Every Cancelled and Ending TV Show Announced in 2020

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Here's a list of all of the TV shows that have been cancelled or announced to be ending in 2020 so far. When a series is abruptly cancelled before it's able to wrap up its story, it could be for a number of reasons: ratings, budget, or casting complications. On the other hand, shows such as Netflix's The Crown and AMC's The Walking Dead have announced in advance when they're ending, allowing both shows to go out on their own terms and hopefully craft a series finale with a satisfying conclusion. Which shows are you sad to see coming to an end?

Danny Dee
Danny Dee Prije 5 dana
Glow and Insatiable's cancellations really hurt, although Season 3 of Glow was pretty meh compared to the first two amazing seasons...
Gideon Bobb-Semple
Gideon Bobb-Semple Prije 10 dana
I can’t stand Netflix, Ik cuz of COVID they couldn’t shoot but literally just wait until later. There are plenty of shows still shooting right now
Quintus Aquila
Quintus Aquila Prije 10 dana
Netflix is notorious for canceling shows pretty quick if they don't find a sizeable and stable audience, and/or are too expensive to run. But 2020 took more than usual because of the pandemic. Some shows were promised another season but due to the extent of the delays caused by the lockdowns they figured it was too expensive to keep the shows on the hook for a year until the shows could resume shooting, so they cancelled them instead.
Mike Pence's fly
Mike Pence's fly Prije 13 dana
8:18 isn't that the same building Jason Bourne jumped off of in the Bourne Ultimatum?
Matias Benavides
Matias Benavides Prije 13 dana
Im not ok with cancelling I'm not ok with this
Hobi Hope
Hobi Hope Prije 14 dana
I am not okay with this I am not okay with this I am not okay with this I am not okay with this I am not okay with this
Tequila Mean
Tequila Mean Prije 14 dana
Never heard of most of these.😬
Creeper Ferret
Creeper Ferret Prije 14 dana
I swear F is for Family is getting cancelled but then watch the new croods movie get its own series...
SOUREDRUM Prije 14 dana
Ha ha
_ KROW Prije 14 dana
Reprisal should of had a season 2
Rayon G
Rayon G Prije 14 dana
This is why I have to choose wisely on certain shows just because half of them get interesting, then never get the chance to continue.
TheGuardian Prije 14 dana
Still disappointed Dark Crystal was canceled. MindHunter as well...
Hamza Ghazi ً
Hamza Ghazi ً Prije 14 dana
They did dirty with patriot act
Akii The Corpse Bride
Akii The Corpse Bride Prije 14 dana
One that annoyed me the most I’m not okay with this and TheDark Crystal after it won an award..
QuietFury9 Prije 14 dana
So just cancelling everything then eh?
MindinViolet Prije 14 dana
I Am Not OK With This is a genuinely great show, and it is a mark against Netflix for cancelling it.
Cosmic Gaijin
Cosmic Gaijin Prije 14 dana
Santa Clarita Diet, Daredevil, Sabrina, and Punisher ending will be tears I never stop shedding. It’s absolutely criminal what they did.
my mom
my mom Prije 14 dana
I hope everyone dies in walking dead and their world explodes so no more spinoffs can ever come up.
Rshn Mosl
Rshn Mosl Prije 14 dana
I got sent to this video after trying to press “read more” on their post🤔
Strawberry Blonde Milk
Strawberry Blonde Milk Prije 14 dana
All these shows were shite anyway
WAYN3_KER Prije 14 dana
Terrible commentator
Toto CH
Toto CH Prije 14 dana
I have stopped watching netflix shows when they are released. I start when the 2nd season is out.
Christen Summers
Christen Summers Prije 14 dana
She Ra is literally the only show I’ve seen out of these and it’s finished, so honestly I could care less about this list
garfieldwithissuez Prije 14 dana
And literally nothing of value was lost.
RaginKavu Prije 14 dana
Finnaly that travesty called She-Ra is ending.
Jose Luis Barajas
Jose Luis Barajas Prije 14 dana
95% of these shows I've never heard of.. 🙄🤨🤔
Captain Kirby
Captain Kirby Prije 14 dana
Phew I thought Conan was done for a second.
Roaming50 Prije 14 dana
Damn as I love the Komiski Method. Well at least it is ending on its own terms.
