20 Good Things About 2020 (And 10 Things That Sucked)

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2020 was a pretty crazy year, mostly in bad ways. Let's take a look back at some of the good stuff that happened, as well as some of the bad stuff. Y'know, the pop-culture bad stuff, not so much the super-serious real world actual bad stuff.

Toxicity Detector Unit 32
Toxicity Detector Unit 32 Prije 6 dana
honorable mention: we got a cool new mode for plague inc so yeah that’s cool also *STOP INSULTING PIETRO, YOU PIECE OF SH-*
Saviss Mahmoudi
Saviss Mahmoudi Prije 6 dana
I actually think the PS5 looks cool
Saviss Mahmoudi
Saviss Mahmoudi Prije 6 dana
My family even got tickets for comic con! TwT
Epic Fantastic
Epic Fantastic Prije 7 dana
Where is Call of Duty: Warzone
Yusuke Kitagawa
Yusuke Kitagawa Prije 10 dana
6:20 This game was the only thing that helped me get though 2020
14UnDeAd14 Prije 11 dana
Americans are so butthurt over Sony having the superior console, it makes me wanna puke. „but hey, the console has some cool games“...THE BEST EXCLUSIVES.
Barney Enfissi
Barney Enfissi Prije 11 dana
Your name is don’t watch my videos and you have no videos
futuramayeah Prije 12 dana
the syfy channel logo appeared in the sky this past month as Jupiter and Saturn were visible in the sky together
mrvsr Prije 12 dana
The worst things about 2020 were the IGN reviews of TLOU2 and Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated I mean wtf were they thinking
Hello There
Hello There Prije 13 dana
No minecraft Steve joining smash bros that literally crashed Twitter
Giordany Lormeus
Giordany Lormeus Prije 14 dana
In my opinion logan was the fox x-men closer🤷‍♂️
Timmy Turtles
Timmy Turtles Prije 14 dana
The mando?
King Of Karnage
King Of Karnage Prije 14 dana
You guys forgot to mention Marvels Avengers game in the bad!
Arun Gade
Arun Gade Prije 15 dana
u should have not counted the announcements
Erlisch Prije 15 dana
Sean Connery?
Erlisch Prije 15 dana
#0 - Mandaloridan s02 finale
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Prije 16 dana
Feet pics please
Killerman3311 Prije 16 dana
You missed both Eminem's albums
klicquot 1
klicquot 1 Prije 16 dana
Why is wwe 2k20 not here
Daniel Dawes
Daniel Dawes Prije 16 dana
Wonder Woman was one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time
Leander Poppe
Leander Poppe Prije 16 dana
Mongols invaded Tsushuma twice 🙃
Tome4kkkk Prije 16 dana
#1 bad. Doom audio passes for a game audio these days. The difference between speaker and stereo mix is forgotten. Not to mention 3D audio on stereo headphones (HRTF).
Astro10024 Prije 16 dana
Stadia 2021 🇺🇸 👍
Ethan Nance
Ethan Nance Prije 17 dana
*Yeah, Valve doesn’t know how to count.*
Kyle Moore
Kyle Moore Prije 17 dana
shreder75 Prije 17 dana
WW84 was a terrible movie.
huub vingerling
huub vingerling Prije 17 dana
To me this was the year where stadia became big and great
Zaid Qureshi
Zaid Qureshi Prije 17 dana
Where is the timestamp guy??
Ellie Joel
Ellie Joel Prije 17 dana
CiNiC Prije 17 dana
Listing Wonder Woman 1984 before it came out turned out to be not so great a plan...
Pokemon Trainer
Pokemon Trainer Prije 17 dana
Tenet? Ww?
GatsuLT Prije 17 dana
U forgot Genshin Impact.
DoomWitcher2 Prije 17 dana
What if 2020 is the start of a bad decade
Palm GLXgm
Palm GLXgm Prije 17 dana
Why is the last of us part 2 on a bad list
جعفر ِ
جعفر ِ Prije 17 dana
It’s release, not the game. The leaks destroyed everything before the launch, but ign liked it
Palm GLXgm
Palm GLXgm Prije 17 dana
Where’s spider man miles morales
Palm GLXgm
Palm GLXgm Prije 17 dana
What do you mean the last of us part 2 launch wasn’t great and you did rate it 10/10
Erlisch Prije 15 dana
those 2 things have nothing to do with eachother...
