What to Expect From Marvel in 2021

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2020 may have been a ghost town when it came to new MCU content, but that's anything but the case in 2021. From the long-awaited releases of Black Widow and Eternals to the first wave of MCU shows on Disney+ to Marvel's ongoing X-Men renaissance, here's all the great Marvel content you can look forward to in the year ahead.
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NSE&A Channel
NSE&A Channel Prije 7 dana
Boring with Marvel movie, just comedy and CGI, nothing special... 💩💩👎👎
ENDER DRAKE Prije 8 dana
Tbh I'm just waiting for spiderman 3 cus the OGs are coming back
William Doombot
William Doombot Prije 9 dana
Marvel and Sony team up to combine their own universes going into the multiverse and then work as one cinematic universe to finish off an huge expansive story. I honestly can’t wait for a Tom Holland Spider-Man to meet Tom Hardy’s Venom.
Michael Wojcieszek
Michael Wojcieszek Prije 9 dana
lol...your very first fact in this video is wrong - its far from home, not homecoming - you need to update both the vidoe clip and audio otherwise it ruins your credibility for the rest of the article
Oliver Phoenix
Oliver Phoenix Prije 9 dana
I hope no one goes to morbious, jared leto does not deserve any attention. Guy is slimey.
Deccy Dude
Deccy Dude Prije 9 dana
if she-hulk is in Spider-Man 3 and daredevil isn’t, I will be so pissed 😤
Safti Anis
Safti Anis Prije 9 dana
First l love the ideal of Sony marvel universe , second l hope marvel make games one of thier main focus , finally l love to see how fox characters like x-men join the MCU
William Doombot
William Doombot Prije 9 dana
I’d love to see all the universes combine into one
Elijah E
Elijah E Prije 9 dana
0:41 Ah, yes, Spider-Man *Homecoming* was released in July 2019. Not 2017.
Parzival Prije 9 dana
Marvel will dominate and destroy tv and box office in 2021...tbh..no one stands a chance against them...
Ross Prije 9 dana
Just when you were glad the superhero craze was over...
Shakun Relhan
Shakun Relhan Prije 9 dana
Title : What to expect from marvel in 2021. Me : bought it Video : Avengers Me : Done!
sfrancobosborng Prije 9 dana
No new marvel content in 2020? Was the new mutants movie really that hated? lol
Ryuoka Animation
Ryuoka Animation Prije 9 dana
it's not gonna happened again..what are marvels thinking? nowadays are cell phones era. or just release Marvel's Movies in Tv. Just purchase it and you can make profits. There are countries prohibit cinema.again. what are Marvel thinking? delay and delay and another delay.
bulletsunderpressure Prije 9 dana
I need gambit!
Bardock 26
Bardock 26 Prije 9 dana
Need a new X-men animated series and game
Y2H Y2H Prije 9 dana
I miss Chadwick boseman
DiamondBoy's Games
DiamondBoy's Games Prije 9 dana
Agent's of shield kept me alive in 2020
Rohit • 12 years ago
Rohit • 12 years ago Prije 9 dana
Marvel true fans don't need this expectations as we know that when will which step would be taken by marvel as before endgame I predicted almost the movie
Marcus Kaufman
Marcus Kaufman Prije 9 dana
Didn’t comment that marvel was an entire season of Fortnite for gaming
Alvin Prije 9 dana
John Yasensky
John Yasensky Prije 9 dana
What's an eethree?
MD Prije 10 dana
Morbius is in mcu not venom-verse
label613 Prije 10 dana
Deadpool. Just give me deadpool
irregular mana
irregular mana Prije 10 dana
Not a single mention of guardians 3
Gerardo Duran
Gerardo Duran Prije 10 dana
What a great time to pause: 4:15
JONATHAN Y Prije 10 dana
All the marvel movies are boring now
Vortex Rim
Vortex Rim Prije 10 dana
All I gotta say is they better not ruin Tom Holland's character by making him bi. No hate but don't do that to the character.
Chris Rybski
Chris Rybski Prije 10 dana
Homecoming came out in Summer 2017 😐
Louis DellaLucca
Louis DellaLucca Prije 10 dana
The new Thor and Venom: King in Black comics are amazing! I would lose it if they revived the X-Men Animated Series. Not from scratch. Pick up after the 90s series ended
David Hill
David Hill Prije 10 dana
Wasn't New Mutants released in 2020?
A D Prije 9 dana
That’s not mcu
Matthew Cronin
Matthew Cronin Prije 10 dana
Patton Oswalt voicing MODOK is a perfection level I never knew existed.
James Hall
James Hall Prije 10 dana
RedLion13bravo D
RedLion13bravo D Prije 12 dana
What to expect lololol
Kartik Vats
Kartik Vats Prije 12 dana
06:41 Oh didn't expected this actually.... His costume is just hell....
Deepak Menon
Deepak Menon Prije 9 dana
Its a Halloween costume....have you been living under a rock?
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Prije 13 dana
There's enough marvel content this year to make up for three years.
