Monster Hunter Rise - Official Gameplay Details Trailer

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Prije 11 dana

Get ready for another look at Monster Hunter Rise, with this latest gameplay details trailer. Featuring monsters such as the Goss Harag, Lagombi, Great Baggi, and more!

Monster Hunter Rise and it's Deluxe Edition releases for the Nintendo Switch on March 26th, 2021.

Davion Short
Davion Short Prije 18 sati
Khezu and tigrex my boys
Maple Miles
Maple Miles Prije 2 dana
Not a fan of monster hunter but played the demo and I'm hooked
Arfin Wijaya
Arfin Wijaya Prije 2 dana
im playing world for my mh first game.. i like rise and the graphic is not the problem.. but maybe i waiting for the rise iceborn or rise ultimate to come out. because my friend doesnt have switch and im solo hunter
Maleb Contes
Maleb Contes Prije 4 dana
They should put the protagonist of this game in Smash Bros.
The Gus
The Gus Prije 4 dana
Fans : why cant we ride the monster? Capcom : say no more. "Monster ride another monster"
Dj Of chaos
Dj Of chaos Prije 5 dana
Yes now i kan have an army of dragons
Danny DePietro
Danny DePietro Prije 6 dana
As a fan from the sidelines I want this game
Ind0minus R3x
Ind0minus R3x Prije 7 dana
0:47 new favourite monster
Tigerspaz Prije 7 dana
I need this game.
Fadlie Hidayat
Fadlie Hidayat Prije 7 dana
I never love Monster Hunter games, its just too hard, much harder than Dark souls series... But this... Maybe i'll give it a try...
KEWS Prije 7 dana
MH games have come a long way. So far, I'm pleased with the quality of life changes in the demo.
Dubs Prije 7 dana
WYVERN RIDING? That's all we've wanted for so long Also, we get a Tetsucabra x Jinouga with Goa Magara ball lightning
Nick Dusk
Nick Dusk Prije 7 dana
I don't think I will have the heart to kill or capture the monster that I just ride.
Kewl Prije 7 dana
make this on pc pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
GeneraLolicon Prije 7 dana
wyvern riding me as an mhw player: AHHHHH PLEASE
Father Dom
Father Dom Prije 7 dana
Looks like the graphics are last gen and the mechanics are a little clunky.
Maple Miles
Maple Miles Prije 2 dana
Father Dom they don't even look last gen in the slightest
jewmanji Prije 6 dana
This is on switch
Mike Metcalf
Mike Metcalf Prije 7 dana
I’ve never played, but this interests me. Is the game open world???
Mike Metcalf
Mike Metcalf Prije 4 dana
@Null_96 oh, ok. Thanks
Null_96 Prije 4 dana
After you completed the mission you will be transported back to the hub
Null_96 Prije 4 dana
The game is not open world, you only accept mission and then transported to designated map
Cyanide Prije 7 dana
I still can't believe this are switch graphics
John Johnson
John Johnson Prije 7 dana
Is that skull in the opening shot a Zorah skull or a Gogmazios skull?
Pyro213 Prije 8 dana
So Yokai Hunter now ok
Sev'n Sinnz
Sev'n Sinnz Prije 8 dana
I can't believe I'm like seriously considering buying a Switch just to play this game. This looks awesome.
Eldritch Artificer
Eldritch Artificer Prije 2 dana
@Maple Miles Oh for sure, Mario games are always awesome and I played a ton of Smash on the 3DS so I’m definitely hyped to pick up the newest one. Can’t wait to try out Joker and Sephiroth.
Maple Miles
Maple Miles Prije 2 dana
Eldritch Artificer make sure to buy Mario Odyssey and smash.
Eldritch Artificer
Eldritch Artificer Prije 6 dana
I just bought mine the other day, waiting on delivery. I’d literally buy any console for a MH game.
Calvin B.
Calvin B. Prije 7 dana
Switch is awesome to have def recommend
N Videos
N Videos Prije 8 dana
No more flexing muscles! MH Rise will be the best seller mh series except to mhwi. Check my videos if you want to see free roam gameplay
NinjaFox 1983
NinjaFox 1983 Prije 8 dana
Duuuude. I cant wait. He wrapped him up and took him up for that izuna drop. 😮👍👍👍
Waldo Lontae
Waldo Lontae Prije 8 dana
I dropped my jaw when i see that wyvern riding
Kagan Han Bagci
Kagan Han Bagci Prije 8 dana
This is the first Monster Hunter game that looks unapealing as hell to me
Umi Prije 8 dana
I am more excited to hear the soundtracks.
