Why You'll Want Sony to Cut PS4 Production - IGN Daily Fix

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Prije 17 dana

In today's Daily Fix, Syd explains why Sony cutting PlayStation 4 production is actually a good thing, why Nintendo decided to buy a Canadian game developer, and what the heck is going on with Batman in the DCEU. Roll the thing!
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Nicholas Baker
Nicholas Baker Prije 11 dana
This is astonishing information, who knew less ps4 production has a beneficial side for the the ps5.. mind blown................. ps5: out of stock Ps5 production start date: 2017 or earlier Why not many people have one: scripted life, simulated life.
K13Reaper Prije 11 dana
Is this you're way of saying regret that console? i don't know about you, but Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son were right on time. I was about to check out..
Bernard Rickson
Bernard Rickson Prije 12 dana
I'm waiting for the ps5 pro
Liam Featherstone
Liam Featherstone Prije 12 dana
Put it this way of I can get hold of a ps5 ill be giving my ps4 Pro to somebody that can't afford 1 you can tell a family that can't afford much I was like that as a kid. So be nice let them CUT ps4 out of stock no more made bring the ps5 and give you ps4 to some body that needs it
A B Prije 13 dana
Are they seriously making more ps4s?
Lala Land
Lala Land Prije 13 dana
You the only person I know that can make that party noise and I actually understand that's what it is🥳🥳🥳😂
xX- SoLrAc-187-Xx
xX- SoLrAc-187-Xx Prije 13 dana
March 7th Got it
Jaydyn Marquez
Jaydyn Marquez Prije 14 dana
A PS5 shortage like toilet paper and Hand sanitizer? I’ll keep playing my ps4 until further notice. Loving you Sydney.
Nate watson
Nate watson Prije 14 dana
Im extremely disappointed by this comment section
Hvit Network
Hvit Network Prije 14 dana
I rather play ps4 for the coming 3 years atleast before even thinking about purchasing a ps5 , I even play on my ps3 and 2 these days..
kAzIm RaZa
kAzIm RaZa Prije 14 dana
you know what....i cant afford ps5 so i just satisfy my soul by watching video of ps5. but that's not for all day..🥺 I'll work very hard to steal ps5 from the store...if i get chance😂
Jean Prije 14 dana
Just shut up IGN.
Jesse d. Hepler
Jesse d. Hepler Prije 14 dana
You look younger here than your last 4 years of videos
Davie Living to Win
Davie Living to Win Prije 14 dana
Why force the issue for buying the five we can't even buy one like a normal person 😂
BallinTrollin Prije 14 dana
Oh so this is the daily fix.... Iol i thought it was just her saying hi to me. Everyday as a fix... :D
Ray Taylor
Ray Taylor Prije 14 dana
No need to upgrade at the moment. Just play PS4 games on the actual PS4.
Rylo T
Rylo T Prije 14 dana
Seems like ps5 want they money back u cant really erase a whole system game production that's still well known and famous in reality
Bamban Gamer
Bamban Gamer Prije 14 dana
SIE are not elimating the whole PlayStation 4 system production, only stopping the Pro line due to it being direct competition for the PlayStation 5 Digital
iTzHyruleGuardians Prije 14 dana
I have my Nintendo switch and ps4 pro along with my gaming PC which I love playing games on still. I don't really think I need a PS5 yet. Not UNTIL THEY RELEASE HORIZON ZERO DAWN FORRBIDDEN WEST AND HARRY POTTER !! I think those games might be a must considering how well the first zero dawn game did pretty well. I'm big harry potter fan tho so I gotta get the ps5 for that ! 🤩🥺🙌🏻🤍
Mateo Leoz
Mateo Leoz Prije 14 dana
Because sony is dying...when was the last time you heard of a sony tv or a sony video camera? I invested my money on the bigger company-Microsoft for future purposes
Beast P
Beast P Prije 14 dana
Replace base ps4 with the pro @$349..... oh we could only wish
Floor Lava
Floor Lava Prije 15 dana
“Stop making PS4’s at your high output facility” because that solves a parts backlog issue.
Daryl Wilkinson
Daryl Wilkinson Prije 15 dana
Why would anyone want this right now
Lord Griselbrand
Lord Griselbrand Prije 14 dana
demon souls...
mo kushtiwala
mo kushtiwala Prije 15 dana
How about ps5 slims?
AkaPro Carter
AkaPro Carter Prije 15 dana
they changed batflecks scenes to Keenebat
Travis Prije 15 dana
This girl man smh lol
Luis Pinto
Luis Pinto Prije 15 dana
Wow ign, obviously bought by someone review yes let's tell ur viewers to boycote Sony sad u guys are soo poor anyone can buy them
Tanveer Haque
Tanveer Haque Prije 15 dana
I’m switching to Microsoft X box. Who’s with me?
