Snyder Cut, Suicide Squad, Gotham Knights - What to Expect From DC in 2021

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A full breakdown of everything featuring DC's superheroes like Batman, Harley Quinn and King Shark in 2021, including movies, TV shows, comics, and a new video game franchise.

Matthew Topping
Matthew Topping Prije 3 dana
DC movies are steaming piles of crap. Overwrought hot garbage on celluloid. Zack Snyder shouldn't be allowed to direct anything longer than 90 min.
Luke Barber
Luke Barber Prije 2 dana
I would love to say the same about jon watts but I am not complaining
MrKMyL Prije 4 dana
Zack is back. That's all what we need in 2021.
Ultra instinct Shaggy Zoinks
Ultra instinct Shaggy Zoinks Prije 5 dana
Can't wait for Snyder cut and the suicide squad🤗✌.
Grey Archer
Grey Archer Prije 5 dana
I can't even describe my hype for Gotham Knights
Кор Ал
Кор Ал Prije 5 dana
куда вы катитесь люди? для вас ценность эти придуманные персонажи которых играют кривляющиеся двуногие, а всё остальное рисует компьютер! да у вас интеллект амёбы!
Anish Singh
Anish Singh Prije 6 dana
Snyder cut😭😭😭😭yessss finally❤️❤️hyped up for every dc movie and series
Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche Prije 6 dana
Nothing for 2021, just say that.
Farjad Khan
Farjad Khan Prije 6 dana
I just want batman beyond sequel.
Battinson Prije 6 dana
I was a big fan of Titans so can't wait for S3, the movies look great and a few other shows and the games are looking awesome! I am the most excited for The Batman and I hope Zack is going to do a better job than Whedon for Justice League 💥 THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT FOR DC.
Michael Deypalubos
Michael Deypalubos Prije 6 dana
I wanna see how 2021's Suicide Squad address/refer to 2016's Suicide Squad. Though its highly unlikely, I still wanna see how they do it.
Vipul Doshi
Vipul Doshi Prije 6 dana
rehash of everything we learned at dc fandom for 2021 video
HyperSniper619 Prije 7 dana
is anyone else sad about how they chose tim drake over damian
GreyWake Prije 6 dana
Illmortal Quotes
Illmortal Quotes Prije 7 dana
Hyped for dc and some new returning anime.
Eli Joseph
Eli Joseph Prije 7 dana
I just wish they'd replace Jared Leto with someone else
Juan M.
Juan M. Prije 6 dana
It's like the snydercut the studio ruined it
Will there be more story about wonderbat plz i really ship them both❤️❤️
NSE&A Channel
NSE&A Channel Prije 7 dana
It's DC Time 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Slade Wilson
Slade Wilson Prije 4 dana
Ye it is
James Carl
James Carl Prije 7 dana
It's all fun and games until batman's fighting backwards
Jim Crick44
Jim Crick44 Prije 7 dana
David Price
David Price Prije 7 dana
Ready for the snyder cut.
Orry Yang
Orry Yang Prije 7 dana
sounds like it’s covid’s fault
mc_macapaca Prije 7 dana
Isn’t the long Halloween part 1 coming in 2021. @IGN you missed that one out
David ryan
David ryan Prije 7 dana
Seeing as how in every adaptation of Suicide Squad there's that guy that dies just so they prove it they will actually do it. I wouldn't expect to see much of pokadot man.
Sounak Ghosh
Sounak Ghosh Prije 7 dana
Very much exited for suicide squad and batman
twerk_it_like_nae_nae Prije 7 dana
Welp, time to get my HBO max subscription.
Phantom Deth
Phantom Deth Prije 7 dana
James Gunn touches kids
Ryan Cochran
Ryan Cochran Prije 7 dana
No worries about production delays, as ALL DC movies will be released on HBO Max anyway, so we’ll have 12 months of DC no matter what!
matthew keating
matthew keating Prije 7 dana
Ok Warner Brothers you've made enough money release asheron's call 2 on steam all ready how much does a 1990 server really cost guys!!! I had like 10 or 15 accounts last time you released it.
Santiago Carbonell
Santiago Carbonell Prije 8 dana
I just want to play as King Shark 🦈
Nazirin Khairuddin
Nazirin Khairuddin Prije 8 dana
Icy Dazo
Icy Dazo Prije 8 dana
marvel is bringing a lot of hype, but DC is going beyond expectations
Sadi Khan
Sadi Khan Prije 8 dana
All of them
GamerBoii0 Prije 8 dana
Except Snyder Cut, rest looks like a poor man show.