Lazarus Prije 8 dana
I still expect a Deviljho to just appear.
Promise Nelson
Promise Nelson Prije 8 dana
Looks like ultimate 3 with some new features including fixed graphics
Jayashan Perera
Jayashan Perera Prije 8 dana
The camera and the lag is a bit of a pain, there isn't a focus on the monster your attaking option,
Jayashan Perera
Jayashan Perera Prije 7 dana
*EDIT* Found the options for camera settings, and enjoying the game im going to pre-order btw my first monster hunter game xD
Null_96 Prije 7 dana
Even without auto targeting, moving your camera with right stick to follow the movements of 10-20m size monsters is not hard at all
Null_96 Prije 7 dana
The lag in online is caused by having too many friends in friendlist, delete some of it
Null_96 Prije 7 dana
Pres right stick to target monster, and press L to center your camera to targeted monster
Jayashan Perera
Jayashan Perera Prije 8 dana
@korpoa tried that ain't working son, and what about the camera controls
Adri Griezmann
Adri Griezmann Prije 8 dana
i never finished mhw idk if rise the sequel but if i buy this am i missing the story or something?
Adri Griezmann
Adri Griezmann Prije 8 dana
@Warm-Hearted Reaction ok thx
Warm-Hearted Reaction
Warm-Hearted Reaction Prije 8 dana
no it completely new game
UNO reverse Gaming
UNO reverse Gaming Prije 8 dana
What wyvern ridding !!
Trancera Prije 8 dana
Ah David and Goliath: The Game Can't wait No, but seriously.
Ethan Voorhees
Ethan Voorhees Prije 8 dana
“This game really makes you FEEL like monster hunter”
papskipap preman preman
papskipap preman preman Prije 8 dana
Got kimetsu no yaiba vibes
Firstname LastName
Firstname LastName Prije 9 dana
Why they had to make it switch exclusive :( I was enjoying PC Monster Hunter.
None of my Business
None of my Business Prije 9 dana
I really hope this isnt a step back from world mechanics, I cant go back to not moving while drinking pots.
Warm-Hearted Reaction
Warm-Hearted Reaction Prije 8 dana
QoL from mhw in here
Not Spider Man
Not Spider Man Prije 9 dana
Since this MH has so much traditional Japanese esthetic is only natural that they would bring back Mizutsune
Big Lion
Big Lion Prije 9 dana
Gunlance mains goin, “gotta blast”
The Real Balto
The Real Balto Prije 9 dana
This deserves lots of likes, funny af
Andre Ivanovich
Andre Ivanovich Prije 9 dana
Gonna play this on my high end $5000 dollar pc can't wait, oh wait, fuking switch i can't afford dat dood i just recently bought 3090 :(
Nursesaids Prije 8 dana
dennies barsolaso
dennies barsolaso Prije 9 dana
Is that vajra on thumbnail
Null_96 Prije 7 dana
A better vajra
xX WhiteBlaze Xx
xX WhiteBlaze Xx Prije 9 dana
So excited to ride a Tigrex and finally show 'em who's boss
JV del Mundo
JV del Mundo Prije 9 dana
A new MH game is gonna be released and I'm here playing MHP3RD on my emulator 😓
Patrick Monaghan
Patrick Monaghan Prije 9 dana
IMO. After sinking hundreds of hours into monster hunter world this feels like a cheap mobile knockoff at a retail price tag.
Dummo Prije 9 dana
I can see this selling extremely well in japan
Vyse195 Prije 9 dana
So many people wanted to try the demo it crashed thr E shop in all three regions.
Victor Fyre
Victor Fyre Prije 9 dana
They added Repede
Crippling Depression
Crippling Depression Prije 9 dana
I wish I had a Nintendo switch.. Soon maybe..
EdwinRmz45 Prije 9 dana
I loved the demo, even if its just lik 3 quests, the game looks beautiful, a perfect mix of Worlds and Generations!!
[Graf]Lucky _9020
[Graf]Lucky _9020 Prije 9 dana
As an OG player to monster hunter, this kind of feels like a revenge to Dauntless the game. I wish you could really feel like your hitting the monster, if we had controller with vibration, that'd be cool. But I will still attempt a 100 percent for the game.
