Marvel's WandaVision - Official Trailer (2021) - Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany

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A new TV spot airs tonight featuring Marvel Studios' upcoming new Disney series WandaVision, a blend of classic television and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The spot reveals an original theme song written by Oscar-winning songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez (Frozen), who penned unique songs for several episodes, spanning from the 1950s to the early 2000s.

WandaVision," the first Marvel Studios series created exclusively for Disney+, stars Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, Paul Bettany as Vision, Kathryn Hahn as Agnes, and Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau, who was introduced to audiences in "Captain Marvel." Kat Dennings will reprise her role as Darcy from Thor and Thor: The Dark World, and Randall Park will reprise his role as Jimmy Woo from Ant-Man and The Wasp.

Marvel Studios' WandaVision is a blend of classic television and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which Wanda Maximoff and Vision-two super-powered beings living idealized suburban lives-begin to suspect that everything is not as it seems. The series is directed by Matt Shakman with Jac Schaeffer as head writer. Composer is Christophe Beck, and theme (for certain episodes) is by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Featuring nine episodes, WandaVision kicks off on Disney+ on January 15, 2021.
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HoneyToast Prije 2 dana
I'm pretty sure this is made by the people behind too many cooks
Farah 90
Farah 90 Prije 9 dana
knmm my no i'm no be
Zyxel Ztrife
Zyxel Ztrife Prije 9 dana
AKA. Doctor Strange 2 Teaser
Edward Hutchison
Edward Hutchison Prije 9 dana
I thought one division was like a marvel twilight zone hosted by a ironically positive duo
The Destroyer2alltrolls
The Destroyer2alltrolls Prije 9 dana
This looks so cringey. Marvel Studios is just whoring out the franchise at this point. Definitely not watching it. Who the hell even asked for a Scarlet Witch and Vision spin-off show?
Darrel King
Darrel King Prije 10 dana
Marvel on drugs WTF🤣🤣🤣
Praveen Loganathan
Praveen Loganathan Prije 10 dana
what if this is before infinity war
Silenthitman44 Prije 9 dana
Nope it's set post endgame and leads right into dr strange 2
Amy Newman
Amy Newman Prije 10 dana
After doing some research my bet is on demonic possession!
notmy thing
notmy thing Prije 10 dana
i really hope it will not so boring like the trailer
Taufiq Zain
Taufiq Zain Prije 10 dana
Not a comic book reader and i have no clue what's going on in the trailer. I only watched the movies.
The Destroyer2alltrolls
The Destroyer2alltrolls Prije 9 dana
+Taufiq Zain Don’t watch this cringey show. It’s a complete waste of time.
Tommy MacWommy
Tommy MacWommy Prije 10 dana
I’m excited to see who the villain is as we haven’t of him or her at all!
Wolf Heart Gaming
Wolf Heart Gaming Prije 10 dana
All fun in games till disney+ wants u to get disney+
The Destroyer2alltrolls
The Destroyer2alltrolls Prije 9 dana
+Wolf Heart Gaming They’re whoring out the franchise.
corey roth
corey roth Prije 10 dana
“wE aRe A uNuSuAl CoUpLe”
Notafratdude Prije 11 dana
Happy new year y'all,Please repent because Jesus is coming soon Like so more people can see this
Mr.392 Prije 11 dana
I'm confused,is this after or before the snap?
Silenthitman44 Prije 9 dana
Post endgame
TheLio666 Prije 11 dana
So what? Marvels caracters became hilarious but ridiculous series?
Wilson Tan
Wilson Tan Prije 11 dana
Vision "and they lived happily ever after" Thanos "you should choose your words more carefully"
D.L .G
D.L .G Prije 11 dana
They love going back in time.
Silenthitman44 Prije 9 dana
No time travel
Armghan23 Prije 11 dana
She created a false reality with her magic and forgotten what's real and what's not
Rao Prije 11 dana
How did she go from having a foreign accent to an American 😳
Maduabuchi Xavier Nwameme
Maduabuchi Xavier Nwameme Prije 11 dana
House of M storyline????😀💗
qwerttzizzi Prije 11 dana
I guess she will be a villain in Strange's next movie.
Silenthitman44 Prije 11 dana
She goes to him for help so not sure about that
Cam Camille
Cam Camille Prije 11 dana
can't wait to watch this....this is giving me Pleasantville vibes.....especially when Wanda saw the color red plane toy on the bush it also happened the same at the movie Pleasantville too when Skip saw the rose turn red on the bush
Alfredo Lopez
Alfredo Lopez Prije 11 dana
WandaVision AKA MCU Retcon Show 1, Loki's is show number 2.
DJZNE 2000
DJZNE 2000 Prije 11 dana
Imagine this is wanda coping with visons death and it sent her to a different realm
Ash Prije 11 dana
I feel like the all the trailers are like the first 10mins of the show lol
SuperMonshine Prije 11 dana
Vojta Ja
Vojta Ja Prije 11 dana
I still have no idea what's it about.
