Outside the Wire - Official Trailer

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Set in the future, a drone pilot (Damson Idris) is sent into a deadly militarized zone where he finds himself working for an android officer (Anthony Mackie) tasked to locate a doomsday device before the insurgents do.

Mikael Håfström directs a cast that also includes Enzo Cilenti, Emily Beecham, Michael Kelly, and Pilou Asbæk.

Outside the Wire debuts on January 15 on Netflix.
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Swispill James
Swispill James Prije 19 sati
Sometimes you watch a movie and learn that you wasted two hours of your life. This is one of those movies 😉
Aeon Strife
Aeon Strife Prije 2 dana
Anthony Mackie feels like a young Will Smith here
DeadPool Prije 2 dana
"você consegue saber se um humano mente, mas como você pode saber que a máquina está mentindo."
Chilly Monkeys
Chilly Monkeys Prije 2 dana
Netflix starting 2021 strong indeed
Pratyush Guleria
Pratyush Guleria Prije 3 dana
When bad boys get serious
Jennifer F.
Jennifer F. Prije dan
Dullj Dullesen
Dullj Dullesen Prije 3 dana
masood rahimi
masood rahimi Prije 5 dana
black mirror altered carbon Synchronic and now this looks like Anthony Mackie really loves sci-fi genre
Muigi Prije 6 dana
Great Nile Medjay Warrior
Great Nile Medjay Warrior Prije 6 dana
Great the wrath of Golden Army is Coming The Pharaoh's Medjays Warrior's will Shoot Our Golden Arrows Tips into The Movie industry The Nubian Bow is Coming 2021
Michael Bruce
Michael Bruce Prije 7 dana
Still can't believe that dude played Tupac Shakur in Notorious SMH
Ethereal Dweller
Ethereal Dweller Prije 7 dana
King Rico
King Rico Prije 7 dana
An Altered carbon simulation the movie
Quinton Wilde
Quinton Wilde Prije 8 dana
This looks so boring and generic
BGz GamersVoid
BGz GamersVoid Prije 4 dana
Yup and easily forgettable
The Phenom
The Phenom Prije 8 dana
After watching his performance in Altered Carbon i don't think imma watch this one.
Paul Raven UA13
Paul Raven UA13 Prije 8 dana
He plays roles like sh..t. A worthless actor with high self-esteem. His dull face spoiled the whole feeling of the second season of Altered Carbon
Logan Faraday
Logan Faraday Prije 8 dana
I robot reboot
SwordsmanCiTy Prije 8 dana
So that is what Boston Dynamics were up to. The question is, can he dance as well? :)
Marvin Julien
Marvin Julien Prije 8 dana
Does S.H.I.E.L.D. Know About This? Someone Might Have To Call Nick Fury🤣
Lucas Lucas
Lucas Lucas Prije 8 dana
This Robots Looks like Boston Dynamics Robots
nOice Prije 8 dana
mu gumby bear
Prince Smith
Prince Smith Prije 8 dana
Nice billboard on the thumbnail 😂
realFutureKing Prije 9 dana
is this a prequel to Altered Carbon?
KING Merlin
KING Merlin Prije 9 dana
Blood shot 2 Netflix edition
zohanz2 Prije 9 dana
Hey look the guy who ruined altered carbon
Xain86 K
Xain86 K Prije 9 dana
Looks like they took the leftover footage of Winter Soldier and The Old Guard, and slapped a generic name on it
HopOnTheHype Prije 9 dana
Our military is so bad that I'm kind of disgusted by anything military after ww2, this almost acts as propaganda to kids and teens and could get them killed. Would have been a more interesting setting for a cyberpunk future or something too.
Hansharaj Dutta
Hansharaj Dutta Prije 9 dana
ᴡʜᴇɴ ꜰʟᴀᴄᴏɴ ᴍᴇᴇᴛ ʙʟᴏᴏᴅꜱʜᴏᴛ
Agop Serveryan
Agop Serveryan Prije 9 dana
The Widow is back 👊
Tumelo Kgoe
Tumelo Kgoe Prije 9 dana
Feels like that black mirror episode...can’t remember which episode though
David Marshall
David Marshall Prije 9 dana
I like the guy out of House of Cards, too. I'm gonna guess he's the villain, although I'd be pleasantly surprised if he isn't.
David Marshall
David Marshall Prije 9 dana
"What are you using me for!" "Do you trust me?" "What? NO! That was heavily implied by my previous statement."
David Marshall
David Marshall Prije 9 dana
Cool. I'll check it out. I hope it's better than The Old Guard. I found that a bit bland.