Now Dragon Riding
Kon S
Kon S Prije 9 dana
If you're a new hunter coming to the series, now is the perfect time to get even more into the series because this game is directed by the same director of MHP3rd who implemented a lot of Nihon culture into the series
Danny Kaler
Danny Kaler Prije 9 dana
Burk 16
Burk 16 Prije 9 dana
Looks boring to me but whatever, seems like peoole like it
Straigh GOOD
Straigh GOOD Prije 9 dana
This is gonna be so dope! hope online has voice chat though
AestheticYT Prije 9 dana
Monster hunter but it’s more anime than it already was
Enrique Ermus
Enrique Ermus Prije 9 dana
Nice GameCube game
Maple Miles
Maple Miles Prije 2 dana
Enrique Ermus go get some glasses this does not look like a GameCube game kid. It has more attention to detail and better looking authentic reality environment.
Namorado Do Jimin
Namorado Do Jimin Prije 9 dana
nope, its not monster hunter if they talk in english
RoastedJustice Prije 10 dana
Monster Hunter looks amazing on the Switch! But Pokemon still looks like a 3DS game...
Crushing It
Crushing It Prije 10 dana
Hopefully it's tougher than MH W. I miss the days of MH 2 and freedom unite. Those were fun and challenging. Defeating a monster felt so rewarding. MH W was a breeze and hardly a challenge 😔.
Strawberry Joe
Strawberry Joe Prije 10 dana
Eh not a big fan of the snow theme
Kalp21 Prije 10 dana
Wait.... If Great Baggi is here then Great Jaggi should be here
Kaizer737 Prije 10 dana
The 15th weapon at last.. The monsters themselves
Encrylix Prije 10 dana
This is basically Dauntless by Capcom but it’s actually lit
Abyssal Rayz
Abyssal Rayz Prije 8 dana
@Encrylix mh came out in 2004
Encrylix Prije 9 dana
Ohhh. Sorry guys, believe it or not, this is my first Monster Hunter game.
The Real Balto
The Real Balto Prije 9 dana
Dauntless is a MH inspired game my dude. Not the other way around and I'm not hating I love dauntless all the more monsters to hunt and a fresh take on the genre.
Andres Baquerizo
Andres Baquerizo Prije 9 dana
@Encrylix dauntless is catering to the mh audience, since it's trying to do the same thing. Hence, it's the dauntless developers trying to make a MH game with dauntless.
Encrylix Prije 9 dana
What do you mean by other way around
Logan Daniels
Logan Daniels Prije 10 dana
Oh I hope this comes out for the XB
Logan Daniels
Logan Daniels Prije 9 dana
@Vyse195 😫
Vyse195 Prije 9 dana
Nope Switch and rumors of a PC version next year.
Jacob Sawyer
Jacob Sawyer Prije 10 dana
Improvements seem almost not there, sad.
Lucas Rios
Lucas Rios Prije 10 dana
I thought I’d seen everything I needed to see, but every time they release a new video I’m sold on this game all over
HyperJunk 1987
HyperJunk 1987 Prije 10 dana
Another 15 million Switches about to be sold.
Life Serenity
Life Serenity Prije 5 dana
@Jinggis Han it’s dumb they have Hulu but not Netflix or Disney plus HBO max like that would make the switch 100 times better!
Jinggis Han
Jinggis Han Prije 5 dana
@Life Serenity seriously i dont get it. Such a missed oppurtunity.
Life Serenity
Life Serenity Prije 6 dana
And I still can’t watch Netflix on it. :(
Andros the warrior High Alpha
Andros the warrior High Alpha Prije 10 dana
Man I got chills down my spine.. that last two monsters in the end of the trailer look fascinating..
JoshingYou Prije 4 dana
You've never seen a mizutsune before?
Amer A
Amer A Prije 10 dana
Graphics look amazing for switch
Alpha Vex Studios
Alpha Vex Studios Prije 10 dana
did anybody else hear the N word right here or is it just me!? 0:25
Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez Prije 10 dana
Prepare the hunting horns boys.
Richard Wong
Richard Wong Prije 10 dana
Love that Capcom is expanding on MHW’s game mechanics, lol
TheBloody Side
TheBloody Side Prije 10 dana
I wanna ride a Diablos, if it’s in the game.
UnderFanNeo dubs
UnderFanNeo dubs Prije 10 dana
GentleUncle Prije 10 dana
no pc .!!! '' angry gajalaka noises''
I think I popped a vein when they showed wyvern riding
jhonathandio1 Prije 10 dana
I love how they removed the loading times for each section of the map. Now it plays like mhw. Love it
TheGuitarnob Prije 10 dana
switch pro
JP Prije 10 dana
It doesn't even look like it's hitting 30 FPS. No thank you.
