007 Things We Learned About GoldenEye from Famke Janssen and Martin Campbell

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Prije 19 dana

Famke Janssen and director Martin Campbell joined IGN's Watch From Home Theater to watch one of the all time great James Bond movies, GoldenEye. Here are some of the highlights from more than two hours worth of behind the scenes insight into the making of the film, including how many takes they spent on the epic dam bungee jump, how much it costs to fix a Ferrari, how Famke broke a bone playing Xenia Onatopp, why the Bond theme was almost absent from the tank chase through St. Petersburg and the lost art of models in film.

Building on a Budget Models
Building on a Budget Models Prije 4 sati
It's a brilliant film - I only realised yesterday that Brosnan's first Bond film came out the year before Tom Cruise appeared in Mission Impossible - except Cruise is still making those films!
Joshua Aniston
Joshua Aniston Prije dan
Why do naturally beautiful women nowadays feel the need to have work done on there face? They always look so much worse after! Sigh.
Michael Prozonic
Michael Prozonic Prije dan
I grew up watching all of the bond films and the Pierce films are my favorite. The giant antenna from the ending scene recently collapsed for real.
John Sim
John Sim Prije 2 dana
Seems the composer didn't get Bond. It's supposed get you out your seat jumping for joy during Bond's heroic acts. Something Spectre suffered from badly.
FilipposGR Prije 3 dana
Famke should probably stop her face lifts and botox
EndtheDrugWarToday.com Prije 3 dana
This is freaking amazing! First class!! Thanks so much!!!
Will Man
Will Man Prije 4 dana
It's worth buying the DVD for the director commentary (yes, Martin goes "model ... that's a model ... model, model, model" on that as well); if you love Goldeneye it's another way to enjoy the film again if you've watched it to death. It doesn't include the making-of feature - but you can just watch that on HRpost (which I also heartily recommend!).
LKNANML Prije 4 dana
One of the best Bond movies! One of the best video game based on a movie as well.
Storm Sarg
Storm Sarg Prije 5 dana
Femke needs to lay off the botox
YouTube deleted comment.
YouTube deleted comment. Prije 6 dana
I never did like any of these James Bond movies to begin with, I lump them in with gangster movies.
K J Prije 8 dana
Famke Janssen, what botox did to your FACE?
Andy Prije 8 dana
But the music is PERFECT! The theme, the score, the weird gong effects, the tank scene, all of it!
My Name is Gladiator
My Name is Gladiator Prije 8 dana
I hate knowing what's a model and what's not.
Bob Genghis Khan
Bob Genghis Khan Prije 9 dana
I wish Famke didn't feel pressurised to do plastic surgery. I think she'd have aged gracefully but she's ruined her face IMHO.
Ian Archer
Ian Archer Prije 9 dana
Playing Goldeneye at toys r us because I was poor lol!
Horny Step Mom / Videos
Horny Step Mom / Videos Prije 9 dana
She really over did it with the plastic surgeries.
Mark Dwight Tadina
Mark Dwight Tadina Prije 9 dana
If Sophie Turner played an evil Bond Girl she needs seek advice from Famke herself as both of them played Jean Grey in X-MEN series.
jwhipification Prije 9 dana
She doesn't look like some of those horror stories with aging women and surgery!
Timothy Arnold
Timothy Arnold Prije 9 dana
Famke Jensen SOOOO hot back then.
EM Prije 9 dana
Damn....Famke was stunningly beautiful. Now she looks like Caitlyn Jenner. What was she thinking??
somthingbrutal Prije 10 dana
i do wonder why they didn't have a camera on the guys helmet when he went off the dam. as for me a first person view of that would have been amazing
Theokoles Prije 10 dana
Is it a man or a woman?
Adapa Prije 10 dana
GoldenEye will always be my favorite movie.... and video game. 🙌
News_Internationale Prije 10 dana
"I don't want to have to fake it." Heh!
R Menon
R Menon Prije 11 dana
This was moving too quickly.
TroubledSpirit Prije 11 dana
She is gorgeous. Age catches up on us all
Xale00 Prije 11 dana
No joke I just watched Taken 3 and fall on this video and realise it's the same actress rofl
stoutshield Prije 11 dana
Why did she do that to her face?
