WW84 Ending Explained: How Wonder Woman 2 Could Change the DCEU

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Prije 27 dana

Wonder Woman 1984 dropped on HBO Max and in theaters on Christmas Day giving us a bit of good news just in time for 2020's ending. But Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins return to the iconic Justice League member also gave us plenty to wonder about with its own ending. Here is a SPOILER FILLED recap of WW84's ending and why it may mean more to the DCEU's plans than you might think.
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Jason Prije 3 dana
I call it dcu
Nana Yaw Ofori
Nana Yaw Ofori Prije 11 dana
Bruce Wayne is in his early teens in DCEU 1984. I wonder what he wished for?
fredric suza
fredric suza Prije 12 dana
Ending explanation!! The whole movie makes no sense.
InconvenientlyPlacedTroll Prije 15 dana
2. much. nonsense.
Grant J
Grant J Prije 15 dana
Change the DCEU by basically ignoring it? Sounds legit.
Hardik Gupta
Hardik Gupta Prije 16 dana
It would be more epic if they had shown 'Asteria battled Dolos years ago'
Zamil Mahmud
Zamil Mahmud Prije 17 dana
I hope DCEU doesn't get influenced by the ending of WW84, if they do....the whole franchise is doomed
Frosty Yogurt
Frosty Yogurt Prije 18 dana
Bunch of nonsense. Mostly when suddenly she wears her golden armor. Is it portable, nano tech, stored on pokeball, or what?
Emerald Archer
Emerald Archer Prije 18 dana
Walked out of my own house.
Belinda Ray
Belinda Ray Prije 18 dana
First WW movie, fantastic. This movie, awful.
Cren Cottrell
Cren Cottrell Prije 19 dana
This was an *unnecessary sequel* starring a beautiful woman (whose acting skills are debatable), two comic book villains who were completely watered down and essentially useless supervillains, and ALOT of bad CGI, corny acting, lackluster fight scenes, random storylines, and just an movie that the original screenwriter(s) who wrote it should feel embarrassed 😬😆
Juliano Prije 20 dana
This was one of the worst movies i ever seen it made me stop my HBO Max subscription
Christopher Roland
Christopher Roland Prije 20 dana
Maxwell renounced his wish then the stone returned & reappeared back again. Barbara taken it away secretly. That is where the Wonder Woman 3 begin...
Palm GLXgm
Palm GLXgm Prije 20 dana
So let’s say this if the action scene is way better then the film would get a higher critics score in my opinion ww1984 is better than the first film
Vianca Febrelle Bais
Vianca Febrelle Bais Prije 22 dana
where are her armors though, the sheild and Sword? it was present in justice league movie
shaiba tossu
shaiba tossu Prije 23 dana
I wish more nuclear weapons I wish that all humans died instantly
Hardik Gupta
Hardik Gupta Prije 23 dana
Before watching WW84: I want Wonder Woman 3. After watching WW84: I renounce my wish.
Brian Cairns
Brian Cairns Prije 22 dana
Granted, it’ll be titled “Wonder Woman 95” instead!
I'M BATMAN Prije 23 dana
This movie is not up to expectations The ending doesn't make any sense And there are absolutely no after effects or mentions about this WORLDWIDE event in any of the other DC movies
Brian Cairns
Brian Cairns Prije 22 dana
Because all the events were undone, did you not see that? The guy Diana was seeing as Steve didn’t remember anything, implying everyone else also had no recollection of the events.
anas 447
anas 447 Prije 23 dana
Yh this movie is definitely not canon to the snydercut or the josstice league lol.
IamKnucks Prije 23 dana
The real problem is that the DC heroes are just so low charisma. Gal gadot is so boring to watch. She needs personality. It's not fun watching a beautiful, smart, strong woman complain about having nothing in a flat dull voice.
Brian Cairns
Brian Cairns Prije 22 dana
Make up your mind is it the characters or the actors/actresses?
D R Prije 23 dana
Id like to think that the chaos that happened after Lord took over the satellite, was the same chaos that took place at the end of Joker where we saw The Wayne's where shot. Also, the name drop of Harley before Diana renounced her wish, could be a reference to Harley Quinn as a child and some of the chaos she endured at that time. But who knows.
Brian Cairns
Brian Cairns Prije 22 dana
Joker isn’t officially set in the DCEU...at least not the main timeline this movie is set in anyway.
Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho
Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho Prije 24 dana
this movie was freaking terrible
Michael Connolly
Michael Connolly Prije 24 dana
This movie was laughably bad
SilverStrumer Prije 24 dana
Kristen Wigg's take on Cheetah was almost terrific and I'm disappointed in her lore change. She was supposed to be the cursed reincarnation of Goddess Minerva. Instead she's just an average person entangled with a Mayan relic and a businessman who's obssessed with it. In the comics, there is a reccurring theme of WW's clash with the Greek gods' for interfering with the human world. The writers should just stick with the Greek mythology because the Aztec/Mayan culture doesn't belong in WW.
Jeff Dranetz
Jeff Dranetz Prije 24 dana
It would have been great if guy Steve took over remembered everything, and hands her her Wonder Bra back in the last scene before credits. Along with her golden panties.
Mektek19 Prije 24 dana
This was one of the worst movies I've ever say. Poor writing, poor acting, and poor effects.
Maximiliano Balzamar
Maximiliano Balzamar Prije 24 dana
Pedro is being way overated because of his appearance in the Mandalorian. He was a horrible villain, Cheetah/ Barbara was a more compelling villain than him.
Maximiliano Balzamar
Maximiliano Balzamar Prije 24 dana
They did cheetah justice!!! I loved her, she was better than the main villain.
Christian Longo
Christian Longo Prije 24 dana
this has got to be the most useless and dumbest video i’ve watched all week and if you’re reading this and find yourself agreeing congrats you have brains
NaJohnny Prije 24 dana
Few things I am confused about are: Spoiler Alert!!!! 1. Is she bullet proof or not? I always thought she wasn't a bullet proof since she is always trying to block bullets but in this film she does get hit in the chest but bullet never went through her. Yes, she bled but never went through. One can argue that it was because she was losing her power but then again, when she is fully powered why does she still blocks all the bullets? 2. I thought she was losing her power but then she never really lost all her power. But I thought she was supposed to lose all her power thought since Cheetah took her power. Also later she gets all her powers back but how? 3. I loved the scene with Lynda Carter and she is the Asteria, but is she just Amazon warrior or does she share the same power as Wonder Woman? Because I thought Amazon Warriors are not strong as Wonder Woman but they were little more stronger and faster than normal human beings? And if she is like Wonder Woman, how come Asteria aged since Wonder Woman don't age?
NaJohnny Prije 14 dana
@Brian Cairns Thanks for answering my questions. 1. When she got shot in the chest from the close range while her power was weak, the bullet still didn't go through her body although she bled a little. So my questions was if she was in full power I am guessing she wouldn't even bleed. I understand she uses her bracelet to block bullets so that it protects bystanders but she does block them for herself when she is immune to bullets. Also in a way she is fast as flash since she can block those bullets. 2. I understand now. 3. I get that Amazonian's all possess enhanced strength, speed, durability and stamina. But they are not in the same level as Wonder Woman right? As a child maybe but when she becomes an adult she is more powerful than others right? Also Asteria aged but Wonder Woman didn't. Is that because Wonder Woman is more special than regular Amazonians?
Brian Cairns
Brian Cairns Prije 22 dana
1. Wonder Woman is RESISTANT to harm, but not immune/invurnable. She also uses her gauntlets to protect others from harm as well as herself. 2. Diana was becoming weaker due to her wish to see Steve again, her lack of powers were not directly linked to Barbara gaining them. Diana gets back most of her powers when she renounces her wish, however she dons the gold armour as her full strength still hasn’t returned. 3. Amazonian’s all possess enhanced strength, speed, durability and stamina, the “golden warrior” is said to be particularly gifted in all these traits, it is not yet known how Asteria survived or why she hasn’t aged.
Julia Nathaniel
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solparadox Prije 24 dana
I feel like cheetah was not needed in this movie at all. It was an ok move, first one was better.
SmoothLegend Prije 24 dana
There is so much stretching going on here to cover up for what was more likely just lazy writing. And I say that as someone who likes the movie, no hate here. But nothing about Linda was designed as a seed for the Flash or her potential return to the WW character, it was just a symbolic passing of the mantle to Gal, nothing more nothing less. It was heartfelt and spiritual, but not a seed. If she does reprise her role one day, it won’t have anything to do with her presence here or the events of this movie. These guys aren’t Marvel, they’ve never been able to get one step down much less be two steps ahead.