REAL RASCAL Prije 8 dana
Most excited about snyder cut, suicide squad, and suicide squad:KTJL
Julio Lizarraga
Julio Lizarraga Prije 8 dana
Give me more Harley Quinn!!!!!!!!!
Simon Siddique
Simon Siddique Prije 8 dana
I am waiting for The Sandman Tv series
Rorschach Prije 8 dana
Me too
suraj telrandhe
suraj telrandhe Prije 8 dana
Snyder cut😂
Noob master 64
Noob master 64 Prije 8 dana
@Rorschach he’s a mcu cultist
Rorschach Prije 8 dana
Salazawayne Petennyson
Salazawayne Petennyson Prije 8 dana
Definitly young justice season 4
Divya Patel
Divya Patel Prije 8 dana
Snyder cut ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.
Steven Cisneros
Steven Cisneros Prije 8 dana
Red X makes his official DC comics debut...that’s awesome, when could we see more DC cartoon originals joining in as well?!!?!
Anurag Jatav
Anurag Jatav Prije 8 dana
IGN : what DC project are you most excited for ? Me: Yes
Arj Prije 6 dana
Same here bro
KGC Prije 8 dana
So in all honesty there’s almost nothing...2 movies and bunch of cheesy tv shows...
Thejus K.L
Thejus K.L Prije 9 dana
King shark is a shark
Rania Abbasi
Rania Abbasi Prije 9 dana
Does anyone know when the Gotham PD spin-off show (same universe as The Batman) on HBO Max is happening?
Skullzone Prije 9 dana
DC doesn't look like its doing very well just like Marvel before Disney and I wonder how it would look like if Disney had bought DC instead of Marvel.
Skullzone Prije 5 dana
​@Battinson Yup and it's very promising, I just said what I said based on their past movies and YA comics but, I have high hopes for DC for this year onward.
Battinson Prije 6 dana
Have you seen what is coming? With The Batman, Snydercut and Justice League as movies. I think the future is very bright, it's going to be some awesome years for DC
David Bobowski
David Bobowski Prije 9 dana
I'm loving all of the King Shark attention!
Super Saiyan Rosè Goku Black
Super Saiyan Rosè Goku Black Prije 9 dana
Wait Batman isn't coming out until 2022 😭
Super Saiyan Rosè Goku Black
Super Saiyan Rosè Goku Black Prije 9 dana
I'm gonna be so disappointed if we get another dumpster fire like WW1984
Rorschach Prije 8 dana
New movies won't be bad.Because the scripts and directors in the new movies are much better quality than the ww84 movie.
Sonko cyrille
Sonko cyrille Prije 9 dana
They're cancelling black lightning waouw Really come on DC
Ronald McHeartattack
Ronald McHeartattack Prije 9 dana
Cameron Elenburg
Cameron Elenburg Prije 9 dana
So we’re just ignoring DCs animated films now?
Kev_core 1
Kev_core 1 Prije 9 dana
JL Snyder Cut and the Green Lantern show!
Ryan Allerton
Ryan Allerton Prije 9 dana
IGN: what to expect from DC in 2021 Also IGN: this will be released in 2022
Avneesh Seth
Avneesh Seth Prije 9 dana
You left out DC's slate of animated movies. Starting with Batman : soul of the dragon.
Paulo PIRES TEIXEIRA Prije 9 dana
ww2 was awful
Marz Media
Marz Media Prije 9 dana
Snyder's cut is what I'm waiting for
SpArTaCuS-93N-L Prije 9 dana
Can anyone explain me why the dont use the serie flash actor for the movie also ?
TheDavyJones Prije 9 dana
The Synder Cut and then the Suicide Squad movie and game are all equal for me. James Gunn is going to kill it
Proloy B
Proloy B Prije 9 dana
You forgot about Lucifer 5B and The Sandman is in production, and Y The Last Man will be coming to FX, and there's also a DMZ series for HBO Max.
Darth Desec
Darth Desec Prije 9 dana
Lmao. In terms of movies, more garbage.
monkey king
monkey king Prije 9 dana
king shark
Elmar Daghbayli
Elmar Daghbayli Prije 9 dana
Big year for DC from the Snyder Cut to The Suicide Squad to Arrowverse to Gotham Knight to Future state, I repeat a phenomenal year
BoxBeater Prije 9 dana
i wonder what reason there will be for gotham city to be completely empty in this game?
