The Medium - 14 Minutes of Gameplay

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Take a look at 14 minutes of gameplay which showcases the different perspectives, environments, and powers in the upcoming psychological horror game, The Medium.

Take on the role of Marianne and explore the dual-reality gameplay when The Medium launches on January 28, 2021 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.
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Jonnell Wilson
Jonnell Wilson Prije dan
givin me indigo prophecy vibes
Glumtt _2101
Glumtt _2101 Prije 2 dana
Just imagine a remake of Silent Hill 2 like this.
Jhoan Carvajal
Jhoan Carvajal Prije 2 dana
loglog7 Prije 2 dana
The split screen and locked camera looks irritating. It’s a style but forcing a style that was only ever because of a lack of technology isn’t going to be fun for the vast majority of players.
stripe801 Prije 3 dana
how was her first question not “where is your f***ng arm”?
ChriS Hawk
ChriS Hawk Prije 3 dana
Hahahha was thinking the same. Hahaha
WaitHereIveGoneToGetHelp !
WaitHereIveGoneToGetHelp ! Prije 3 dana
The motion capture is a bit on the cheesy side, 'sadness' moves in that corny over the top power rangers kind of way.... Detracts significantly from any spooky vibe. She'd be quite creepy if she didn't move much instead of overdoing every movement.
DonkeyFilms Prije 3 dana
Microsoft is really knocking it out of the park this generation I might just switch to Xbox
Andrew Nikkel
Andrew Nikkel Prije 5 dana
This is gonna bomb 5 or 6/ 10 Maybe Xbox puts this on the games with gold for free
海OceanNova Prije 5 dana
This looks trippy
Take your time
Take your time Prije 5 dana
Walking we go again....
Billy Kotsos
Billy Kotsos Prije 7 dana
The real world on the upper half is rendered at half the framerate
Billy Kotsos
Billy Kotsos Prije 6 dana
@Tangible Mammal DF will cover this. It looks unplayable right now.
Tangible Mammal
Tangible Mammal Prije 6 dana
I was thinking I was losing it, no one talked about it in the comments
Orpheus 010
Orpheus 010 Prije 7 dana
people comparing this to residemt evil or silent hill make me wonder if they've played either game. The only thing similar is the camera angle.
Kaushik Bhattacharya
Kaushik Bhattacharya Prije 7 dana
Will it even run on series s?
TheMurderSessions Prije 6 dana
@Kaushik Bhattacharya store says so AVAILABLE FOR SERIES X/S
Kaushik Bhattacharya
Kaushik Bhattacharya Prije 6 dana
@TheMurderSessions How are you so sure? I am asking cause I want to buy the series s but have some doubt.
TheMurderSessions Prije 7 dana
Muhammad Daniyal
Muhammad Daniyal Prije 7 dana
12:10 that ghost is me when im super bored
Sindgami Prije 7 dana
The low , the ultra
Pete Ganzo
Pete Ganzo Prije 7 dana
It took a while, but I think im sold on the concept now. Love the look of the otherworld and music
Tevya Smolka
Tevya Smolka Prije 8 dana
This is really awesome and reminds me of silent hill
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Prije 8 dana
edgy luigis mansion
Happy Emperor
Happy Emperor Prije 8 dana
I don't like the fixed camera in this game
Hedwyn Prije 8 dana
I'm digging the look of this game, but I've been really underwhelmed by everything I've played by Bloober so far and I'm worried this game is going to turn into more of the same. Just magic corridors and repeating the same tired thin symbols and analogies we see in horror all the time. I really hope this is the time they got really creative and found a way to offer up something a bit more fresh despite a lot of this game being a return to the aesthetics of horror classics!
Gondala Satvarsh
Gondala Satvarsh Prije 8 dana
I don't know, expected something revolutionary, but so far the two simulaneous rendering of the game doesn't have any innovative mechanics. Hope the full game will take complete advantage of it later on...
10 Second Channel
10 Second Channel Prije 8 dana
Can’t wait for THE LARGE
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Prije 8 dana
Another walking simulator...
