Attack on Titan: Declaration of War Episode Explained

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SPOILER ALERT! The first episode back after the holiday break and Attack on Titan's Episode 64, "Declaration of War," already marks a huge turning point for the season. We haven't seen much of Eren and the gang so far in season 4 so what have they been doing? Why does Eren want to talk with Reiner now? What's Willy Tybur's message to Marley and the other nations? Who is the War Hammer Titan? Avert your eyes and cover your ears before going any further!

In this episode, we see more of Reiner and the Marleyan Warriors leading up to Willy Tybur's announcement in the internment zone for the Eldians. It's been interesting seeing much of AoT S4 in Marley and getting a look of what life is like. Following Falco, Gabe, Udo and Zofia, you see the Eldians' struggle which Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie have also gone through. There's a good amount of call backs and references in AoT final season that we dive into.
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IGN Prije 8 dana
What an episode! What are your thoughts on the Declaration of War episode and what are you looking forward to next week? Let us know below and mind spoilers manga readers for the anime folks! Thanks!
Lorenzo D'Arcangelo
Lorenzo D'Arcangelo Prije 4 dana
Tybur knew that he’ll die in that declaration of war. Poor guy
E B Prije 4 dana
@Kodye Kavansa it's not it's cool to give anime onlys hope but it's not Armin is still short😭
Kodye Kavansa
Kodye Kavansa Prije 4 dana
That mysterious soldier is armin
E B Prije 5 dana
@Ya Boi O1 I think it's Raina because the voice actors Japanese and that sounds like a English name so it's going to sound kind of broken but I'm pretty sure it's reiner
AAron Prije 5 dana
Eren..."I choose violence"
Grim Prije 48 minuta
I thought this was IGN, a game review channel, lol
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson Prije 7 sati
I love these thoughts & reflections. This series is amazing possibly the best anime / manga to date. Everything Eren does is intentional. His combination of Founding/Attack titans allows him remembrance. The Attack titan inherits all memories of its owners. The founding titan is Ymir, the ultimate titan. As you said Eren isn't bound by royal blood. As the attack titan he keeps moving forward until his enemies are destroyed, advice reiner gave himself. Reiner developed multiple personality based on this philosophy. Now that the War titan has been revealed it's all downhill. It's all going Eren's way now.
Soap McDroppin
Soap McDroppin Prije 15 sati
It's bertohto, correct your pronunciation.
Trump WillNotSurrender
Trump WillNotSurrender Prije dan
I honestly hope that the colossal titan appears and starts wreaking havoc. Eye for an eye. Inflict the exact pain the enemy inflicted on you. Plus I wanna see colossal armin.
AT ben
AT ben Prije dan
bad animation though, the new company didn't give it right.
Chillzaz Prije 2 dana
Nutcracker time
Hojauni Saunders
Hojauni Saunders Prije 2 dana
Willy looked like a cheese curl .
Toasted Toast
Toasted Toast Prije 2 dana
Sasha Braun dies in episode 66 of aot. The next episode will then feature flashbacks on the 4 years that pass on paridis island showing how Eren lost control over the years. Then at the end of the manga Eren starts the rumbling on everyone and kills off the world one by one
Jenna Craig
Jenna Craig Prije 2 dana
The host is so cute, what's his name?
n a n d e ?
n a n d e ? Prije 2 dana
Fun fact: We all tolerated the shitty adaptation
Aaron Huerta
Aaron Huerta Prije 2 dana
You spoiled the part where Tybur gets eaten by Eren that doesn't show in the anime until the next episode. Its small but still.
Ka-52 Prije 2 dana
Jet Prije 2 dana
So he eat em or just tyber
Our Eye
Our Eye Prije 3 dana
I had to rewatch this season. Fn hate subbed anime. Rather wait than read and miss the action.
Sophia D
Sophia D Prije 3 dana
One of the best episodes of the series.
c Lok
c Lok Prije 3 dana
Who needs explaining?
Jannatul Bushra
Jannatul Bushra Prije 3 dana
Gaby's gonna kill Sasha
Ghost B3-12
Ghost B3-12 Prije 3 dana
If u still don’t know what is going on in attack on titan just drop the show it isn’t for you
Venkat Narahari
Venkat Narahari Prije 3 dana
Lol the animation is so bad 😂
Gading Kurniawan
Gading Kurniawan Prije 3 dana
Makanouchi Ippo
Makanouchi Ippo Prije 3 dana
Sashas death will be fun next episode
AstonishingREDD Prije 3 dana
Eren went from the angry kid who wanted to kill all Titans to the literal agent of chaos and its both tragic and amazing.
therealDale Prije 3 dana
The fact that Eren can decide when his body will regenerate his limbs, shows his current skill level. Wow.
Andrea dela Cruz
Andrea dela Cruz Prije 21 sat
You should see in the next episode his multiple transformations leaving his titan forms everywhere
dirtysanchez58 Prije 3 dana
I haven’t been this passionate about a story since GoT and LoTR. Love it.
