The Medium - The Final Preview

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Prije 13 dana

We take a hands-off look at The Medium, the dual-world third-person horror adventure from Bloober Team that will be released as a next-gen console exclusive for Xbox Series X|S as well as PC on January 28.
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Nershon Kamara
Nershon Kamara Prije 16 sati
Is it me or I can’t find physical copies of this game for pre order on any store?
Mike Hart
Mike Hart Prije 18 sati
Already pre downloaded it. Can't wait and oh yeah back on Xbox from Ps4. XSX was probably the right choice if I watch this review. Can't wait!
Lucas Rodriguez
Lucas Rodriguez Prije 21 sat
Im so curious to see how this game runs on my series S.
Christian Earl Sabijon
Christian Earl Sabijon Prije dan
It's feels more like silent hill than alan wake.
Nekminute Prije 2 dana
VTEGames Prije 3 dana
I feel like this is the closest to a new Silent Hill game we’re gonna get for a while!
Shubham Chaudhary
Shubham Chaudhary Prije 4 dana
I'm too scared to play this game but I also have game pass, hmmmmm.....🤔
stelio kontos
stelio kontos Prije 4 dana
I was gonna nitpick. But then i remembered the game is basically free lol
Ivan Leon
Ivan Leon Prije 4 dana
2 movies at the same time.
Ivan Leon
Ivan Leon Prije 4 dana
PC, not exclusive.
ya sha
ya sha Prije 5 dana
No combat in horror games is the scariest part of these games. Coulda been like silent hill but looks boring like beyond 2 souls.
Gejamugam Latsoomanam
Gejamugam Latsoomanam Prije 5 dana
Well guess that Microsoft cheque cleared for ign to hype up another ryse son of Rome, while sabotaging miles morales review
CHAOTIKZ Prije 5 dana
The way I view The Medium is like this- Silent Hill but made by Remedy Entertainment
Jhonny Castro
Jhonny Castro Prije 5 dana
So for a lot of people suddenly a game with a lot of cutscenes is awasome... Interesting
Joshua Chevy
Joshua Chevy Prije 6 dana
So what your telling me is I need an Xbox now or a PC on top of the Ps5... greatttttttttttt lmao
Kaiden Banes-Hasty
Kaiden Banes-Hasty Prije 6 dana
Enjoy your cute little exclusive Xbox owners.
mohd497 Prije 5 dana
bethesda coming soon
Gurtington Prije 6 dana
2:19 when she walks out of the elevator. It looks a bit like tank controls? Or atleast a fixed camera and hopefully if you push left she goes left regardless of dorection she's facing?
yourignoranttube Prije 6 dana
Got that Fatal Frame vibe
Eddie Cardwell
Eddie Cardwell Prije 6 dana
Observer is so dope. These developers are legit. Wish this came to PS5.
Egyptian King LFC
Egyptian King LFC Prije 6 dana
I have been looking for a game worth playing on the series X. Looks like I found it
Nathaniel Prije 6 dana
This looks amazing, it’s like Luigia Mansion 3 and Silent Hill
sethlamptonjr Prije 6 dana
if it’s next gen exclusive why am i looking at the pre order button right now on my xbox one 😐
mohd497 Prije 5 dana
its a trap
Storm Schutz
Storm Schutz Prije 6 dana
Reminds me of Sally Face
6Pro1Phet9 Prije 6 dana
This should quench those silent hill thirsts...
Spencer Kim Llido
Spencer Kim Llido Prije 6 dana
No weapons? Nah... Pass
Oranguman Prije 6 dana
So how long did the Xbox one last? I'm just saying another console generation?
kubi11 Prije 7 dana
Silent hill 1 we had that way back in the time 😅😅😅
Mark Stephen
Mark Stephen Prije 7 dana
Look at little old Xbox still trying to make interesting exclusives. Aww so cute 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
mohd497 Prije 5 dana
bethesda coming soon
Sam Thomas
Sam Thomas Prije 7 dana
The Mask that Dio took from the Joestar Family finally Returned!!!
jaime marques
jaime marques Prije 7 dana
Rémi Dogger
Rémi Dogger Prije 7 dana
Considering finding a sugar daddy or winning the lottery to be able to buy a gaming pc and play this. My life as a PS4 owner is terrible right now
Tay Tzu Leong
Tay Tzu Leong Prije 7 dana
Looks impressive!
Louie Ovares
Louie Ovares Prije 7 dana
Xbox exclusive?????
Leo K
Leo K Prije 7 dana
Reminds me of silent hill?
