Microsoft Flight Simulator - Amazing Star Wars Mods

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Prije 13 dana

So you've finally got round to exploring the entire planet in Microsoft Flight Simulator and now you're looking for more? Then download these Star Wars mods by EggMan28! From the iconic TIE Interceptor, Slave 1, and even the classic X-Wing!

IGN Prije 13 dana
Interested in downloading these lovely Star Wars mods for yourself? Here's the link:
Gab Dathan Aldeza
Gab Dathan Aldeza Prije 13 dana
Eggman i miss eggman
USA USA! Prije sat
I love Star Wars
케빈스타일 Prije 20 sati
you don't have 3080?
Lostbot Prije dan
0:41 the happiest person on earth
Christian Vincent Costanilla
Christian Vincent Costanilla Prije 2 dana
Gmod 2 flight simulator mechanic 2020
Night-Hawk Prije 2 dana
This is cool, but where’s the Razorcrest?
beeter Prije 3 dana
No gunship :[
Matthew Schreiner
Matthew Schreiner Prije 3 dana
We need this for xbox!!
uncharted22 Prije 4 dana
Now we know how the next star wars film will be made.
ZeezRawesomE Prije 5 dana
Hahahhahahahhaha the speeder!
When a mod is better that Star Wars squadrons
reb1138 Prije 5 dana
Where the hell is the Millenium Falcon?
gameplay paradise
gameplay paradise Prije 6 dana
cool, next update: Star Trek ships and UFO's
Mariukas Prije 6 dana
Daan Abbring
Daan Abbring Prije 6 dana
There's one thing missing with this mod: you don't see the movements and the engines aren't working and it makes it look like a skin rather than the real vehicle.
Daan Abbring
Daan Abbring Prije 6 dana
I think the Slave I is the best
Reece Mashburn
Reece Mashburn Prije 6 dana
It really makes you FEEL like you’re flying a plane IGN 10/10
TRX Prije 6 dana
The Star Wars game EA could never give us
JAWBONE Prije 6 dana
I'm surprised there isn't a Superman mod! It was so awesome seeing the Man of Steel fly around the planet. Now we should be able to control him.
Djonatan Matheus
Djonatan Matheus Prije 7 dana
2:15 Hogwarts?
5 vision
5 vision Prije 7 dana
How the heck speeders fly lile that!
J H Prije 7 dana
Yay Microsoft!
Dylan Sweeney
Dylan Sweeney Prije 7 dana
The Space Tussle films have such an epic score
Kirk Hammett
Kirk Hammett Prije 5 dana
Space conflict
ibrah!m Prije 8 dana
I want the razor crest!
Ternauwies Prije 8 dana
We need a hyperdrive button on the ships.
Vince Oh Myyy
Vince Oh Myyy Prije 8 dana
but. can it deploy Seismic Charges tho ?
Jay Scherbring
Jay Scherbring Prije 9 dana
This new Battlefront is wild
justin beamon
justin beamon Prije 9 dana
These are great mods but keep in mind they're basically re skinned stock aircraft.
Mister 47
Mister 47 Prije 9 dana
Now THIS is pod racing!
Tweefurs Tech
Tweefurs Tech Prije 9 dana
I'm really new to mods and haven't dabbled with them before. Will I be able to do this with the series x version of flight sim this summer or is it only restricted to PC? Cheers
Blerd Static
Blerd Static Prije 9 dana
You couldn't put the link to the download in the description?
No millennium falcon ? 😂
twitte0king Prije 9 dana
I want to see razor crest
Dave Lloyd
Dave Lloyd Prije 9 dana
This is bad. Lols. It's like 18fps and the drs is insanely low scale. Ok!
Leon Hostad
Leon Hostad Prije 9 dana
Or just play SW squadrons...
Sina Salvatore Natess
Sina Salvatore Natess Prije 10 dana
Größen Verhältnis stimmt leider nicht. Und cokpit Knöpfe?
Sqweeky Badger
Sqweeky Badger Prije 10 dana
Those laser beans seem to be travelling at the correct speed...
Kurarens Prije 10 dana
Lee Upperton
Lee Upperton Prije 10 dana
Millennium falcon? Anyone? come on!
Petsto Prije 10 dana
ATC? here A320 we have an UFO going full vertical space shuttle status ahead. Asking for full stop landing we think something wasn't right with our food....
KarateKitty 5000
KarateKitty 5000 Prije 10 dana
Ok, that thumbnail is gold. Nice one
La Planche
La Planche Prije 11 dana
dld the mods. But can't see the star destroyer only the tantive. Help pls :'(
Adrian Balboa
Adrian Balboa Prije 11 dana
I like to see a flying toilet mod.
Ratu siti Nursumah
Ratu siti Nursumah Prije 11 dana
Can this game played online?
Vikash Patel
Vikash Patel Prije 11 dana
sombody make a jupiter from lost in space netflix
Logan Rader
Logan Rader Prije 12 dana
Maybe someone can export the cockpits and stuff from Squadrons and somehow use them... since they are highly detailed inside.
Killed_By_The_Architect -
Killed_By_The_Architect - Prije 12 dana
LOL, getting low to the ground with these ship really lets you see how awful this sim looks. MS pulled the wool over dumb peoples eyes yet again.
MizzyXGamer101 Prije 12 dana
Not to sound greedy I'm need Mando ship on here
Cryptic Prije 12 dana
Now this is Flying!
Lord Testkill
Lord Testkill Prije 12 dana
Now we need one with a fully working cockpit :)
Dylan Lachance
Dylan Lachance Prije 12 dana
And let the mods begin!
Omer Max
Omer Max Prije 12 dana