Tha_Tee-Mania Show
Tha_Tee-Mania Show Prije 9 dana
Those shazam kids are going to be old.
craig o
craig o Prije 9 dana
Hahaha Shazam: Fury of the young adults
The Batman was originally scheduled to come out on June 25th, 2021. It was then pushed by to October 1st before being pushed further back to 2022.
J P Prije 9 dana
Gotham knights!
AjRonin 47
AjRonin 47 Prije 9 dana
Snyder cut hype
Mihail Gichev
Mihail Gichev Prije 9 dana
Has anyone tried to watch this video in 0.25x his voice is so funny 😂😂😂
Mega Battle Zero
Mega Battle Zero Prije 9 dana
Soo many problems for DC these days, first off Syder's vision better be what we hoped for because these characters are dying in Marvel's Shadow now. Second The shows need to stop or connect with the cinematic universe or else they will give DC a bad name for the next 20 years, the current Superman for the CW universe is legit the ugliest actor to have ever been cast as the role and the director should be fired for it. The Batman movie is a mistake, we can't keep redoing Batman sooooooooo many times we all know the story by now not to mention Patterson was an awful choice as he still has the fangirl Twilight side to him which will lack in his Nature as both Bruce Wayne and Batman.
Rorschach Prije 8 dana
Robert Pattinson is the best choice, bro, really?twilight was 10 years ago.Robert Pattinson is one of the most shining actors of the last period. Tenet,Lighthouse,High Life?
Sep Prije 9 dana
You guys need to put a spoiler alert.
Sep Prije 9 dana
Wtf, i havent watched legends of tomorrow season 5 and they just spoiled the ending...
Pedram Paridar
Pedram Paridar Prije 9 dana
2017 me : justice league IS and WILL BE the worst thing ever Emoji movie: prepare for trouble Year 2020: and make it double
Pedram Paridar
Pedram Paridar Prije 9 dana
@craig o just so we are on the same page here, Are you defending justice league 2017?!
craig o
craig o Prije 9 dana
It’s funny when people make comments like this about a movie you know little about lol Also, worst movie ever lol you do understand that there’s literally over one million movies that’s been made.... at least be clever if you’re gonna make jokes
drownoble Prije 9 dana
I can't believe that fans think the Synder Cut is going to somehow magically fix the DCEU. I know they want a collection of films like the MCU, but the DC Powers That Be rushing things instead of being patient (like Marvel) is what killed the DCEU before it even got rolling. Synder wanted JL to be part 1 of a trilogy, before major characters were even established. In the early trailers, we see Alfred talking to someone with a green glow... Green Lantern. That's too many characters in one movie. Whedon tried to make a part one movie into a coherent single film... to mixed results.
Wild Hearts
Wild Hearts Prije 9 dana
IM excited for every DC film, show, game.
Daniel RTSC
Daniel RTSC Prije 9 dana
snydercut all te way
B Ha
B Ha Prije 9 dana
I hope Deathstroke is playable character for Suicide Squad game. 🤞
Slade Wilson
Slade Wilson Prije 4 dana
I will be
dane brass
dane brass Prije 9 dana
I expect a lot of angry fans.
Manas Chilamwar
Manas Chilamwar Prije 9 dana
The presenter could not resist his king shark love. KING SHARK IS A SHARK!!!
Rorschach Prije 9 dana
Abhijit Sen
Abhijit Sen Prije 9 dana
Zack Snyder's Justice League 🔥🔥
Jaswanth Jashu
Jaswanth Jashu Prije 9 dana
Yes ❤️💪💪
Edgar06 Prije 9 dana
For 2021 I’m excited for the Snyder Cut, The Flash S7 & The Suicide Squad
Eman The scripter
Eman The scripter Prije 9 dana
We're finally going to see who red x is
Ukaran Prije 9 dana
I'm more excited about The Sandman, on Netflix, THAT YOU FORGOT TO MENTION!
the bogarts
the bogarts Prije 9 dana
Please take out zack snyder from dc he ruins everything
RGT 47
RGT 47 Prije 9 dana
Snyder Cut!!
Odwayne Williams
Odwayne Williams Prije 9 dana
What about the animated movies?