Chris G
Chris G Prije 7 dana
So a Silent Hill ripoff?
Alklazaris Prije 7 dana
Stationary cameras... why does it have to be stationary cameras...
ZzgonnazZ Prije 7 dana
dead game, only on Xbox.
RUDE E9 Prije 7 dana
The 2 worlds stuff reminds me of *Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver* ... with these next generation engienes and hardware a remake would be beautifully insane for that game.
Sam D
Sam D Prije 7 dana
Arju Sirius
Arju Sirius Prije 7 dana
At least, this game has one connection with the Silent Hill series, and this is Akira Yamaoka !!
Polint Talu
Polint Talu Prije 8 dana
This feels like that Time shifting stage in Titanfall 2
D T Prije 8 dana
Zdzisław Beksiński ➕
Speek Geek Unlimited
Speek Geek Unlimited Prije 8 dana
this makes me want to buy an xbox
Clark Crusader II
Clark Crusader II Prije 8 dana
Wow it's like the movie of Constantine while he exorcism the girl and he went to the spirit world.
TimeIsUpYourParolesBegun YouKnowWhatDatMeans
TimeIsUpYourParolesBegun YouKnowWhatDatMeans Prije 8 dana
Abusing the capability of next gen tech is one creative way to bring back fixed camera angles. Looking forward to this~
Mao Dijong
Mao Dijong Prije 8 dana
Wait wait wait....last gen Xbox can't run simultaneous games...but it is just 1 game with 2 simultaneous maps or environments running at the same time. And from what was shown here, it does not seem to run all the time and only in specific sections. It was 2 generations ago when MGS 4 did similar things with some of its finally few segments, GTA V on the same console gen had 3 separate protagonists who could be accessed pretty much at any time from any point in the map. What is so new here? And an XB Series exclusive isn't really a system seller considering this can be all played on the PC lol
Frohe Zone
Frohe Zone Prije 8 dana
Does somone get love death and robots vibe from the Spirit world ?
CoTy Y
CoTy Y Prije 8 dana
This WAY more like Silent Hill
Pen Writes - Men-Tal
Pen Writes - Men-Tal Prije 8 dana
I already know the medium will be one of the best story games of all time. A strong power move foe Microsoft
Hamza Isa
Hamza Isa Prije 8 dana
Sooooo Silent Hill
Dragon Prije 8 dana
Someone please release the evil within 3 already
Nova Verse
Nova Verse Prije 4 dana
That would be a Xbox/PC only game, keep that in mind.
Dwayne 'The Brock' Lesnar
Dwayne 'The Brock' Lesnar Prije 8 dana
I'm sick of this mainstreamed horror. It's not scary. If you're scared by the little girl in a mask then you are the biggest coward that ever lived.
Juan Simón Primera
Juan Simón Primera Prije 8 dana
I don't have an Xbox, but this game looks cool.
p4cca Prije 8 dana
This game does look like it got the potential to be scary asf
Elias Astrom
Elias Astrom Prije 8 dana
So... This is basicly Silent Hill meets Bowser's Inside Story?
Boiii !!!
Boiii !!! Prije 8 dana
I hope this one delivers and not flop
Stalwart Shinobi
Stalwart Shinobi Prije 8 dana
I thought from that first shot it looked like control then they say its like alan wake lol
Sinful Faith
Sinful Faith Prije 8 dana
This game and state of decay 3 was why I picked up a xsx
PIJUSH ROY Prije 8 dana
How to play this game in a $340 laptop
Mico Santiago
Mico Santiago Prije 8 dana
I feel like I’ve done this with dishonored 2 during the time travel chapters
Mr Giles ASMR
Mr Giles ASMR Prije 6 dana
@zig zag Z n't
zig zag Z
zig zag Z Prije 8 dana
You have..
FromBeyondTheGrave1 Prije 8 dana
So in other words its nothing at all like Alan Wake, I would easily accepted something like its Shattered Memories done right, but to compare it to a completely different genre and gameplay feel is just unfortunately par for the course with today's journalism.
Solidus Big Boss
Solidus Big Boss Prije 9 dana
The spirit world is a little similar to prey 2006. Using your other half to solve puzzles.
heretustay Prije 9 dana
Looks really cool! Can't wait to be disappointed.