Captain_Page Prije 11 dana
Ethan Cryder
Ethan Cryder Prije 11 dana
Truman show kinda vibes
Passport Kings Travel
Passport Kings Travel Prije 11 dana
What was that?
Internet Cop
Internet Cop Prije 11 dana
So are were going to get a "No Mutants" moment? Because that would be bigger than the Thanos Snap.
Bucky 737
Bucky 737 Prije 11 dana
It seems like it's going to be similar to stranger things in a way, and I'm not sure how I feel about it
Hikaro Prije 11 dana
Vision was about to snap his fingers at the end. Coincidence? I find it unlikely.
Whatever never
Whatever never Prije 12 dana
I’m so confused what is wandavison about?
Julian Asperheim
Julian Asperheim Prije 12 dana
Looks awful.
Koifish 79
Koifish 79 Prije 12 dana
Tired of these trailers. Drop the show
The Destroyer2alltrolls
The Destroyer2alltrolls Prije 9 dana
+Kofish 79 I’m tired of these unnecessary shows they’re shitting out.
Daminininic Prije 12 dana
These guys seem like an unusual couple
Earl kun
Earl kun Prije 12 dana
A trailer of "we are an unusual couple" and " we just don't know what to expect"
Alina Sauer
Alina Sauer Prije 12 dana
I readed that wandavision have 9 episodes, not 6 🤩🤩🤩
Tom Cruz
Tom Cruz Prije 12 dana
This show looks like garbage 🗑
Fulsrush Prije 12 dana
Uh, what the hell is that thing that rises up from behind the sofa when they kiss?
WandaVision Prije 12 dana
It's a pity there are no LEGO® sets based on this series. I'm not having fun anymore, but it might look nice.
nemesis _616
nemesis _616 Prije 12 dana
Does anyone else think this could be leading to Mojo being the main villain?
Silenthitman44 Prije 11 dana
No, it's nightmare and maybe mephisto
Vlad_Guerra5078 Prije 12 dana
Anyone make out those blurry words against the black background? It almost looks like “January” but I can’t tell.
Joe Gier
Joe Gier Prije 12 dana
Show ends with JD from the show Scrubs waking himself out of one of his fantasies that he always dazed off in to.
john gideon
john gideon Prije 12 dana
this looks amazing
G r a n d i z e r
G r a n d i z e r Prije 12 dana
Dude what a great idea for a show
Spidey fan
Spidey fan Prije 12 dana
Imagine if Thanos came back again though in here, while looking for the mind stone in an alternate dimension
Stop Motion Pilot
Stop Motion Pilot Prije 12 dana
Did they just say the name of the show, Simpson’s style?
Stop Motion Pilot
Stop Motion Pilot Prije 12 dana
I still have zero idea what this show is about, but it looks so cool
jm gee
jm gee Prije 12 dana
Wanda: I'm with someone Thanos: First im gonna snap, then I'm gonna clap (turns to looks at the audience at home and winks)
Critical Bill
Critical Bill Prije 12 dana
So basically, Vision is stuck in a reality where he`s married to Elizabeth Olsen?...Doesnt sound that bad if you ask me
No name G
No name G Prije 12 dana
Same premise alien creature try’s to take over the world and it’s up the superheroes in the film to save the world I seen this type of show about a million times
Calvin Walker
Calvin Walker Prije 12 dana
Them boys caught in the tsukuyomi
Aman Gupta
Aman Gupta Prije 12 dana
Wanda :I don't understand what's happening! Whole fan community :at least we are on the same page here!!!!
Siddiculous Prije 12 dana
All episodes will drop at once or?
Silenthitman44 Prije 11 dana
Weekly I think
Batara Dharma
Batara Dharma Prije 12 dana
Paul Bettany will always be the best Silas
i commented
i commented Prije 12 dana
0:40 OG vision look
Carlos Cordova
Carlos Cordova Prije 12 dana
That's some bad LSD romance
Art Riven
Art Riven Prije 12 dana
I don't know about anybody else but I'm getting a watchmen vibe but in mcu version after watching this trailer
Crazy Ghost
Crazy Ghost Prije 12 dana
The way vision snaps his fingers to end the video was like thanos.
ScoutinOrbit Prije 12 dana
I suspect she tried to re-create the Mindstone from "atoms" and it blew up in her face, triggering her full reality manipulation powers.
I.L Investing
I.L Investing Prije 12 dana
My theory, Wanda has tapped into the soul gem and the dimension of the soul gem has been leaking out.
I.L Investing
I.L Investing Prije 12 dana
@Jogs Martinez That's one thing that needs to be in the comic books, infinity stones that get "destroyed" are not really gone....they manifest in another way in the universe. I believe in secret wars new edition, an infinity stone was supposedly destroyed, but just becomes manifested as a cosmic child.
Jogs Martinez
Jogs Martinez Prije 12 dana
Aint the stones put back on the right timelines and they don't exist anymore in the current one?? I think it's just Wanda's natural power to manipulate what she wants.
Jaber Basa
Jaber Basa Prije 12 dana
Poor marvel disney ruin your entire career 🙂
Spacemonkeymojo Prije 12 dana
Better than all DC movies combined.
