The History of the Xbox One: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

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The near decade-long lifespan of the Xbox One has finally come to a close, well sort of. With the Xbox Series X and the Series S taking over as the new faces of Xbox, it's time to take a look back at the emotional rollercoaster of a ride that the Xbox brand took us on these past years with the Xbox One family.

The Xbox One has an incredible history. Some good, some bad, and some ugly. From the infamous disaster of a reveal in 2012 in the hands of Don Mattrick, to the fantastic 360 pivot they were able to pull off after Phil Spencer was named Head of Xbox, we're going to go over every major (Nelson) moment that defined the Xbox One generation of consoles.

In this video we'll also discuss Microsoft's walk back from the once required Kinect and how the Xbox One's focus on backwards compatibility that almost single handedly turned every thing around for the consoles.

It was an interesting console generation for sure and you can bet that IGN will be there every step of the way in the new stories the Xbox Series X will have to tell us in the coming years. For so much more on Xbox, stick with IGN.
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Conor McLaughlin
Conor McLaughlin Prije 7 sati
The PS4 video was set up to analyse the successes but mostly focused on its downfalls. This video is the total opposite to that and just goes to show how much western (more specifically American) gaming news sources love to jack off Microsoft and undermine Sony. These low-key biases are absolutely pathetic.
Thermidor Erwin
Thermidor Erwin Prije dan
Halo is the only thing that' keeping xbox alive and still i'm not a fan
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Prije 2 dana
A 9 on halo 5? wow
Andrew Nikkel
Andrew Nikkel Prije 5 dana
I’ve had my Xbox one since the release back in Nov 2014, I’ve used it almost everyday and still hasn’t had any problems. Can’t say the same about the Xbox 360
Kevon King
Kevon King Prije 6 dana
Y’all forgot to tell everyone that Sony came to them when the 360 was killing it and told them no when they asked to do cross play
geek kid
geek kid Prije 9 dana
Without xbox We could not play old games like xbox and xbox 360 games on xbox one and xbox series x sooo
geek kid
geek kid Prije 9 dana
Come on xbox 360, xbox one s and series x is the best
ks ks
ks ks Prije 9 dana
After 20 years of buying exclusive Xbox consoles... The last 7 years of Xbox has made me absolutely hate MS and Xbox. I hate them so fn much I've spent 5 grand on pcs for me and my kids just to get away from them. Recently got my pc and all that's left to do is take my 4 Xboxes and post a video of me smashing the fk out of them with a hammer and set the remaining pieces on fire. Go F yourself Xbox.
Mizfit Prije 10 dana
“the xbox one boasted powerful hardware” *did it thou ...*
Mizfit Prije 7 dana
@Alexander Mortensen did it thou .... xbox one hardware was garbage. let’s be honest. DDR3.
Alexander Mortensen
Alexander Mortensen Prije 8 dana
yes it did.
Frannie Lydon
Frannie Lydon Prije 10 dana
Ill alway consider xbox one to be next gen.
TheButcher DS
TheButcher DS Prije 11 dana
Worst Xbox gen was Xbox one
EA gamer
EA gamer Prije 11 dana
Wii sports sold more than the 360.
InsideAssassin2 Prije 11 dana
Sony had the better games of the last generation while Microsoft had the better services
Ansyar Hamrum
Ansyar Hamrum Prije 11 dana
The xbox 360 is the best i think than all xbox, because that era, more gaming exclusiv, more game for x360, can handle ps3 n xbox 360 can a accepted of japan people... But when xbox one, is down... I hope xbox s x can strike back again like x360 👍👍👍... Just more game xclusive Microsoft, and more game
Ameya Shetty
Ameya Shetty Prije 11 dana
We trust in Papa Phil one last time If they don’t deliver I believe we r out
assassinsknight Prije 11 dana
Ah yes your original business plan and Don Mattrick. That was all straight up comedy.