Saksham sinha x
Saksham sinha x Prije 24 dana
Love the movie ❤️😎
sumit chakraborty
sumit chakraborty Prije 24 dana
I liked the movie not boring at al ! But could be better .. but the whole thing make sense now.. pedro pascal actually wished for dark saber and in return he wanted to get rid the child !😂
Angry Ox
Angry Ox Prije 24 dana
Wonder Woman Almighty
Tim Mack
Tim Mack Prije 24 dana
They should have called this movie Wonder Woman 2020
Sebastian Stanescu
Sebastian Stanescu Prije 25 dana
No one needs to explain the ending...this movie was so simple minded it needs no explanation.
beau bobier
beau bobier Prije 25 dana
this is like the anti-christ of movies
SLiM BastaRd
SLiM BastaRd Prije 25 dana
More Fuggin Origin Movies From DC
SLiM BastaRd
SLiM BastaRd Prije 25 dana
Collins Eban
Collins Eban Prije 25 dana
I Was disappointed.
Ross Prije 25 dana
Utter shite film.
Arafath Islam
Arafath Islam Prije 25 dana
so all about dc heroes came from a rock
TropiCool Prije 25 dana
Not sure who or for whom this movie is for; my kids seemed to get bored halfway through and retreated to their playstation...
Politerudeboi Prije 25 dana
Boooorrriiinnnngg first one was miles better
Central Time Gamers
Central Time Gamers Prije 25 dana
DC movies are written so poorly. It’s a shame because the actors are great.
nemanja6290 Prije 25 dana
this movie is so bad!!!
Aphro Latin X
Aphro Latin X Prije 25 dana
Was I the only one that it was clear to that those were not "parachute pants" there's no way you could hammer-time in those
Dalles Gonzalez
Dalles Gonzalez Prije 25 dana
This movie was garbage, watch soul instead
str1xt Prije 25 dana
It was a bad film, I won’t lie. Cheesy plot line, crappy characters. DC done goofed up after the first film which was great. Wonder Woman flying like superman???? Why is Barbara auditioning for cats 2? I renounce this film.
SERROT 05 Prije 25 dana
In the theater I don't take a bathroom breaks during a movie. But at home watching WW84, I took a 45 min dump and still didn't miss anything.
Aravintakshan SA
Aravintakshan SA Prije 25 dana
Keep hoping about justice league fandom< it is going to be another trainwreck.
Agent P
Agent P Prije 25 dana
I renounce my wish to watch a wonder woman sequal.
Agent P
Agent P Prije 22 dana
@Brian Cairns please elaborate!
Brian Cairns
Brian Cairns Prije 22 dana
Someone didn’t get the message of the movie
Canem Cave
Canem Cave Prije 25 dana
the movie has NOTHING, NOTHING to do with consumerism NOTHING! really, these reviewer with millions of subscribers understand nothing at all of what they are looking at
Canem Cave
Canem Cave Prije 21 dan
@Brian Cairns no it's not an issue, what is sure is that consumerism IS NOT the main theme of the movie
Brian Cairns
Brian Cairns Prije 21 dan
@Canem Cave there's more than one theme at play, clearly that's an issue for you
Canem Cave
Canem Cave Prije 21 dan
@Brian Cairns what happened to Barbara, she had humanity, she lost her humanity when she made the wish and had a taste of power, real power! that's again NOTHING TO DO WITH CONSUMERISM! If they wanted to represent consumerism in that movie, they messed up big time and screwed up ALL the analogies but of course that does not seem to be a problem for you!
Brian Cairns
Brian Cairns Prije 21 dan
@Canem Cave what do you think a wish is if not a request for goods/services? It's a business transaction regardless how you look at it. Using factul Definitions isn't an argument...okay.
Canem Cave
Canem Cave Prije 21 dan
@Brian Cairns what stocks the fire of a consumerist culture is an industry that needs to sell products to maintain wealth and growth. It's not a stone that grants wishes. A stone that grants wishes is an ancient human dream of finding a magical way to success, same idea of turning lead into gold, or finding a lost treasure, it's a totally different idea. It's not the idea of consumerism is the idea of an easy comfortable life and power. Nothing to do with consumerism. Aladin has nothing to do with consumerism! but according to you and these "critics (LOL)" it does!