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh Prije 9 dana
Snyder Cut😻😻😻😻
Jacob Lies
Jacob Lies Prije 9 dana
I’m not even interested in supergirl
Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh
Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh Prije 9 dana
Marvel and their fans want DC to end, but that'll never happen
Thunder Ass
Thunder Ass Prije 6 dana
i like marvel but i prefer DC cuz u know DC feels more mature
Alicia Nelson
Alicia Nelson Prije 9 dana
There can be more universes besides marvel you know
Noob master 64
Noob master 64 Prije 9 dana
I’m a marvel fan but I think dc is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000x better
Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh
Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh Prije 9 dana
Injustice 3 is coming up to
Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh
Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh Prije 9 dana
I'm drunk on Snyder Cut
Cheekey Squirrel
Cheekey Squirrel Prije 10 dana
Bro is no one talking about the hope of an Injustice 3 announcement?
D. P.
D. P. Prije 5 dana
@Ashish Kalam if I'm honest, the only reason I want a third game is the possibility it gets released on Switch so i actually play this time lol
Ashish Kalam
Ashish Kalam Prije 5 dana
Injustice is getting repetitive honestly
D. P.
D. P. Prije 6 dana
Nothing has confirmed as far as I know
Harsh Raj
Harsh Raj Prije 10 dana
I'm most excited for THE SUICIDE SQUAD.
MARVEL future
MARVEL future Prije 10 dana
Nothing new for me boring batman l already know the story of batman'even when his start more arrowverse series meh l prefer the decu and animated movies with new characters like Wally west or the twins west or a Batman beyond movie with the dee dees twins
MARVEL future
MARVEL future Prije 8 dana
@Rorschach l pass thanks 😊
Rorschach Prije 8 dana
Really?This is the early years of Batman, and the movie has enemies like Riddler, Penguin, Court Of Owls,Does it really look like other Batman movies? The characters and the year are completely different.
wllngtn Prije 10 dana
Still find it hilarious that The Flash felt the need to gender bend its characters and plug in multiple female leads instead of digging deep and evolving/showcasing the female characters/talent they already had. That was the show’s last straw
Michael Long
Michael Long Prije 10 dana
DC > Marvel
ChallengeMode ON
ChallengeMode ON Prije 10 dana
The Wizard: Say my name so that my powers may flow through you. Billy Batson: But I don’t know your name, sir. The Wizard: Shazam. Billy Batson: [laughing] Are you for real? The Wizard: Say it! Billy Batson: Okay! Shazam?
Ortiz Vargas Victor H.
Ortiz Vargas Victor H. Prije 10 dana
Am I dyslexic or the tittle say “Synder” ?
Amateurs Prije 10 dana
I can’t believe that the snydercut was literally willed into existence by fans. So hyped
Conservatives Singer Guitar JSC
Conservatives Singer Guitar JSC Prije 7 dana
@Dárkséíd He’s right. You don’t see the word literally unless you actually mean literally. It’s so weird people go out of their way to miss use that word
jay midnite
jay midnite Prije 8 dana
@Noob master 64hey...that name is familiar..
Luke Barber
Luke Barber Prije 9 dana
@Blazes WithWolvez that doesn't make sense
Blazes WithWolvez
Blazes WithWolvez Prije 9 dana
Snyder is quoted for wanting Bruce Wayne r@þ3d in jail in his version of Batman if he directed Batman Begins because "THAT would be dark".
Ukaran Prije 9 dana
@Dárkséíd Words have meanings. If you don't know the meaning of "literally", don't use the word.
Jaden Gyamfi
Jaden Gyamfi Prije 10 dana
What I would really like to know is why they are making remakes/reboots to movies that have already come out. I want to see FRESH movies. What about Justice a League Part 2??? Or another movie that continues on from 2017’s JL movie. We haven’t gotten any big crossover or big movies that ties in heroes in the DCEU since then. I honestly feel like this franchise is going nowhere and it’s aggravating!
Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh
Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh Prije 9 dana
You are not in control of anything, so sit down. No. 1 2017's Justice League waa boring. Why would you want a sequel???? And we have gotten a crossover but you're too busy being a hater to look over the facts
Michael Hammoud
Michael Hammoud Prije 10 dana
More Snyder. Less Geoff Johns.
Michael Hammoud
Michael Hammoud Prije 9 dana
@Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh ... that is how you end up with the Whedon Cut. Think about it. Would you rather have a product like WW2017 or WW2020?
Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh
Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh Prije 9 dana
More of both
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