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Factorio reviewed by Leana Hafer on PC.

Factorio is great PC game that slipped through our review net by being in early access from 2016 (before we reviewed early access games) until 2020. Now, since we had a little time on our hands over the holidays, we sent our reviewer back in to rectify that and put a review on the books.
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Hytale Fanboi
Hytale Fanboi Prije 9 sati
They didnt even say why it isn't a 10.
RuddsReels Prije 10 sati
Hasn't this game been out for years?
RuddsReels Prije 9 sati
@Kommentator Wow! it's been early access for that long! They must have added tons of stuff! I've never played it, but it has been on my watch list for years! I just need to make time for it before I buy.
Kommentator Prije 9 sati
It has been in Early Access for some years, but they released 1.0 in August 2020
ffsrekt418 8
ffsrekt418 8 Prije 20 sati
No wonder you're out of copper you dunce you don't smelt directly on top of it long term
AXY BAD Prije dan
the real problem here is that for ign standards, a score of 8 is considered low ( due to the massive amount of garbage that gets 9's and 10's ).
Mladen Djuricic
Mladen Djuricic Prije dan
Well, someone didn't do homework...
Jerre khil
Jerre khil Prije dan
only an 8?
Aidan G
Aidan G Prije dan
In no way is this an 8, you played the game for about 10 hours and didn't even finish it. This is an insult to wube software. This game is nearly flawless with amazing support and hours of content. Not to mention the very large modding community with plenty of amazing mods available. From what I'm seeing, you have no clue how to actually play the game, as no large scale automation or production was created. At least do a full playthrough before you rate a game.
EricT43 Prije dan
40 hours? Congrats, you completed the tutorial.
Gamma Ray
Gamma Ray Prije dan
2:47 did he serious belt the the outpost to his base? we have train for that 3:07 oh... nvm carry on.
Thomas Rogers
Thomas Rogers Prije dan
Vanilla review: ["... complex manufacturing chains is a bit much..."] Just wait until he gets to the petrochem portion.
Definately Krell
Definately Krell Prije dan
His 40 hour factory looks like the first 3 blueprints I place on a new save.
xD Prije dan
the factory has to grow
Phil Dog
Phil Dog Prije dan
"futuristic super-hero" You play an alien invader murdering hundreds of sentient native creatures just defending their home. It sounds less like you're the super-hero and more like you're the super-villain.
Naviss Prije dan
A 8?!? LOL!
Peter Müller
Peter Müller Prije dan
40 hours? So you build the factory, that will let you build the factory to later build the REAL factory
Elijah Mertinooke
Elijah Mertinooke Prije 2 dana
An 8 out of 10 is insulting. Why? This game is one of the best that I (and many others) have ever played. Just look at the 98% positive rating on steam, the really great devs and community, and the ATOMIC BOMBS that you can craft in bulk later in the game. This game deserves a 10/10 hands down.
FTW Gaming
FTW Gaming Prije 2 dana
cyberpunk 2077 9 out of 10 ROFLMAO
MOON MEN Prije 2 dana
Factorio; Logistics robots IGN: Drone.
MrArbiter103 Prije 2 dana
To all the people hating on this review, I agree that the game deserves a 10, not an 8, but can we at least appreciate that the reviewer at least somewhat acknowledges how intricate and well put together the game is? Also, to anyone watching the review and reading the comments who doesn't have the game: get it. Its an absolute masterpiece and is absolutely worth your time. IGN tried their best here but didn't quite hit the mark when talking about satisfying it is to play and progress
illuzion Plays
illuzion Plays Prije 2 dana
8/10? Please. This is the best game ever made.
Quantum Prije 2 dana
If the base game overwhelmed this guy, nobody tell him about the mods, I'm 100~ hours into a modded save and I'd consider this to be the early mid game.
MTK Prije 2 dana
Underrated this game hard. The factory must grow!
MiningMozo Prije 2 dana
No negatives... 8/10
KajMak64Bit Prije 3 dana
If you guys loooove Factorio.. Check out Minecraft Create mod From what i see they are literally sort of making Factorio but in 3D but not like Satisfactory
Tommy Prije 3 dana
Best building game period.
Mohammad Ashour
Mohammad Ashour Prije 3 dana
Dude, IGN reviewed the game as 8/10 == “Great”. And you don’t need to be an expert at a game to review it. You just need to play it enough to create an informed opinion. I love that there are hardcore players who are really into this game because it’s the kind of game that lets you think and grow as a person. Just realize you’re really biased because you love this game. IGN reviewed the game as “great” not “ok”. And an IGN review of “great” puts this indie game on the map in a much bigger way. It’s not all or nothing. Spread the love of the game.
