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Marvel's Kevin Feige has confirmed that not only will Deadpool 3 be rated 'R', it will also be part of MCU canon. How would they fit Deadpool in the upcoming MCU Phase 4? Will he pop up in someone else's movie first? Maybe Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Or a cameo in The Eternals? And is it too late to make an appearance in Marvel's WandaVision? Let's speculate!
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Jake Llavore
Jake Llavore Prije 3 dana
4:55 *DEADPOOL* is just like Woody from *TOY STORY!*
Jake Llavore
Jake Llavore Prije 3 dana
1:57 Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) Hank McCoy/Beast (Nicholas Hoult) Scott Summers/Cyclops (Tye Sheridan) Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee) Ororo Munroe/Storm (Alexandra Shipp) Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver (Evan Peters) *NOTE:* I don't why Hank McCoy closed the doors as Wade Wilson talks to Colossus.
kelowg1 Prije 4 dana
The guy on the right is just a crybaby
Daniela Alvarez
Daniela Alvarez Prije 6 dana
First r rated movie on disney plus
jayxmenendez Prije 7 dana
Best news ever!
Spicy MeatBoy
Spicy MeatBoy Prije 7 dana
ironic how M rated blade movies made MCU popular yet they don't want anything related to M rated these days
Ice Age Baby
Ice Age Baby Prije 7 dana
I hope ghost rider is r Rated too
unluckyman0087 Prije 7 dana
Deadpool is for hipsters and people who like to classify themselves as "random"
Real Matt Bowen
Real Matt Bowen Prije 7 dana
i’m kinda bummed that their bumping up the price
Slytherin Reviews
Slytherin Reviews Prije 7 dana
I'm practicing voice-overs in private, but one of them rhymes with Polverine. Also, the mic I used couldn't handle Polverine deep voice, going to have to get a new one that won't die on me
We Are BACON! Prije 7 dana
Deadpool should always be R rated.
yankees512417 Prije 8 dana
Deadpool can just walk in and drop an f bomb.... problem solved
James-Thomas O'neile-Richardson
James-Thomas O'neile-Richardson Prije 8 dana
So is this a sign that ghost rider and punisher can join the MCU
Nemo Pouncey
Nemo Pouncey Prije 8 dana
even if they make it pg-13 it'll still be funny right right?
Rekon_Rondo Prije 8 dana
That means xmen!
Alejandro Zindel
Alejandro Zindel Prije 8 dana
I thought Disney was Sensitive about R-Rated films
Ryan King
Ryan King Prije 8 dana
i think i got an idea for the title merc of the multiverse
CookiesOnaMilkyRiver Prije 8 dana
Max is uninformed
Wade Mcdaniel
Wade Mcdaniel Prije 8 dana
I can see deadpool complaining because spidermans eye lenses make "cool electronic sounds" when his eyes adjust. And his is supposed to just be his "regular eyes " lol
Joseph Douek
Joseph Douek Prije 8 dana
Yeah! I was hoping that they would use it as the link, let Deadpool joke around and introduce the union, but I was not really expecting it to actually happen
Zayn Ali
Zayn Ali Prije 8 dana
i probably won’t get the extra tier, but if disney ends up doing that i think i will unfortunately will
PerkzFPS Prije 8 dana
Zombl337 Prije 8 dana
SwornReaper Prije 8 dana
Ha! Woke Deadpool.
Cedsoncole Prije 8 dana
SCU Productions
SCU Productions Prije 8 dana
But wait, if collosus and others are gonna be in it, and obviously they were in the x men, wouldn't that connect the 2 franchises?
Fish ateyobroski
Fish ateyobroski Prije 9 dana
I reeeeally want to stream Family Guy.
Juan Campos
Juan Campos Prije 9 dana
Please leave Deadpool Rated R always
Cedsoncole Prije 8 dana
Juan Campos
Juan Campos Prije 9 dana
Deadpool it's the best I will watch a Deadpool Series men the best
Quincy Rodgers
Quincy Rodgers Prije 9 dana
I could be very wrong about this, but something tells me that Deadpool 3 will focus a little on how Deadpool influenced certain events to occur in different MCU movies 🙂
LegionDaGhost Prije 9 dana
Blade better be rated R as well.....
J. Rambo
J. Rambo Prije 9 dana
Glad to hear about the R Rating.
N7 Charizard
N7 Charizard Prije 9 dana
Maybe Now we can get R Rated Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Punisher and Hell maybe Immortal Hulk while we're at it
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Prije 9 dana
If Deadpool 3 would have to come put ? It's gonna be more brutal than the previous one's And there's gonna be loads of jokes
Noah Parsons
Noah Parsons Prije 9 dana
Dr Weird
Dr Weird Prije 9 dana
Ryan Reynolds is the only one who can replace RobertDowney jr
Username Error
Username Error Prije 9 dana
Now we need Logan on the MCU. I cant see deadpool in the MCU until we also see wolverine.