Sounds cheap. 😂😂 Who made this 10-year-old boy 🙂 I'm sure he was using the xp window.🤷🏻‍♂️😂
Ver Coda
Ver Coda Prije 12 dana
Great music from Ster Wors there, guys.
Chris Mbici
Chris Mbici Prije 4 dana
Underrated comment
MK Prije 12 dana
Pod racer looks a bit big and flies a bit too high but amazing all the same. Modders like these will keep the game going for years!
T OH Prije 12 dana
Awesome sim, great mods. IGN still sux tho.
Dan Beaule
Dan Beaule Prije 12 dana
You'll have more fun playing rogue squandron.
Imran Faruque Labib
Imran Faruque Labib Prije 12 dana
Now "this is where the Fun Begins"
Dilshan 2009
Dilshan 2009 Prije 12 dana
No arc fighters
Franzus Gütlus
Franzus Gütlus Prije 12 dana
Wow, the fake Star Wars music to prevent copyright, wow,
Alumlovescake Prije 12 dana
I hope someone makes a TF ark mod
Mitchell M
Mitchell M Prije 12 dana
Might get flight simulator just for Star Wars lol
Chris Casper T
Chris Casper T Prije 12 dana
Very Crud..
Jose Torres
Jose Torres Prije 12 dana
Those mods are a sheat
Nikolayevic Muhamedoff
Nikolayevic Muhamedoff Prije 12 dana
i never click so fast before
Alaskaaa Prije 12 dana
What's even the point if the cockpit looks so bad?
Deathtrooper204 Prije 12 dana
Imagine if they added crash and damage physics instead of just a pop-up window
Deathtrooper204 Prije 6 dana
@Mapper They couldn't even get forza quality damage models?
Mapper Prije 8 dana
As well as being hard to implement for every plane in the game, I imagine it also has something to do with the aircraft manufacturers not wanting their planes to look like that
G Sweater
G Sweater Prije 12 dana
Better graphics on Lego Star Wars.
Colors 66
Colors 66 Prije 12 dana
Cockpit view is rubbish!
Eric Gordon
Eric Gordon Prije 12 dana
The game squadrons should have been
Perry Arthur
Perry Arthur Prije 12 dana
No millennium falcon? 🤦‍♂️
Lorenzo T
Lorenzo T Prije 12 dana
Still waiting for a Superman or an Iron Man Mod
Muzi Tshabalala
Muzi Tshabalala Prije 13 dana
ign is out of touch with the internet. Why all the production values? Just have a person play the game with commentary.
Chess Prije 13 dana
Whoever composed this music needs to be fired.
Ken Fried
Ken Fried Prije 13 dana
Mate... This is prettycool!
Max Galm
Max Galm Prije 13 dana
The slave 1 is extraordinary
Evil Jigglypuff
Evil Jigglypuff Prije 13 dana
Dimaz Prije 13 dana
it'd be even cooler if they could make some sort of tracks/waypoints for podracing
grab a cactus
grab a cactus Prije 13 dana
0:42 a man can only dream
Reverend Zombie
Reverend Zombie Prije 13 dana
Looks like crap to me
GreenPlayer Manghiam
GreenPlayer Manghiam Prije 13 dana
I hope Microsoft makes a "Call of Duty" sorta simulator
pyth Prije 13 dana
What music is this
NIKHIL KUMAR Prije 13 dana
Will there be a microsoft car simulator so that we can see all the cities instead of flying and seeing only the top of the buildings
Evan Prije 13 dana
Now this is pod racing.
Raven Prije 13 dana
flaps do not work on slave I - unplayable
sim_ tastic vids
sim_ tastic vids Prije 13 dana
Navy Rdw
Navy Rdw Prije 13 dana
"A-Wing. Reporting in"
Poogle Chen
Poogle Chen Prije 13 dana
This would be awesome if there was an exercise bike mod👍😃👍
Erlaxis Prije 13 dana
Cool, this may make the game fun to play. I mean fun for people not into the sim mechanics.
The Liamster
The Liamster Prije 13 dana
I remember when a Tie Interceptor flew over London when the UK was invaded by the Galactic Empire.
Lance1972 Prije 9 dana
The UK IS the Galactic Empire.
Alejandro Inc
Alejandro Inc Prije 13 dana
Seems like yesterday
blaster915 Prije 13 dana
That podracer is flying to high. I think it should have been built on a ecranoplan design, using ground effect to stay aloft.
SweetJabe 77
SweetJabe 77 Prije 13 dana
So basically squadrons lol
Dug From The Earth
Dug From The Earth Prije 13 dana
This makes me glad they never did something lame with the franchise that brought it to the modern day world.
Jim Crick44
Jim Crick44 Prije 13 dana
give me superman
Hack Sign21
Hack Sign21 Prije 13 dana
Man you can see the lag
A little bit of Flexter
A little bit of Flexter Prije 13 dana
Tacoraptor Prije 13 dana
So what if Disney gave these devs the license to make squadron games for Star Wars?
CasePB Prije 13 dana
That music lol.
ericthered06 Prije 13 dana
Music provided by Jayan Willyams
Miguel Luis Valenzuela
Miguel Luis Valenzuela Prije 13 dana
Kudos to the one who the background music that sounds like Star Wars soundtrack but definitely isn't Star Wars soundtrack
Dominic Cheang
Dominic Cheang Prije 12 dana
the rhythm sounds the same, I think they just changed the chords and arrangement of notes slightly
Thunder Prije 13 dana
Are just going to ignore the that the speeder is 6x the size it would be normally SCAM! Part 2, Testing Chinese Body Armor...
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