Marcus Tral
Marcus Tral Prije 3 dana
Honestly I think the "trial and error" way of learning is perfect for this game, so you can develop your own personal style of factory. Even if it takes many hours, it's the point of the game to learn along the way and make the next one better . Of course you can watch tutorials and look at the wiki but it should not be your first approach! Look at the wiki just to understand the mechanics of the game, not the tutorials that say "If you do it like this it works!" because then you will loose all the fun of creating that setup.
Brian Lopez
Brian Lopez Prije 3 dana
The game really made the player feel like Factorio
souleatingpanda Prije 3 dana
um...did this dude really give this GOTYears an 8?
Wanderer Prije 3 dana
me: skips to the end *sees 8/10* me: sht, here we go agAin..
Ricky Z
Ricky Z Prije 3 dana
Groaznic Prije 3 dana
This is NOT pixel art. This is just plain 2D.
Richard Sleeve
Richard Sleeve Prije 4 dana
You gave Factorio an 8/10, when it, until Hades sat at #2 in Steam reviews, yet you gave CP 2077 PC a 9/10 and it has a 78% positive not to mention that EVEN ON PC it is a broken mess. Before I get accused of being an irate fan boy, I do get it. Factorio is not for everyone. One of my biggest complaints is that the transition to mid game is brutally repetitive and tedious at times. But once you know how the systems work you can sort of fast track certain things to get personal robots for example and then the sky is the limit. I would mention you can cheat and get early bots mods, but this is about the vanilla game. I guess that is mentioning it... If you can't get through the fundamentals of this game without going to tutorials, then maybe it isn't for you. The brilliance of Factorio comes from the fact that you can get by with a fairly lazy approach. You can play that way and launch a rocket and "win" or you can learn all of the nuances, become and expert, and create a well oiled and perfectly optimized 18,000 science per minute monster. Point is, IGN has a knack for what seems to be an RNG approach to who reviews a game. This person sounds like someone who normally plays COD and maybe dabbled in some Cities Skylines.
José Júlio
José Júlio Prije 4 dana
I agree with this review. You have to go check online how the game works and it's very obtuse at times. The visuals are also too weak to give this a 10/10 like people say.
Stinson_5 Prije 4 dana
3rd highest rated game in steam history, but an 8 ok sure.....
Attila Kovács
Attila Kovács Prije 4 dana
His colleague didn’t feel like playing much, it seems. Besides, I really don't understand why it's only 10/8. There is not even a similar mood game on the market. What’s more, so many quality and ever-expanding mods come with it. For me 10/11 Finally; pixel wut?
Shane Wamsley
Shane Wamsley Prije 4 dana
I really like the early game of Factorio and I think it's well balanced for new players (although you should do the tutorials first) but once you have a few thousand hours in this game you start thinking about anything before white science as early game (Actually called space science but it's white so... also technically the goal of the game is to launch a space rocket and you only get white science AFTER that). Really great game though, 10/10 and I have been playing since 0.10. Also worth pointing out how awesome the dev team are, I watched in real time this morning on reddit when a player reported a bug with a mod in the latest experimental build and it was fixed in an hour. And that's not unusual. I've also watched livestreams of multiplayer games where the devs join and troubleshoot issue with the players, and then stay to play...
Marc Murray
Marc Murray Prije 4 dana
Not a bad word to say. Gives it an 8. Unsubs and never comes back to another ign review. Ezpz
FUZE ANTATIC Prije 4 dana
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Jasper Bio
Jasper Bio Prije 5 dana
Sometimes I wander if IGN even played the games they review
R Ngrtt
R Ngrtt Prije 5 dana
You clearly didn't spend enough time on this game to give it the review it deserves. ... Also 2:26 WHO DAFUCK KEEPS 17 STACKS OF WOOD IN ITS INVENTORY FFS 3:10 : just wtf. bro you didn't do your homework. that aint how trains work 5:56 *Fucken. Clean. Yer. Inventory. Ffs.* Also, mining directly into furnaces is a level of stupidity only IGN is capable of. This is smol brain to an extreme
Lixiao Zhang
Lixiao Zhang Prije 5 dana
Squared Squee
Squared Squee Prije 5 dana
ign is lowkey derpy with their reviews
Harry Sheryl Hall
Harry Sheryl Hall Prije 5 dana
The best game ever. Worth buying. Really go buy it
enjii__ Prije 5 dana
didnt this game come out a year ago? why the review today
yourenotme Prije 5 dana
Let this man sink into madness then he’ll give it a 10
DINGBAWZ Prije 5 dana
8/10.. are you blind? Its at least an 11/10
Rick Rischter
Rick Rischter Prije 5 dana
Real score: 10 I do not thing the guy doing the review is on the right mood, It is like puting a person that only plays FPS to review a turn based RPG. Did the reviewer even launched a rocket? Factorio is not for everyone, it is a somewhat niche thing. This should be clear in the review.