The Judge
The Judge Prije 15 dana
Hope, by the time PS5s become readily available, we will get a all black version
Zeev Prije 15 dana
If my PS4 Pro will break tomorrow, I will not find a new PS4 Pro and also cannot buy PS5. That is a genius move from Sony! (Also if I will find PS4 their price will rise as with WII U because as less models the higher demand and price rise)
Kyan Das
Kyan Das Prije 15 dana
Goodman does not miss! I hope you’ve all got her birthday written on your calendars and you’ve dropped everything you’re doing.
Edward Prije 15 dana
She’s back boys!
Jay Green
Jay Green Prije 15 dana
They trying get people to get people to buy ps5 cause that’s where they making most of they money at
Jay Green
Jay Green Prije 15 dana
I thought they was going to stop making ps4 pros in the u.s but it’s only in Japan
Denzel Mwandha
Denzel Mwandha Prije 15 dana
I missed the daily fix
Matthew Walls
Matthew Walls Prije 15 dana
I can’t even find a new base model PS4.
Mike J
Mike J Prije 15 dana
Also PlayStation isn't doing so hot over in Japan, Seeing how Japanese are More interested in taking games on the go and not only that, but since Sony moved to Democrat California they've been censoring more games..
Medi Medi
Medi Medi Prije 15 dana
Tom clancy's Splinter cell Xbox one
Reis W. K.
Reis W. K. Prije 15 dana
Hey Sydnee G. will you be my sugar mama?
ZenIceHero Prije 15 dana
They likey cut the these 2 PS4 models production in Japan to Produce the PS5 more quickly there while at the same time giving Support to the PS4 in the western market
ZenIceHero Prije 15 dana
I still got plenty of games to buy on my ps4 pro this year such as Horizon Forbbiden West, Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 to name a few besides Sony themselves Said that they are giving 2 to 3 more years of support to the PS4
fullmetaldillon Prije 15 dana
Ps5 the system everyone with a ps4 still doesn't NEED
Young Rage
Young Rage Prije 15 dana
I kind of want a redesign disc version of the PS5
Hank Borderton
Hank Borderton Prije 15 dana
The media just wants people to spend 700 dollars on a ps5, basically what IGN is saying
RA 89
RA 89 Prije 15 dana
Sony is giving up Japan. Japan is all Nintendo now.
GOLD Body Fitness
GOLD Body Fitness Prije 15 dana
Is it me or She sounds like Kathy Kelly ?
SrAbsolution Gaming
SrAbsolution Gaming Prije 15 dana
I'm just here for the cat grooming in the background.
Luiz Henrique Dutra Leal
Luiz Henrique Dutra Leal Prije 15 dana
THE SPARTAN GOD Prije 15 dana
Ps5 in my country is damn expensive I will stick to mu ps4
Blender Study
Blender Study Prije 15 dana
A couple of months ago, I thought the new video cards were having major stock issues in the market, because the coin miners bought all the new video cards ahead.. but after seeing what's happening with the new consoles and other products having the same stock issues, it appears the issue is something else. I hope all goes back to normal soon. Stay safe and healthy, everyone..!!
One Hungry African
One Hungry African Prije 15 dana
Why would they cut production. think of all the fighter jets and commercial planes they could make out of old ps4's
Juan Gabriel De Guzman
Juan Gabriel De Guzman Prije 15 dana
Will there still be more PS4 games coming up?
Vic Voss
Vic Voss Prije 15 dana
The PS5. Built by bots, for bots
Just a Knight
Just a Knight Prije 15 dana
PS5 is assembled by humans though everything apart from the Ryzen Chip and both memory modules.
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford Prije 15 dana
Wish Somy remastered the Saboteur
Kelvin Feliciano
Kelvin Feliciano Prije 15 dana
Thank you for the news 😝
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher Prije 15 dana
I want PlayStation 5 PRO
Your Subconscious
Your Subconscious Prije 15 dana
and open the market for Thailand, thank you
Cyril Murasaki
Cyril Murasaki Prije 15 dana
I like this new notion that mega-corporations are doing things for their customers' sakes. That's hilarious.
Universal Space Expeditioner
Universal Space Expeditioner Prije 15 dana
They are still making PS3s so your issue with PS4s makes no sense
Universal Space Expeditioner
Universal Space Expeditioner Prije 15 dana
It will cut it in the 2030s
Gameplay PH
Gameplay PH Prije 15 dana
Me and my PS4 slim will continue having fun gaming for atleast 2 more years until PS5 slim are out.