Russ Hendrix
Russ Hendrix Prije 12 dana
She really over did it with the plastic surgeries.
John Gargani
John Gargani Prije 2 dana
Isn't it a crying shame? She was SUCH a beautiful woman, now, she doesn't even look human anymore
Simran Sidhu
Simran Sidhu Prije 12 dana
I loved Eric Serra’s score. The contrast between that and the more whimsical Bond-themed music of the tank chase fits quite nicely for me.
tbip2001 Prije 12 dana
Did Martin campbell every get offered another bond? Did he turn it down. Casino royale was a masterpiece
jon Prije 12 dana
Wow this actually looks incredible. The only thing IGN has done right in years.
jm gee
jm gee Prije 12 dana
I always knew watching Remington Steele, that he was born to play the role of 007 ~
Chien Yang
Chien Yang Prije 12 dana
Martin Campbell hates GoldenEye theme song?! Why? It is a great song for the otherwise weak Bond movie.
legorickdeckard Prije 13 dana
You guys need to do this for Casino Royale, with Martin and probably Mads Mikkelsen 👌
Bert Saenz
Bert Saenz Prije 13 dana
she was so beautiful. such a shame she decided to change the way her face looks.
mabdewn Prije 13 dana
what the hell happened to Famke? Did she just quickly cover up the spousal abuse with some make up before she jumped on the feed?
Enforcement Droid Series 209
Enforcement Droid Series 209 Prije 13 dana
Oddjob is basically a hacker.
Kerim Katica
Kerim Katica Prije 13 dana
HAGHAHAH "henche people"
KING LEONIDAS Prije 13 dana
Somebody punched her in the face 😂
rager1969 Prije 13 dana
Damn, forgot how gorgeous Famke was in that movie - even more so than in the movies I saw her in the 2000's.
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Fuzzy Wuzzy Prije 13 dana
She was a freak in that movie 🤤btw what the hell happened to her face
Chien Yang
Chien Yang Prije 13 dana
Botox injection?
- 007 -
- 007 - Prije 14 dana
Funny how he didn't like the music. It's so iconic. The game only made it more iconic. That tank scene always struck me as a bit off musically... now I know why.
M eWithoutYou
M eWithoutYou Prije 8 dana
Legend Man
Legend Man Prije 14 dana
I met Famke at a convention in London a few years back she didn't want anybody touching her in a photo op very odd woman
Ciaran Statham
Ciaran Statham Prije 11 dana
I think some people are just a bit wary around fans - she was like that at other conventions too and she doesn't seem to do them very often.
spacebase00 Prije 14 dana
The two BEST Bond films (Casino Royale, Goldeneye) have 1 thing in common; Martin Campbell. Thank you sir!
Julian Sirian
Julian Sirian Prije 4 dana
He gets Bond...In my wildest fantasies, he directs the new one (but he prob. won't)
spacebase00 Prije 9 dana
@kevin _12 I'm also a big fan of the Dalton-double feature! License to Kill is soooooo un-Bond. But I love it for nostalgic reason. I've heard a lot of people liking Spectre lately... and referring to it as underrated, so I rewatched it and it is STILL one of my least favorite Bonds. I appreciated how it tried to bring in elements of the earlier films, but it was so pretentious, so overly long, and so tone -deaf. I'm glad you liked it, as I really tried too.
kevin _12
kevin _12 Prije 11 dana
@Big K Overall yes i like spectre better. I like Casino royale but it does not really feel like a bond film. You don't have a Q or R. No gadgets unless you count that defibrillator in the car and no memorable henchmen. Casino was a big improvement over brosnan's last film though. But it's just my opinion. Btw I really like timothy dalton to.
Big K
Big K Prije 11 dana
@kevin _12 I'm really not judging you for your opinion but are you saying that you like Spectre more than Casino Royale?
kevin _12
kevin _12 Prije 12 dana
@spacebase00 It had some great scenes for sure. The scenes where he valet parks the guys suv is hilarious. But I thought it lost momentum when the card game started. just kind of dragged on for me after that it got better. I do love craig in the role though. Skyfall and spectre were great.
