Hitman 3 - The Final Preview

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We played the first mission of Hitman 3 - a few times and in a few different ways - ahead of its release on January 20 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4, PSVR, and Xbox One.
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Brad B
Brad B Prije 3 dana
Help? I do not have the Season pass levels from Hitman 2, in Hitman 3. I did the carry over and own it. There is no way to contact IO either. anyone have this issue I really need help on this and there is literally no method provided by IOI.
Ngoc Vu
Ngoc Vu Prije 4 dana
như đầu b uồi
raidaz 75
raidaz 75 Prije 5 dana
Btw io interactive confirmed back in December it's the end for the trilogy but not the franchise
[space ]
[space ] Prije 8 dana
007? Wowowowoow.
Times New Roman
Times New Roman Prije 8 dana
We about to get cyberpunked
robert watson
robert watson Prije 8 dana
I really want to like these games, but there doesn’t seem to be very much to them I have found. What am I missing ?
RevolveR Prije 8 dana
Basically hitman 2. No overhaul nothing really new .
professortitts Prije 8 dana
Didn't even mention you can play it in vurtual reality
Irving quintero
Irving quintero Prije 9 dana
More of the same lol
Sumitra Chowdhury
Sumitra Chowdhury Prije 9 dana
Why do I have this bad feeling that they are gonna kill 47 :(
Humphrey Brogart
Humphrey Brogart Prije 9 dana
I wonder when it will get ray tracing
urboi pabito
urboi pabito Prije 9 dana
Bambeakz Prije 9 dana
You mixed up preview with spoiling the first level. Beginner mistake
Louis Storey
Louis Storey Prije 9 dana
Hitman Absolution is my favourite Hitman game so far 🔥🔥 I’m looking forward to see how this goes (pre ordered it ) 😆
inZaiin1 Prije 9 dana
I have a question. I was wondering for my first ps5 game, should I get hitman or demon souls? Also I remember the camera of hitman 2 was a finicky, so I am hoping they fixed it here. Does anyone know if hitman has haptic feedback?
Zain Ahmed
Zain Ahmed Prije dan
Buy hitman
Zaddeus Smith
Zaddeus Smith Prije 9 dana
The replay-abilityof each level is why I love this trilogy too. Thru your first playthrough, you find so many other ways that you want to do to kill the target
Supratim Chatterjee
Supratim Chatterjee Prije 9 dana
doesnt any npc notince the barcode
Gyousa a
Gyousa a Prije 9 dana
why i cant find hitman 3 in Reg 3
C Wood
C Wood Prije 9 dana
I was going to buy this day one but it looks like an extension to Hitman 2 with different levels 😑
Humphrey Brogart
Humphrey Brogart Prije 9 dana
That's not really a bad thing, Hitman 2 is great.
Lukasz Patryn
Lukasz Patryn Prije 9 dana
Cannot wait!!
Olly Prije 10 dana
looks like more of the same, hitman 2.5 really. nothing wrong that but just wandering what he was "extremely impressed" by
apfel nymous
apfel nymous Prije 10 dana
But can you push people down stairs ???
Veltem _Plasmm
Veltem _Plasmm Prije 10 dana
I'm really confused, what are the deluxe escalation contracts? Are they more maps, also if so how many maps does standard edition come with
Loochie Prije 10 dana
I have to ask all hitman fans: what is it about the new ones (aside from the beautiful environments and impressive tech on display) that you love so much? Aren’t you always just following what the game tells you to do? Go here, figure out a way to get this costume, etc. genuinely curious! Thank you
Austin Prije 9 dana
I like the story, and definitely, the open-ness and replayablitity the game gives us. This game is like a cleaner and more bright variation of Blood Money
Jay Prije 10 dana
for anybody buying hitman 3 on the Epic store... you will also need to purchase the access pass in order to play any hitman 2 maps that you already own on steam.
Kevin Silverblood
Kevin Silverblood Prije 10 dana
Hitman always comes back. One of the few we can rely on.
