Valorant - Official Retake Cinematic Trailer | Episode 2

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Watch the cinematic trailer for Episode 2 of the tactical shooter game, Valorant.
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Samuel HMF
Samuel HMF Prije 3 dana
Apex cinematic?
Baljinder Kumar
Baljinder Kumar Prije 3 dana
Epic man epic
SlenderMan Der Ritter
SlenderMan Der Ritter Prije 4 dana
So, like are they dead or..?
Brayan Lopez
Brayan Lopez Prije 4 dana
I think we are having a new map
Jesuloba John
Jesuloba John Prije 5 dana
Wait, what was that, a covid 19 temperature checker?
Diego Peña
Diego Peña Prije 5 dana
CS:GO is better, dont @ me
Phoenix Edits
Phoenix Edits Prije 5 dana
My girl jet :(
Alu card
Alu card Prije 5 dana
This was 10 out of 10 at least 9 and a half
Rafael Quillopas
Rafael Quillopas Prije 5 dana
I want that comb knife.
Frans Frans
Frans Frans Prije 6 dana
Cs, do something -_-
Joeren Formento
Joeren Formento Prije 6 dana
Guys it's riot games and asking them to create a movie won't work I am a league player.
John Ekow
John Ekow Prije 6 dana
This os cool 😎
Jophin123 Prije 6 dana
Caleb Pringle
Caleb Pringle Prije 6 dana
Everyone in the comments: Damn this would make an awesome movie wouldnt it guys?? League players for the last 10 years: Yeah... that'd be great.
Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee
Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee Prije 7 dana
omg, please make the spike near-exploding float off environmental things, even if it's just cosmetics.
Not Visible
Not Visible Prije 7 dana
I ship this
Iam Creed
Iam Creed Prije 7 dana
This is going to be amazing
onidub Prije 7 dana
I want to play it because i see an oni
Steez Nutzi
Steez Nutzi Prije 7 dana
"ReMemBeR sTay Out oF THe FiRe"
JAlfredPrufrock2012 Prije 7 dana
Seems to be lacking representation. I didn’t see any white men, native Americans or black women.
Blü Morse
Blü Morse Prije 7 dana
This isn't all of the characters. Brimstone, Breach, and Sova are all white to my knowledge Raze to my knowledge is black The game definitely isn't lacking in the representation department, having 14 characters from 12 distinct countries from around the globe
Life's a Game
Life's a Game Prije 7 dana
Super 👍
Vishnu Prasanth
Vishnu Prasanth Prije 7 dana
Viper had lag
Phred Bookley
Phred Bookley Prije 7 dana
Name of the music at 2:37 ?
Techno Klutz
Techno Klutz Prije 7 dana
Campaign mode please... 😋😋😋
EGRJ Prije 7 dana
Nothing Personnel, kid.
WeezeWitz Prije 7 dana
Take my money if you made this to a movie
W.M Afif
W.M Afif Prije 7 dana
Man,i don't like this cinematic,seeing jett,viper and cypher dead :/
E Chen
E Chen Prije 7 dana
In reality they all died in 3 seconds
Cedrick Gousse
Cedrick Gousse Prije 7 dana
That was an incredibly original cinematic. That team deserves all the awards!
It's Amazester
It's Amazester Prije 7 dana
Tried to do the crypto and mirage thing from Apex legends!
Walking Shadow
Walking Shadow Prije 7 dana
Ps4/5 ?
Puru Arora
Puru Arora Prije 7 dana
PC, and that too for free
Neilbert Millar
Neilbert Millar Prije 7 dana
Dead game
Chainedpillow6 Prije 8 dana
Into the Spider Verses team and Valorant team working together would be awesome
innocent baraka
innocent baraka Prije 8 dana
0:44 That Reality Tear is Epic
G_Serpy Prije 8 dana
Okey, this game dead.
edgarector Prije 8 dana
Why there isn't a single upcoming game that is actually interesting to me?
World Of Wonder
World Of Wonder Prije 8 dana
i just started my new channel i would be sooo glad if you just check it out and support me thnk u so much❤❤❤
The SureFire Gamer
The SureFire Gamer Prije 8 dana
What about that console port, tho?
Roberto Gonzalez
Roberto Gonzalez Prije 8 dana
They need to port that game on console
Ricochet Brain
Ricochet Brain Prije 8 dana
Netflix called, They say they'd LOVE to partnership with Riot
mjHushpuppy Prije 8 dana
Man Jett, Viper, and Cypher made fodder to prop new guy/Phoenix up. Animation looked great though.
cain035 Prije 8 dana
Ah yes, the two male characters completely own and trample over the lame female heroes.... - - Cinematic Is cool and all but that clear divide of 2 male 2 females was kinda odd? (I know cypher is also there but gets yeeted in half a sec)
Hat Beat
Hat Beat Prije 4 dana
In the game all female agents have more advantage from their abilities compared to their male counterparts who more rely on their mechanical skill i.e aim
Colin MacKenzie
Colin MacKenzie Prije 8 dana
I'm not really into Valorant but this cinematic is pretty cool.