Nick Henderson
Nick Henderson Prije 11 dana
Imagine playing on an android lol
Andrew Witham
Andrew Witham Prije 11 dana
I love my xbox one x. Eventually going to upgrade to a series x
Anthony Howard
Anthony Howard Prije 11 dana
Somebody buy my xbox series x or trade me for a ps5
Jon Prije 11 dana
Hilarious. Microsoft and Sony both botched their console launches in spectacular fashion.
jeremy fontanilla
jeremy fontanilla Prije 12 dana
Ads every time I watch a IGN videos makes me wanna watch more If you didn’t know I was being sarcastic
Too Much Sauce
Too Much Sauce Prije 12 dana
I'll buy the X-Flop when the new Halo game comes out till then I'll be on my ps5
Sotdot Prije 12 dana
PC is king
The Fake Slim Shady
The Fake Slim Shady Prije 12 dana
Hold up...these hacks gave Halo 5 a 9???
stripe801 Prije 12 dana
i feeL Like this was 80% of just bashing xbox
Oo oO
Oo oO Prije 13 dana
Don Mattrick is the real Covid
RubberDucksss Prije 13 dana
Man I miss Fable Legends.. glad the franchise is back!
Alxs End
Alxs End Prije 13 dana
You should get a real teleprompter.
Kinda upset they left out killer instinct
Ethan de Mocskonyi
Ethan de Mocskonyi Prije 13 dana
First party exclusive games aren't important anymore, there I said it.
AndrewMuseMan Prije 13 dana
Main dude looks like an oblivion NPC with those shifting eyes
Wolf Ahmaad
Wolf Ahmaad Prije 13 dana
None of the future xbox consoles will ever top The Xbox 360.
Aiumy91 Prije 13 dana
My only displeasure is the absence of backward compatibility with the kinect
Axea Prije 13 dana
My first Xbox console is the Series X
Caleb Hammond
Caleb Hammond Prije 13 dana
Phil spencer saved xbox
Nelki Halim
Nelki Halim Prije 13 dana
Why we don't yearn for ps5 pro 10 tb insteand of either xbox series x or series s or both in worse case?
UncleJungl Prije 13 dana
The Xbox One is the only console I ever bought and regretted. Eventually it even died on me. There's still plenty of decisions Microsoft have made lately that piss me off but they are in a much better position now and the future looks bright. I'm excited.
Alexander Mortensen
Alexander Mortensen Prije 8 dana
what decicions ?
Luckysury 333
Luckysury 333 Prije 13 dana
they should've made a similar video for ps4 too. would've been nice to look at the beginning of both the sides
sammik Prije 13 dana
still have mine!
Mr nobody Mr
Mr nobody Mr Prije 13 dana
Remember when you cant give xbox one dvd to your friedn
Androlito Games
Androlito Games Prije 13 dana
To me Xbox one was always 👌 never had any issues with it
[ REDACTED ] Prije 13 dana
0:36 mans is talking about Xbox but really has a ps5 sitting back there.
Alfie Sidons
Alfie Sidons Prije 13 dana
he also has an xbox series x. Its cool to have both.
world Peace
world Peace Prije 13 dana
What i really dont like about xbox is there naming. Why cant they just stick to numerics like the ps
TheeLightBearer Prije 13 dana
From the used game debacle, Kinect being forced on people, the expensive price compared to the PS4, along with worse performance than the PS4 is what killed Microsoft’s reputation. Not exclusives; that’s a cheap excuse. Exclusives were the nail in the coffin, not the cause.
Random Dude
Random Dude Prije 13 dana
Honestly imo best console to get rn is xbox one S It runs same games as x1x, Xsx, xss It is almost as strong And have all of Xbox features (like gamepass for example) While also being cheaper than any other main console of last gen
Gabe Logan
Gabe Logan Prije 13 dana
Umm no the xb1s only outputs 1414p while the xb1x does native 4k
Kutoban Ch.
Kutoban Ch. Prije 13 dana
I own a PS4, but this really makes Microsoft's Xbox community and Xbox itself look much healthier as a company.
Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill Prije 14 dana
Wether they care or not they've lost me on this console..been Xbox since the first release but I've opted for the PS5, my first PS since PS2, this release just seems boring..everything looks and feels exactly the same. The PS5 controller is a game changer if you ask me👌 what i will say it's the smallest gap i think graphically, there isn't a massive change.
HomieBoi 86
HomieBoi 86 Prije 14 dana
Had my One S for over 3 years now, planning on getting the Series X when stock arrives... Edit: If anyone knows when stock is coming for both PS5 and Series X here in the UK, lemme know...