Anton Hermansyah
Anton Hermansyah Prije 11 dana
4:25 so 47's handler is now male?
Anton Hermansyah
Anton Hermansyah Prije 10 dana
@Don Lobo let the rest of the story be solved in this game, thank you for your help for me to rekindle the main story
Don Lobo
Don Lobo Prije 10 dana
@Anton Hermansyah Not quite. This and the second mission, Dartmoor, is 47 chasing the Partners, essentially the shadow rulers of this world, who are some of the people responsible for 47 being what he is. AFAIK the last DLC map from Hitman 2 showed 47 unaware that the Constant had escaped. So we'll have to wait and see what happens with that plot-line.
Anton Hermansyah
Anton Hermansyah Prije 10 dana
@Don Lobo I see, so this Dubai mission is 47's way to chase the constant
Don Lobo
Don Lobo Prije 10 dana
No, he's assisting 47 because they have a common goal, but Diana is still his handler. I don't want to say anything more about that male voice because I don't know how much you'll care about spoilers.
Bebop Prije 11 dana
I'm probably gonna get it on Google Stadia, since I got the first two for free anyway
Aaron Prije 11 dana
The thing I find amazing is that so many of 47s targets just happened to be meeting someone that looks surprisingly like 47. Almost like some higher power was ensuring his success. And by higher power, I DO mean the game creators.
Kevin Ko
Kevin Ko Prije 11 dana
Man I can't stand that commentators voice Jesus Christ
Mr Orange
Mr Orange Prije 12 dana
It’s incredible that a studio with as little recognition as they get, makes games more functional at launch than most big studios like EA and Bethesda.
roleypoleyguacamole Prije 6 dana
Oops. Spoke too soon. I still can't integrate Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 into Hitman III yet.
Danni Edwards
Danni Edwards Prije 8 dana
CD red😂
they take their time and don’t overpromote. they know who’s buying their games
Bob Hill
Bob Hill Prije 12 dana
Thanks for posting this. This makes me ever more excited for Hitman 3. I'm so excited to see how the story ends! When you pushed him off the roof, reminds me of doing that in the hospital level with a female contract after giving her contraband cigarettes and I killed both targets in the same room in Paris with the chandelier. Thanks for confirming the "mission story revealing" prompts are back, I found those helpful in some levels in 2.
Austin Prije 9 dana
Yeah, the story is pretty amazing. It's shocking and definitely worth the time
TheFennerPSVR Prije 12 dana
What about VR
Jakir Hussain
Jakir Hussain Prije 12 dana
You forgot to mention it's coming out on Stadia and has a unique state share feature on Stadia too.
Spank Rocket
Spank Rocket Prije 12 dana
Just pre-ordered the deluxe edition, January 20th can't come soon enough!
Bobby Jenkins
Bobby Jenkins Prije 12 dana
I'm still waiting for the Saints ladies to get there own video game
stephen the dude
stephen the dude Prije 13 dana
I'll buy 10 please
RED guy
RED guy Prije 13 dana
I hope there will be another hitman 4
RED guy
RED guy Prije 9 dana
@Austin I mean hitman blood money was the best hitman game ever in my opinion & it was the fourth game of hitman
Austin Prije 9 dana
You mean Hitman 9? This game will be the 8th game in the entire series
Bigburt 82
Bigburt 82 Prije 13 dana
Jeez, this preview has more spoilers than a boy-race meet..
Brandon Worron
Brandon Worron Prije 8 dana
I had to stop watching lol
No Name
No Name Prije 13 dana
it's literally hitman 2 dlc with update
itzybitzyspyder tv
itzybitzyspyder tv Prije 13 dana
Ryan, your voice is grating and annoying.
Terminator Scfi Collector 87
Terminator Scfi Collector 87 Prije 13 dana
Is it next gen
jharrell101 Prije 13 dana
Will the PS5 upgrade be there day 1?
