Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Official Gameplay Overview Trailer

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Prije 8 dana

Check out the latest trailer for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury for a closer look at what to expect from both adventures when the game launches on February 12, 2021 for Nintendo Switch.

In Super Mario 3D World, team up with up to 3 other players to save the Sprixie Kingdom. In Bowser's Fury, Mario and Bowser Jr. take on a gargantuan Bowser on an adventure through the islands of Lake Lapcat.
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Joseph Brice
Joseph Brice Prije dan
New! Super Mario 3D World + Deluxe feat Gigantamax Bowser and Mario, only available on the Flat WiiU. ,
Shadow Prije dan
The voiceover is so awkward
Eddy M
Eddy M Prije dan
Sebastian Gruenfeld
Sebastian Gruenfeld Prije 2 dana
I expected to see Dunkey in the comment section...
Jesse F.
Jesse F. Prije 2 dana
Super Saiyan Mario made me click.
DarkFrosty101 Prije 2 dana
These wii U ads are getting really annoying
Antonia Corrales
Antonia Corrales Prije 2 dana
Love how bowser turned into kaido
Dr.Petros Sing
Dr.Petros Sing Prije 2 dana
avaran abraham
avaran abraham Prije 2 dana
Super Saiyan mario
Angainor G7X
Angainor G7X Prije 2 dana
Is that you Steve? (RE: CV)
morning zero
morning zero Prije 2 dana
if you cant have one take the bowser route out
3D World was a bit on the easy side but worth playing.
Pedro Arreola
Pedro Arreola Prije 3 dana
Muy buen juego, pero si ya lo tenemos en WiiU no tiene caso volver a cómprarlo, es lo malo de los ports , ya deja de hacer eso Nintendo.
Jezza Lenko
Jezza Lenko Prije 3 dana
This sounds like a commercial for kids
Edsel Arocho
Edsel Arocho Prije 3 dana
The snapshot, they got it from SMO (Super Mario Odyssey).
Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077 Prije 4 dana
2:13 Embiggen is a perfectly crommulent word.
VJ: IT'S TIME TO KICK IT! Prije 4 dana
Chayanne Diaz
Chayanne Diaz Prije 4 dana
Yooooooo this ma corny..... That saiyain cat
Eternal Serenity
Eternal Serenity Prije 4 dana
Thank goodness the visuals is amazing compared to all stars !
Alcatraz JYH
Alcatraz JYH Prije 4 dana
In case anyone wants to skip to Bowser's Fury, it's at 3:51
Dylan Angell
Dylan Angell Prije 4 dana
Does that remind me at The Lion King
Chrometheus Prije 4 dana
Wow they really made giga max mario and bowser
Leo Almazon
Leo Almazon Prije 4 dana
Its super saiyan mario
XXtheJUMPoffXX Prije 4 dana
So... who’s double dipping?
Jacob Rice
Jacob Rice Prije 4 dana
could you please stop selling the same f'ing game 7 years in a row and just make another 3D world
Youssef Adraoui
Youssef Adraoui Prije 4 dana
Heres mario susanoo 😂
menikmati789 Prije 4 dana
Why is he talking like that?
Flavia Petrorossi De Figueiredo
Flavia Petrorossi De Figueiredo Prije 4 dana
Giga cat Mario? More like super saiyan mario
Serendipity Honey
Serendipity Honey Prije 4 dana
I can’t wait to play this
cool dude
cool dude Prije 4 dana
The game should be available on PC , please 😭😭😭😢😢
peter nguyen
peter nguyen Prije 5 dana
February 12TH Imma buy this game for my Switch o matter what 😃
Im_Nate Prije 5 dana
It's unsettling to see mario act like a cat
cody the lego master
cody the lego master Prije 5 dana
When he said a friend can play as bowser jr I cried (I have 0 friends)
Shrekasaurus Prije 5 dana
macho madness
AndrAthler Prije 5 dana
It's like Mario Odyssey and Super Mario 3d World!