Jon RAPID9 Prije 25 dana
I feel like this movie was really “okay” nothing great 🙈
Michael Deypalubos
Michael Deypalubos Prije 25 dana
*Wonder Woman: Flashpoint*
Michel Baggio
Michel Baggio Prije 25 dana
By beign erased, dumped and left to rot. Crap movie, shitty acting and plot.
BenjWarrant Prije 25 dana
When other characters renounce their wishes, the effects are undone. Logically, once Lord renounces his wish, _everything_ is undone.
Brian Cairns
Brian Cairns Prije 22 dana
Except any made when it was still a stone
PatricksGarage94 Prije 25 dana
This movie is straight garbage
J P Prije 25 dana
Spoilers: This movie is not that deep
Michael James
Michael James Prije 25 dana
What is the point.....oh yea....the monnneeeeeyyyyy 💰💰💰💰🧐🤓
Titi Abikoye
Titi Abikoye Prije 25 dana
This movie was amazing and I can’t wait for Wonder Woman 3🥰😄😄
str1xt Prije 25 dana
We’re you facing the right way when you watched it? It was utter garbage on every level.
Patrick Gomes
Patrick Gomes Prije 25 dana
Hey we in Europe haven't seen the movie yet 😒😑
str1xt Prije 25 dana
Don’t. It is truly awful. U.K. here.
BUDDHA Smiling
BUDDHA Smiling Prije 25 dana
Damn Mando visited Earth in 1984
Mathew Guglielmi
Mathew Guglielmi Prije 25 dana
Does Simon Stagg's appearance mean that Metamorpho will be introduced in a future DC film?
Pema Tobgay
Pema Tobgay Prije 25 dana
This movie was supposed to release in 2019. However Warner Bros f**ked it up again. Now seems this movie being amazing it won't even earn 300m. If it was in 2019 by now I'm sure it would have crossed 300m already. F**k you WB. I guess Disney would be the best for DC too.
MR CIGARET 505 Prije 25 dana
U want now who next enemy dc eu dark side with aquamen his anchesthor 😈
Zbigniew Grabowski
Zbigniew Grabowski Prije 25 dana
They should have called it Wish Waster 84
Manas Chilamwar
Manas Chilamwar Prije 25 dana
Patty should remove the lasso if she did not know how to use it. It sometimes looks even worse than an animated show. Also fully wasted the golden eagle suit.
myowntwist Prije 25 dana
If anyone seen it lol
Ian Levinson
Ian Levinson Prije 25 dana
I don’t get why people seem to think it’s worse than suicide squad and josstice league. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t that bad Either
Mohammad Idris
Mohammad Idris Prije 25 dana
Once Max Lord denounced his wish, i believe he undid other people's wishes but they still retain the memories of what transpired. So Cheetah may be powerless but resents Diana. I dont know if the implications of the movie will be that big.
JK Woosh
JK Woosh Prije 25 dana
*Keep Cheetah but fix her CGI* Face looking a face paint from a fun fair
Rex Neto
Rex Neto Prije 25 dana
This was an amazing movie, I love it
Robert Polanco
Robert Polanco Prije 25 dana
Maxwell lord renouncing his wish wouldn’t effect other people’s wishes ! How can’t people see that
Brian Cairns
Brian Cairns Prije 22 dana
The movie literally shows you all the wishes being undone, the guy Dina was seeing as Steve didn’t remember anything afterwards, it really isn’t that hard to understand.
Thedarknate08 Prije 25 dana
I wish i would not have seen this movie!😂
str1xt Prije 25 dana
I lost my eyes in the great ps5 Black Friday war of 2020, so I can’t see it.
Christopher Chuauhang
Christopher Chuauhang Prije 25 dana
Yeah they made it to the stone not Maxwell himself. Also, where was the stone at the end?
Viral Media Source
Viral Media Source Prije 25 dana
I feel like people are missing the point. Everyone in the universe had to renounce their wish, even after Maxwell lord renounce his powers.
Brian Cairns
Brian Cairns Prije 22 dana
Nope, those renouncing their wishes before Maxwell ensured the power he was getting was taken back, once he renounced his own wish it took back everyone who had made a wish through him. However anyone who made a wish through the stone and didn’t renounce it still has their wish.