Joe Piervincenti
Joe Piervincenti Prije 15 dana
Great video, and love these guys, but probably shouldn’t focus on the faces when they talk if they’re going to be looking away from the camera the majority of the time they talk :)
sisir360 || TheLoneGun101
sisir360 || TheLoneGun101 Prije 15 dana
So basically the Xbone generation was a complete disaster for Microsoft
Alexander Mortensen
Alexander Mortensen Prije 8 dana
did you even watch the video?
Swordslinger1999 Prije 16 dana
I guess it’s true what they say history repeats itself. I’m referring to the first inaugural E3 on may 1995 when Sega made the bone headed move of launching the Sega Saturn immediately without any prep time at $399. Then Sony at their press conference answer to that was a simple $299. Get where I’m going with this people?
Jayson Doritos
Jayson Doritos Prije 16 dana
If they didn’t drop the ball with the one, imagine how many people would still be Xbox fans rn
Ras_KrysTafari Prije 12 dana
jaee hovaa
jaee hovaa Prije 13 dana
Even then they aren't doing so bad. And the fact microsoft owns it they can keep going not matter what.
Nathan Teller
Nathan Teller Prije 16 dana
It's amazing how Phil's philosophy completely turned xbox around It's incredible how consumer-friendly they've become, offering an incredible number of different ways to play with minimum cost, making people who play on android and pc just as important as those who play on the latest console.
mexbrown Prije 16 dana
How long Phil has been boss and hasn’t turned around the xbox? He had most of the Xbox one lifetime to turn it and he didn’t. He hasn’t done anything for the series x either.
Fog Prije 15 dana
He is making a lot of income and he already changed the focus of Microsoft towards Xbox division ( 7.5 billion dollar investment with Bethesda)
Fog Prije 15 dana
He already did lol
Joe Joe
Joe Joe Prije 16 dana
where's the section on THE WORST CONSOLE NAMING EVER?
Xzorton Prije 16 dana
8:18 ; Released in 2014 the MCC was fortunately patched and IGN gave it a 9.4 in 2019..... LOL 5 years later.
Mahmood A
Mahmood A Prije 16 dana
Black guy at IGN 🤣
KingpinSkinnyman Prije 17 dana
Funny.... The series X will fall to the same fate.
Fog Prije 15 dana
@KingpinSkinnyman I can agree that play-station made a better launch in terms of tittles , but pretty much the needy greedy stuff is coming later on for both of them anyways.
KingpinSkinnyman Prije 15 dana
@Fog I don't want to wait for a game that is "coming soon"... that's always been Xbox motto.
Fog Prije 15 dana
@KingpinSkinnyman there are games like , scorn , the medium that will be available soon in 2021. And it’s really funny cuz you buy new hardware to play your games better and bigger games in the future. Imagine: I’m not buying a 3090 cuz there are no games made for the 3090
Fog Prije 15 dana
@KingpinSkinnyman well first of all Spider-Man , horizon and other games are also coming to PS4 ( they rejected a release of demon souls on any other systems too )
KingpinSkinnyman Prije 15 dana
@Fog true they're selling out... but what games are people playing?... shouldn't have to wait a year for exclusives. I haven't had a playstation since the playstation 2... but I bought a ps5 because of the games the PS4 had. I'm intrigued by so many games on playstation... but none on Xbox. I have a XB1X and don't see a need to get a series X.
Tony Allen
Tony Allen Prije 17 dana
Phil Spencer is definitely the much needed savior for Microsoft gaming.
Tony Allen
Tony Allen Prije 17 dana
I remember that Xb1 always on and entertainment focus. While I had a 360, many other eager to upgrade weren’t happy about those focuses.
tigertron Prije 17 dana
It started off in the worst possible way, but as an early adopter, I've seen the Xbox One become a much better console over the years. I still have my base XB1 and I'm really impressed in how it's developed. The updates have been fantastic.
Steven Hull
Steven Hull Prije 17 dana
Please do a video on the ps4 too
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez Prije 17 dana
Except they don’t have exclusives
Fog Prije 15 dana
How not letting me to play my games in other places is supposed to be bad
Joseph King
Joseph King Prije 17 dana
I feel Xbox was already prepared for the future such as online gaming because connectivity wasn't a thing back then.
jenova1st Prije 18 dana
thought the would end with buying beshesda
jakthebomb Prije 18 dana
Why is this retrospective done in a News Broadcasting like speech? This is a history lesson, not a "Breaking News" segment.