Jeremy JMIAH Williamson
Jeremy JMIAH Williamson Prije 9 dana
MAX has no damn idea!!! I wish these HRpostrs would STOP acting as if they know everything that's gonna happen... and Im not talking about the theories. Im talking about the arrogance in how they talk so lofty.
charles jennings
charles jennings Prije 9 dana
Do ppl forget about inhunans are part of mcu already. Change name to mutants and done
TITANMAN251 Prije 9 dana
Bring Wolverine in the MCU!
Alex Pridham
Alex Pridham Prije 9 dana
I think what the plot might do is these 5 things: bring in lady death as the major threat to take vanessa and deadpools job is to go into mcu to figure out what happened during the blip gwenpool as a sudo rival/ miles character maybe a newer xmen like one we haven't seen yet bob from the mcu verse for that hydra thing at least one joke about spiderman ripping off deadpool's costume
ash Jojo
ash Jojo Prije 9 dana
BLADE 4 & transformers unicorn update only. Thanks or cheers.
ash Jojo
ash Jojo Prije 9 dana
BLADE 4 movie update thanks.. or cheers.
ash Jojo
ash Jojo Prije 9 dana
BLADE 4 update too thanks.. plus wesley snipes again TOO. Or pass simply.
ash Jojo
ash Jojo Prije 9 dana
BLADE 4 MOVIES update thanks or cheers.
ash Jojo
ash Jojo Prije 9 dana
Moto Bum
Moto Bum Prije 9 dana
they could use Deadpool to crash the Xmen universe into the marvel universe.
Luke Gabriel Ybañez
Luke Gabriel Ybañez Prije 9 dana
deadpool is coming to mcu. he will be the director. he is deadpool he can do anything.
FAN BOYZ Prije 9 dana
People already knew this
Andy Blood-Beard
Andy Blood-Beard Prije 9 dana
Deadphart is not going to like, remember what in deadpool 2, about his movies?
samuraigundam0079 Prije 9 dana
Oh, how I wish Disney wouldn't have bought Fox. If they hadn't we'd already have a Deadpool 3. Now we have to wait, and trudge through a shitty new crop of MCU movies, and a horrible X-Men reboot.
Siddharth Biswas
Siddharth Biswas Prije 4 dana
Shitty? 😂😂. They made Avengers and GOTG iconic
stormking989 Prije 9 dana
They are letting Deadpool be himself. I love this news.
Ilikeyourcutg *slaps head*
Ilikeyourcutg *slaps head* Prije 9 dana
Yessssss I love Deadpool
madmaxchi Prije 9 dana
2021 starting off the year right for movies
WiCKED KiLLER Prije 9 dana
I want to see a black panther movie but make him Chinese.
Cedsoncole Prije 8 dana
SplashLord Prije 9 dana
Patriots571994 Prije 9 dana
Also Deadpool is great as rated R but I mean he’s popped up in cartoons and Lego Games before, so he could definitely have his own rated R movie then pop into a PG-13 McU film
Patriots571994 Prije 9 dana
Deadpool always felt more apart of the MCU than it did the X-men universe to me
Jansen Art
Jansen Art Prije 9 dana
fff - EYE - ghee
Dylan Velez
Dylan Velez Prije 9 dana
I know this won't happen but I'd like to start seeing the spin-off comics in movies, something like Deadpool kills the marvel universe or Injustice from DC. Regarding this Deadpool 3, I hope they include some interactions with spidey, deadpool's love for spidey in the comics would be so awesome to see
valitsaki AVG
valitsaki AVG Prije 9 dana
Deadpool should be the new Stan Lee cameo
Edgar Marquez
Edgar Marquez Prije 9 dana
Literally all the have to do is reference the snap and BOOM he's now linked to the MCU
Chinese Checkers
Chinese Checkers Prije 9 dana
I have a feeling there gonna make DP the new Stan Lee
Goffry Pink
Goffry Pink Prije 9 dana
Dan Prije 9 dana
I’d be happy if they made the rest of the MCU R-rated so they don’t have to neuter deadpool in his other appearances Added bonus no snotty kids in the cinema when we watching the new marvel movies
Larson Davidson
Larson Davidson Prije 9 dana
I mean, the comics do it. Deadpool is R rated in his own series but is toned down when when he shows up in Spider-man or Avengers comics.
Patchrikc Prije 9 dana
I can see Deadpool dropping into a spiderman movie and realizing he can't swear, or he explains to Peter that they get one F-bomb in PG-13 movies and he has to make it count.
Dylan Martin
Dylan Martin Prije 4 dana
And then have someone like Ned ruin it for him
Asura Wilson
Asura Wilson Prije 9 dana
X Gonna Give it to Ya!