Brian Prije 23 dana
Not everyone
Viral Media Source
Viral Media Source Prije 25 dana
I hate that people feel like they have to explain endings, as if people miss on things they didn't
Brian Cairns
Brian Cairns Prije 21 dan
@Viral Media Source you wish for me to explain it to you further?
Viral Media Source
Viral Media Source Prije 21 dan
@Brian Cairns what the hell are you talking about, your mark
Brian Cairns
Brian Cairns Prije 22 dana
Did you only click on this video to complain about it then? HRpost will recommend similar videos to those you click and comment on so not the wisest choice if you want to avoid this type of content.
ricky vids
ricky vids Prije 25 dana
Changes things by being one of the worse super hero films I have ever seen love the first hate this patty Jenkins really dropped the ball here. I guess my 2020 didn't have enough bad moments. just kick the world when it's barely standing.
str1xt Prije 25 dana
Ricky, I feel you. It was truly a Christmas kick in the baubles. It was nearly a cats/superman crossover at one point. I had to look to see I my eyes were bleeding like the wish guy. Sorry can’t remember his name. Have a Merry Christmas from me to cheer you up :)
Jet Patto
Jet Patto Prije 25 dana
But here’s the question - why do we care?
LIQUID OCELOT Prije 25 dana
Wonder woman 84 is simply lame
KIN S Prije 25 dana
The story WW84 was the same story like Superman II 1980. 'A Wish' Clark Kent gave up his power for human being, love Lois Lane. Don't You realized that ?
KIN S Prije 25 dana
Cheetah is still have the power, because She didnt say it.
KIN S Prije 25 dana
This WW84 before Justice League, so no related to DCEU
Gendats Gendats
Gendats Gendats Prije 25 dana
The action sequence in WW84 feels so weird to me, diana looks like floating with wire everytime.
Name Prije 24 dana
She was pregnant. What you expect?
SmoothLegend Prije 24 dana
That’s the trade off for using less CG. Kinda works for WW in a way that wouldn’t for Superman.
Raven Knight
Raven Knight Prije 25 dana
Ww1 pilot comes in, posses a body, flies a 1984 modern jet with no instructions..yea right
Raven Knight
Raven Knight Prije 22 dana
@Brian Cairns in 1984 even diana prince would have known about a film called The Exorcist, yet she gave no fux...she wanted the Ghost D
Brian Cairns
Brian Cairns Prije 22 dana
You could’ve stopped at possesses a body, you do know that IS the more outlandish part here...right?
Aaron Prije 25 dana
this movie was an absolute disappointment
BargSlarg Prije 25 dana
That was garbage, feminism for like the first hour then nothing
Stacks A Million
Stacks A Million Prije 25 dana
This movie was SH#%
Guy K
Guy K Prije 25 dana
Is this the guy from Cinefix?
Diggs Prije 25 dana
This movie was so bad it could only change the DECU by someone making a better film. Like Marvel, for instance.
Mark Fitzgerald
Mark Fitzgerald Prije 25 dana
WW84 rubbish
Suraj Krishnaa
Suraj Krishnaa Prije 25 dana
WW84 was a huuge letdown!
Suraj Krishnaa
Suraj Krishnaa Prije 25 dana
WW84 was a huuge letdown!
DanK fartz
DanK fartz Prije 25 dana
With regard to Cheeta/Kristen Wig (loved her, especially as a villain); She made TWO wishes. One prior to Lord becoming the stone, and the second directly to lord after he is the stone. He renounced his wish (thus her cheeta-form) so she may still have her strength and power. To this point, she could've aged differently post 1984, especially if she didn't change her initial wish, allowing her to appear again in the DCEU. Except more permanent, as a villain.
TheAmazing WMan
TheAmazing WMan Prije 25 dana
Why the hell does she wears a thalmor armor?
Go Ham
Go Ham Prije 25 dana
A perfect movie for 2020.
sanyamkhetarpal07 Prije 25 dana
There's no change because there's no continuity
varada naveen
varada naveen Prije 25 dana
How WW2 could change the DCEU? -By adding another movie to DCEU
Frederick Jackson
Frederick Jackson Prije 25 dana
I haven’t even seen this movie but I’m watching this video anyway
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