Microsoft Flight Simulator - Let It Snow Official Trailer

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Prije 11 dana

Check out the latest trailer for Microsoft Flight Simulator which introduces real-time snow.
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Peter Kenton
Peter Kenton Prije 4 dana
I still can’t fly without spinning to my death. Le 😔
Σάββα GT-R
Σάββα GT-R Prije 8 dana
Where is the snow?
Alex D
Alex D Prije 8 dana
Why can’t it just be out for the series x already :( I wanna play so bad
Justinas Jakubovskis
Justinas Jakubovskis Prije 8 dana
Stil no Ice on lakes in winter :-(
Gaming Devil
Gaming Devil Prije 9 dana
I played this game it's so boring
Balnazzardi Prije 9 dana
Well its not for everyone....however what it does for its target audience, its simply incredible
Arun Unnikrishnan
Arun Unnikrishnan Prije 9 dana
Now all we need is a gta in this gooddamn beautiful world!
Mike Marlowe
Mike Marlowe Prije 9 dana
Can I take out ski lifts with people on them
Alessandro Lo-Presti
Alessandro Lo-Presti Prije 9 dana
Nature looks amazing. Plane looks fake. Flying looks jerky/laggy. What is the focus of this game?
brandon lindsey
brandon lindsey Prije 9 dana
Keeps crashing on my omen desktop with updated everything
I Love The Way U lie
I Love The Way U lie Prije 9 dana
i uninstall it. my plane always go side to side during flight. so annoying.
Ryan Schechtman
Ryan Schechtman Prije 9 dana
Can't wait for this to come to Series X!
yeagemk Prije 9 dana
wait im confused. Wasnt there already snow in the game?
Jacob L
Jacob L Prije 9 dana
DirectX 12 please.
UrBuddyEvan Prije 9 dana
Can’t wait for the Xbox version
Bradford Prije 9 dana
It always looks great in these videos but when you play it it's a slow stuttery blurry slideshow, and that's on an I9 32MB of memory and a 2080RTX. It took 10 years for technology to catch up to the point that FSX was playable. Expect the same here.
reav3rtm Prije 8 dana
@Rok Laca I did not omit any punctuations in my sentence.. ;) In other words, any flight sim is fine with 30fps.
Rok Laca
Rok Laca Prije 8 dana
@reav3rtm spoiled kids these days....we used to play dos games at 15fps because that was all you could get from hardware and we still enjoyed the games....nowadays 45 fps is considered is wrong with you people
reav3rtm Prije 8 dana
True but no flight sim really needs more than 30fps to be enjoyable.
x c
x c Prije 10 dana
When is it coming to xbox already
Balnazzardi Prije 9 dana
This summer
Max Delpo
Max Delpo Prije 10 dana
Every FS ' videos are awesome. Pure magic. Series X is calling
DerHalbeEuro Prije 10 dana
2007: Can It Run... Crysis? 2021: Can It Run... Flight Simulator?
HeroesWorld Prije 10 dana
HeyYouDownThere Prije 9 dana
Ahhh classic snl sketch
kyle g
kyle g Prije 10 dana
Balnazzardi Prije 9 dana
Its coming this summer to Series X/S
DutchDude93 Prije 10 dana
Quick question: what is real-time snow?
DutchDude93 Prije 10 dana
@Radical1994 but digital?
Radical1994 Prije 10 dana
real world snow
Christian Bettoni
Christian Bettoni Prije 10 dana
0:46 fail
David K
David K Prije 10 dana
Wow! So epic. I wish I had a computer powerful enough to run this.
hasarutoe tensakey
hasarutoe tensakey Prije 10 dana
If i cant fly a plane into the twin towers then i dont want to play this
John & Yasya
John & Yasya Prije 10 dana
Glad they included the hitching the planes have in the trailer
delivrex Prije 10 dana
Damn that huge plane is stuttering on my screen 0:24
King Cheems
King Cheems Prije 10 dana
Its just like moving from iphone 11 to 12.