Tim Loudon
Tim Loudon Prije 14 dana
For England, James?
Cris Sayago
Cris Sayago Prije 14 dana
As a kid. I always wanted Sean Bean's outfit from the final act.
Brandon Royce
Brandon Royce Prije 14 dana
I'm surprised Martin Campbell didn't like Eric Serra's score! I still think it's one of the most underrated scores out there.
- 007 -
- 007 - Prije 14 dana
Steffen Blechschmidt - it's so iconic though. especially since the game had the same score.
Steffen Blechschmidt
Steffen Blechschmidt Prije 14 dana
I aways though Sierra's score was the low point of Goldeneye and totally unfitting. At least now we know the director felt the same.
abrar shaikh
abrar shaikh Prije 14 dana
Doc Prije 15 dana
Famke is still so beautiful, I would marry her in a heartbeat.
Zach Huneycutt
Zach Huneycutt Prije 15 dana
Boy, plastic surgery has not been kind to Famke.
Ventura the Ace
Ventura the Ace Prije 15 dana
Damn, what happened to Famke? Now she looks like when Bear Grylls got stung by bees
Alucard J.B M.P
Alucard J.B M.P Prije 15 dana
It's sad Femke underwent all those face correction surgeries. I think she would still look perfect naturally. Now her face (just look at the cheeks) looks very swollen :( but hey... her body, her choice.
Michael Karnerfors
Michael Karnerfors Prije 3 dana
Aw... isn't it sad that female actors do not fulfil your preferences for their looks.
ThunderAppeal Prije 9 dana
@darkknightsds No. She looked much better in her original form.
darkknightsds Prije 10 dana
She looks amazing, keep your incel comments to yourself
John Edwards
John Edwards Prije 11 dana
@2Good2BeTrue45 Sad to see Famke like this because she didn't need to do it. But if you want an even greater tragedy look at what Lindsey Lohan did to her face and she was still in her twenties! Was watching Mean Girls the other day and it's easy to forget how beautiful she was and see now how hideous she looks.
Paul Stewart
Paul Stewart Prije 11 dana
@2Good2BeTrue45 Yes, people need to understand aging is a privilige!
russ9696962 Prije 15 dana
They did a "model" compilation 😂 Give the editor a raise
Banned Mann
Banned Mann Prije 15 dana
Oof, the work shes gotten done is awful...
Banned Mann
Banned Mann Prije 15 dana
Goldeneye is underrated. It saved Bond.
Banned Mann
Banned Mann Prije 10 dana
@Fool of a Took In the rare occasions it is talked about. Not including discussions of the video game.
Fool of a Took
Fool of a Took Prije 11 dana
How is it underrated? I never heard anything but praise for the movie.
Roderick Asante
Roderick Asante Prije 16 dana
I remember this movie.i was in primary at my height of falling in love with Hollywood movies.used to watch alot of movie trailers that came with video cassettes thus my age mates were surprised when i will mention the title of a movie after a few minutes of view.
krypton 78
krypton 78 Prije 16 dana
I worked on this from dec 94 to april 95,proud of it,martin cambell was tough but fair,In my opinion up there with Spielberg for action,easily one of the best action directors around.
Ciaran Statham
Ciaran Statham Prije 11 dana
Anything you can tell us? Any anecdotes? Did you meet Famke or Brosnan and the like?
O K Prije 16 dana
Janssen looks thrilled...
GetOutMeCah97 Prije 16 dana
I... honestly don’t mind the music score for the whole movie at all. I’m surprised it’s so unliked. 😔
zerosub Prije 16 dana
What people do to stay beautiful.
Devin Ray
Devin Ray Prije 16 dana
Makes me want to rewatch it knowing those scenes werent digital
OSU. 1 .BETTA. Prije 16 dana
You see famke Jansen I see Jean grey from the marvel Xmen series
Dwrkgrn Prije 16 dana
The entire James bond series is disgusting
News_Internationale Prije 10 dana
No, you are.
BH Chen
BH Chen Prije 16 dana
Famke Janssen was the fantasy of every guy who watched goldeneye !! she is still stunning
- 007 -
- 007 - Prije 14 dana
nah man, Natalia was the bomb in that movie. Especially in her commando outfit at the end 👍
Dragonfly0010 Prije 16 dana
Apparently they used a lot of models.
