How to Play Cyberpunk 2077 In 3rd Person

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Thanks to the wonderful modding community, we now have a way to enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 in third person mode. With this simple mod, you can easily swap to different perspectives, though still in the early stages of development.

This mod comes to us via Jelle Bakker who uploaded the mod to Nexus Mods, a website with thousands of different mods for many games. In order to play Cyberpunk 2077 with this 3rd person mod, there are two files that you will need to download. Don't worry, they're easy to install!

The first mod you'll need, called Cyber Engine Tweak, can be downloaded here:

And the actual third person with the different gender options can be found here:

For much more on Cyberpunk 2077 including more mods and the many updates to the game in the future, keep it here on IGN.
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DoeyBap Prije 6 sati
nothing happens when i press b......
Mohammed Mazin
Mohammed Mazin Prije 16 sati
Even first person better than this anyway atleast we can see his belly dance.
satya zaen
satya zaen Prije 22 sati
Damn, shitty
superdave Prije 2 dana
It looks like the protagonist is twerking lol
Alexander Drake
Alexander Drake Prije 3 dana
All they had to do was do third person the way mass effect did it. Rpg games should not be first person unless it’s via VR IMO because to me THAT breaks immersion.
gamer tester 1939
gamer tester 1939 Prije 3 dana
Rikco Flores
Rikco Flores Prije 4 dana
Absolutely no control over his hip when he gets to shooting LMAO
Bro_Nz 11
Bro_Nz 11 Prije 5 dana
It needs it, like it needs more help. Hell Saint Rows had better customization options then Cyberpunk
Hiburan Nostalgia
Hiburan Nostalgia Prije 6 dana
Cdpr be like : why you bullying me
FlashCombo Prije 7 dana
This game is crappy.... they worked on this for many many years and look at the player animation... that's what's happening behind your first person view.... I'm counting on Bethesda games. I hope they don't make the same mistake as CDProjekt did by not adding a third person view.... Btw, CDProjekt did not get my money this time...
Jin Cen
Jin Cen Prije 9 dana
it does not work
fiegaro Prije 9 dana
3rd person view would bring this game out of the ashes and into the winning light
Yash4U Prije 9 dana
Wait a minute !! Is cyberpunk is a 1st person game ??
Zainal Smith
Zainal Smith Prije 9 dana
Third person is the only way to play this game
EDSON ADNARIM Prije 9 dana
Can't believe a big game that took soooo long and not even a single soul tried to do third person gameplay?
gilanG Prije 9 dana
This is perfect. From stomatch to feet. :V
KLIPING Prije 9 dana
Damn it, enough is enough, my little brother starting to scream now
Secret Scarlet
Secret Scarlet Prije 9 dana
First person games make me dizzy, so this legit can help me play.
EscapingTheRealWorldGamer Prije 9 dana
Welcome To Cyberpunk Garry's Mod 2077 Edition Where weirdness comes to life.
msolopa ganz
msolopa ganz Prije 9 dana
Braa this game is waay too broken gawd damn
Felipe Amaral
Felipe Amaral Prije 9 dana
Didn’t pick up CP2077 mainly because it doesn’t has a third-person perspective
Matthew Robinson
Matthew Robinson Prije 10 dana
I'm NEVER gonna understand why ANY game is first person, it literally isn't actual first person view, I have peripheral vision in real life and first person games do not. Why anyone would want to see less in a game is beyond me.
Shadow 57
Shadow 57 Prije 10 dana
Can I get the desktop background? Purple space?
Burned roses
Burned roses Prije 10 dana
This game would have been more well received if they allowed a 3rd person camera
Curious Tinkering
Curious Tinkering Prije 10 dana
This game reminds me of Anthem where it was in development for years when in reality it was only developed in a year. This mod shows the real reason why CDPR say they will remove 3rd person view with the "immersion" excuse - to hide their janky animations. How many months did the actual development of this game took?
Gamerdept Prije 4 dana
The game was supposed to launch in 2022 Actual development only started in 2016. Poor devs...
Isaac agada
Isaac agada Prije 10 dana
0:58 Don't bring GTA and cyberpunk in the same sentence again..take 3 seconds after mentioning cyberpunk before mentioning GTA.
Lonewolf360 Prije 4 dana
Gta is better than cyberpunk and I'm saying that out of pure spite
Skyrim NPC
Skyrim NPC Prije 10 dana
Make it official... drop it on console 👊🏻
Mr. Joshua
Mr. Joshua Prije 10 dana
I wonder if CDPR sees this and sees how much of a demand this feature apparently is?
Mr. Joshua
Mr. Joshua Prije 10 dana
I can only imagine the amount of attention and pressure the modder has now. Kudos to the modder's effort tho.
J. Prije 10 dana
I'm about 30 hours in and this game is utter dogshit.
YTK Prije 10 dana
They should've just release the game with 3rd person