ANT-METAL Prije 9 dana
Who else thought this was Sidney Poitier channelling Arnold Schwarzeneggar in a Sylvester Stallone movie on the way to a Will Smith movie and other movies that the main actor who plays Falcon in the MCU movies ?
JpComicGamer Prije 9 dana
FALCON BE LIKE: I dont just want the wings, I want the body too
Ernest Pennysworth
Ernest Pennysworth Prije 9 dana
“No CaPtAiN”
Takahiro Suzuki
Takahiro Suzuki Prije 9 dana
African movies look amazing nowadays!
Bryce Nolen
Bryce Nolen Prije 9 dana
Papa Doc really turned things around after that last rap battle. Captain America and now this. For real though Anthony Mackie is a great actor
Pilipinazz Prije 9 dana
Damn. Clarence’s career skyrocketed after being dissed by B-rabbit (eminem).
Laurae Steele
Laurae Steele Prije 9 dana
And then they sell crack
Tando Ntanjana
Tando Ntanjana Prije 9 dana
Why else would they recruit Frankl-- I mean this new guy 👍
Jonathan Barton
Jonathan Barton Prije 9 dana
I can't quite put my finger on why, but seeing the "Netflix" watermark on a trailer immediately lowers my expectations, hype, and intertest in a movie.
Ahua Keren
Ahua Keren Prije 9 dana
imagine if anthony mackie replaced by will smith..
ANT-METAL Prije 9 dana
Why ?
Paqal J
Paqal J Prije 9 dana
Its all fun and game until B-rabbit show up in the warzone
Drew Freeman
Drew Freeman Prije 9 dana
Boy this looks real real bad lol poor guy
kcidd12 Prije 9 dana
Bad Plot Twist Incomming
Dwayne Thompson
Dwayne Thompson Prije 9 dana
This guys a captain ? His real names Clarence 😂💀
Daron Gates
Daron Gates Prije 9 dana
Training day Terminator huh?
Silver Lantern
Silver Lantern Prije 9 dana
My baby Anothony making the moves!!!
MrDopimine Prije 9 dana
Is he Eddie Murphy son 🤔
Darin Prije 9 dana
Tom Holland would've done it better
saimone sakisi
saimone sakisi Prije 9 dana
Lol Anthony mackie looks like a younger will smith in this
ANT-METAL Prije 9 dana
And you look like a younger Bill Cosby
Leigh Sherval
Leigh Sherval Prije 9 dana
This looks crap
irregular mana
irregular mana Prije 9 dana
Hands up if you thought this had anything to do with "the wire"
Th3_Watchman Prije 9 dana
I swear Anthony be enjoying the Sci Fi/futuristic era in films/shows
ZX GALAXY Prije 9 dana
Looks awesome! 😎💥🔥
Rec_Favio Prije 9 dana
His face in the thumb nail MERP XD
Whuuut Prije 9 dana
Damn I really want more of the Wire 😅
Tyler Dowd
Tyler Dowd Prije 9 dana
Thought this was something to do with the show The Wire and got excited
FROUFROU Jean Prije 9 dana
Ima go ahead and say that I'm WATCHING THIS
Dan Prije 9 dana
Cheesegrater training day
Firdaus Shafique
Firdaus Shafique Prije 9 dana
Who else thought this is season 3 of “altered carbon”.?😆
ANT-METAL Prije 9 dana
clingmarbleprod Prije 9 dana
That guy aint a real AI, his real names clarence
Batou Yukinawa
Batou Yukinawa Prije 9 dana
Why do they keep giving this guy lead roles it wasn't clear enough that he's box office poison after altered carbon was canceled? He has no charisma. It's like if you grabbed an extra and asked them to take on the lead role.
BERSERK Prije 9 dana
Thought this was a eddie Murphy movie tbh
Michael Arriola
Michael Arriola Prije 9 dana
Some Pathfinders from apex, I'm in!
Blender Study
Blender Study Prije 9 dana
Looks great..!! :)
DoctorCaptain. Prije 9 dana
Fire Wire
PolyGuy 808
PolyGuy 808 Prije 9 dana
The Falcon: “Do you trust me” The Winter Soldier: “No, I hate you”
CaptainTalon448 Prije 9 dana
This is basically what if Falcon became the Winter Soldier instead of Bucky
LordofWar609 Prije 9 dana
no more like he got turned in to robocop me thinks
Paddy B
Paddy B Prije 9 dana
Training Day with a AI Cyborg
ICON Machines
ICON Machines Prije 9 dana
Mister Danner Comedy
Mister Danner Comedy Prije 9 dana
Duck yeah
ThatGuyNorm Prije 9 dana
I just can't buy Mackie as a leading action star.