Knightmare Celestial
Knightmare Celestial Prije 13 sati
Its going to be like this for the next 20 years not counting the sony shows and movies and marvel making 5 mcu movies a year starting in 2022
Phillip K. Dennison
Phillip K. Dennison Prije 14 dana
0:41 I understand this confusion because both movies have the exact same plot and character arc for Peter
Stuart The Hedgehog
Stuart The Hedgehog Prije 14 dana
Spider-Man: Far From Cumming
Ben benjamin
Ben benjamin Prije 14 dana
Insomniac should make a marvel universe that would be sick
The 25th Baam
The 25th Baam Prije 14 dana
I don't expect much from Marvel anymore
Melonsus Prije 14 dana
Agents of shield is part of mcu??????
Wasi Raza
Wasi Raza Prije 14 dana
Any news on spider-verse
Comic Creators yt
Comic Creators yt Prije 14 dana
#0:41 I’m sorry wut
Eragon Bromsson
Eragon Bromsson Prije 15 dana
I would like to see the Young Avengers.
deepak kumar
deepak kumar Prije 15 dana
Spider man far from home was released in 2019..
HanLan Prije 15 dana
What to expect ? Decline
Bruce Aitken
Bruce Aitken Prije 15 dana
Please do not refer to it as the "gaming" world, it is the "Playstation world" that the games will be on. Yes, we have the BASE game on Xbox that doesn't work...
The White Op
The White Op Prije 15 dana
I’m personally looking forward to Morbius seeing how Vulture, Mysterio, Eddie Brock, and J Jonah Jameson will be in it. I think they’re trying to possibly form the Sinister Six. Since Doc Octopus and Electro are also coming back and we already have Scorpion in the universe technically. I don’t know, just a theory.
SNINAZE Prije 15 dana
CJ Groove
CJ Groove Prije 15 dana
How about a movie, video game, or rebooted animated series on Spider-man and His Amazing Friends.
CJ Groove
CJ Groove Prije 15 dana
If they are going to make animated series I wish they would look more like the video games than anime.
Mr Take Yo Gurl
Mr Take Yo Gurl Prije 15 dana
I just love marvel so much! I can’t wait for the new batman 😜
Elita Vintere
Elita Vintere Prije 10 dana
Soma 1
Soma 1 Prije 15 dana
Expect gender/race swaps and poorly written movies with lots of cgi and diversity quotas ticked 👌🏻
Shane Harrington
Shane Harrington Prije 15 dana
Punisher Anything please...
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown Prije 15 dana
I'd love to see a marvel wolverine game also spawn and blade.
REG Prije 15 dana
(0:43) it’s July 2017, not July 2019
David Grouix
David Grouix Prije 15 dana
It has already been announced that Charlie Cox will be in the MCU in some way, as Matt Murdoch. Also most of the Netflix rights have already reverted back. Kevin Feige has admitted he really likes the Netflix Daredevil, Punisher, and Jessica Jones. I believe Bernthal will continue on as Punisher in the MCU. This seems like allot of old info in this video.
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes Prije 9 dana
There has been no credible source or studio confirmation that I can find, that states that these characters/Charlie Cox will be revived in the MCU. All just rumors really. That's not to say that it can't be true though, but like Mr. Feige said "never say never about anything".
SonRoku 361
SonRoku 361 Prije 15 dana
I waited a whole year for this & my excitement is getting STRONGER!!!!!
Woods Sylvain
Woods Sylvain Prije 15 dana
nothing is coming out. untill the vaccin works.
Thereal Nodeezeee
Thereal Nodeezeee Prije 16 dana
Looking forward to the movies is great and all but let’s face it we ain’t seeeing movies this year 😂
Dean Khayal
Dean Khayal Prije 16 dana
The more, the better? Quantity over quality?
Jocelyn Jones
Jocelyn Jones Prije 16 dana
Who saw Spiderman and just looked at the video???
Battleaxe Gaming
Battleaxe Gaming Prije 16 dana
Can i get 1 subscriber🥺 I upload gaming related videos but my channel isnt growing😔
McRib Prime
McRib Prime Prije 16 dana
I’m not confident MCU peak was endgame. Ironman replaced by Iron heart. Hulk killed in She Hulk Thor replaced by Jane foster Captain America replaced by the absolutely horrific captain marvel. Hawk eye replaced by Kate Bishop. I’ve little interest in the MCU moving forward.
Your Mom Says Wash your hands
Your Mom Says Wash your hands Prije 16 dana
I think you're gonna see a huge loss in interest for ALLOT of this stuff. Hopefully the $$steam power$$ of Dads and their children will carry them through to all that profit they didnt want to lose in 2020. 🙄
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes Prije 9 dana
I mean, the MCU makes an average of a billion dollars per film at this point. I think they'll be fine
William Huynh
William Huynh Prije 16 dana
We have 10 marvel “movies” in 2021 Let that sink in Also, we got venom and morbius
Fnaf Champion
Fnaf Champion Prije 16 dana
Black panters actor died
DestroyerofGods 1
DestroyerofGods 1 Prije 16 dana
It would be insane if they made an episode of What If where Thanos gets the gauntlet AGAIN at the end of Endgame and snaps his fingers. It's so dark.... I would love to see that.