DavisterIsBoss Prije 8 dana
Looks super promising. But I will be buying at discount
Radical1994 Prije 8 dana
It's on gamepass
SBandy Prije 8 dana
Constant sign posting, constant talking to tell you what to do because there is no logic, fiddly looking movement. Unless the game gets dramatically better than what is on show here it looks a nailed on 5 or 6 out of 10.
SBandy Prije 8 dana
So she can't stop talking but when she hears a kid panicking says nowt?
Sponge man
Sponge man Prije 8 dana talking a Invisible kid?
FMFvideos Prije 8 dana
wtf is this haunted shoe
XxCOOKEExxMONSTARxX Prije 8 dana
If Murdered Soul Suspect and Whispering Willow had a baby
TenHitCombo Prije 8 dana
Bloober just can’t stop making walking simulators.
chahine gaming
chahine gaming Prije 8 dana
1000th like
René Pato Araya
René Pato Araya Prije 9 dana
its a pc or xbox series gameplay?, i see littte fps problems
Vishal bharadwaj
Vishal bharadwaj Prije 7 dana
Series X
Alex Rothery
Alex Rothery Prije 9 dana
Silent Hill vibes
Beats, Games, Life -ZimM804
Beats, Games, Life -ZimM804 Prije 9 dana
Those jacket physics 😂🍿😂🤣
Pieter Keemink
Pieter Keemink Prije 9 dana
it looks boring. Honest Playstation Fan
VisAVis Prije 9 dana
ouh no .. fixed camera angles ...
Lyfe Prije 9 dana
It's great, old school resident evil style to control vision and allow for actual scares
meditation and relaxation
meditation and relaxation Prije 9 dana
It's not game for next gen
Ibrahim Azhari
Ibrahim Azhari Prije 9 dana
The classic resident evil / silent Hill camera following the character from one angle That alone is enough to scare me
Woooow xbox we can hide from monsters super easy lol
Luke Snyder
Luke Snyder Prije 9 dana
"The large" exclusively on shitboxstation 11
Pain -Akatsuki
Pain -Akatsuki Prije 9 dana
No wonder it's Xbox exclusive...
Simon Dean
Simon Dean Prije 9 dana
This game oozes old school silent hill/resident evil on the ps1 vibes and I love it
Chris Wave
Chris Wave Prije 9 dana
Interesting, but that frame rate is rough.
Juho Joensuu
Juho Joensuu Prije 9 dana
David Cage, is that you?
chandler laronzo
chandler laronzo Prije 9 dana
I like the kind of view of this camera, it reminds me the first survival horror game like RE . Can't wait for it.
Ezio New
Ezio New Prije 9 dana
It would have been better if the game just turned to the other world instead of this strange two cameras setup. It just makes me feel the game is a bit uncomfortable. Two weeks and we see how this will turn up.
DemFoxes TV
DemFoxes TV Prije 9 dana
Can’t wait for the facial expressions on 200% guy to pick this up
chaoticdreams Prije 8 dana
gun boyu yatmayan adam
gun boyu yatmayan adam Prije 9 dana
gun boyu yatmayan adam
gun boyu yatmayan adam Prije 9 dana
Kinglik7 Prije 9 dana
I’m getting haunted Heavy Rain vibes here.
lisa vanderpump
lisa vanderpump Prije 8 dana
Really I get resident evil vibes
Kinglik7 Prije 8 dana
@The Warriors I commented a little early as I said that like 2 minutes into the video. I mainly said it at first because of the camera angles and how it was obvious it wasn’t traditional gameplay like most David Cage games. It’s not exactly like Heavy Rain now that I’ve seen it mostly through.
The Warriors
The Warriors Prije 8 dana
PsychoLe5 Prije 9 dana
Looks confusing already
inabiskit85 Prije 9 dana
Feel like the physics on the jacket collar seems extreme can’t stop looking at it when she moves
David Ce
David Ce Prije 5 dana
@G-Whiz how is it "bad", it's just over the top
G-Whiz Prije 6 dana
It’s so bad.