Adam Morrell
Adam Morrell Prije 18 dana
Xbox dude talking xboxone while a PS5 physical sits in the back ground under the giant tv 😂🤣😂🤣😂 You could not write this 🙈
mzamroni Prije 18 dana
Playstations are officially available in much more countries than xbox
Super Nintendo Mii
Super Nintendo Mii Prije 18 dana
"Xbox One will be the next watercooler". Still don't know what that even means 🤷‍♀️
Трудяга инвестор
Трудяга инвестор Prije 18 dana
С наступающим. Инвестирую с зарплаты. Поддержите пожалуйста просмотром и комментарием
Bilal 123
Bilal 123 Prije 18 dana
The Great Arceus
The Great Arceus Prije 15 dana
Yeah, we know.
daniel bowers
daniel bowers Prije 18 dana
The actual hardware never seemed to be the best on the market but usually by the end of the cycle the “package” was. Game pass, backwards compatibility ect if they started a new gen the same way they end it they’d probably win pretty easily. Unfortunately they seem to need to get their arse kicked before they pull the finger out
HipnikDragomir Prije 18 dana
The only reason the Xbone wasn't a complete failure was because of the backlash. Microsoft would've merrily set itself on fire with its stupidy.
HairBear Prije 18 dana
I had my Xbox one for seven years and it never broke and worked fine the entire time... that’s amazing
Bryan Murillo
Bryan Murillo Prije 18 dana
Keep going Microsoft 💪
BksCrazyrican Prije 18 dana
When they say Xbox was the first of the big 3 to allow cross platform play when they weren’t. Sony was the 1st one to introduce it and the 1st cross platform game was actually final fantasy XI which started before the PS4/Xbox one ear.
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf Prije 18 dana
I would not exchange the whole xbox history for a game like ghost of tsushima.
João Ramiro
João Ramiro Prije 18 dana
No word on esram or the power of the cloud...
Curbside Tech
Curbside Tech Prije 18 dana
Excellent video and they hit a home run with One X , game pass and buying all those gaming studios
SDS Overfiend
SDS Overfiend Prije 18 dana
Launches with like 6 to 8 exclusives... Somehow people say the launch was a disaster 😂😂 Sony wigs put out the rumor the machine was always in spying on your every move reporting back to the Feds.
Anime R.
Anime R. Prije 18 dana
Hey, ign - do you want an editor who know how to do the job and put a video together ? Just wondering Because this is disgusting
MoFo TRex
MoFo TRex Prije 18 dana
Xbox One was poop, Xbox One X is the best console of last generation!
Eldon Pe'a
Eldon Pe'a Prije 18 dana
Got rid of my One a couple years ago. Still have my 360....and still play it.
PH CLANK Prije 18 dana
7 years later and I really thought Microsoft would have learned better by now. They are still promising great exclusives games but I'll only believe when I see it.
chuckie the gamer
chuckie the gamer Prije 11 dana
@Ayy Lmao those games never made it to ps4 or switch it came to pc later thays how micros9ft do it they do care unless they would of have not waste billions on buying studios I get where your coming from bit their exclusives are also on pc as well some times exculives like rise of the tomb raider and pubg and cup head but most never made it to ps4 or switch only pc sunset overdrive did not get a pc relase until years and years later. They release some amazing exclusives some in my opinion like sunset overdrive tell me why grounded recore dead rising 3. Froza and other games were always going to come out on pc never ps4 or switch only some games got times excusives.
Ayy Lmao
Ayy Lmao Prije 11 dana
@chuckie the gamer Well they did that the last time too with Sunset Overdrive, Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and Forza Motor Sport 5 all being exclusives or timed exclusives. It wasn’t until a year or two in the generation that we realized just how much they stopped caring about the Xbox in general, the console was practically abandoned for 3 years with terrible half assed ports of third party games (if they even launched on it) until management changed.
statusneutral Prije 14 dana
They never should have cancelled Scalebound.
chuckie the gamer
chuckie the gamer Prije 17 dana
They literlly did a showcase where they showed up and coming exclusives for Xbox some are already out like grounded and tell me why bit some are still being worked on like fable hellblade 2 state of decay 3 halo infinite and way more.