AlwaysBlue Prije 5 dana
It makes me genuinely upset that with nearly 15 million subscribers, THIS is what will most likely top the search results for Factorio reviews for many potential new players. Delete and redo! Factorio deserves better than this bumbling moron!
Sample Text
Sample Text Prije 5 dana
Huh, they were actually pretty fair with the review here, that's a surprise. Then again I haven't launched my first rocket yet and haven't truly delved into all the unique stuff you can do yet so that's probably why I think the review is fair while others don't. I'm just happy he didn't rate it something dumb like a 4/10 for being too confusing for the first few hours.
Aaron Hawn
Aaron Hawn Prije 5 dana
The factory must expand.
Big Brain
Big Brain Prije 5 dana
Ew spaghetti
Kenny Prije 5 dana
if you have life , just dont play this game , this game is like drugs , just becarefull
Miguel Prats
Miguel Prats Prije 5 dana
To be fair, a very difficult game to review. It's like marmite. If you like it, you like it a lot. Otherwise you hate. If this is your niche (complex word building, survival...) It's a 10. Otherwise you will play 15 minutes and abandon it.
Wes Prije 5 dana
Ease up guys. He is probably just working from home. And drunk
Derek Stinson
Derek Stinson Prije 5 dana
Q is your friend.
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith Prije 5 dana
Game of the Year casually slips through the review net, while the $300m clusterfuck known as Cyberpunk stole all the attention.
Adan Thio
Adan Thio Prije 5 dana
Looks like the game should have gotten higher score based on the comments. But I’d just like to thank IGN and the commenters for bringing this game to my attention. This game looks like what I was looking for.
Dave Baker
Dave Baker Prije 5 dana
Not one robot or roboport in this video. Only one train shown, and shown improperly. No mention of nuclear power or rockets. This guy only got through a small sampling of the game. Explains then 8/10.
Doot Doot
Doot Doot Prije 5 dana
The factory must grow.
Leon Adel
Leon Adel Prije 6 dana
Easily a 10 anything else is a insult
lankatr Prije 6 dana
This is possibly your worst review ever. It shows really deep lack of understanding of basic gaming concepts. Do better
Edward Fishkins
Edward Fishkins Prije 6 dana
How can you call this a complete review without ever using trains properly? They are a huge aspect of the game and make outpost construction a lot more managable.
Anton Georgiev
Anton Georgiev Prije 6 dana
This is the best game ever and the Worst review ever! Play the games you review, dude, don't just bulk review for likes!
sina841922817028990 Prije 6 dana
Rating is pretty accurate. This game has no tutorial or explanation for everything beyond trains and once you have finished the game you dont really feel like playing it again, unless you want to get every achievement... which were easier than I though to get. The enemies are also nothing to exciting and you get bored of them quite quickly. It is a really great game but it is definitely not a masterpiece.
Neon Eviscerate
Neon Eviscerate Prije 6 dana
The fact that this "slipped" under their radar, along with the reviewer clearly not understanding the game shows how out of touch IGN are. Surprised they didn't score it lower for "being too hard".
daniel egerton
daniel egerton Prije 6 dana
Watch the @mandaloregaming does, way better
XerosXIII Prije 6 dana
Score coming from a casual game reviewer, it did not disappoint.
ShuriK Prije 6 dana
Ign what is your problem lmao?
Jim Yu
Jim Yu Prije 6 dana
Come on. Feel like you purposely being picky on this game just for review sake or maybe you are not into this kind of games. There is a lot of depth in this game you just haven’t learned yet.
Daniel Barry
Daniel Barry Prije 6 dana
8 is a weak verdict for the 3rd highest ranked game on Steam.
superdog619 Prije 6 dana
Since the guy was so focused on killing, I can see why he only gave it an 8...
Pedro Costa
Pedro Costa Prije 6 dana
i mean... given this footage he clearly didn't played 40hours
Rumeth Sathnidu
Rumeth Sathnidu Prije 6 dana
IGN SHOULD CHECK out satisfacory
Simone Otto
Simone Otto Prije 7 dana
Best game ever
Jackson Starbringer
Jackson Starbringer Prije 7 dana
finally! A new person joins the factory!
Centorianmaster KAH
Centorianmaster KAH Prije 7 dana
"Ultra complex logistics chains" *Laughs in Krastorio 2*
Fab2000 Go
Fab2000 Go Prije 3 dana
Or Pyanodon
Jamie Nicholls
Jamie Nicholls Prije 7 dana
About time
Ian Prije 7 dana
I hate this review. It's bad and wrong.
