Binary Gods - Official Concept Trailer

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Check out a concept trailer for what Rayark's upcoming action game Binary Gods might eventually look like. Rayark has previously made Deemo Reborn for PS4/PSVR and Soul of Eden on mobile, among others.
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Pale.Rider Prije dan
battle loli
Cameron Phelps
Cameron Phelps Prije 3 dana
Could have just made a normal game
Mr. FruitFFXV
Mr. FruitFFXV Prije 4 dana
Do you think our phone can handle this?!?! Are you for real?!?!
Aditi Thakur 19MA136
Aditi Thakur 19MA136 Prije 4 dana
It's coming to compete with genshin impact 1000%
Hilfe Majster
Hilfe Majster Prije 5 dana
Hey. It's the mobile game nobody cares about.
Sagara Sousuke
Sagara Sousuke Prije 5 dana
At first i was like why does this have so many downvotes this looks grea.... then i saw the mobile buttons and i was like ah i see. *clicks downvote*
CasePB Prije 5 dana
Even as a concept this looks bad and boring!
Venser Prije 5 dana
She's dressed like a cybermaid
Mayor Of SexyTown
Mayor Of SexyTown Prije 6 dana
I love how everyone feels the need to explain that this may not be what the game looks like. ITS CALLED A CONCEPT TRAILER ahaha just enjoy it for what it is sheeesh. Thought it looked like a pretty cool concept.
Vash JP
Vash JP Prije 6 dana
Fake AF
iJarron Prije 6 dana
wow, looks like Warframe
Victor Dimitrius
Victor Dimitrius Prije 6 dana
Looks like a fake mobile game trailer
lostgemini2000 Prije 6 dana
HRpostr: "guys I just find this incredible new game called binary code..."
Lee Ting
Lee Ting Prije 6 dana
brucebloot Prije 6 dana
"concept trailer" ain't going to look like this when it comes out. I've seen the mobile game ads with gorgeous graphics and then you play the game and it looks like a turd.
Jedidiah A.
Jedidiah A. Prije 6 dana
B2 wouldn't be pleased
juan mateo
juan mateo Prije 7 dana
what about the non binary gods?
elisabeth vondoritch
elisabeth vondoritch Prije 7 dana
First i tought was a female zero
Wish I had a big DICK
Wish I had a big DICK Prije 7 dana
Am very confused. Someone care to explain?
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones Prije 7 dana
Himora Genma
Himora Genma Prije 7 dana
Avery Tucker
Avery Tucker Prije 7 dana
I like the design of Mega girl.
Eu Aria
Eu Aria Prije 7 dana
its rayark dont doubt it..from cytus1&2 and from implosion
Sonic spin
Sonic spin Prije 7 dana
Oh look, its black zero
Skcyte Prije 7 dana
It's just CG trailer with fake HUD
MrShmooblee YT
MrShmooblee YT Prije 7 dana
Hot garbage
Kamikaze Lemming
Kamikaze Lemming Prije 7 dana
I look at that character, and I see Ko's Avatar from Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku.
AstonishingREDD Prije 8 dana
Pretty brazen to pin this as a concept trailer after Cyberpunk 2077
Proxy Payload
Proxy Payload Prije 8 dana
So it's a far back third person hack and slash, top down shooter, over the shoulders third person hack and slash that switches between analog to mobile screen concept?
Ricky Freeman
Ricky Freeman Prije 8 dana
Why was this in my recommended? It looks like a mobile game.
TheBrothereye Prije 8 dana
Dope as hell looking. But this concept means absolutely nothing.
David Solomie
David Solomie Prije 8 dana
Sorry champ, but a concept trailer for me is worth about as much as a cinematic trailer. A.K.A. nothing.
weacro Prije 8 dana
So some game that will no where near as polished or even the same game as this.
Gamerx 2000
Gamerx 2000 Prije 8 dana
Nier automata lite😅
Z1ng1s Prije 8 dana
MEGAWOMAN looks great. 😁
lasarousi Prije 8 dana
The entire LGBT+ community: where's the non binary Gods!?
Randy Makofski
Randy Makofski Prije 8 dana
If this is "true" gameplay, I might as well write my will and testament right now because my phone will catch on fire and burn my whole family alive.
Raphael Sales
Raphael Sales Prije 8 dana
And the actual game is an idle turn-based anime style pixelated rpg, full of microtransaction barriers. Yayyy can't wait to not play it.
Young Maverick
Young Maverick Prije 8 dana
Reminds me of megaman zero I would play
Retsam Razwinkz
Retsam Razwinkz Prije 8 dana
This Concept eventually will end up like Shadow Legend games...
Mad Stewie
Mad Stewie Prije 8 dana
Man i have been a huge fan of all their mobile games this one looks more like an interactive cinematic type game lol
BamBam KapoW
BamBam KapoW Prije 8 dana
cool cool but why call the game "binary gods" ?!
Pdrew Prije 8 dana
Am I being scammed
marvickb Prije 8 dana
Looks like the first level on FF7 Remake 🧐🤔
Cường Schmidt
Cường Schmidt Prije 8 dana
Rayark going big this year huh?
Matthew N.