Daniel Williamson
Daniel Williamson Prije 17 dana
GoldenEye is one of the best James Bond movies ever made and it made me a fan of the franchise. Famke Janssen is so sexy.
Ray Prije 17 dana
I wish they could redo the music to this film. The only thing that doesn’t hold up. Great film overall.
vaso opel
vaso opel Prije 15 dana
@Ray ;-)
Ray Prije 15 dana
@vaso opel that was a great moment. I just mean most of the music in the movie.
vaso opel
vaso opel Prije 15 dana
? you didn't even like the theme song?
TheLiveMusicGroup Prije 17 dana
cool beans! love Famke!!!
Jor- El Rand
Jor- El Rand Prije 17 dana
Love Xenia Onatopp.
Aran Erem
Aran Erem Prije 17 dana
Xenia was hot
The Land Of Oz
The Land Of Oz Prije 17 dana
Every scene is real no injuries.. Then a touch from a man scene... James bond girl I broke my ribs during the scene... Me.. Hold my beer
J P Prije 18 dana
Best bond movie in my opinion 🤗
dogpd3 Prije 18 dana
I wish there was spin-off with Xenia onatopp
William Parry
William Parry Prije 18 dana
Martin Campbell directly my 2 favourite modern Bonds: Goldeneye and Casino Royale. So re-watchable!
Carlos Barquero
Carlos Barquero Prije 18 dana
Goldeneye brings so many great memories, it's an epic movie in my book
tigertron Prije 18 dana
Not only the best Bond film, but one of the best films ever. Period.
Tim Hands
Tim Hands Prije 17 dana
Not a patch on Casino Royale.
Nithin Ravi
Nithin Ravi Prije 18 dana
Martin Campbell directed both Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig's first bond movie !! ? Damn !
CharlieChapling Prije 18 dana
Great Song, Great Game, Great Film!
Andy Summers
Andy Summers Prije 18 dana
Put a leash on that cat 0:03 lol
Lacusveris Prije 18 dana
Hmph, henchpeople
Alan Kent
Alan Kent Prije 18 dana
What did she do to her face?!?! Looks like she has an allergic reaction
Tuco Benedicto
Tuco Benedicto Prije 13 dana
Looks like she had excessive cosmetic fillers injected
CaL Prije 17 dana
it's called plastic surgery...
Casper Egas
Casper Egas Prije 18 dana
Jensen :p. The pronounciation is all wrong. Like the video though.
Dave Snijder
Dave Snijder Prije 18 dana
YOU THINK YOU CAN BREHCK ME!!!! Apparently he actually did .... and you broke me Famke. I was too young for such sexyness.
WhiteHawk Prije 18 dana
Apparently they used some models in GoldenEye.
Noodles Prije 18 dana
For England James
Yenoh Sama
Yenoh Sama Prije 18 dana
All Model
Count Quackula
Count Quackula Prije 18 dana
I know Famke is much older now and doesn't look as hot as she use to but is it me or has she had a lot of work done on her face.
Cristiano dos Santos Gomes
Cristiano dos Santos Gomes Prije 18 dana
Yes, she did. A shame because she looked better naturally imo.
Not MainManMané hth
Not MainManMané hth Prije 18 dana
Xenia Onatopp is genuinely the greatest female ever in Bond films ngl the thigh crushing was so hot man
Prathit Deshpande
Prathit Deshpande Prije 20 sati
spacebase00 what about Denise Richards
K J Prije 8 dana
I don't think you have seen enough James Bond movies.
spacebase00 Prije 14 dana
Xenia... easily the hottest female Bond character. Pretty riske... even for Bond standards. They'd never allow a character like that now in a mainstream blockbuster.
s0nnyburnett Prije 14 dana
I could die a happy man from that. Oh yeah.
Blood Sister
Blood Sister Prije 16 dana
Grace Jones killed a guy w a fishing rod in A View to Kill 🕶
Hanzo Yamazaki
Hanzo Yamazaki Prije 18 dana
Famke Jansen Is A Dutch Treasure
samuraigundam0079 Prije 18 dana
I feel like the host - and maybe even the cast - didn’t much appreciate and acknowledge a lot of what Famke was saying. I tuned in mainly to hear her thoughts on the role.