DJ D!TCH Prije 8 dana
Exactly it's over the top
Voltan96 Prije 9 dana
Just flapping for no reason lol noticed it right away
Gainz Allday
Gainz Allday Prije 9 dana
Very underwhelming
Jamie15211_Comments Prije 9 dana
That’s crazy but did I ask
Frank Lopez
Frank Lopez Prije 9 dana
The graphics are sick, a bit Silent Hill here. Hope you can fight some ghosts or demons other wise is just wondering around. But love the dark, horror theme.
C38P0 1996
C38P0 1996 Prije 7 dana
The guys making this tend to make horror games without combat.
Dave Sanchez
Dave Sanchez Prije 9 dana
When's the release of Small and Large?
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez Prije 9 dana
Oh, a ball bounce down the stairs, I've never seen this before 🙄🙄🙄
schakalakadingdong Prije 9 dana
@Oh boy Have you played P.T. or jist watched videos of it? 😂 You need someone like Kojima who understands how suspense in horror works and the Medium developers don't seem to have that....
Jamie15211_Comments Prije 9 dana
Ohh you’re so cool and edgyyy 🙄🙄🙄
Oh boy
Oh boy Prije 9 dana
Let's face it, there's no new way to scare us anymore.
Ken Prije 9 dana
Gameplay looks incredibly boring and uninspired so far. Acting and writing seem subpar as well. The only interesting thing is that invisible creature at the end, but the way you interact with him just by hiding is lame.
Kevin Rodas
Kevin Rodas Prije 9 dana
@schakalakadingdong I'm not saying I like it. Black face
schakalakadingdong Prije 9 dana
@Kevin Rodas You make this comment whenever someone says something against the title. You do that every time people are not with your opinion or are you just a Xbox fanboy? Pathetic either way.
Kevin Rodas
Kevin Rodas Prije 9 dana
If it was a ps exclusive you would say it is amazing. Lmao black face
Th3_Watchman Prije 9 dana
Aye yo let me get a burger combo with medium fries, and a large soda..... Diet...
Callum Taylor
Callum Taylor Prije 9 dana
No guns? No play
i_Lock_Alot Prije 9 dana
Columbine right here
XxCOOKEExxMONSTARxX Prije 9 dana
XxCOOKEExxMONSTARxX Prije 8 dana
With a mix of this other indie game called Whispering Willow
XxCOOKEExxMONSTARxX Prije 8 dana
@Bamban Gamer YUP
Bamban Gamer
Bamban Gamer Prije 9 dana
Murdered Soul Suspect
XxCOOKEExxMONSTARxX Prije 9 dana
There was another horror game with this style released few years ago but you were in a house...
HopOnTheHype Prije 9 dana
You talking about Remothered or something? Song of Horror?
Farhan Johandy
Farhan Johandy Prije 9 dana
kiny lee
kiny lee Prije 9 dana
Why is everybody saying that this is a survival horror.. When all I can see is just a modernized point'n'click? 🤔
kiny lee
kiny lee Prije 9 dana
@tristansART cuz it seems. It has nothing to do with RE.
tristansART Prije 9 dana
Because it plays like resident evil
dylanmalone14 Prije 9 dana
Whoever is the VA for the monster did one hell of of a job
SHINJAN BASAK Prije 8 dana
@Ivan Miya damn. Troy is one hell of a va. He's everywhere.
Ivan Miya
Ivan Miya Prije 9 dana
Troy Baker is the voice behind The Maw.
Life's a Game
Life's a Game Prije 9 dana
Super 👍
jaahman 009
jaahman 009 Prije 9 dana
Amateo Gaming
Amateo Gaming Prije 9 dana
Looks like a game made by Kojima
schakalakadingdong Prije 9 dana
FlamerSmasherMBXCar Prije 9 dana
Uh where is Patricia Arquette?
De Waal Van Der Colff
De Waal Van Der Colff Prije 9 dana
Xbox with another L. The game looks so boring and poorly made
Kevin Rodas
Kevin Rodas Prije 9 dana
If it was a ps exclusive. You would say differently
AnastasiaLUVSU Prije 9 dana
Another tryhard troll. Yawn.