Tangeni Iiputa
Tangeni Iiputa Prije 7 dana
When are they gonna make a review about Football Manager 2021
Just A User
Just A User Prije 7 dana
The issue is that when he said 40 hours I thought it was not bad, but then I checked out my saves and my very first save has only 4 hours, compare this to my latest save at already 140 hours. The more you understand and know about the game the more you play it, so don't judge it to early and give it time, think about why you were overrun by biters and what you could have done better. I put so many hours outside of the game only thinking about designs and trying to design better blueprints. But the greatest thing about Factorio was not mentioned here, the mods and the community. Just look at the comments here and check out the forums and reddit pages. You will be welcomed.
MarkovChains Prije 7 dana
8/10? IT'S WAR!!!!!!! You know nothing!! This disrespect will be revenged!!!!
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Prije 7 dana
Serge de adres
175 cm 52 kg 5.2 meter kuk
175 cm 52 kg 5.2 meter kuk Prije 7 dana
didnt even mention how to finish a game
The Bloody-Nine
The Bloody-Nine Prije 7 dana
8 out of 10? Hahahahhaa to think of the flaming piles of hype garbage you have given higher ratings. No mention of the UI or design. This is one of the best examples of game design in video game history. I can't think of any better and it's still being refined with incredibly useful and intelligent features being added all the time.
ShyGamers Prije 7 dana
next do satisfactory
NovelBlue Gaming
NovelBlue Gaming Prije 7 dana
It's still in early access
Julian Atlasovich
Julian Atlasovich Prije 7 dana
This game is at least a 9
canebro1 Prije 7 dana
2nd highest rated game on Steam, right after Portal. No mention that mod support is built into the main menu. Doesn't know how to use trains. Has power armor, but half your inventory filled with wood and raw ore. Verdict: I give this review an 8/10
Andrei Laza
Andrei Laza Prije 7 dana
After 40-50 hours, he writes a half assed review... When after 150h one would just start to understand the game. HE DID NOT EVEN LAUNCH A ROCKET. I can understand that that these "professional" writers have a time quota and cant have the luxury or to dive deep into all publications, but this just screames LACK OF EFFORT.
Skill Mesteren Oliver
Skill Mesteren Oliver Prije 7 dana
The... the factory... it must GROW!
Trupen Prije 7 dana
"I can easily see myself sinking *HUNDREDS more hours* into this elaborate contraption" Score: 8
Gorder Prije 4 dana
@Trupen to their credit, it worked great. Also, obviously, should be a 10. Factorio basically created a new genre and is the most well-optimised, deepest game I've ever played.
Trupen Prije 6 dana
@Aaron Shaver yea, for example that part with "train corner" indeed looks like a pure trolling, only go get more comments :/
JS CHEN Prije 6 dana
If he did sink a few more hundred hours into the game, he would have given a 10.
Aaron Shaver
Aaron Shaver Prije 6 dana
Haha, well-spotted. I almost wonder if they're trolling people to rile them up to get engagement.
B. K.
B. K. Prije 7 dana
Factorio, a game that's objectively as close to a perfect 10 as one can get gets an 8...
IamKnucks Prije 7 dana
Your first video game review in 2 weeks.
Anglo-Saxophone Prije 7 dana
This is clearly not pixel art
G Lako
G Lako Prije 7 dana
You all misunderstood the presenters verdict score. What it should've been is 10 out of 8 right?
Celo Prije 7 dana
When someone is flexing they have 100+ more hours in game, for me, its more a discouragement. I like to start and finish a game, not to fign new relationship with a thing. But I get that everyone has different taste.
MrTomyCJ Prije 7 dana
You can totally do a "complete playthrough" (launch a rocket) in 30, 40 hours depending on what you focus on. But it's a sandbox, so it's like killing the dragon in Minecraft: finishing the game can be just the beggining. If you enjoyed launching the rocket, you will enjoy keep playing or starting a new factory with everything you've learned, or installing mods that completely rework the game and have more content than the original game itself
ScottyWired Prije 7 dana
"Pixel art style" You mean projection sprites? Sprites generated from 3D?
Miguel Gomes
Miguel Gomes Prije 7 dana
this reviewer...
qusay alawneh
qusay alawneh Prije 7 dana
reddit gang is here 😅😅😅
Nicks Fish
Nicks Fish Prije 7 dana
How.... how do you manage your ore from farther resource patches if your smelting on the spot, do you just ship the plates? That’s so inefficient? I’m terrified
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