Matthew N. Prije 8 dana
Thank you IGN for giving Rayark some much needed recognition! Highly recommend checking out their games if you haven’t already 😄
Ayush Raj
Ayush Raj Prije 8 dana
It will be cool if it’s something like Genshin where we can play it on PC as well as phone
Vraska Prije 8 dana
Tech-heresy all over the place...
Tim Sievers
Tim Sievers Prije 8 dana
Is that 2B in mega man cosplay?
TheGuitarnob Prije 8 dana
nice fake game
James Hemlinger
James Hemlinger Prije 8 dana
This trailer is highly appealing. I'm interested to see this get fleshed out.
Jogs Martinez
Jogs Martinez Prije 8 dana
how bout Attack Helicopter Gods?
Libra Prije 8 dana
Thanks for showing us something we’ll never get
Ryan Campbell
Ryan Campbell Prije 8 dana
Xenosaga action RPG?
Ghoulish Graveyard
Ghoulish Graveyard Prije 8 dana
Hatsune miku Cross MegaMan
Lefathai Prije 8 dana
Idk why so many people are bashing this for being a concept trailer, this already looks really nice????
Parmeshwaran Gounder
Parmeshwaran Gounder Prije 8 dana
Looks like crappy linear game
First Last
First Last Prije 8 dana
Concept trailers like this should be kept for internal use, not marketing.
Bioblaze Payne
Bioblaze Payne Prije 8 dana
Mobile Game Concept....
Steve Le
Steve Le Prije 8 dana
I wouldn't be surprised if it releases as a card game lol
permag02 Prije 8 dana
Looks like a hatsune Miku fmv
Yuzuki 23
Yuzuki 23 Prije 8 dana
Radley Cardente
Radley Cardente Prije 8 dana
I'm waiting for the "Only 5% of people can solve this puzzle"
Jason Davis
Jason Davis Prije 8 dana
I'm getting nier automata vibes from this. Could be interesting.
el demonio
el demonio Prije 8 dana
This looks like a guy gave up on everything to make this
ArcaneKing5 Prije 8 dana
Looks like ps4 dreams but better. Ill play it.
De'Mond Washington
De'Mond Washington Prije 8 dana
Eck0 Prije 8 dana
No mentioning of consoles?
soadsam Prije 8 dana
now watch it be an idle gacha
Justin R Gray
Justin R Gray Prije 8 dana
These are the ads on IG that when you select them end up really being a puzzle game
Aza Matt
Aza Matt Prije 8 dana
Getting some major zone of the enders vibes.
SelfAwarePedant Prije 8 dana
Cool cartoon
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez Prije 8 dana
Is this the revolution of gaming?
shinigamiryuk Prije 8 dana
Blatant transphobia
David Page
David Page Prije 8 dana
nice trailer animation.
TheFabulousRBK Prije 8 dana
So will this be pixel art or sprites with maybe 100 frames of animation in total?
Yasheen Deonarain
Yasheen Deonarain Prije 8 dana
alan koshy
alan koshy Prije 8 dana
Kinda looks like another one of their games called implosion.
Wolf Wolf
Wolf Wolf Prije 8 dana
Is this a game? Or an anime movie!? Wtf!? Show gameplay!!
KI2LA Prije 8 dana
looks like the monster from chihiro
Tino Herzog
Tino Herzog Prije 8 dana
Wow looks awsome. Finally Rayark make a game that looks like Implosion before!
notyourpetmonkey Prije 9 dana
I smell top charts...
Marcos Rivas
Marcos Rivas Prije 9 dana
Nier automata ?
brn932 Prije 9 dana
NOLIMIT13 Prije 9 dana
Soooo...... where’s the gameplay?
Corva Prije 9 dana
Hatsune Miku off the shits...
Rellek Prije 9 dana
A *concept* trailer of what the game, and I quote from the description, "might eventually look like." That is beyond absurd. How useless. Why would they put time and money into this crap.
Osiris Prije 9 dana
It's like honkai impact and metal Gear Solid revengeace had a baby n made this
Ross Prije 9 dana
Someone put Cyberpunk in the mood board to the client...
Murat Güler
Murat Güler Prije 9 dana
like nier automata mobile game
Naikoa Goñi
Naikoa Goñi Prije 9 dana
Esto parece los "gameplay" de los juegos de celular xD
Why Google?
Why Google? Prije 9 dana
Cyberpunk logo
Jeff Carrier
Jeff Carrier Prije 9 dana
In case people didnt notice under the IGN logo, there is controller mode.
Tommystate Prije 9 dana
It looks like a mobile game. Makes me wander, are the big companies/studios trying to create an innovative game?
HopOnTheHype Prije 9 dana
Is Tom from Toonami in this? Jokes aside, is this a vr game? Is it a twin stick shooter/action game? Both? If it's a mobile game, I'm hard out.
GGSG Prije 9 dana
01101100 01101111 01101111 01101011 01110011 00100000 01100111 01101111 01101111 01100100 00001010
Jessica Bruner
Jessica Bruner Prije 9 dana
I think I could dig this
Eric Prije 9 dana
When do we get the sequel? Nonbinary gods? I can’t handle cis characters in my games. Lol
zack1147 Prije 9 dana
In 2027 they will announce the release date for Alpha gameplay.
throwaway acc
throwaway acc Prije 9 dana
Rayark trying to pull a Ubisoft on us thinking we wont notice
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