Palm GLXgm
Palm GLXgm Prije 17 dana
Oh yeah the new mutants did seriously disappoint
Erlisch Prije 15 dana
well so did WW84 :P
Palm GLXgm
Palm GLXgm Prije 17 dana
Isn’t ww1984 a blockbuster film
The 25Kid
The 25Kid Prije 17 dana
Aryan Sharma
Aryan Sharma Prije 17 dana
Also...y'all forgot THE MANDALORIAN.
Mad Hatter420
Mad Hatter420 Prije 17 dana
The debates should have been fighter type game with 3 rounds and who wins, wins the debate.
notmynameify Prije 17 dana
Really fallguys?
PiratesCove Gaming
PiratesCove Gaming Prije 17 dana
Pantha Prije 17 dana
Chadwick's passing hit really deep for me smh.
Thor Jørgensen
Thor Jørgensen Prije 16 dana
Dame da ne. Dame yo dame na no yo .
Gunnar Redford
Gunnar Redford Prije 17 dana
I realllllllly hope part 2 of The Ancient Gods shows up soon. Or at the very least the trailer for it!
Tarun Singh
Tarun Singh Prije 17 dana
Forgot resident evil 3
Ragged Saiga12
Ragged Saiga12 Prije 17 dana
Nothing like some Ghost of Tooshima
C. C.
C. C. Prije 17 dana
Title click bait.
flyingpigmonkey1 Prije 17 dana
"Somewhere on mainland Japan, it doesn't have to be set ln an island." Guys, should we tell him?
penguin icedelta
penguin icedelta Prije 15 dana
@Sébastien P Alright, nerd :P
Sébastien P
Sébastien P Prije 15 dana
@penguin icedelta actually the definition of an island is a piece of land smaller than the continent it belongs to, and surrounding by sea. And continents are defined as continents when they sit on an independent continental plate, geologically speaking. So, continents are not islands. Japan is an island, or group of islands.
JustDisc - JD
JustDisc - JD Prije 16 dana
@penguin icedelta damn right! Nice point
penguin icedelta
penguin icedelta Prije 17 dana
I mean, technically all of the continents are islands
Cole Jenkins
Cole Jenkins Prije 17 dana
2020 has terrible so a 7/10
Skofta Prije 17 dana
No Mandalorian season 2, No clone wars season 7. Perhaps the archives are incomplete ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Yoav Judges games
Yoav Judges games Prije 17 dana
No hades
eballack Prije 17 dana
Cyberpunk is... one of worst experiences ever
Alumlovescake Prije 18 dana
Fall guys Henry among us not on the bad list?
Shane Westy
Shane Westy Prije 18 dana
WW was terrible and yet that made the list unlike the mandalorian which in my opinion is better than the last 2 Star Wars Saga movies that Disney made. Smh 🤦‍♂️
Erlisch Prije 15 dana
>not looking at the date it was published before commenting Smh.
Areeyo Prije 18 dana
Wair a minute were is kobe :(
(Wiwi) Witcha Jitsajjapong
(Wiwi) Witcha Jitsajjapong Prije 18 dana
UNNUS ANNAS momento mori
(Wiwi) Witcha Jitsajjapong
(Wiwi) Witcha Jitsajjapong Prije 18 dana
Death is always coming
king squidward EPIC
king squidward EPIC Prije 18 dana
7:29, 8:10, 10:04 Boycott IG I mean come on replace 1 of those with the mandolorian
Yoav Judges games
Yoav Judges games Prije 17 dana
No way replace animal crossing gets replaced, this thing saved people lives lmao
Colonel Mcfly
Colonel Mcfly Prije 18 dana
Nothing in new Vegas 10 year anniversary? I’m disappointed
Bold Of you
Bold Of you Prije 18 dana
If you need any other evidence that IGN should never be taken seriously, here you go
Fitz Chevalerie
Fitz Chevalerie Prije 17 dana
Aizen Sama
Aizen Sama Prije 19 dana
Attack on Titan season 4 and bleach anime announcement ??
vibrebe Prije 16 dana
They tell that at crunchyroll
Abdul Wahid XD
Abdul Wahid XD Prije 19 dana
Students:2020 is best Teachers:wait thats illegal Parents:no HRpostrs:no but yes
Jack Goodwin
Jack Goodwin Prije 19 dana
Corona is one
Ice Tray
Ice Tray Prije 19 dana
People still make lists?