Jamie15211_Comments Prije 17 dana
Sir, this is an arby’s
Kamal Algahim
Kamal Algahim Prije 18 dana
I owned all xbox consoles except the new one
PH CLANK Prije 18 dana
I can't stand Ryan, he is such an Xbox fanboy!
OfficialDaBeast Prije 17 dana
Is Jonathan Thornbush not a Sony fanboy?
Wendell Silva
Wendell Silva Prije 18 dana
Don Mattrick will forever be the worst thing that ever happened to Xbox.
Fantonium Nitrous
Fantonium Nitrous Prije 8 dana
@conner choquette What?
Fabio Maddaleni
Fabio Maddaleni Prije 12 dana
I agree. The only things that can be saved are some exclusive games, obtained by Don Mattrick, during his work
Fantonium Nitrous
Fantonium Nitrous Prije 12 dana
@Hizkia Santoso Star Fox Adventures vs Sea Of Thieves. Which one do you actually think is better?
Hizkia Santoso
Hizkia Santoso Prije 12 dana
@Fantonium Nitrous Congratulations you just define an MMO games in general, obviously there will be a microtransaction on MMO games.
Hizkia Santoso
Hizkia Santoso Prije 12 dana
@Fantonium Nitrous Hahaha switching words as fast as a hungry hare.
fightnight14 Prije 19 dana
Just got a Series S just to play Fight Night Champion, NBA 2K21 and some game pass titles.
Rt gtz
Rt gtz Prije 19 dana
Thank the Gamer gods for Phil Spencer.
AIcaire 117
AIcaire 117 Prije 19 dana
I'm really excited for the future of Xbox with the series X. Can't wait to see more on Halo Infinite and Forza Motorports.
Solar Winds
Solar Winds Prije 19 dana
It's amazing that they were able to make such a comeback. People thought Xbox was done
Fantonium Nitrous
Fantonium Nitrous Prije 18 dana
They are kinda done. Phil Spencer doesn't care about the first-party titles, he only bought those studios to show off that they have more studios than any other company
Oskar Jacobsen
Oskar Jacobsen Prije 19 dana
anyone outside of US who give 2 cent about xbox?
AIcaire 117
AIcaire 117 Prije 19 dana
@Oskar Jacobsen Halo Infinite, Forza Motorsport and Elder Scrolls 6. I know PC will have these games aswell but I prefer casual console gaming.
Oskar Jacobsen
Oskar Jacobsen Prije 19 dana
@AIcaire 117 huh. why?
AIcaire 117
AIcaire 117 Prije 19 dana
I'm from the UK and I'll be giving xbox £449 for the Series X.
gabriel cabral
gabriel cabral Prije 19 dana
They really forgot about Obsidian and InExile joining xbox on 2018? WTF? 2 power house rgp studios...
青い森スナ Prije 19 dana
can never watch a video with this guy, his face, facial hair rubs me the wrong way
Cody McChristian
Cody McChristian Prije 19 dana
Are they gonna do this with the ps4?
Cody McChristian
Cody McChristian Prije 18 dana
@Zach Ryan Ok great
Zach Ryan
Zach Ryan Prije 18 dana
yup! should be up soon.
Aaron _
Aaron _ Prije 19 dana
Abridged version: Xbox is horrible .
Moussa Koita-Nolan
Moussa Koita-Nolan Prije 19 dana
I still have the OG xbox one, gonna keep it for sure. Just gonna buy the XSS
Ahmad Gabriel
Ahmad Gabriel Prije 19 dana
Finally, after almost adecade, IGN finally gives the black male a voice on the panel. I never understood that black males play video games moreso than females but despite this, every game has a female lead, every developer is quick to hire only women, and IGN also played a role in this by never acknowledging black males in any panel or capacity. Alas, Akeem has arrived. Lets hope more as qualified and knowledgeable as him continue to join. Well done!
Everprod Prije 19 dana
shoutout to the one guy not reading his lines off a screen.
Everprod Prije 10 dana
@Ruben Arenas couldnt have said it better myself.
Ruben Arenas
Ruben Arenas Prije 10 dana
They would have been better off showing more footage of the topic, this looks like middle schoolers using notecards during a presentation. Lmao
jacob KRAUSE
jacob KRAUSE Prije 12 dana
He was, his setup just felt more natural and professional
EpicGwar Prije 19 dana
I got both series x and ps5 I will say I like my series x more but then ps5 controllers are amazing
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