Sam C
Sam C Prije 10 dana
Soyberponk 2oLL
Bootywarrior Gaming
Bootywarrior Gaming Prije 10 dana
This game is about to get carried by modeders
Lee Benson
Lee Benson Prije 10 dana
How about a complete cyberpunk 2077 skin for GTA5.
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Prije 10 dana
I'm not surprised when you play the game in first person if you look at your Shadow your character sometimes does weird animations most of the time my head is gone
Vector G
Vector G Prije 10 dana
They didn't basically finish the game, I mean that's how your character looks to others in Cyberpunk world when your running around, weird janky movements
i just watched a video, which had mod for crysis 2 (3rd person mod) the movements are so better in that game even though it was made as a fps game, there were only a few issues and that too during cutscenes and camera angles, else the mod was great. The body looked like that of a human unlike this cyberpunk released approximately 9 years later and still so bad.
Gibran Maulana
Gibran Maulana Prije 10 dana
Then i love this jokes keep it up, modder and IGN for post it. respect
Gibran Maulana
Gibran Maulana Prije 10 dana
Im just still love cod warzone jokes, if modder did 3rd person of it, there no bug like this. they must learn to company who made cod warzone (all cod series too) how to made perfect fps game. For completely indeed learn it from rockstr too who made GTA 5 completely perfect fps and 3rd person. This message for CD PROJECT RED company who made cyberpunk 2077 or cyberbug 2077
Ricky Prije 10 dana
The game should of gave you a damn choice
Stephen Phelps
Stephen Phelps Prije 10 dana
can anyone explain what happened when you ads?
PlatypusYSL Prije 10 dana
Where was all this buzz when I wanted a third person Halo, Doom, Far Cry and Dishonored. Or where were y'all at for a first person Uncharted, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy or Devil May Cry?!
sy Prije 10 dana
All my hype was lost for this game when the said they won't be including third person
Daksh 852
Daksh 852 Prije 10 dana
Is this fortnite
A Reese
A Reese Prije 10 dana
dead game
Windswepts Prije 10 dana
CyberBug 1977
Gaurav Jain
Gaurav Jain Prije 10 dana
We need tpp in cyberpunk fpp is only suitable for counterstrike cod battlefront fpp is kinda odd for open world game like cyberpunk
Sachin Awasthi
Sachin Awasthi Prije 10 dana
Michael does life . Here we go
Saliou Niang
Saliou Niang Prije 10 dana
Fallout 5 the capitol
Richard IDGAF
Richard IDGAF Prije 10 dana
Modder deserves some serious praise - they discovered yet another reason to be mad at the dumpster fire that's CyberPunk
Pedro Caballero
Pedro Caballero Prije 11 dana
I got my refund already, fuk this game u only get one shot
Stannis Targaryen
Stannis Targaryen Prije 11 dana
Until they fix the AI and teleporting police no point in playing this game.
Alex Qiu
Alex Qiu Prije 11 dana
2:37 MJ is here
Cyber Venom
Cyber Venom Prije 11 dana
I will buy this game when it will be 3 person
Bryant Smith
Bryant Smith Prije 11 dana
Lmao this looks ridiculous but yea this game should’ve been third person and way more modifications like a cyber ligaments and a cyber dong. What a let down. Story was great tho.
Eroottine Prije 11 dana
breaking a broken game.. nice
Artur Templiner
Artur Templiner Prije 11 dana
Finally I can see myself
Dwight Prije 11 dana
I've actually come to appreciate the game being first person for gameplay, but I just wish I could see my character more without using a mirror, vehicle, or photo mode. The Star Wars Battlefront games have great animations in first and third person so it may be possible for Cyberpunk. The Doom games are actually hilarious in third person because Doomguy moves too fast it looks janky AF.
Duc Anh Michael Pham
Duc Anh Michael Pham Prije 11 dana
just like how cd project red would release it
Brandon Rogers
Brandon Rogers Prije 11 dana
Ign must be out of stories to dig the bottom of the barrel of a poorly done project.
Daniela Viegas
Daniela Viegas Prije 11 dana
that should have been the sole purpose of seeing the clothes and style you dress the character with..not on the cut scenes only...LOL
Shivansh Sharma
Shivansh Sharma Prije 11 dana
They should have given the option for TP just like GTA 5.. it will give them a wider gamer base and hence more profits. It is common sense!
Just WoW
Hippsla Prije 11 dana
The devs were to lazy to animate it properly i gues. I mean if you watch your shadow moving in fp it looks as janky as in the vid.
GrayFox790 Prije 11 dana
"It just works!"
Jenny Liu
Jenny Liu Prije 11 dana
Why 3rd person view isn't a thing with the base game is beyond me.
Techno Gaming
Techno Gaming Prije 11 dana
This mod looking very bad same as the devloper of this game they should learn something from the Rockstar that how to make a game beautiful and able to change in third person or first person mode depending on the player choice because everyone not like only third or only first person view in a game as a example like red dead redemption 2 or Gta 5