Superherokid Prije 9 dana
I hope that Deadpool will start to cameo in all the movies like Stan Lee did.
Sounak Ghosh
Sounak Ghosh Prije 9 dana
Different comic book company...🤫🤫
Xavier's Finance
Xavier's Finance Prije 9 dana
I didn't even see the 2nd one yet
Dark Matter
Dark Matter Prije 9 dana
Deadpool kills the Fox universe finds a portal and boom he's in the MCU
IamKnucks Prije 9 dana
Your last video game review was 2 weeks ago. Learn to video game IGN.
SauciestPrince6 Prije 9 dana
I have to see it to believe it.
J. Joshua
J. Joshua Prije 9 dana
They'll slowly move into more adult content because adults buy the tickets. It's safe. People talk about profit as if we're not talking about Dead Pool. Yes blade can be don't have to but it'll be best if it echos the originals and moon night can follow because all the characters can be pgd in other movies. Putting pg on movies is a SURE money grab not a requirement to make money.
Ghostman Hunter
Ghostman Hunter Prije 9 dana
As long as I get to see more of marvel, or even DC, I will always remain satisfied, no matter what they do
Punchy Prije 9 dana
First of all Disney is die Deadpool down to PG-13 Movie because of Disney does not like R movies.
Angel Pérez
Angel Pérez Prije 9 dana
Deadpool will remain R rated on the MCU. Period
Rayman17578 Prije 9 dana
All I can say is we are lucky
David Tonge
David Tonge Prije 9 dana
Pizza Time 2.0
Pizza Time 2.0 Prije 9 dana
What's new?
SuperRedarmy123 Prije 9 dana
will blade be rated r let see deadpool 3 seceded box office movie for now wait and see
Mr_Stapples Prije 9 dana
You cant go from DC universe to MCU because they are completley different and unrelated.... wtf is going on
Mike Held
Mike Held Prije 9 dana
Deadpool is a marvel character
DANNY D Prije 9 dana
I think they should forget the first 2 movies mention them if you want but make 3 more Deadpool movies and give them names. Don’t call them Deadpool 3 or 4 or 5. Something like Cap movies or Thor movies or Tom Holland Spider-Man movies ‼️
NightShadow720 Prije 9 dana
Deadpool is the very best! At least Disney is allowing him to star in R-rated films instead of PG ones.
Synymyn Prije 9 dana
Wanda will say, "No,......MORE MUTANTS!"... aaaaand then Boom, mutants everywhere.
Serkan Y
Serkan Y Prije 9 dana
Deadpool would not work any other way unless it's rated R.
TheBeaverInHD Prije 9 dana
This was already confirmed a while ago
Existential Selkath
Existential Selkath Prije 9 dana
If he shows up in an avengers movie or something it'd be cool if he's bleeped all the time and he notices it
ProdKillua Prije 8 dana
That’s actually cool he’s like “who the f**k r you guys wait f**k s**t b***h what’s going on” 😭
artrisk Prije 9 dana
Never clicked as fast as this
RaimonTarou Prije 9 dana
WTF???? HOW???
Tsuki Tsukiyama
Tsuki Tsukiyama Prije 9 dana
Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe
HailHydra42O Prije 9 dana
Since the MCU is expanding, I’m really hoping to see the Shi’ar empire too 😭
John Elmar Tagbago
John Elmar Tagbago Prije 8 dana
*Well, they already introduced the Kree, Skrull, The Watchers, The Elders, the Eternals, the Celestials, and others, so Shi'ar isn't so far fetched now.*
Tritun Prije 9 dana
Captain America shots people in multiple movies
Stuart Bowmer
Stuart Bowmer Prije 9 dana
I really think they need to be careful with all this multiverse as to alienate the current audience who have not read every comic book ever created 🤔
deltavagen Prije 9 dana
well... i started to have hope for anything these days. so i am not gonna get excited about this... it's still disney after all
Tyler Sane
Tyler Sane Prije 9 dana
All they gotta do is just say he already exist in the MCU considering Deadpool takes place in Canada anyways lol in the comics too I'm almost 100% sure even the first movie is in Vancouver plus Wolverine is Canadian to and you know deadpools like obsessed with him that could be why??
Shortcut 101
Shortcut 101 Prije 9 dana
Can I time travel? Can't wait
throwaway acc
throwaway acc Prije 9 dana
we're a LONG way from the viral deadpool test footage damn..
Long Quang
Long Quang Prije 9 dana
Let’s go give it to ya
thorntendo Prije 9 dana
Im sorry but i really don’t want this. Id rather have the avengers movies and the X-men movies remain as separate entities
Isaias Palafox
Isaias Palafox Prije 9 dana
Honestly don’t c y this is a big surprise tbh. If hadn’t been R rated, there would have been a petition to make it R rated by tomorrow. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
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