Laid_back _ash
Laid_back _ash Prije 15 dana
Cool I skipped last gen. Still rolling with my ps3...
mbs400cdi Prije 15 dana
no need to yell, we all have volume control
DrVince Prije 15 dana
Pc gamers watching from above with delightfulness
Annie Casual Gamer on hiatus
Annie Casual Gamer on hiatus Prije 15 dana
Why isn't Sony and retailers implementing ways to get at scalpers they're the problem not the PS4
Dabacon BossBro
Dabacon BossBro Prije 13 dana
Tbf how do you fix that problem
Sarath SunilDutt
Sarath SunilDutt Prije 15 dana
FamouskidVGI Prije 15 dana
It would be super awesome for a new Punch Out to come out on Switch ..would be even better to put Mike Tyson back in it too
Amazing Cyan
Amazing Cyan Prije 15 dana
Sike im getting ps5 2022 or 2023
Empathic Paradox
Empathic Paradox Prije 15 dana
Shoulders wider than the hips...
Cristi's Gaming
Cristi's Gaming Prije 15 dana
How can they cut the ps4 production when the ps5 released for almost 2 months and they still have no stocks, well at least they have in Japan :)))))))))
treu biscut
treu biscut Prije 15 dana
So....exactly what microsoft did.
Matthew Hardwick
Matthew Hardwick Prije 15 dana
Well I guess it's time to sell my pilot gear because I'm replacing my PS4 Pro with the PS5
Mushroom Head
Mushroom Head Prije 15 dana
Ps4 will be worth more to sell too.
kobainage Prije 15 dana
Not to mention that ceasing PS4 production means they can focus on next gen games instead of cross platform ones. Demons Souls is amazing. More of that please, Sony.
ThatPixelGuy Prije 15 dana
Wow, I never would have guessed....
Дима Егоров
Дима Егоров Prije 15 dana
Happy New Year love you my
Technical_Gaming07 Prije 15 dana
The subtitles are broken...
Robot Junkie
Robot Junkie Prije 15 dana
Make more ps5 s and offer them to long term account holders one each
MD MUDDASIR Prije 15 dana
Mam ur so much prettier than ever today😁
Super Animeniac. Ultimate Attack!!
Super Animeniac. Ultimate Attack!! Prije 15 dana
No we dont. They need to make more ps5s and stop selling to retailers who sell to scalpers. Simple. They need to make more ps4s too.
Jason P
Jason P Prije 15 dana
Well, I wonder who sponsored this message...
Abul Quamer
Abul Quamer Prije 15 dana
Sony is greedy .. ps4 pro is still a solid option than a base model. In Sony's eyes.-The shitty base ps4 model needs to be in production so ppl can get sick of it and upgrade to ps5 ..oh wait 3 years later oops...ps5 pro comes out 😂
Gamer Rant
Gamer Rant Prije 15 dana
Shameless birthday plug
Master Zone
Master Zone Prije 15 dana
Nice owsom
TyTactics Prije 15 dana
Stop ps4 production focus mainly on ps5
ah fad
ah fad Prije 15 dana
Sony money minded : I make more money selling ps5 🤣🤣🤣
Gary Redfield1
Gary Redfield1 Prije 15 dana
Im glad I bought my ps4 some days ago
In Flames
In Flames Prije 15 dana
No i dont want im using ps4
TIL - AQUILAHELL Prije 15 dana
Ice21 Prije 15 dana
I just finished luigis mansion 3 last week. Lol
daniel scott
daniel scott Prije 15 dana
Jesus..is the world getting stupider..
Duglas Campbell
Duglas Campbell Prije 15 dana
Im happy with my base ps4 still going strong im in no hurry to switch to ps5 ill wait for the ps5 pro or ps5 slim
Michael Kyle
Michael Kyle Prije 15 dana
Eh. Why don’t they keep the Pro and discontinue the base 4? The Pro can still just about hold its own and the 4 has been outdated for a few years now
Annie Casual Gamer on hiatus
Annie Casual Gamer on hiatus Prije 15 dana
Not everyone has a pro
preamstrikbiz0 Prije 15 dana
That while Batman thing , ong that was a chase lol
DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie
DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie Prije 15 dana
Sony needs to double DualShock 4 production
mystyle _jm
mystyle _jm Prije 15 dana
Why? PS5 is compatible with PS4 games. Unless there's a problem.
Mio Chan
Mio Chan Prije 15 dana
I dont care about Ps4,seeing sydnee goodman is enough❤️
Felipe Carvalho
Felipe Carvalho Prije 15 dana
DC is really dropping the ball regarding their cinematic universe
Chris Godley
Chris Godley Prije 15 dana
Sony let's make a new console but only make a handful what a great idea 💡
Gerrard Anderson
Gerrard Anderson Prije 15 dana
Idgaf she’s well fit
killa joK3
killa joK3 Prije 15 dana
I’m going keep playing on the PS4 for like 2 more years and wait to I see when ps5 comes out with more games
killa joK3
killa joK3 Prije 13 dana
@Dabacon BossBro Ik and that’s awesome but I rather wait.
Dabacon BossBro
Dabacon BossBro Prije 13 dana
Why bother, PS5 has backwards compatability
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