slipinoy Prije 11 dana
Most games have separate models used for first and third person (which is also why the shadows look so jank) guess they didn't take that into account (yet?). Really makes me wonder how multiplayer is gonna look when it's released.
MARI Prije 11 dana
should have made the game third person to begin with
Will Fer
Will Fer Prije 11 dana
Since Online is going to be a thing and you'll be able to see other player models in combat, this'll definitely be fixed in the finished edition
Çağrı Prije 11 dana
they have to rework on animations if there will be multiplayer
Giancarlo Duncan
Giancarlo Duncan Prije 11 dana
Video: "You can probably expect some more general bugs too" Me: "It's okay, I'm used to this"
Óreo Prije 11 dana
Gta V is still better than cyberpunk
Nic Prije 11 dana
I hate 1st person games, if Cyberpunk had been in 3rd person I would have bought it definitely
Sye Prije 11 dana
When you only mod the graphic in skyrim:
Shortcut 101
Shortcut 101 Prije 11 dana
PC gamer rule🤘mod, crack, bugs, cheatcode/trainer
Giorgos Vlt
Giorgos Vlt Prije 11 dana
am i the only one who saw 'half life 3 reveal treiler' folder ?
bob bobbinson
bob bobbinson Prije 11 dana
Not buying this game.... maybe I'll get cyberpunk 2078
Minimalist SG
Minimalist SG Prije 11 dana
I'm playing Cyberpunk 2077 in 5th person.
Tomas Soejakto
Tomas Soejakto Prije 11 dana
Even if it's a single player FPS, not developing a 3D skeleton for the main char is a huge oversight. What am I saying? They never intended to release it finished. OF COURSE there's no 3D skeleton YET.
Usagibot Tsuki
Usagibot Tsuki Prije 11 dana
This is why the game is just single player, isn't ready for multiplayer, looks like amateur video game.
James Duncadh
James Duncadh Prije 11 dana
gotta love these janky mods to make this GTA clone more fun!!!
Brandon Owoghiri
Brandon Owoghiri Prije 11 dana
Its just a disgusting buggy mess of a game....
Things That Need To Be Fixed
Things That Need To Be Fixed Prije 11 dana
kill it with fire!
Phillip Moss
Phillip Moss Prije 11 dana
Gameplay wise it looks great! I would play this for sure! In terms of animations.....burn them with fire 🔥.
sasa nice
sasa nice Prije 11 dana
Its actually could be made by cd project red with the missing head
David Shaban
David Shaban Prije 11 dana
3rd person way better
Mr J B
Mr J B Prije 11 dana
They need to fix this game!! I want to play it!!
Waruth KiloNine
Waruth KiloNine Prije 11 dana
Terrible Game.
GR@M@ TV Prije 12 dana
Well I got my refund let me know when they fix it ill buy it again
Brick One A Lego story
Brick One A Lego story Prije 12 dana
2:05 It's not a bug. He's just working for the Ministry of Silly Walks
ItsRoutine Prije 12 dana
I hate this game
TheMex1kan Prije 12 dana
Damn those cyber mods are getting out of control. I’m sure arasaka has a foot in on this
TheWavyWorldOfJuice Prije 12 dana
I wanted this game to be in 3rd person from the beginning but after playing in first person and seeing this (without the weird movements of course) I actually like it in 1st person for this game. I hate 1st person games too
TheWavyWorldOfJuice Prije 11 dana
@GhoulishDongle they said they did it because they wanted us to take in the environment in 1st person view , see the uniqueness and detail of the weapon etc. which is understandable . They planned on it being 1st person since they revealed the game. But yea i agree with you it could be that too
GhoulishDongle Prije 12 dana
My problem is they need to give you the option like Bethesda titles. The didn't do it because it's apparent they were already pressed for time and creating a separate set of animations for as robust a combat system as they were going for would have been too daunting given time constraints
Tazerboy10 Prije 12 dana
martini109 Prije 12 dana
I personally like it more in first person because it feels more immersive for me. I just want to ask, why do you want it to be in third person? I am not trying to be offensive, I am just genuinely curious why some people prefer third person. Is it because you don't feel as nauseous? Is it because you are used to playing in third person in rpg games? Of course it would be most optimal if we could switch between the different POV's.
GhoulishDongle Prije 12 dana
They put in customization, but you rarely get to see your character. It needs to be togglable like Bethesda titles
Malcolm L
Malcolm L Prije 12 dana
Cyber punk refunds went out on psn. Buy it again when it’s $20, bois.
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry Prije 12 dana
Hopefully they can mod the bugs out of it
BoZaK Prije 12 dana
When the mods completed maybe then I'll purchase the game.
christian haynes
christian haynes Prije 12 dana
Looks janky, but looks like a step in the right direction.
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