Spacemonkeymojo Prije 12 dana
@Ontos More original than the person hating on the person hating on DC movies.
Ontos Prije 12 dana
Wow hating on DC arent you original
DaRk LoRd
DaRk LoRd Prije 12 dana
LOL I think it's more like wonder woman 1984's wish like story.
Majiin Bewbs
Majiin Bewbs Prije 12 dana
I wonder if they might be an unusual couple
Turbo Prije 12 dana
I have a weird feeling they are an unusual couple dont know why
Aarshdeep Singh
Aarshdeep Singh Prije 12 dana
4N0NYM0U543V3RM0R32016 Prije 12 dana
I can't tell whether this was before the snap or after.
Ontos Prije 12 dana
Spideyfan127 Prije 12 dana
Why do they gotta keep having Paul Bettany switch back and forth between his Vision look and his face in real life?
Ontos Prije 12 dana
Cause its easier for him not to have all that make up on
BrAinLeSsHR Prije 12 dana
Reminds me a lot the Legion show
The Destroyer2alltrolls
The Destroyer2alltrolls Prije 9 dana
+BrAinLeSsHR Don’t insult Legion like that.
NexGen Entertainment
NexGen Entertainment Prije 12 dana
I cant wait for the new wave of marvel stuff to start!
OneTop viewer
OneTop viewer Prije 12 dana
I don’t get it
Sheep First Name
Sheep First Name Prije 12 dana
Everyone gangster until Wanda says “No more MCU”
deathnwar4u Prije 12 dana
I'm so very confused...
James Shmurak
James Shmurak Prije 12 dana
Wandavision is literally pleasentville
The Destroyer2alltrolls
The Destroyer2alltrolls Prije 9 dana
+James Shmurak A poor man’s Pleasantville.
Eddie O'Connor
Eddie O'Connor Prije 12 dana
Ok....I can appreciate the nostalgia?....but this show makes no sense. This will just be one more show I'll be ignoring.
Ontos Prije 12 dana
Well considering its not released yet we dont really know what its about also it bring strange is the point
Eddie O'Connor
Eddie O'Connor Prije 12 dana
@Demonvampire 5 Well can it be explained?...because it looks ridiculous.
Demonvampire 5
Demonvampire 5 Prije 12 dana
That’s not what this show is about lol
bill clay
bill clay Prije 12 dana
can't go pass 1 season. Have to get to the 'kicker' before that.
Jaqen H'ghar
Jaqen H'ghar Prije 12 dana
I hope this show is as creepy as it looks
Nicholas Lahay
Nicholas Lahay Prije 12 dana
GamerJosh Prije 12 dana
Oh no! The mystery is broken, dammit.
TWO MUCHDANK Prije 12 dana
is vision still in the net or sum? lol.
121slayer Prije 12 dana
Awesome birthday present, can't wait to watch WandaVision.
octopox Prije 12 dana
Jes Tehr
Jes Tehr Prije 12 dana
They’re in the soul gems world
Ontos Prije 12 dana
Just another gamer
Just another gamer Prije 12 dana
I'm just curious which villain is doing this, keeping them in this fake world
Ontos Prije 12 dana
Probably wanda
James Brookes
James Brookes Prije 12 dana
NGL, I'm starting to think vision is mephisto
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson Prije 12 dana
So are the underlying concepts in this show going to bridge Deadpool's 'awareness' with the 'multiverse' element and bind those to the greater MCU?
Ontos Prije 12 dana
Probably not
ki wa
ki wa Prije 12 dana
Wanda will snap and we all not ready for it lol
Jordan Salley
Jordan Salley Prije 12 dana
I guarantee all this footage is from episode 1
Looney Channel
Looney Channel Prije 12 dana
Ok so... is this all wanda’s dream or is it like part of the main mcu?
Looney Channel
Looney Channel Prije 12 dana
@Ontos ohhh, I thought it had nothing to do with the mcu timeline and is just its own thing.
Ontos Prije 12 dana
Wdym or? Its part of the main mcu either way wanda can creqte pocket realities
Suspend Wish when
Suspend Wish when Prije 12 dana
This show looks so trippy I couldn’t even be let down if the tried. I’m just going to obsessed with how Wanda got where she is and how exactly she gets back to original MCU.
Andrew Grimes
Andrew Grimes Prije 12 dana
yeah...this looks dumb.
Ontos Prije 12 dana
Clearly an uncultured swine
General Pinocho
General Pinocho Prije 12 dana
Saiyan 2301
Saiyan 2301 Prije 12 dana
🥱 🥱🥱 pass
Ontos Prije 12 dana
Derrick Kelly
Derrick Kelly Prije 12 dana
Maybe dr strange had to contain her in some kind of pocket dimension to keep everyone safe from her unstable powers
Dylan Prije 12 dana
I just can't help but think about that episode of My Name is Earl when hes in a coma.
Carl_ifornia G
Carl_ifornia G Prije 12 dana
Hey day-day, that crazy bish outside again.
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy Prije 12 dana
Does that guy talking to wanda through the radio remind anyone else of the ads at the start of movies
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