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King Prije 10 dana
This game is being broken into like 20 DLCs 😂😂
Paul Hercl
Paul Hercl Prije 10 dana
Your benchmark is calling!
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher Prije 10 dana
MaTTIn Prije 10 dana
Let it snow.... Let it snow... let my frames fall
Kono Yaro
Kono Yaro Prije 10 dana
When you intruduce us real crash?
Gimpy Gamer
Gimpy Gamer Prije 10 dana
In other words a complete fly over of Canada coast to coast ❤️🇨🇦
HD Film Trailers
HD Film Trailers Prije 10 dana
Nice 👏👏👏
Life through my eyes
Life through my eyes Prije 10 dana
Wow noice
auwz Prije 10 dana
This trailer was pretty poorly made ngl
Gavin Rodrigues
Gavin Rodrigues Prije 10 dana
Sean Connery comes to mind
Änigma Machine
Änigma Machine Prije 10 dana
Хоть где то она есть.
MadTim Prije 10 dana
“The sky is calling” might be the best catch phrase for a video game in 10 years.
mercuriant Prije 10 dana
The trailer is beautiful. The game is boring
Steven L
Steven L Prije 10 dana
All the buildings look so fake. Nature and plane look amazing though.
Mr. Wai Yan Lin
Mr. Wai Yan Lin Prije 10 dana
0:22 is it Hogwart?
Mike Thieman Jr
Mike Thieman Jr Prije 10 dana
0:22 am I right in assuming that’s one of Ludwig’s castles? If so, I have Rick Steves to thank for recognizing it!
Adrian Winchester
Adrian Winchester Prije 10 dana
Can’t wait to play it on my Xbox series x. I have a nvidia gtx1060 with 6gb and it runs with 20 fps in 2k. Graphics settings are low - medium.
True Gamer
True Gamer Prije 9 dana
@Bobcom1 still less than a cod game lmao
Bobcom1 Prije 9 dana
@True Gamer it's about 135 total but I think 1 gig for the launcher/download manager
True Gamer
True Gamer Prije 9 dana
@Bobcom1 damn i wonder how the console will handle it, how big is pc download
Bobcom1 Prije 10 dana
facts i have 30-40 fps with the 3070 and i9-10850k and i still struggle
Jaime Margary
Jaime Margary Prije 10 dana
I can't wait to play this in 8K VR at 240 fps in the year 2034.
Eltener123 Prije 10 dana
more like in 2 years probably
Jumper Willi
Jumper Willi Prije 10 dana
Omg We can see the chateau frontenac, the most photographied hotel in the world. They did a splendid job doing a snowy Quebec!
Cj The Northstar
Cj The Northstar Prije 10 dana
Looks boring as hell
HeyYouDownThere Prije 9 dana
What? You expecting explosions in this simulation game?
Pedicc Prije 10 dana
It’s quite fun
MTA Prije 10 dana
Fake, my PC isn’t catching fire.
Root Prije 10 dana
conkerlive101 Prije 10 dana
Pogs in the chats boys we got snow!
LM ANT Prije 10 dana
Is there a place where I can check the names of places from the past. For example, there’s a Walmart on my area but I’m trying to see what that building was in 2004, before it was Walmart. Google earth has a timeline feature but It shows a birds eye view with no name so it doesn’t help at all
Diego Barahona
Diego Barahona Prije 10 dana
Microsoft: *publish this* My computer: No
Maxxor Prije 10 dana
The guy making this trailers doesn't disappoint
samgao Prije 10 dana
Cyberpunk: I am the new Crysis! FS2020: Hold my beer...
niteshmurti Prije 10 dana
Hold my aviation fuel*
Nepenthy Prije 10 dana
When hijacting a real plane is more viable than playing it on your potato PC (with rtx 3080)
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КОСТЯ Кузнецов Prije 10 dana
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harshit Rijhwani
harshit Rijhwani Prije 10 dana
If someone wants Assassins Creed Valhalla than they can message me in my whatsapp no. +91 7354105251
iplaybose Prije 10 dana
Did they fix the broken/outdated taxiways and runways yet ? Im unable to fly in my countries airports due to this
Sergio Gutierrez
Sergio Gutierrez Prije 10 dana
If you follow their forums and their feedback snapshot that they post every update, you will see that outdated taxiways and runways are on the list to get fixed
walker2006au Prije 10 dana
Let it dx12 please!