Jared Brulla
Jared Brulla Prije 14 dana
You forgot the order
Camilo Black
Camilo Black Prije 14 dana
Altered Carbon really? ☹️
Sarah Ilayda
Sarah Ilayda Prije 14 dana
I'm so sad for Run. It had a fantastic plot. Wish they'd do a second season for those two amazing main actors.
kruppster Prije 14 dana
Ok supergirl is ending witch ok but bat woman is staying um what
JustGaming Prije 14 dana
whats the show at 0:00?
Jimmy Hall
Jimmy Hall Prije 14 dana
7:26 Whoa
Brandon Wilks
Brandon Wilks Prije 14 dana
Seeing some quality shows like F is for Family and The Expanse going out alongside garbage like Supergirl and AJ and the Queen. Then I see longtimers like Judge Judy and Tosh.0 getting the axe. It's like a Thanos snap, "random, dispassionate."
Blackwolf 121
Blackwolf 121 Prije 14 dana
Let's be honest a lot of these shows getting cancelled are lucky they even had 1 season...... Honestly I think there will only be one maybe 2 of those shows I will miss
Porg Pocket
Porg Pocket Prije 14 dana
seanthebrawn Prije 14 dana
Glad to see a show like Atypical can end on it’s own terms
BelowAverageLuke Prije 14 dana
Penny dreadful: city of angels NEXT Treadstone All remotely interesting shows cancelled.. SMH. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Joseph Hastings
Joseph Hastings Prije 14 dana
Simon Maduxx
Simon Maduxx Prije 14 dana
Terrible video
WA Prije 15 dana
How dare they bring the chilling adventures of sabrina to an end
290revolver290 Prije 15 dana
I literally do not know 97% of all these tv series. And the networks just said 7:11 😅😭
290revolver290 Prije 15 dana
No one wrote out the list in the comments?
Jebrone Kitty
Jebrone Kitty Prije 15 dana
98% of these shows are not animated series. Finally, we had enough TV shows.
saiyan26 Prije 15 dana
Man, you know TV is getting diluted when you haven't heard of 75% of the canceled list.
terria 88
terria 88 Prije 15 dana
Judge Judy and cops... the end of an era.
g g
g g Prije 15 dana
the oa :(
Chris Briones
Chris Briones Prije 15 dana
Only one im upset about is VWars smh alteast finish the fuckin cliffhanger smh
mark bower jr
mark bower jr Prije 15 dana
Wow there's not going to be anything on tv😱
Speakup84 Prije 15 dana
Too many shows...I can’t keep up
Key E.C.
Key E.C. Prije 15 dana
Time to cancel netflix. We wait years for shows from them and they cancel them after 1-3 seasons every time. I remember watching the last season of the santa clarita diet. They cancelled it days after releasing a new season. Fml
Nikki Alexandra
Nikki Alexandra Prije 15 dana
Insatiable was my guilty pleasure so I’m sad that is canceled
Roshni Alam
Roshni Alam Prije 15 dana
Sabrina !!! Why they cancelled it man ☹️☹️
Mohit Kumar
Mohit Kumar Prije 15 dana
The crown won't end just go on a decade long hiatus and come back with Meghan markel
Alexandre Jouan
Alexandre Jouan Prije 15 dana
The fact that I never heard of half these shows might be why they’re getting cancelled
thesinaclwon Prije 15 dana
Wait.........the walking dead is still on air?
Sidhant Barthwal
Sidhant Barthwal Prije 15 dana
U missed Society
Bradley J. Timm
Bradley J. Timm Prije 15 dana
Its a damn shame. They are cancelling everything.
Carkin Prije 15 dana
Impulse looked so bad
Moamen Waleed
Moamen Waleed Prije 15 dana
The society's first season kept adding so many problems and conflicts in the story without even answering them, season 2 should've done that but oh well...
Tim Whiting
Tim Whiting Prije 15 dana
Wow, it's amazing, I couldn't find a single show on this list that I cared was ending. Lots of garbage being taken out!
Johann Sanne
Johann Sanne Prije 15 dana
The only show im sad to see ending soon is Attack on Titan
MRtehe3 Prije 15 dana
Along with cuties, this is why I cancelled my Netflix
dsoprano13 Prije 15 dana
Still mad about Away being canceled
Acura Addicted
Acura Addicted Prije 15 dana
That's false news. The Expanse is neither cancelled, nor ending.