Dylan Bishop
Dylan Bishop Prije 19 dana
this year was worst with this coronavirus
ARXNET Prije 20 dana
Cyberpunk is helping to set an example to people who think that wanting a game immedialty after announcement is a bad idea
william kane
william kane Prije 20 dana
No Mandalorian? hmm
NightFox Prije 20 dana
Genshin impact : 😢
Ibnu Elang
Ibnu Elang Prije 20 dana
There is a song about year 21 that maybe predict the future and the song was called 1921 by TheWho
Tristan Kerr
Tristan Kerr Prije 20 dana
Wonder Woman was a horrible movie tho 😂😂
JoltaikV2 Prije 20 dana
where is the game awards on the top 10 worst things of 2020
ddp7028 Prije 20 dana
The vid we needed🤩
Linda Veasey
Linda Veasey Prije 20 dana
No.1 bad thing: IGN rating TLOU2 a 10
katra Prije 21 dan
Wonder Woman dragged so many scenes. Like there were too many long shots, time wasting moments. TBH, I enjoyed the time other characters than WW were on screen. A let down from first movie.
Talha Prije 21 dan
utopianacht Prije 21 dan
How you forgot Mandalorian season 2 ending :O
Erlisch Prije 15 dana
my guess is that they didnt want to spoil it maybe?
Peter Hasson
Peter Hasson Prije 21 dan
Yes they can’t count to 3
ZeeHodge Prije 21 dan
Indie Cinemaster
Indie Cinemaster Prije 21 dan
The best thing of 2020 was Wizards: Tales of Arcadia.
Tanush Tulaskar
Tanush Tulaskar Prije 15 dana
Ryuzaki Kagetane
Ryuzaki Kagetane Prije 21 dan
You guys should have included the Phineas and Ferb movie.
M DGAF Prije 21 dan
If Wonder Woman and Tenet aint at least attempts at making blockbusters then I'm not sure what is Clue: IGN, not everyone lives off Disney.
Erlisch Prije 15 dana
dont forget Sonic
Vince Oh Myyy
Vince Oh Myyy Prije 21 dan
No Mandalorian? Wow
dancerdomgamermorg Prije 22 dana
This is dum
Thomas Fleetwood
Thomas Fleetwood Prije 22 dana
If WW84 isnt among the worst the rest of the list will be considered.
Incel/Rapist Castration Police
Incel/Rapist Castration Police Prije 21 dan
Found the beta!
Henry The Gaming Stickmin
Henry The Gaming Stickmin Prije 22 dana
21) The Henry Stickmin Collection Just like the Nostalgic Cartoons Making a Comeback The iconic Henry games have made a comeback too with a brand new game, Completing the Mission
Lycius84 Prije 22 dana
Made this list too early and a biased one. Should’ve replaced WW84 with The Mandalorian.
Leo Veronese
Leo Veronese Prije 22 dana
6:23 no... just no...
CherryTomatoVEVO Prije 22 dana
Where's Steve, Alex, Zombie & Enderman in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?
Joe Piervincenti
Joe Piervincenti Prije 22 dana
Surprised to see the launch of Marvel’s Avengers not be on the bad list!
Not Ganjo1111
Not Ganjo1111 Prije 22 dana
2:42 I told some angry people that they are only mad because of the leaks and lies, then they gave me an angry emoji.
Ömdd Prije 22 dana
I finally got gta 5 this year and tbh it is my favorite game this year!
Zilla 46
Zilla 46 Prije 21 dan
@Ty Garner still can find full lobbies easily
Ty Garner
Ty Garner Prije 22 dana
How big was the download? How is the online crowd? Is it still popular? 😅 I don’t have it either
Tyson Gifford
Tyson Gifford Prije 22 dana
Best thing from 2020 was the hypa hypa music video
Nate Cooke
Nate Cooke Prije 22 dana
To be honest this is just mine own opinion but the last of us part 2 was the best that happened to me in 2020 I loved that game
crazycrook Prije 22 dana
Unpopular Opinion: I think WW84 was actual garbage
M RIllez
M RIllez Prije 21 dan
That’s not an unpopular opinion. Every other reviewer says it’s bad
KSG FOR DAYS Prije 22 dana
for a channel that gave Fortnite an almost perfect score, I'm surprised you didn't mention anything about the Galactus Event. Like, what?
Knight Zero
Knight Zero Prije 22 dana
The mandalorain season 2 one of the best things of 2020
Chris A Cristobal
Chris A Cristobal Prije 23 dana
4got The Mandolorian Season 2.
Jayshree Satale
Jayshree Satale Prije 23 dana
You know what was bad you guys still use other peoples trailers
Sibarpanku 2077
Sibarpanku 2077 Prije 23 dana
Cyberpunked bugged liked helled
thesonicfanboi Prije 23 dana
No mando season 2? No Henry Stickmin Collection? AND NO CRASH 4?!!
metfreak101 Prije 23 dana
I have a feeling that when the IGN staff and I both say "bad stuff that happened this year", we are talking about completely different things...
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