LSU Fanboy
LSU Fanboy Prije 9 dana
Didnt know a shoe was that exciting. Oh how I long for a silent hill game. Horror has been lacking since outlast 2
AZ Jayjohn
AZ Jayjohn Prije 9 dana
Outlast 2 was trite, and the 'puzzles" were do 3 things or get 3 things. Gameplay was unengaging after 15 min. Horror has been great, RE games, evil within, deadspace and the new spiritual successor. Outlast 1 was a novel for 20 min or less
Chris Walker
Chris Walker Prije 9 dana
Will there be any fighting in the game? Because I really would like that and not just run away
Mondo Zappa
Mondo Zappa Prije dan
@chakkra69 he wants to know if he’ll be able to defend hinself at least. Stop being a smartass
chakkra69 Prije 8 dana
There are literally thousands of fighting games out there. Go play one of those.
Harry Scott Elliott
Harry Scott Elliott Prije 9 dana
Jeb Kara
Jeb Kara Prije 9 dana
Reminds me of old RE. It's not for everyone but I personally love that style.
Synysterpain Prije 9 dana
Hoping this is on gamepass for pc as well
Mr Bubbles
Mr Bubbles Prije 9 dana
Split screen stuff is interesting....
cain035 Prije 9 dana
That face sculpt looks like garbage compared to any other modern title out there.... Game seems interesting though.
The Warriors
The Warriors Prije 8 dana
That's no big deal.
Ono S
Ono S Prije 9 dana
cain035 That’s just Euro Jank
cain035 Prije 9 dana
Hmm NVM, doesn't seem like the sculpt is the issue. Maybe it's the shaders they used? Looks so flat
MarkYeeDaMajor Prije 9 dana
It looks amazing, sounds amazing but gameplay is slow for me.
Wh1testriped Prije 9 dana
Eternal Darkness vibes
mark garcia
mark garcia Prije 9 dana
It reminds me of the old game resident evil
MDEXtreme Prije 9 dana
Can't wait for it and its sequels The Easy and The Hard
stripe801 Prije 3 dana
this has never been funny
Barrent Christianto
Barrent Christianto Prije 6 dana
And the very easy and very hard
C38P0 1996
C38P0 1996 Prije 7 dana
I don’t think you get the meaning of the use of medium in this game.
bingly bingler
bingly bingler Prije 8 dana
10/10 reused joke
Inventory Prije 9 dana
What about the dlc Extra Large & Extra Small?
Alein Evaster
Alein Evaster Prije 9 dana
Camera like Resident Evil. + Atmosphere Horror like Silent Hill = The Medium ♥
udit singh
udit singh Prije 5 dana
Plus bland deadpan characters like nowhere else, wow that is quite a package isn't it.
imreallytired Prije 9 dana
Right the character is giving me Claire vibes
Dom Q
Dom Q Prije 9 dana
Was just thinking to comment this, seems like they took some inspiration from the greats
Master Zone
Master Zone Prije 9 dana
Nice owsom
Waviest Archive
Waviest Archive Prije 9 dana
If this was a ps exclusive yall would be calling this a masterpiece 10/10
Tyr Cipher
Tyr Cipher Prije 8 dana
@The Warriors That not the point. The person said with ALL THEIR GAMES. Not only AAA games.
The Warriors
The Warriors Prije 8 dana
@Tyr Cipher Those aren't triple A titles.
AnastasiaLUVSU Prije 9 dana
@Musty Timed? No. It's on everything that it was planned for.
Tyr Cipher
Tyr Cipher Prije 9 dana
@Wayne Kerr "Excel with all their games." So we're gonna act like GodFall or knack doesn't exist
Wayne Kerr
Wayne Kerr Prije 9 dana
That’s the point, ps wouldn’t make something like this which is why they excel with all their games. Don’t worry we’ll have our hands on Fable soon enough!
Der Sebbi
Der Sebbi Prije 10 dana
Looks like a xbox one game !
Emperor Gao Zu
Emperor Gao Zu Prije 9 dana
looks like a xbox and a PC game what's your point
Sirk The God
Sirk The God Prije 9 dana
How exactly??
