@Trinity Dusk it's mini story about the legends of apex. I love them. But if they were more longer I would really be immersed in the story. And also a lot of people ask for it
Trinity Dusk
Trinity Dusk Prije 22 dana
What do you think tales from the frontier is
Nasser FireLord Arts
Nasser FireLord Arts Prije 22 dana
Series* it has no singular form
Largentina TM
Largentina TM Prije 22 dana
What's a serie?
no pls
no pls Prije 23 dana
This lore video was actually a really cool addition. Can't wait to see where they go with this tbh
parallaxstella Prije 23 dana
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love seeing other people dig into lore!
NC Hawks Fan
NC Hawks Fan Prije 23 dana
Interesting. But I just hope they remove Pathfinder's low-profile passive...
Alumlovescake Prije 15 dana
It makes him worse the passive not better the extra damage makes him die so much easier and he isn't that hard to hit
Ace of aces 1
Ace of aces 1 Prije 16 dana
@DAMN he’s the size of a refrigerator
DAMN Prije 22 dana
His body is too hard to hit especially when he's jumping around because of his wierd hitbox, low profile suits him
parallaxstella Prije 23 dana
Hahaha sameeeee
BAWIN - Prije 23 dana
Is the creator girl not the lady that launched horizon into space
Memist Central
Memist Central Prije 22 dana
Naw, that's probably Ash
BAWIN - Prije 23 dana
@parallaxstella oh yeah just rewatched that short nvm
parallaxstella Prije 23 dana
It's not! They have different accents for sure
wHateVer32 Prije 23 dana
I love apex. I want the new john wick skin but i do not have enough Robux.
chease hi
chease hi Prije 15 dana
@Memist Central you guys are the funniest people every
Memist Central
Memist Central Prije 22 dana
@wHateVer32 Deal! Can we trade on Minesweeper at 7 PM in the morning?
wHateVer32 Prije 22 dana
@Memist Central You are funny man. I can buy you the Kratos skin for Titanfall if you give me some V-bucks for roblox.
Memist Central
Memist Central Prije 22 dana
Yeah, I also want the stoic dark skin in star wars: jedi fallen order
DaBeast34 Prije 23 dana
Mack attack
Mack attack Prije 23 dana
philani takudzwa
philani takudzwa Prije 23 dana
Follow my IG on @calvinwhites19
philani takudzwa
philani takudzwa Prije 23 dana
First here
Steve Le
Steve Le Prije 23 dana
omg he is first!! insane!
Petara Keke
Petara Keke Prije 23 dana
wow omg guys he is first
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