Alicia Suastika
Alicia Suastika Prije 3 dana
Epicness aside, I felt sorry for Falco. The poor kid's face when he realized the letters he helped send were to Eren's comrades...
Neg Koray
Neg Koray Prije 3 dana
Y'all ain't seen nothing yet. The manga is ending and OMG.
Ikiguy Prije 3 dana
Where can I watch the rest of the seasons?
il3b 1
il3b 1 Prije 3 dana
i think i enter tge wrong channel
Adrian Prije 4 dana
Legit, best season since season 1.
André Caldeira
André Caldeira Prije 4 dana
But wait did reiner die when eren transformed Cause i have seen people who said he died
KZ_kanmuru Prije 4 dana
If you watched the episode this video is pointless.
Cat Prije 4 dana
.... what is the point of this video? They literally just go over what we all saw. Who needs this kind of explanation???
Adarsh Kurisingal
Adarsh Kurisingal Prije 4 dana
Why is people not thinking that the mysterious soldier is Connie?? We manga readers thought it was either Connie or Jean
Edgar Federico Rodriguez
Edgar Federico Rodriguez Prije 4 dana
Funny. He's making a dumb face but clearly he knows what happened in the manga and so, what will happen in the next episode
oOo ShyGuy
oOo ShyGuy Prije 4 dana
We watching this the day off gang wya
Adam Clark
Adam Clark Prije 4 dana
this needs explaining? its probably the most straightforward chapter in the entire series.
victory dark creations
victory dark creations Prije 4 dana
I'm really looking forward to seeing Levi
Shafique Iqbal
Shafique Iqbal Prije 4 dana
why didn’t reiner transform? did he feel that guilty that he couldn’t even transform?
Sihaston Srikumar
Sihaston Srikumar Prije 3 dana
I think he was more concerned about falco's safety
Swayam swastik Swain
Swayam swastik Swain Prije 4 dana
This is the worst anime I have ever seen , waste of time and energy
FruitpunchNinja Prije 4 dana
Nothing was explained in this video. It’s just a synopsis of the episode. Thumbs down.
Mike Yaacoub
Mike Yaacoub Prije 4 dana
This was a recap not an explanation
Sky NightZ
Sky NightZ Prije 4 dana
Tybur wanted to help out erin.
Daryl Wilkinson
Daryl Wilkinson Prije 4 dana
Where is Annie
Philani Mpofu
Philani Mpofu Prije 4 dana
I love how they know all the answers to these questions already, but he has to pretend to not know them as to not spoil the show for anime-onlies.
Taku Tamo
Taku Tamo Prije 4 dana
The final special titan or is it?
hanraehoon Prije 4 dana
Eren’s transformation always gives me the chills. Historic Episode, hands down.
Phantomdaze Prije 4 dana
Eren like: Ok, now my turn!
XXSefa Prije 4 dana
atleast they lucky eren didn't bring armin, imagine him blowing up whole city not just armored titan also war hammer titan would have gone already
Ed D
Ed D Prije 4 dana
Willy: Eren is a monster! Eren: You're absolutely correct, and here's why.
Gaumtesh Jain
Gaumtesh Jain Prije 4 dana
Who's Bertholt? I only know Berthoroto
INF3XI0N Prije 4 dana
I am thrilled where is Captain LEVI !
Paloma Tron
Paloma Tron Prije 4 dana
In your face! Reiner
Screw Prije 4 dana
Eating a burger with no honey mustard.
Hernan Torres
Hernan Torres Prije 4 dana
Read the manga😂😂
Lee Jay
Lee Jay Prije 4 dana
This vid is for those who didn't read the manga
Kkkong Blong
Kkkong Blong Prije 5 dana
I love this guy covering things.
Yoyo Honey singh
Yoyo Honey singh Prije 5 dana
He wanted to absorb war hammer
Ralph Kassor
Ralph Kassor Prije 5 dana
This season was kinda confusing at first, but after this episode I understood the timeline.
Lool Asphalt
Lool Asphalt Prije 5 dana
Willy's dead eren ate him
a bug on a pug on a mug on a rug
a bug on a pug on a mug on a rug Prije 5 dana
AOT hype !!!
Ba Der
Ba Der Prije 5 dana
I swear, the only bad thing about Attack on Titan is it's too short.
Patrick Tjhai
Patrick Tjhai Prije 10 sati
Still, every episode I've watched packs so much even though they only last 24 minites.
Joey Maxon
Joey Maxon Prije 5 dana
Obvs it’s not armen
Sponge man
Sponge man Prije 5 dana
Since when ign review anime?
Hussain Mezaal
Hussain Mezaal Prije 5 dana
I forgot how much I don’t like this ign guy can’t watch anything with him in it
axolotl Prije 4 dana
@Akeem Lawanson yea so because some kids in the world are in hunger i shouldn't be complaining if a dog shits on my leg? What kind of logic is that
Akeem Lawanson
Akeem Lawanson Prije 5 dana
so many serious issues in this world, you hating on a guy talking about anime. Get a life.