Amed Mayorga
Amed Mayorga Prije 10 dana
Reminds me of clock tower 3
Bubbly Jubbly
Bubbly Jubbly Prije 9 dana
Dennis was frickin weird alongside pretty much everything in that game.
T0ny Prije 10 dana
I though the cinematic camera died years ago for a reason but I guess people ignore the bad design and want to try it again cause they feel nostalgia...
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict Prije 10 dana
Is this on tank controls?
The Warriors
The Warriors Prije 8 dana
Heavens no.
latuya 2
latuya 2 Prije 10 dana
Wow I can't wait 🤗
TIL - AQUILAHELL Prije 10 dana
Little Devils
Little Devils Prije 10 dana
I Hate The Medium I Hate Survival Horror Games
x360wizard Prije 10 dana
Little Devils
Little Devils Prije 10 dana
I Hate The Medium I Hate Survival Horror Games
Viehdieb Prije 10 dana
man i hope this game is political. i want to see gamer tears.
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier Prije 5 dana
Wow I just read that, wish I didn’t read that but I just read that.
Little Devils
Little Devils Prije 10 dana
I Hate The Medium I Hate Survival Horror Games
Hawk 107
Hawk 107 Prije 10 dana
Imagine this game in vr 🤔
Hawk 107
Hawk 107 Prije 9 dana
@Little Devils hate it's a strong word specially in this crystal generation lol u probably just don't like them
limbo GT
limbo GT Prije 9 dana
@Little Devils change your username then
Little Devils
Little Devils Prije 10 dana
I Hate The Medium I Hate Survival Horror Games
ISetYourFaceOnFire Prije 10 dana
this game looks so dated. emulated silent hill 3 gives this a run for it's money.
Felipe Zorzi
Felipe Zorzi Prije 10 dana
Kevin Ayala
Kevin Ayala Prije 10 dana
I don't understand why they complain about the gameplay when it is quite similar to an old school survival horror, in my opinion it looks fantastic
schakalakadingdong Prije 4 dana
@Ricochet Nkweso Doesn't matter ro me anyway, as I'm getting a PS5. Not being a fanboy here, I've had a Xbox One and was very happy with it - except when it comes to exclusives... And if this is any indication they won't do much better this generation either. (Hope for you guys I'm proven wrong)
Ricochet Nkweso
Ricochet Nkweso Prije 5 dana
@schakalakadingdong chill you haven’t seen the whole game yet. Maybe the trailer is giving context to the game mechanic and hiding the scary parts
schakalakadingdong Prije 5 dana
@jerc hongkong Sure, I totally agree. If you dig this, play it. :) I guess I'm just hungry for more innovative stuff. In many genres, not just horror.
jerc hongkong
jerc hongkong Prije 8 dana
@schakalakadingdong and what is the problem with that? let people play whatever game they want and just because you or someone else doesn't like this game doesn't mean you're going to despise their preferences. getting to this point is just ridiculous.
chakkra69 Prije 8 dana
@schakalakadingdong As opposed to TLOU2 and The Assassin's Creed: Japan. Sure, there was plenty of novelty there.
Say When
Say When Prije 10 dana
More like the momium
Little Devils
Little Devils Prije 10 dana
I Hate The Medium I Hate Survival Horror Games
slurm420 Prije 10 dana
Carter Pewterschmidt : alright. go, medium
Little Devils
Little Devils Prije 10 dana
I Hate The Medium I Hate Survival Horror Games
Geno Aiken
Geno Aiken Prije 10 dana
Why do games keep showing us the whole game before it drops
Little Devils
Little Devils Prije 10 dana
I Hate The Medium I Hate Survival Horror Games
Horse Prije 10 dana
Will it give me jumpscares
Little Devils
Little Devils Prije 10 dana
I Hate The Medium I Hate Survival Horror Games
Xtreme Prije 10 dana
This game reminds me of hell blade
James Melendez
James Melendez Prije 5 dana
Xtreme Prije 9 dana
@Little Devils Hellblade isn’t survival horror????
Little Devils
Little Devils Prije 10 dana
I Hate The Medium I Hate Survival Horror Games
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