Oriental Frog
Oriental Frog Prije 16 dana
Suicidalizm Prije 16 dana
All Marv. 👎🏻
Corporal Quinn II
Corporal Quinn II Prije 16 dana
Wasn't "Ant Man 3" confirmed for 2021 Or is it just me The second one (ant man/wasp) movie had a cliffhanger at the end
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes Prije 9 dana
Wasn't the cliffhanger just them being dusted? If so, then that 100% got resolved.
DerektheDalek Prije 16 dana
MVC needs to die as a franchise after Infinite. Let a solid Marvel only fighting game on consoles worthy of the Injustice series for DC take its place.
Big Man
Big Man Prije 9 dana
Lol it doesn’t need to die, both can exist
Da Professor
Da Professor Prije 9 dana
Who hurt you?
DerektheDalek Prije 15 dana
@Redcrow Exactly what I said? Let the franchise that was been forced to stay on life support since 2001 because of endless Evo nonsense and 'MakeMahMarvel' die and have a fighting game every Marvel fan can enjoy that doesn't have half its roster taken up by characters who haven't had their own games in years.
Redcrow Prije 15 dana
What are you even trying to say?
Stephen Ward
Stephen Ward Prije 16 dana
Paul Giamatti as Rhino! in the untitled Spiderman 3 film, cos why not :D
Jerry Kokkat
Jerry Kokkat Prije 16 dana
Just release on ott of Black Widow & Spiderman 3 movies
koelhohleok Prije 16 dana
I expect movies from Marvel.
Syan Reeze
Syan Reeze Prije 16 dana
Will Ghost Rider making a comeback?
YouTube Ed
YouTube Ed Prije 16 dana
ash Jojo
ash Jojo Prije 16 dana
Blade 4 aka wesley snipes only or PASS! Spiders man sequels ANIMATION thanks SONY'S or cheers. Transformers unicorn & matrix 4 only original cast simply or flop as usual. Info trailers & releases date thanks.
ash Jojo
ash Jojo Prije 16 dana
ash Jojo
ash Jojo Prije 16 dana
ANIMATION spiders man verse only TOO. 22 ERA YEAH?
ash Jojo
ash Jojo Prije 16 dana
Blade 4 aka wesley snipes only or FLOP CONFIRMED! Transformers unicorn & matrix 4 only thanks.. release dates & updates too. Cheers.
ash Jojo
ash Jojo Prije 16 dana
OLCtv Prije 16 dana
So the 3rd Spider Man releases in December ⁉️⁉️⁉️
blackghostblaze2 Prije 16 dana
I think it would be great if Marvel came with another x-men game or Ultimate alliance game.
Orang3 Monkey
Orang3 Monkey Prije 16 dana
2021 laughing at your plans HAHA. It will be worse than 2020.
Pedro Kantharia
Pedro Kantharia Prije 16 dana
I'm bored. That's it.
Esteban Jaramillo
Esteban Jaramillo Prije 16 dana
Arkham-style Daredevil game is too awesome an idea not to happen...
Your Subconscious
Your Subconscious Prije 16 dana
Disney Logo patches on each characters' costumes?
DEAL151 Prije 16 dana
...a whole lot.
EVTENDO LTD. Prije 16 dana
Correction (usually I don't do stuff like this): morbius comes out March 19th not the 9th and spider man homecoming didn't come out in July of 2019 it came out July 2017.
trent kursen
trent kursen Prije 16 dana
most excited for what if!
dom lemon
dom lemon Prije 16 dana
Spike Bebop
Spike Bebop Prije 16 dana
I can't wait to see what they have in store for X-Men for MCU 😎😎
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris Prije 10 dana
I know it wont happen but imagine if it has the 1980 or 60 X-Men theme
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris Prije 10 dana
I just hope it's great as the X-Men are legit amazing as hell
Zakynthos Prije 15 dana
'X-Men days of future past' was a superb movie
Ethan Shaw
Ethan Shaw Prije 16 dana
Gimme more Punisher
The Hondras Crew
The Hondras Crew Prije 16 dana
What to expect marvel 2021 ABSOLUTELY NOTHING 😂😂😂
Ray Wilson
Ray Wilson Prije 16 dana
@Angel Pérez why so triggered Disney bot?
Angel Pérez
Angel Pérez Prije 16 dana
GTHO hater
Nick Colen
Nick Colen Prije 16 dana
I hope they fold modoc into there other projects as its comic tie in is a lot of fun
Trajoan Mayberry
Trajoan Mayberry Prije 16 dana
Best MCU Moment 0:00-0:07
Silver Spectre
Silver Spectre Prije 16 dana
2:40 wasn’t it confirmed that Charlie Cox is coming back in Spider-Man 3
the DARK BANKAI Prije 16 dana
im so glad they canceled the Marvel tv series , remember the Inhumans it looks terrible my advise is they should stay with MCU movies and let DC do tv series it just doesn't work with Marvel not with tv series
disney era power rangers
disney era power rangers Prije 16 dana
You're judging all shows for just one?
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith Prije 16 dana
- SalemCrow -
- SalemCrow - Prije 16 dana
Never even knew Helstrom existed until now is it actually part of the mcu?
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