Kris K
Kris K Prije 5 dana
Super saiyan cat mario lol
Coco Prije 5 dana
Is this game worth it? Mario sunshine, galaxy, and odyssey are my favorites in the franchise, but I just couldn’t get into the games that are straight up platform. I love exploring and I hear that the worlds are timed in this game so you can’t explore much?? I love that it’s 3D like odyssey but idk. I never had a Wii U so I didn’t get this when it first came out.
Geraldo nunez
Geraldo nunez Prije 5 dana
Nintendo take my money 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻. My bank account belongs to Nintendo 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Caleb :P
Caleb :P Prije 5 dana
Mario is really turning into an anime with all the game spoiled before released. Also why is bowser man/furious anyways?
Rafael Calvay
Rafael Calvay Prije 5 dana
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Power Bricks
Power Bricks Prije 5 dana
So this dude does a giant super sonic mode lol’s still dope tho
Asher Cone
Asher Cone Prije 5 dana
The narrator should honestly be put in a POW camp
#SHANK Prije 5 dana
0:42 what are u looking at, mario? hmm ¦)
TydalRave23 Prije 5 dana
When even Nintendo gets tired of waiting for the Godzilla vs Kong trailer so they make their own version, but with Mario
Ryuichi Aditya
Ryuichi Aditya Prije 5 dana
I always wonder how godzilla fight super saiyan ultraman
PWojo97 Prije 5 dana
This looks weird at first without like 2-3 other people doing their own things, causing chaos. The person playing Toad is probably running ahead, making everyone else bubble or miss stars and stamps. There's at least one person trying to get the stamp or green stars. There's always one person who just either jumps off or walks off into oblivion. Also, there's usually at least two people fighting over the crown or trying to cheese their way to get more points.
buddyroach Prije 5 dana
i totally forgot about this game and didnt hear any updates after the teaser and just now seeing this. this came out over a year ago.
glizzy hotdog
glizzy hotdog Prije 5 dana
this need to come out now
Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday Prije 5 dana
Can't wait!!
Extra Man
Extra Man Prije 5 dana
Wish they threw in 3d lands remastered
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Prije 2 dana
@Extra Man 3d land is like a basic version of 3d world. Level layouts, power ups, etc all feel more bland in 3d land then 3d world. I totally understand why as its A. The game that came first and B. A game for a portable console.
Extra Man
Extra Man Prije 2 dana
@Epic Gamer A tutorial I'm sorry I don't know what you mean could you explain
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Prije 2 dana
Honestly 3d world is better in my opinion. 3d land feels like a turturial for this game.
Wolfgangster Prije 5 dana
Nintendo's version of sackboy a big adventure I'm not sure what one looks better tho
David ryan
David ryan Prije 5 dana
0:39 happens Peach: dont worry you get used to it!
Sir Derpington
Sir Derpington Prije 5 dana
3:51 wowie a photo mode. in my mario game? what will they think of next. slow up on the innovation Nintendo.
JMAS Prije 5 dana
Can someone explain to me exactly what this is, is it two story modes but same game? It looks like two entirely different games... but they present it like it's DLC
AnimatedSky Prije 6 dana
1:52 two of them
Freakin Spooky
Freakin Spooky Prije 6 dana
SSJ mario
Peyton Kersee
Peyton Kersee Prije 6 dana
So 😎 cool!!!
Roda Prije 6 dana
6:16 hi sonic
Zuu Prije 6 dana
I can't wait to play this high.
Luisitosau Prije 6 dana
mario super sayayin
Adrenaltub Prije 6 dana
Thanks for showing me the entire gameplay along with the spoilers :D
freddy Sandoval
freddy Sandoval Prije 6 dana
Why does Mario look like a super sayian
Liam Peeples
Liam Peeples Prije 6 dana
Hehe look at this funny mario game anyway heres a horror game with bowser.
Angel Salazar
Angel Salazar Prije 6 dana
Can they make is so the Wii U players get this dlc for free I don’t even have a switch but I have the Wii U version
luka_shapka 276
luka_shapka 276 Prije 6 dana
So you made basicly super Mario odyssey spinoff in super Mario 3d world. Wow. Edit: just make super Mario odyssey 2, losers
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Prije 2 dana
I mean all they did was just take an already pre existing game and use the assets from that to create a small new game mode. This at most probably took a year to produce. My best guess is that odyssey has probably already been in development for a while now.
megapixel gamer 65
megapixel gamer 65 Prije 6 dana
holy sh**
Clarence Mercurio
Clarence Mercurio Prije 6 dana
Ok im excited on feb12!