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen Prije 15 dana
Well I just watched this to avoid the shows that are being cancelled abruptly coz there's nothing more irritating than an unfinished story.
Felix Helix
Felix Helix Prije 15 dana
No no no the expanse can't end now nooo
Timbojones Underwood
Timbojones Underwood Prije 15 dana
Need 2020 season 2.
Nu Black Soul
Nu Black Soul Prije 15 dana
LazyShady Prije 15 dana
is it normal for this many shows to be axed?
techwolf89 Prije 15 dana
I see you learned from last year to accurately name the video title this time around. Well done IGN.
Peter Palacios
Peter Palacios Prije 15 dana
This is why I don’t watch Netflix originals .. what’s the point ? They get canceled !!!
poke master
poke master Prije 15 dana
Were was the venture bros
Joaquin Prije 15 dana
Netflix should give every series a movie to to wrap everything up instead of just cancelling it. No one would really watch a show if they know its cancelled. Also im still mad they cancelled santa clarita diet
Stephan J.
Stephan J. Prije 15 dana
What is the song at 8:17?
DJ Jackson
DJ Jackson Prije 15 dana
Still sad that "I Am Not Okay With This" didn't get a chance to keep going i would've loved to see it continue
Derks Prije 15 dana
Looks like we won't be missing anything....
Cody Aubin
Cody Aubin Prije 15 dana
Not F is for family 💔
RealRobertOchoa Prije 16 dana
The Expanse is ending at Season 6? This isn’t in my fantasy.
Adrian Ridgway
Adrian Ridgway Prije 16 dana
Seems alright, most of them are piles of crap
redrooster303 Prije 16 dana
If they just took one look at the collective type of stuff they are cancelling they would know why...
2 Wednesday
2 Wednesday Prije 16 dana
Siren and I’m not okay with this deserves more. Even though I’m watching Sabrina but I’m glad that they are ending her (became too dark/sexualised during 2 season).
SirGecko Prije 16 dana
I’m gonna cry finishing The Walking Dead after 10 years
Henry Rahardja
Henry Rahardja Prije 16 dana
Really sad to know I'm Not Okay With This was cancelled, i really like the first season.
ps3 nintendo
ps3 nintendo Prije 16 dana
old school tv 80s 90s 00s were the eras of great shows/sitcoms. nowadays, ppl slowly get in2 a show then its cancelled. ppl, buy old tv shows on dvd. get whole collections an not worry about it being cancelled. i dont how many times ive watched melrose place. 😋😋😋😋
pabloc106 Prije 16 dana
Walking dead should be canceled like 10 seasons ago
Off Brand Doodles
Off Brand Doodles Prije 16 dana
I'm still sad about I Am Not Okay With This
grievous444 Prije 16 dana
Isn't Vikings ending too? list incomplete.
Eobi1976 Prije 16 dana
I’m surprised Batwoman isn’t on this list
Doc R
Doc R Prije 16 dana
Wtf? F is for family ? Netflix your a joke.
subaru246 Prije 16 dana
I'm sad for Impulse, is one of my favorite shows. :(
Maxmotor 1
Maxmotor 1 Prije 16 dana
99% of these I have either not watched or never heard of. Better Call Saul is the only one I care about.
Winter Guy
Winter Guy Prije 16 dana
That's why i cancelled my Netflix and moved on to Amazon prime. Man I can't stop watching those TV shows. The expanse is my favorite right now.
ragingbrawler Prije 16 dana
Makes sense, I didn’t even realise some of these shows existed.
ragingbrawler Prije 14 dana
@Serious Business You are a consumer, just like me. You provide no creative input into any of these shows. Finding something first doesn’t make you cool or interesting. Gatekeeping is childish.
ragingbrawler Prije 14 dana
@Serious Business ha ha ha
Serious Business
Serious Business Prije 14 dana
Spoken like someone who only rides band wagons.
Richard Cheese
Richard Cheese Prije 16 dana
I‘m gonna miss better caul Saul.
Dean Prije 16 dana
Oh man they rlly be ending the outsider... that series was amazing.
Josh McGinn
Josh McGinn Prije 16 dana
That cops clip was absolute gold
Dr Sauce
Dr Sauce Prije 16 dana
Dam away ain't getting another season
mrdinger Prije 16 dana
Damn I hadn't even heard of half of these
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