LEL0UP Prije 10 dana
I've been waiting 6 years to fly over Cape Breton Island again, hopefully this makes it possible.
iTOASTER Prije 10 dana
I'm from Newfoundland and I want this game so bad to fly across lol
LEL0UP Prije 10 dana
I miss my home for sure ☹️ someone is even in my house there trying to take it by squatter rights.
Fea4rles Maaz
Fea4rles Maaz Prije 10 dana
Javier Prije 10 dana
Im a ps user,but this is the best looking game of all time,well done microsoft
Ming铭 Prije 10 dana
I want play on ps4
x c
x c Prije 10 dana
Wont work on that old crappy console.
Danny Myers
Danny Myers Prije 10 dana
This is absolutely amazing
weRgip Prije 10 dana
Looks amazing and relaxing as always
Sleezy Prije 10 dana
i want to dive a plane instead of flying it
Jon Hagwood
Jon Hagwood Prije 10 dana
Cyberpunk 2077 has given me trust issues..
Dan Wegg
Dan Wegg Prije 10 dana
This trailer made me want to sniff counter tops with all that fresh looking snow
Oscar Díaz
Oscar Díaz Prije 10 dana
If I could actually get a txt 3060 to have these graphics...
Blender Study
Blender Study Prije 10 dana
Amazing. Just amazing. Microsoft Flight Simulator is the best flight sim out there.
EyJo Beats
EyJo Beats Prije 10 dana
0:42 QC!
SpicyJns Prije 7 dana
Yes osti
What Is
What Is Prije 10 dana
Seth Brown
Seth Brown Prije 10 dana
this game is great and all, but i would rlly like a military aircraft update (or at least know if smth is on the way, cuz i can wait if i know its coming)
SloDigital Prije 10 dana
Microsoft def not going to prioritize releasing new planes, as they are working on more important stuff, you can expect military aircrafts to be released by moding community, but dont expect it to be like dcs where you can shoot and stuff.
Daniel Zertuche
Daniel Zertuche Prije 10 dana
Im only buying an xbox series s for this game since they decided not to released on xbox one x, thank u Microsoft... u are a$$es
True Gamer
True Gamer Prije 9 dana
if ms say we are supporting xbox one longer, internet moans they are holding back the series if its not on xbox one, internet moans they cant have games on the decade old xbox one tech its one or the other cant please anyone
Balnazzardi Prije 9 dana
Dude Xbox One X would have not been able to run this, it has crappy old CPU.....One X was mid-gen upgrade, nothing more, its still last gen console
Lee Everett
Lee Everett Prije 10 dana
Do you want another cyberpunk situation ?
Lenin Montero
Lenin Montero Prije 10 dana
I wanna k ow who ask for this ???
Bill Kapri
Bill Kapri Prije 10 dana
graphics are almost to that point
Matto Prije 10 dana
They didn't even use the song let it snow in the trailer smh
TruthHurts Prije 10 dana
The holidays are over, get over it, loser.
Ron dew
Ron dew Prije 10 dana
Is this on Xbox yet?
MayunFive Prije 10 dana
It will, on Summer 2021. Series X/S only
SloDigital Prije 10 dana
No, on xbox coming this year, and its only going to be on new xbox.
Bailey Prije 10 dana
damn even the trailer is choppy
wolverine Prije 10 dana
I'll be waiting for the RTX 5080 that should be out by 2025 to play this game at 60FPS :)
orc kabekar
orc kabekar Prije 10 dana
so not ovnis?
ttomato182 Prije 10 dana
What rig is that running on and what are the settings at?