Socxs. Prije 6 dana
so this is why goku says even further beyond
WeirdlyAwesome Prije 6 dana
This means Goku will get in Smash
Phá Game Vlog
Phá Game Vlog Prije 6 dana
Okay, Pokemon name Mario with the Gigantamax
HeroC14 Prije 6 dana
Team up with Bowser Jr. to save Bowser from incel-dom after getting rejected by Peach in Odyssey.
andy pete
andy pete Prije 6 dana
I dident know cats could climb walls.
Nabillio96 Prije 6 dana
Mario 3D World is such an underrated game in my opinion.. its constantly being compared to other 3D Marios. I had sooooooo much fun with this game back in Wii U! Can't wait to play it again PLUS the new Bowser's Fury which I'm hoping is long! Edit: YOOOOOO THEY ADDED ONLINE!!!
Johnathan Prije 6 dana
Ryan Youm
Ryan Youm Prije 6 dana
Really?, Mario steals Goku's super saiyan Aye.......
cesarjlink Prije 6 dana
Super Sayayin Mario!
cgpal78 Prije 6 dana
The paws and power!
Duda _girl12
Duda _girl12 Prije 6 dana
Steven Knight
Steven Knight Prije 6 dana
This game comes out on my birthday perfect timing
Carson Diaz
Carson Diaz Prije 6 dana
Hurry up and make Odyssey 2.
Carson Diaz
Carson Diaz Prije 6 dana
So how big of a game is Bowser's Fury?
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Prije 2 dana
If what everyone is saying is right it should be about a 4-5 game mode to completely 100%
吳少尹30407 Prije 6 dana
RedShibo Prije 6 dana
Ezreal is the narrator?
Sk8r Gamer
Sk8r Gamer Prije 6 dana
just release it as its own game
Nia Sayamuongbo
Nia Sayamuongbo Prije 6 dana
I 💕 the video.....So Amazing Happy new Year 🎊 everyone 🎇🎆🎇🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳🍺🥂🍾2021
Stik Prije 6 dana
Super Mario 3D world, I haven't played that game in years...
ARH78 Prije 6 dana
Yawn 🥱
coolvidzman Prije 6 dana
So bowsers fury seems to be based on the odyssey engine. Dope
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Prije 2 dana
Literally just the same engine they used from 3d world which I'm sure was used to make odyssey since production of that game started right after 3d world.
Raptor Zeraora
Raptor Zeraora Prije 7 dana
Also could I use my sonic ammibo om this? He said "ALL AVAILABLE AMMIBO"
Raptor Zeraora
Raptor Zeraora Prije 7 dana
I think ill get this at launch
Oscar the cool
Oscar the cool Prije 7 dana
My family hates video games so I’m alone :(
Ryan Beaman
Ryan Beaman Prije 7 dana
Why does this seem familiar? *Looks up BBEG in Sonic Adventure* Yeah, that's right
kail and huna show!!
kail and huna show!! Prije 7 dana
boi!! i thought they didn't mansion roseilena just to not have spoilers then show her when talking about online
Jason Edokpa
Jason Edokpa Prije 7 dana
A first party Nintendo co-op game that actually allows you to play online? Never thought I'd see the day.
The Light
The Light Prije 7 dana
Is this game out now
Glasses Gaming
Glasses Gaming Prije 7 dana
3:10 if super mario maker 2 exists HOW BAD COULD THIS GET???
아마리아Amaria Prije 7 dana
Damn they might as well finish the game for us😭
Pamela Wilkins
Pamela Wilkins Prije 7 dana
Just why it sounds weird 6:17
Phil !
Phil ! Prije 7 dana
Super sayain be like:
MarioPlays ROBLOX and more
MarioPlays ROBLOX and more Prije 7 dana
Anyone else hype for the Gigantamax battle?
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