Ciaran Statham
Ciaran Statham Prije 18 dana
Yeah, she did get interrupted a lot, which is a shame; I know from a lot of her interviews that she has a lot of anecdotes about her time filming; maybe for the 30th anniversary we can get her to record a solo commentary track or something.
Alex T
Alex T Prije 18 dana
Really hope he comes back for 1 more, to kick start the next Bond. He did it for Pierce and Craig. Needs to do it again.
MutantAli3n Prije 18 dana
Shes destroyed her face
Big K
Big K Prije 11 dana
@kamuelalee that's not why she looks the way she does though it's the plastic surgery. Being old doesn't do that to ones face.
kamuelalee Prije 11 dana
She's older...56 years of age.
Hunter Prije 16 dana
Yea wtf happened,
K W Prije 16 dana
How surgery?
gnome chomsky
gnome chomsky Prije 18 dana
The music was certainly the worst of all bond films. Tbh, I didn't really like it except for Famke's excellent performance. Tomorrow never dies is probably the best Brosnan bond film, imo
News_Internationale Prije 10 dana
Nah. Sierras score was great except the tank chase.
David Almodovar
David Almodovar Prije 18 dana
I counter you with Die Another Day as his best bond.
Tim Hands
Tim Hands Prije 19 dana
The Eric Serra score to GoldenEye was abysmal. Now Martin Campbell has called it out how bad it is, he needs to go back and have the movie rescored by David Arnold.
Tim Hands
Tim Hands Prije 10 dana
@News_Internationale 😂😂😂
News_Internationale Prije 10 dana
@Tim Hands But he isn't a musician.
Tim Hands
Tim Hands Prije 10 dana
@News_Internationale no it's garbage. Even Martin Campbell knows that.
News_Internationale Prije 10 dana
Nah. Sierras score was great except the tank chase. David Arnold has gone down in quality with more recent films.
Tim Hands
Tim Hands Prije 12 dana
@FilmGamer you kidding? Everything.
FluDash20 21
FluDash20 21 Prije 19 dana
Lol! thats funny! I ike movies and crashing cars and everything! I love IGN's the best. Thank's for making funny stuff :D
J Brand
J Brand Prije 19 dana
Cut the bulls***, before I actually f*** you up.
Perry Mehta
Perry Mehta Prije 19 dana
My favorite bond movie. The first i watched on video back in 96. My dad rented it and am glad I decided to watch it
مبارك الكندي
مبارك الكندي Prije 19 dana
Top Noodle
Top Noodle Prije 19 dana
I might have to revisit this film as i would have been around 10 when i first saw it and probably didn't fully appreciate it as at that age all i cared about in films were fight scenes loved anything with kicking and gunfights i thought the Street fighter film staring Van Damme was great pretty much says it all lol.
Top Noodle
Top Noodle Prije 18 dana
@Josh Hunt I was going to watch Goldenye again but it think il watch all the bond films staring Pierce Brosnan again i think it was Tomorrow Never Dies that we had to watch in media studies as part of our course work that ruined the film for me it was the scene where he was driving the speedboat on the street we had to watch over and over again is that Tomorrow Never Dies or have I got it mixed up with another 007 film.
Josh Hunt
Josh Hunt Prije 18 dana
@Top Noodle I had them all aswell haha the spines made out a complete picture when put together. Yes Sean is my favourite but pierce will always have a soft spot in my heart because he was bond when I was a kid
Top Noodle
Top Noodle Prije 18 dana
@Josh Hunt I used to watch the older Bond films as a kid my friend was a bond fanatic i remember when VHS tapes were still a thing and he bought all the Bond Movies available at the time Sean Connery was my favourite i like the old Bond films better. I'm not sure which of the Bond films I've seen staring Daniel Craig i know i wasn't that fond of them might give them another watch.
Josh Hunt
Josh Hunt Prije 18 dana
It’s a great film. I was 5 when it came out and about 7 or 8 when I first saw it and just was in love with all things bond and have been ever since
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