Sobanked -
Sobanked - Prije 10 dana
Sleep sim
Ezekiel Rauch
Ezekiel Rauch Prije 10 dana
Why can you see the grass at the start? That's not how snow works- it doesn't magically make the grass white.
Ezekiel Rauch
Ezekiel Rauch Prije 10 dana
@Bailey It's not about optimization, it's about realism.
Bailey Prije 10 dana
@Ezekiel Rauch its an unoptimized game deal with it
Ezekiel Rauch
Ezekiel Rauch Prije 10 dana
@G Man This high up it wouldn't be frozen grass
G Man
G Man Prije 10 dana
depends on if its just frost, i have seen frozen white grass many times in my life. it looks cool, but yeah if snow is actually landing in any real capacity it goes away, and the grass has to be alive so the it can freeze standing up. it also makes a satisfying noise when you walk on it.
JeskidoYT Prije 10 dana
Well done microsoft in not using copyrighted music. Big props
Deivid contreras calderon
Deivid contreras calderon Prije 10 dana
Ahh yes, I can finally see what snow looks like at 15 fps with my rtx 3060.
KoolHoven Games
KoolHoven Games Prije 8 dana
I have a 1060 running this at 30 on high lol
Rok Laca
Rok Laca Prije 9 dana
@KS nowhere near 2080
Marvins least favorite person
Marvins least favorite person Prije 10 dana
@TruthHurts it was a joke you dumbass
77777Carlo Prije 10 dana
I run it at medium high 50 fps with a gtx 1070
Shadow Fields
Shadow Fields Prije 10 dana
@Arszene Poe's law.
TruthHurts Prije 10 dana
People still play this?
True Gamer
True Gamer Prije 9 dana
better than anything in your pathetic life truth hurts
SloDigital Prije 10 dana
@TruthHurts Its called preference, there will be more planes coming to the sim like 737 study level aircraft, people still playing x plane 11 and fsx to this day, so with this sim its going to be same.
gamer480 Prije 10 dana
@TruthHurts preferences i guess.
TruthHurts Prije 10 dana
@gamer480 I dropped it in less than an hour. Watching paint dry is more entertaining.
gamer480 Prije 10 dana
Yeah people play games that they like. Incredibile, right?
S Pearson
S Pearson Prije 10 dana
My hometown qc city
Allwin Issac
Allwin Issac Prije 10 dana
This is what we all expect from the world's richest video game company, loving the game so far and it is even well optimised for a potato pc like mine Hope xbox will pump out stunning games like this for series x/s
FIRAS. Prije 10 dana
@Fabian Reusch what’s more Important flight sim or some black and white wide boi 😳
Fabian Reusch
Fabian Reusch Prije 10 dana
@FIRAS. Im waiting for ps5 too tho 😬😬
FIRAS. Prije 10 dana
@Fabian Reusch series X and S only. Sell your Xbox one and pick up a Series S, it will be worth it
youssef affes
youssef affes Prije 10 dana
@Allwin Issac Thanks buddy
Allwin Issac
Allwin Issac Prije 10 dana
@youssef affes gtx 970
Elibbb1111 Prije 10 dana
Where is my super suit ?
Quetzall Prije 10 dana
Then I saw the castle 0:44 ugh!
Jumper Willi
Jumper Willi Prije 10 dana
@It's Raj Bro it is however a replacement of a previous castle, Chateau Saint-Louis.
It's Raj Bro
It's Raj Bro Prije 10 dana
It's actually a hotel in Quebec
Patrick B
Patrick B Prije 10 dana
Why's it so jittery?
HeyYouDownThere Prije 9 dana
Because of turbulence
Bailey Prije 10 dana
caause the game is highly unoptimized
Dank Buds
Dank Buds Prije 10 dana
Because he knows your computer stinks
Mervin Zavaleta
Mervin Zavaleta Prije 10 dana
Fake graphics for fake gamers
HeyYouDownThere Prije 9 dana
You seem like an fun guy!