Armand Turner
Armand Turner Prije 13 dana
Definitely going to be purchasing this game, but honestly besides the locations, what makes 3 any different from the last one? Everything said in this video could be said about Hitman 2. What new ideas or gameplay mechanics do they have? Besides going to a different country.
Lil Ruth
Lil Ruth Prije 14 dana
Imagine the soundtrack they’re gonna have in the James Bond game 😭
The Official Channel
The Official Channel Prije 14 dana
Hitman 4 they should introduce mission Impossible Mask
Dimitrios F
Dimitrios F Prije 14 dana
2:40 Who does Number 2 work for? I said who does number 2 work for!?! -----------------------------> Austin Powers bit.
CptObvious Prije 14 dana
Right, a balled white dude with a barcode on the back of his head in the middle of india All the guards: Makes perfect sense
Mesogreat Prije 14 dana
This isn’t a preview this is a spoiler. this is dumb🤦‍♂️
Austin Prije 9 dana
This is not a spoiler. Trust me, this mission is nothing compared to what the story turns into
Brocker Prije 14 dana
2:12 when you step on lego
Андрей Инкогнито
Андрей Инкогнито Prije 14 dana
Русского не будет в игре - Предзаказ отменил - Only the pirates
Bulletstee Prije 14 dana
Still looks like a ps2 game
Amateo Gaming
Amateo Gaming Prije 14 dana
another cash grab , just wait a year and you gonna get a 75% discount plus free chapter 1
Rolf Harrison Ford
Rolf Harrison Ford Prije 14 dana
It's like this guy has never played a stealth game
Smooth Interceptor
Smooth Interceptor Prije 14 dana
All I hope is IO doesn't make James Bond a Lesbian black female. 🤣 🤣
John Blake
John Blake Prije 14 dana
The real question is it will run "suprisingly well" too on ps4?
Jay Khoury
Jay Khoury Prije 14 dana
they never learned to improve body movement, what a shame. he should move like sam fisher, climb like sam fisher! the way he runs is awful! the map is still awful. are there night missions with uv googles? gadgets like a drone or a spider?
ANT-METAL Prije 14 dana
Do you think they'll ever fix the feature that makes Agent 47 walk around like a highly suspicious robot? Nothing about him is natural at all.
miami cosmo
miami cosmo Prije 15 dana
i really don't want to know how you did this mission, Goatee dude
Bradley Laufer
Bradley Laufer Prije 15 dana
“hold my beer”
Austin Styles
Austin Styles Prije 15 dana
This guy who is talking is clearly a noob with this game lol
Austin Styles
Austin Styles Prije 13 dana
@Jared Reed He should play old hitman first to be qualified to do more informative assesment of new hitman game.Noob
Jared Reed
Jared Reed Prije 13 dana
Well....yeah, it’s a new game
Technopunk Tamil
Technopunk Tamil Prije 15 dana
Hitman series is becoming like EA fifa . Only difference i see is its called Hitman 3 ? or anything really new ?
Nekminute Prije 15 dana
A mission in Dubai ? time to kill everyone ^^
angela banks
angela banks Prije 15 dana
have they put the platinum trophy back in?
the dead guy
the dead guy Prije 14 dana
twitte0king Prije 15 dana
The graphics looks a bit bad
Pip Prije 15 dana
Unpopular opinion: I do enjoy Hitman but I feel like they're just releasing the same game three times.
hexicGrind Prije 15 dana
Is this a "preview" video, or just a really detailed spoiler?
hexicGrind Prije 8 dana
@Austin You can spoil a single mission. And it is totally unnecessary. You can review an entire game without spoiling anything just by talking about the strengths and the weaknesses
Austin Prije 8 dana
@hexicGrind But this doesn't spoil the entire game, its simply just a walkthrough for the first mission lol. The story gets complex after the second mission, so nothing extremely major wasn't leaked
hexicGrind Prije 8 dana
@Austin He explained step by step his actions that he took to get through the entire level! Just because he left some other stuff out, doesn't make this any less of a spoiler
Austin Prije 9 dana
This is not a spoiler, trust me
The JoJo Referencer
The JoJo Referencer Prije 15 dana
umm guys... it’s only the 11th... WHY IS HITMAN 3 UPDATING ON MY XBOX
Jack Davie
Jack Davie Prije 15 dana
Can't wait to play it on ps5 love hitman
Jim Bianco
Jim Bianco Prije 15 dana
it's the same old borefest.