Keller Bushman
Keller Bushman Prije 8 dana
Gives me apex vibes
Maricela Ghanem
Maricela Ghanem Prije 8 dana
Ayo who actually LIKES this game?
RushHall Prije 8 dana
Hipsters Wars
Fel Al
Fel Al Prije 8 dana
1:37 octane: Hey hermano! 🤟
mathieu st-onge
mathieu st-onge Prije 8 dana
im confused, is this a cannon story like are the other character really dead XD?
Dug From The Earth
Dug From The Earth Prije 8 dana
why would he get that close to the initial engagement with an empty magazine?
Timotious01 Prije 8 dana
Dats the longest Phoenix ult ive ever seen 0:32 - 2:13
wHateVer32 Prije 8 dana
Why doesn't the game look like this. Bad studio.
Till Casper
Till Casper Prije 8 dana
Wowwwww gorgeous
Blitz Kaiser
Blitz Kaiser Prije 8 dana
0:44 favorite moment
DARK MANIAC Prije 8 dana
That's a one hell of goosebumps right there🤩🤩
Jacob H
Jacob H Prije 8 dana
So sombra
Ninehams Prije 8 dana
Retake the capital Kappa!
Hooweee Prije 8 dana
The game is not dead? Thought it loses majority of the player by now
The Amazing Spiral-Man
The Amazing Spiral-Man Prije 6 dana
Valorant is still pretty huge in Asia
The Amazing Spiral-Man
The Amazing Spiral-Man Prije 6 dana
As a fighting game player, none of y'all actually know what a dead game community looks like
Federico Caballero
Federico Caballero Prije 8 dana
It's not, the community is still too active in the game, not as warzone, but it's still active
Literally Polio
Literally Polio Prije 8 dana
People play valorant? lol
snuts123 Prije 8 dana
people still play this game?
AlexJCorona Prije 8 dana
Animation style is a really nice blend
Classic Ghost Rider
Classic Ghost Rider Prije 8 dana
What is this? I’ve never heard of it before.
Leo Prije 7 dana
@Classic Ghost Rider Just pc unfortunately
Classic Ghost Rider
Classic Ghost Rider Prije 7 dana
@Leo is it on console or just pc?
Leo Prije 7 dana
Valorant F2P game
Rickli80 Prije 8 dana
CHUNKAVELLI 🎧 Prije 8 dana
Stryder Prije 8 dana
Jett could have revived her teammates there.
Coughy Prije 8 dana
The blue guy's character design is really bad
Kamaboko Gonpachiro
Kamaboko Gonpachiro Prije 8 dana
They always try to show Jett a bad guy xD
Andy M
Andy M Prije 8 dana
Maybe i'll update the game this time then....haven't done so since...Idk, maybe when that purple lady came out.
Sabotarian Prije 8 dana
Dead game
Benny Banner
Benny Banner Prije 7 dana
xbrownXrecluse Prije 8 dana
Fake you can run
Zoë Prije 8 dana
Razor mask
11d3adly11 Prije 8 dana
Kinda look like Crypto with blue hair and no drone from apex. . Still looks cool tho
Shantanu Singh
Shantanu Singh Prije 8 dana
Lol dude, so true. I hope crypto could have powers like him because he is no fun
Tremori Prije 8 dana
I always hate it when big companies come up with great ideas for characters before I do.
Olatunde Akala
Olatunde Akala Prije 8 dana
Give me a movie like this please
Will Unlocked
Will Unlocked Prije 8 dana
Imagine this was a movie!...spiderverse anyone?
OGG Prije 8 dana
I would 100% play this game if they removed the kernel
Can anybody that plays this confirm it's fun? Just curious.
GANJEDI MAFIA Prije 8 dana
Yup it's my fav. Game play this for more than 3+ hours everyday just play with your friends don't random que if u like games like csgo ull definitely like it
Jonathan Reyes
Jonathan Reyes Prije 8 dana
I wonder what’s the story of Valorant ?
Benny Banner
Benny Banner Prije 7 dana
If you search valorant lore there's multiple videos if you want to learn about it
Mirai Sotokanda
Mirai Sotokanda Prije 8 dana
It has a really complicated lore.
Fei Dragoon
Fei Dragoon Prije 8 dana
Just looking to see if they selling a gun skin for 100 dollars again... 👀
SabreScar Gaming
SabreScar Gaming Prije 8 dana
don't buy it bro, we like it we buy it.
Sponge man
Sponge man Prije 8 dana
Best cinematic, disappointed game
Kamaboko Gonpachiro
Kamaboko Gonpachiro Prije 8 dana
Sabotarian Prije 8 dana
Disappointing* but whatever I guess the game is kinda dissapoining
Sidhanth Sharma
Sidhanth Sharma Prije 8 dana
Wraith.exe including valorant
Sgt. Comms
Sgt. Comms Prije 8 dana
1:50 nothing personal, kid
It's Amazester
It's Amazester Prije 7 dana
Kinda reminds me of Apex legends crypto trailer
Ashish Kaulwin
Ashish Kaulwin Prije 8 dana
Seriously I just updated the game watching this😁
Oppressor Prije 8 dana
But Why...