Alpha Aland
Alpha Aland Prije 10 dana
It's Raj Bro
It's Raj Bro Prije 10 dana
They're real wtf lmao, I played it and this is not far at all from what it looks like
zinou music gamer
zinou music gamer Prije 10 dana
OLVR Prije 10 dana
0:43 say what? oO
OLVR Prije 8 dana
@Alexander Mortensen Buildings look great
Alexander Mortensen
Alexander Mortensen Prije 8 dana
Razear Prije 10 dana
I feel like it would be fun if you could maneuver your way through a blizzard storm.
Aleksander Sørhaug
Aleksander Sørhaug Prije 8 dana
@reav3rtm knock knock. Who's there? Real life.
reav3rtm Prije 8 dana
In real life you would never do that.
weRgip Prije 10 dana
U already can....just change weathr can adjust win speeds ,cloud thickness ,etc.
MR. Darknight
MR. Darknight Prije 10 dana
U can actually or something similar
Where’s my Milk?
Where’s my Milk? Prije 10 dana
i’m tryna be a pilot is it true this helps?
TRX X Prije 9 dana
Im currently Airbus pilot and 10 years ago what made me start is FSX game tbh, it taught me what flying is about, but like many said this game can teach you fly the basics like Cessna or DA42 properly tbh, but Airbus or Boeing you need to wait for proper addon like flightsimlab one in P3D or PMDG
Where’s my Milk?
Where’s my Milk? Prije 10 dana
Alright cool thanks guys I’m really looking forward to becoming one
Jesus Alvarez
Jesus Alvarez Prije 10 dana
I trained students for years on the older FSX, trust me, this will get you running well into single-prop aircraft. The feeling is evidently not there, but from a familiarization perspective, this is the best tool out there.
MR. Darknight
MR. Darknight Prije 10 dana
@gamer480 forza is not a sim, but this is. Yes it might be at early stages but its quite close to real flying. Especially with their wind and physics simulations, but the planes itself do need some work.
gamer480 Prije 10 dana
Is like playing Forza in first person and then riding a car for the first time i guess.
Turtle Boi
Turtle Boi Prije 10 dana
I got the sim for Christmas with the yoke throttle and pedals. AMAZING GAME
Turtle Boi
Turtle Boi Prije 9 dana
@EggHeadUSA Ik. Thinking of purchasing one. Also wanting to use it for dcs
EggHeadUSA Prije 9 dana
If you have vr then you’re set
Demers Prije 10 dana
Henry Huck
Henry Huck Prije 10 dana
It might let it snow but your computer finna blow up and melt the snow
Matthew Gut
Matthew Gut Prije 10 dana
Ax Greenious
Ax Greenious Prije 10 dana
Can you crash into building in this game? Asking for a friend
Scuff Studios
Scuff Studios Prije 10 dana
@Matthew Gut you can turn off the crash screen though and your plane will just kinda smack into with like a walk without any kinda animation
Mervin Zavaleta
Mervin Zavaleta Prije 10 dana
Its fake graphics you cant interact with the world just the plane xd
Matthew Gut
Matthew Gut Prije 10 dana
Yes. When you crash the screen goes black and says you crashed before you see anything.
Young.artgod on ig
Young.artgod on ig Prije 10 dana
I was expecting to see the plane fly through intense snow storms but ok
Matthew Gut
Matthew Gut Prije 10 dana
You can
septillion2501 Prije 10 dana
Where's the Series X release dates, cowards?!
MayunFive Prije 10 dana
Do the "cowards" thing really necessary ??
Turtle Boi
Turtle Boi Prije 10 dana
@TruthHurts Ik. Better on pc
TruthHurts Prije 10 dana
Who cares? The game will be downgraded and compromised
Matthew Gut
Matthew Gut Prije 10 dana
You're the real coward.
Turtle Boi
Turtle Boi Prije 10 dana
Summer 2021
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ام سيف Om sayf
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