Going to be fun in VR !!
henrlima87 Prije 15 dana
20 years... im getting old.
WHITEYBHOY2 Prije 15 dana
Looks like an xbox 360 game
Raven Speaks
Raven Speaks Prije 15 dana
These games are so bland.
john smitty
john smitty Prije 15 dana
i was really excited to play this until i found out its a epic exclusive... wtf were u thinking
Che Day
Che Day Prije 15 dana
Why so robotic Agent 47?🤣🤣🤣
ThousandairesClub Prije 16 dana
*a free-to-play Hitman Online game would be Legendary.*
Upin Bin Ipin
Upin Bin Ipin Prije 16 dana
Hitman 3 WTF Funny Memes Version is on my channel, thanks
Sean Prije 16 dana
Am I the only one that liked absolution?
ASHKAN—80 Prije 16 dana
Hopefully the James Bond game gonna be this detailed and third person...but without the option to change clothes....and added blonde hair physiques.
Kufismackah Prije 16 dana
wish the graphics were better
nardcalls Prije 16 dana
Mihail Ivanov
Mihail Ivanov Prije 16 dana
Just bought the 1st season on the January sale, can't wait to start
Prabudh Chakravorty
Prabudh Chakravorty Prije 16 dana
Many of us dont want to see our assasin meeting the same fate as of prince of persia
NEO MAN Prije 16 dana
Hitman 3 needs to have dual wielding it was so badass and fit agent 47
Chris B.
Chris B. Prije 16 dana
Final cut scene. Send 47 after James bond. James bond kills 47, thus ending hitman game and opening up project 007.
Jay Omega
Jay Omega Prije 15 dana
47 would kill Bond 100 times over
Sukrut Jadhav
Sukrut Jadhav Prije 16 dana
Hitman Series is Not Ending.. they will make another Hitman Game.. after Bond..
Tim2049 Prije 16 dana
Solid 8/10 games Despite the woefully archaic AI, this series has charm by the bucketload.
adrich fernandes
adrich fernandes Prije 16 dana
We need a modern day assassin game like hit man.
kjscfc1863 Prije 16 dana
Are they going to release this 1 level at a time like the last mess??🤔
Shiddy_ Foot
Shiddy_ Foot Prije 16 dana
Looks like the exact same game.. what is so next-gen about it??
T Q Prije 16 dana
I hope they don't drop the series. Every release in Hitman is a masterpiece. They could release Hitman 57 with the same graphics and mechanics and I'd still play them all.
im not supposed to say that, but
im not supposed to say that, but Prije 16 dana
I wish they improve the AI mechanic for the npc, but looking from the early walkthrough gameplay it's basically the same from hitman 2
AXDL44 Prije 16 dana
Level design in the last 2 hitman games was epic and I played every mission multiple times and still do today
Jacob Cunningham
Jacob Cunningham Prije 16 dana
Agent 47 is Hannibal Lector
mrzazzaable Prije 16 dana
Every hitman looks like a mirror. I miss blood money's fantastic bump mapping. Still superior imo
PhaseSkater Prije 16 dana
these graphics are terrible
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Prije 16 dana
Can't believe it got delayed to 2022.
ulysses 31
ulysses 31 Prije 16 dana
Just had a look on steam and it looks like you can't buy hitman 3 by itself. It seems to be downloadable content and the essential bundle is needed. Wtf!?? Money hungry, Steam 🤬
Quan Vu
Quan Vu Prije 16 dana
So basically the same game, just new maps...
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