Tekk Luthor
Tekk Luthor Prije 5 dana
She's the Warhsmmer
Absentgood Prije 5 dana
We all know the war hammer Titian is that dude sister and she’s not in the body. She’s hidden inside the crystal but Eren is able to break it with another Titian. It’s a epic battle. Can’t wait to see it.
Marth Vader
Marth Vader Prije 2 dana
Don't spoil it dude...
tanner fromhigh
tanner fromhigh Prije 5 dana
Legend has it that any anime will never die in grace
Aaron Fox
Aaron Fox Prije 5 dana
Typical IGN review, basically explains what happened....when you see it with your own eyes.....great review 11/10
Harsh Meena
Harsh Meena Prije 5 dana
*Plot Twist : Eren Is A Boy Who Smoke Weed Everyday And There Is No Titan World*
Jim Rafi
Jim Rafi Prije 5 dana
lmfao well said m8
Harsh Meena
Harsh Meena Prije 5 dana
*Willy: I Don't Want To Die!* *Reiner: I Want To Die!* *Eren: I Want To Eat my Dinner!*
Kola Prije 5 dana
Reiner's mother and Annie's dad talk about bertholdts dad passing away not bert himself.
benedict furness
benedict furness Prije 5 dana
Peeper Prije 5 dana
Eren’s mum is the Warhammer Titan btw
matt manley
matt manley Prije 5 dana
Ved Aryan
Ved Aryan Prije 5 dana
It wasn't clear in the anime , but Falco has been with Eren for a month or so. So he knows him well enough
æ Prije 5 dana
Everyone thinks that person is Armin. Meanwhile Armin : 🚣‍♂️
Prima Andika
Prima Andika Prije 4 dana
🚢 💥
winter zorg
winter zorg Prije 5 dana
Reiner: Depressed Eren: "shakes hand with reiner" Reiner: *MORE DEPRESSED*
Itlog Prije 5 dana
As a manga reader, I have to greatly hold back from spoiling the anime onlies.
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Prije 5 dana
Willy holds the Guiness World Record for fastest man to die after a war declaration.
Cerphy Prije 5 dana
I think the soldier was armin?
Justin Seagull
Justin Seagull Prije 5 dana
Its Yelena
hotsauce Prije 5 dana
To someone who read the manga can anyone tell me whos the guard that trapped the jaw and cart titan?
Vapo Rizel
Vapo Rizel Prije 2 dana
dont worry it will be explained later
Attila Szarka
Attila Szarka Prije 5 dana
I'm sorry but what you said was basically nothing new anyone who watched the anime should know everything you said.
CASE Prije 5 dana
It's always interesting as an anime watcher and manga reader to see anime-only's opinions and speculations
Lost Spaniard
Lost Spaniard Prije 5 dana
Lol the “final” special titan
Ryan Archen
Ryan Archen Prije 5 dana
It is not Armin. It is Yelena, leader of the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers. Sorry for spoilers haha
I MrChief I
I MrChief I Prije 5 dana
War was declared.
bruxi binger
bruxi binger Prije 5 dana
10x better than the game of thrones final season !
Justin Seagull
Justin Seagull Prije 5 dana
Come on dude GOT is nothing compated to this
Iraq Lobster
Iraq Lobster Prije 5 dana
Reiner: so you forgive me? Eren: Yes but actually no.
andrew bradford
andrew bradford Prije 5 dana
Everyone thinks the mystery soldier is Armin but its not, its a female part of the anti marly countermeasure working for Zeke and is obsessed with the beast titan
Ed Tardaguila
Ed Tardaguila Prije 5 dana
Spoiler alert : hammer titan could not be willy thybur 😜😜
2x Tofu
2x Tofu Prije 5 dana
Explained? More like Summarized smh
Make out Hill
Make out Hill Prije 5 dana
Spoiler Erens goal wants to take zeke with him to paradis
IzThat it
IzThat it Prije 5 dana
This really didn't need an explanation...😒
Akeem Lawanson
Akeem Lawanson Prije 5 dana
but it did tho
Эдуард Ra1n Червоненко
Эдуард Ra1n Червоненко Prije 5 dana
Везакс ?
Yorri Amo
Yorri Amo Prije 5 dana
More he know he’s read the manga and knows how this ends 😑
Whosyodaddeh Twitch Clips
Whosyodaddeh Twitch Clips Prije 5 dana
Not sure why this video needs to be made when the entire episode already explains it all.
Chadx M
Chadx M Prije 6 dana
ahem... declaration of worldwide death.... even stalin will be terrified/proud of...
Scp Dudes
Scp Dudes Prije 6 dana
Willy: I declare war *Eren transforms* *willy chuckles im in dange-*
Fabio Sequeira
Fabio Sequeira Prije 6 dana
Imagine watching anime and needing IGN to explain.
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