Master Zone
Master Zone Prije 9 dana
Nice owsom bro
VectorGhost Prije 9 dana
looks cool
Jasper Freebird
Jasper Freebird Prije 9 dana
Anthony Mackey is unwatchable
mako rampage
mako rampage Prije 9 dana
Those robots look like a space marines
Southern Spidey
Southern Spidey Prije 9 dana
Falcon after a decade he upgraded from suit to cyborg.
Prime Gaming
Prime Gaming Prije 9 dana
This guys a cyborg? His real name is Clarence.
Prime Gaming
Prime Gaming Prije 9 dana
@randomnobody playthrough type 8 mile Papa Doc vs Eminem last rap battle. Right here on HRpost.
randomnobody playthrough
randomnobody playthrough Prije 9 dana
@Prime Gaming I would like to know why his real name is Clarence?
Prime Gaming
Prime Gaming Prije 9 dana
@randomnobody playthrough why not?
Ali Saleh
Ali Saleh Prije 9 dana
Yeah i bet he is still living with both parents
randomnobody playthrough
randomnobody playthrough Prije 9 dana
Darth Mad Titan
Darth Mad Titan Prije 9 dana
Semz done a reaction to this like 2 days ago. Ngl I’m feeling this
CherryBlossoms&Warriors Prije 10 dana
Im gettin eddie Murphy vibes
Rambrus0 Prije 10 dana
The new Falcon movie looks pretty cool! :D
Tekk Luthor
Tekk Luthor Prije 10 dana
I thought this was a sequel to The Wire
Amanda - Porn STARS ღ*GO MY PROF!LE* ღ
Amanda - Porn STARS ღ*GO MY PROF!LE* ღ Prije 9 dana
Hasta lasagna, don't get any on ya.
TheDmanClassic Prije 10 dana
Another show from Netflix that will probably bring 2 seasons before version my axed lol
Nautikient21 Prije 9 dana
@Toby oh that's lame
Toby Prije 10 dana
It's a movie lol
qwerttzizzi Prije 10 dana
Falcon before meeting Cap?
ByCaly Prije 10 dana
Cuando se estrena en Netflix ?????
Darth Lucifer⛧
Darth Lucifer⛧ Prije 10 dana
This look dope.. Mackie making moves. 🔥
Daron Gates
Daron Gates Prije 9 dana
He been making moves since we found out his real name was clarence.
Elibbb1111 Prije 10 dana
So this is what falcon do after endgame
Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran Prije 9 dana
More like someone created a Life Model Decoy of him.
C Brown
C Brown Prije 10 dana
Very odd to see two black leads in a Hollywood movie..
Fallen Dream
Fallen Dream Prije 10 dana
Moses Matovu
Moses Matovu Prije 10 dana
Looking like Eddie Murphy in the thumbnail
gerard bain
gerard bain Prije 10 dana
This looks similar to Training Day.
gerard bain
gerard bain Prije 9 dana
@Treebark41 The shady superior officer getting his junior partner involved in some questionable activities.
Treebark41 Prije 9 dana
How so exactly?
AllStar5 Prije 10 dana
Looks pretty cool.
Justin Sullivan
Justin Sullivan Prije 10 dana
Well now that we seen the whole movie 🍿
The Commentator
The Commentator Prije 10 dana
Just commenting to see if i get famous by doing so
LukeIsHere Prije 10 dana
Falcon looks a lot different here
SILANTRODE Prije 10 dana
Is it a game
12XENN4 Prije 10 dana
Wait this movie was titled something else...... I'm just trippin
Abraham Ljungberg
Abraham Ljungberg Prije 8 dana
Yeah i think Zone Hostile
D Bechtel
D Bechtel Prije 10 dana
Michael K Williams: In The Wire Anthony Mackie: Outside the Wire Kanye West: Through the Wire
Faiz Patel
Faiz Patel Prije 2 dana
Tony Stark: I think I would just cut the wire
Masked Mono
Masked Mono Prije 9 dana
Borats mankini: wearing the wire
Dustin Hall
Dustin Hall Prije 10 dana
The Get Up Kids: On A Wire
Nissien K Kuchovwa
Nissien K Kuchovwa Prije 10 dana
Well, looks like the Falcon has really been busy since Endgame.
Kahrem Favors
Kahrem Favors Prije 10 dana
Getting all that Netflix money. Lmao
Rory Bisson
Rory Bisson Prije 10 dana
so Training Day set in the Military. ok. Im in,
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