JP Prije 9 dana
@Ronik Sharma I did and you're right. This trailer doesn't do the game justice.
Ronik Sharma
Ronik Sharma Prije 9 dana
It is tho. Try the demo.
Ablin Daud
Ablin Daud Prije 10 dana
PS2 graphics
Maple Miles
Maple Miles Prije 2 dana
Javier gonzalez berrios this looks more powerful then the PS3 the switch can run dragon quest 11 and mortal kombat 11 and the switch supports the unreal engine which the Xbox 360 and PS3 don't support.
Javier gonzalez berrios
Javier gonzalez berrios Prije 9 dana
Niall Harrington
Niall Harrington Prije 10 dana
You really don't remember what ps2 games looked like do you
Neerav Rupani
Neerav Rupani Prije 10 dana
Is it just me or does mhw looked far better than rise
The Real Balto
The Real Balto Prije 9 dana
Graphically yes but gameplay aesthetic and design not even close. Wirebug is 100× better than clutch claw + silk binds and wyvern riding. The weapon design in rise is already better and the monster roster already looking way better. Unless you like stale designs similar monsters constantly?
riku riku
riku riku Prije 10 dana
Pure Energy
Pure Energy Prije 10 dana
Im so happy yet terrified that the khezu is back
Grumble Volcano
Grumble Volcano Prije 10 dana
Yes fanged beasts beasts are back. Nice to see some old faces.
blindoutlaw Prije 10 dana
I got into the series through MH World on Xbox. Sad that this isn’t coming to other consoles. But damn it looks amazing. Might have to “make the switch” 😉
JmaCruiseControlfc Prije 10 dana
I don’t know what weapon to choose
Owen Tran
Owen Tran Prije 10 dana
Pc is still the best monster hunter world
Francisco Burgos
Francisco Burgos Prije 10 dana
I hope it comes to Switch... Wait a sec... I'm glad I own a Switch! It'll be my first Monster Hunter!
theonlyMisty Prije 10 dana
Monster hunter is a serie i tried soooo hard to like since PSP but never managed. Even played around 20H of the PS4 games with friends but I was never able to appreciate the combats. when you hit a monster it hardly reacts and that took me out of the immersion. Always felt like fighting moving lamposts.
Luis Torres
Luis Torres Prije 10 dana
Going to buy a switch just for this game!
Alex Bertani
Alex Bertani Prije 10 dana
Cool now I can ride a angry pickle
Devon Prije 10 dana
I Had monster hunter world on PlayStation four Loved it honestly I might buy a Nintendo switch just to get this game
clickpwn Prije 10 dana
mario did not convince me to buy switch, zelda did not convince me to buy switch, even pokemon did not convince me to buy switch. Now THIS convinced me to buy switch!!
The Real Balto
The Real Balto Prije 9 dana
Don't forget Astral Chain is absolutely awesome ( from the maker of DMC Bayonetta and Nier automata. well nier is a square enix game but they contracted the gameplay to platinum so it counts.
The Real Balto
The Real Balto Prije 9 dana
The fact you said even Pokemon after Zelda made me cry inside. Please never utter the garbage that is Pokemon in the same paragraph as the masterpiece BOTW.
Ms Sunshine
Ms Sunshine Prije 9 dana
Get a Switch with Bayonetta 2 and MH man
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez Prije 10 dana
Dude we're riders now, I mean not like actual riders from MH Stories but still love how they implement ideas from game after game. Can't wait to own it
Soundwavextreme Prije 10 dana
That thing literally has a face of a Oni
Cody Holm
Cody Holm Prije 10 dana
IM SO HYPED ive played every title since mh 3 and im SO EXCITED
Cynthia Young
Cynthia Young Prije 10 dana
Anyone else crying? Just me? K.
Loading Prije 10 dana
That new monster look amazing
Itzy Me
Itzy Me Prije 10 dana
i went from maybe ill get it to for sure im getting it why because mizutsune is back and the wyvern ride looks awesome i wanna ride a bulldrom and ram into every wyvern i see if hes in the game
Sif Prije 10 dana
So we can do Pokémon battles with these now, gonna let raths die on purpose for revenge
Gacha took the kids
Gacha took the kids Prije 10 dana
It's only the first week of the year, but this is already looking like my GOTY for 2021
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