Aaron Moloney
Aaron Moloney Prije 8 dana
sweet character design
Pratyush Priyansh
Pratyush Priyansh Prije 8 dana
It hurt to see Viper die🙁
Xeo O'Connor
Xeo O'Connor Prije 7 dana
She wouldn't have even died there lol, we all know the shorty is inconsistent
The 17th Hokage
The 17th Hokage Prije 8 dana
0:26 It sounds like....exactly what happened last time
Alex Rad
Alex Rad Prije 8 dana
animation is cool.
Md. Taufiqul Huq
Md. Taufiqul Huq Prije 8 dana
Wow i didn’t know so may people don't play Valorant
max trax
max trax Prije 8 dana
so where is the anti spywear trailer?
Bever Cage
Bever Cage Prije 8 dana
mercilessbamboo Prije 8 dana
so hes just a edgy spy main personafied in a valorant game
Creeper8socks Prije 8 dana
This is literally apex’s animation style
No No
No No Prije 8 dana
@Sabotarian It's all about tastes, to be fair. The animation style is literally not the same even if both have a similar cartoony aesthetic. It's a fact but I get if there are people that can't appreciate that. And for which one is better, quality wise, VALORANT wins because Riot Games is still on it's own level (Maybe Blizzard too, since they were "pioneers" in terms of cinematic quality for their video games). Despite that, Apex does have a cool, characteristic animation style, it's just not as smooth. Edit: I must admit the last Apex animation is awesome, I just watched it. I understand why you think it's better. It is in terms of story and content.
Soul Index
Soul Index Prije 8 dana
Which is literally Tales of Runeterra's animation style, so...
Sabotarian Prije 8 dana
@No No ye apex animation is much better
Rezky Donny Putranto
Rezky Donny Putranto Prije 8 dana
Not really man, this is similar as the League of Legends "Tales of Runetera" Animation which is made by Riot.
Creeper8socks Prije 8 dana
@Bever Cage I don’t have a pc :/
ONAIR765 Prije 8 dana
dead game
Bever Cage
Bever Cage Prije 8 dana
Is it?
Jared Prije 8 dana
I still don'r understand, are they in a simulation? Jett just died
Rezky Donny Putranto
Rezky Donny Putranto Prije 7 dana
Calm, she's gonna respawn
Benny Banner
Benny Banner Prije 7 dana
But she will be reviewed by sage
Benny Banner
Benny Banner Prije 7 dana
In the lore jett is dead
Marxelox7 Infantas
Marxelox7 Infantas Prije 7 dana
if i do remember correctly, tears in space started apearing after the impact that created radiants, these are "versions from these tears" as they try to steal the defenders radianite or something like that. lore wise rounds do not repeat i believe... i wish they made a cinematic that really explained it and showed us a "mirror match" to better understand if they are from a tear or a mimic or they revive idunno
Jalen Barron
Jalen Barron Prije 8 dana
Possible that someone or something is reviving them i mean this is a world of superhumans anything is possible
狼ThePreviousWolf Prije 8 dana
2:37 : headphones on
shashwat mahapatra
shashwat mahapatra Prije 7 dana
Replying here. Just in case.
IceOwl Prije 8 dana
Need the music ASAP
Abel Mathew
Abel Mathew Prije 8 dana
Make an animated movie already!!!
NaVi Again
NaVi Again Prije 8 dana
Looks awesome
Gaming Gaurav Op
Gaming Gaurav Op Prije 8 dana
Op character may be
Toppat doodle
Toppat doodle Prije 8 dana
Really wish i could play this game
Benny Banner
Benny Banner Prije 7 dana
If you have a regular computer it can probably run
Toppat doodle
Toppat doodle Prije 7 dana
@Hepos 360 exactly
Bever Cage
Bever Cage Prije 8 dana
@Gino Norual on even a core 2 duo lmfao
Gino Norual
Gino Norual Prije 8 dana
you can play this game with intel graphics card..
Hepos 360
Hepos 360 Prije 8 dana
Not having a pc
aznsushi41 Prije 8 dana
Is Overwatch still relevant ?
Smurf Prije 8 dana
Joshua Mohlman
Joshua Mohlman Prije 8 dana
I’d definitely watch a movie in this animation. Who else?
Master Zone
Master Zone Prije 8 dana
Help me guys I need SUBSCRIBERS 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Dayebga Babila Mutia II
Dayebga Babila Mutia II Prije 8 dana
Me too
Joshua Mohlman
Joshua Mohlman Prije 8 dana
@lovelyman28 oh hell yes!
Yasumedia Prije 8 dana
Totally. Very Spider-Verse in that it has this cool mix of cgi and hand drawn
lovelyman28 Prije 8 dana
@Silence Will Fall Thank you. I’ll check it out.
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