LaputianPrince Prije 9 dana
I'm kind of a p*$$y when it comes to horror games, but this looks awesome
Josh Fish
Josh Fish Prije 9 dana
This game is gonna tank in sales because it’s impossible to get a series x/s right now I feel bad for those devs they are probably panicking
mohd497 Prije 5 dana
Microsoft supported the development. I dont think cash is the main worry at the moment :p
Callum O’Dare
Callum O’Dare Prije 8 dana
It’s on Gamepass day one, don’t worry, with the budget for the game and money their getting from Xbox they should be fine, it has time to make money. It doesn’t need an immediate cash revenue because Xbox pays upright with Gamepass, not per download
cfViotti Prije 9 dana
Soul reaver anyone?
Snipers Range
Snipers Range Prije 9 dana
So basically silent hill
Matthew Hoover
Matthew Hoover Prije 9 dana
Dumb not happy with it
lieutenant fox
lieutenant fox Prije 9 dana
I'm glas they're being honest about the console things :)
Dan Gee
Dan Gee Prije 9 dana
This is literally just Silent Hill... like, everything about it is Silent Hill.
Carl R
Carl R Prije 9 dana
Ehh.. I don t know. The split screen thingy doesn t sound amazing. I would prefer to just go into the other world in one screen like it's done in silent hill games.
Nero Mirza
Nero Mirza Prije 9 dana
Is that silent hill origin referens? Mirror world
The1Ghost Prije 9 dana
Austin Kuczewski
Austin Kuczewski Prije 9 dana
I'm glad that Ryan is at IGN, because he's the only one there that will cover Xbox. I swear no one else wants anything to do with Xbox at IGN.
Juantuah Agyemang
Juantuah Agyemang Prije 9 dana
Tis reminds me of prince of persia: two thrones
The Blade Runner
The Blade Runner Prije 9 dana
4 hours!
Keno Rose
Keno Rose Prije 9 dana
To be honest I would prefer to have a game more like Silent Hill rather than those two worlds at once, don't like the idea.
DapDap Prije 9 dana
Will this be on pc?
Carlos Alvarez
Carlos Alvarez Prije 9 dana
Yes sir
Shadow325 Prije 9 dana
With all these xbox games coming to PC I see little reason to ever wanna buy an xbox, atleast PlayStation has actual platform exclusives to make the console worth it
mohd497 Prije 5 dana
Dude no one is that rich to own a console and a pc
Nino Sokrivo
Nino Sokrivo Prije 9 dana
Is it a visual novel like Until Dawn ??
Vincent Goudolupi
Vincent Goudolupi Prije 9 dana
Silent Hill
Rambo Despotovic
Rambo Despotovic Prije 9 dana
I don't like the idea of 2 worlds. Was looking forward to this game.
DrHouse146 Prije 9 dana
It's always a creepy little girl or a creepy music box. :D
Matthieu Meunier
Matthieu Meunier Prije 9 dana
Ps5 and Xbox Series X are the current gen. Ps4 and Xbox One are old gen ... just sayin'
Dusk278 Prije 9 dana
So it’s Beyond Two Souls for Xbox
Video Nomad
Video Nomad Prije 9 dana
Was here,
Anh Hoang
Anh Hoang Prije 9 dana
Silent hill
Anonymus Entity
Anonymus Entity Prije 9 dana
Game looks great except for one thing. The movement and animations look super janky, breaking immersion. If they can fix that, it'll be amazing.
Zero Reverse
Zero Reverse Prije 9 dana
Its like alan wake and silent hill had a child
AJTComicsBrand Prije 9 dana
Split screen doesn't work. Already a flop.
qhairel rafiqi
qhairel rafiqi Prije 9 dana
This feels like. Silent hill. Not Alan Wake. At least to me
Alpha Santori Plays
Alpha Santori Plays Prije 8 dana
Even the two worlds concept is from Silent Hill as well.
JFKTV Prije 9 dana
And it has music from Akira Yamaoka.
awo machine
awo machine Prije 9 dana
Its like Alan Wake spiced up with Dreamfall to me :o
Venno9 Prije 9 dana
very unique! can't wait to try it out.
PISSWORLD Prije 9 dana
silent hill and alan wake both have combat. I refuse to give any of my time to another of these crappy hide and seek simulators
Apollo Gaming
Apollo Gaming Prije 9 dana
The large- fries
Wally Wheezes
Wally Wheezes Prije 9 dana
Guess I need to get an xbox now
SpiceYourLife Prije 10 dana
I'm pretty sure the ps5 can't do this $h1t.
Open Door English - Tom Davidson
Open Door English - Tom Davidson Prije 10 dana
Soul Reaver! Well, kind of.
Andrei Calinoaia
Andrei Calinoaia Prije 10 dana
I've got to say: I've played almost all of Bloober Team's projects, but this one looks like their most ambitious and interesting so far. All of them have been great, but this one just seems almost AAA quality.
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