SMITE - Official Tiamat Reveal Trailer

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Take a look at Smite's newest gods, Tiamat and Gilgamesh, in this latest trailer for the free-to-play MOBA.

Tiamat, SMITE's first Babylonian God, cleanses the Battleground of Cthulhu's madness. However, in doing so she reshapes the world in her own image.
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MusicStan Prije 16 sati
Me: Scream in Gate of Babylon
anarcho_ Anime
anarcho_ Anime Prije 5 dana
wait so this isn’t a D&D crossover? Oh......
Olivia Trusty
Olivia Trusty Prije 6 dana
Not going to lie, I just came here to see how other Fate nerds reacted to this defamation of character lol
TheReverend Prije 7 dana
came to the comments expecting D&D and only found Fate. This is acceptable.
youraveragedude Prije 8 dana
I bet the game is 2D when it comes out 😂
Null_96 Prije 5 dana
The game has been out since 2013, it is a third person moba where the heroes are gods and figures from mythology and history
Lil picco
Lil picco Prije 7 dana
It’s not and it’s been out 😂
Dillon L
Dillon L Prije 8 dana
People still play this crap?
Stargate Prije 9 dana
I have over 2500 hrs on this game. And its honestly straight buttcheeks now. Horrible matchmaking.
Liana Verwood
Liana Verwood Prije 9 dana
Horrible voice.
kiwimcfly Prije 9 dana
Nobody’s gonna comment on this video because everyone’s afk
Where was this kind of support when Paragon was falling down?
Jlc Jlc
Jlc Jlc Prije 9 dana
Cool new Tryndamere and Aurelion Sol skins.
Taylor Weston
Taylor Weston Prije 10 dana
I thought it meant tiamat from dungeons and dragons
MOODLES Prije 10 dana
Bahute badhiya ba
Rio Pratama Martin
Rio Pratama Martin Prije 10 dana
Holy moly the king of sumeria join smite ? Well make sense
Wøłf Prije 10 dana
Still waiting for Nidhoog
Caleb Cole
Caleb Cole Prije 10 dana
This is making me reinstall the game because i love Babylonia, gilgamesh the king of Uruk and so much more, i wonder if gilgamesh will be as op as his anime counterpart from Fate lol probably not
Emile Ren
Emile Ren Prije 11 dana
Fate fan's ar coming...
Wings Prije 11 dana
Advent children flashbacks...
lunarwolfgun Prije 11 dana
Did any1 say fate/GO Yet?
Steven Cisneros
Steven Cisneros Prije 11 dana
We can potentially see more kaiju looking gods to be in Smite!!
Steven Cisneros
Steven Cisneros Prije 8 sati
@donny ray indeed!
donny ray
donny ray Prije 14 sati
We need Titans!!
Shaggy Rogers
Shaggy Rogers Prije 11 dana
Ight now im joining too
Feral X
Feral X Prije 11 dana
I hope this game also have Sauron, Godzilla, Brazilian mythology, Australian mythology and Nidhogg
Yasheen Deonarain
Yasheen Deonarain Prije 11 dana
She's missing a few heads.
Wing X Custom
Wing X Custom Prije 11 dana
Just Give me Fate x Smite Already
Wing X Custom
Wing X Custom Prije 11 dana
Go Neo Baham- Buhombo... THE DRAGON! Shit's getting real Final Fantasy in here. Now with Gil coming, all I need is my Fate x Smite crossover.
Starmage Seer
Starmage Seer Prije 11 dana
Tiamat looks like the giant monster Aqua rides in his movie ! Dawn of Babylon wow The occult symbolism is just in everything now. Oh that's right it always has been.
Enigma gaming
Enigma gaming Prije 11 dana
So is the new champion Tiamat or Gilgamesh
Tanki man
Tanki man Prije 12 dana
I thought this was a leviathian cameo
Ann Umi
Ann Umi Prije 12 dana
Shixxe Prije 12 dana
HIMMBelljuvo Prije 12 dana
The creature design for Tiamat is S tier!
Greenphonix Prije 12 dana
If they make fate skins. I will return to the game.
Trịnh ngk
Trịnh ngk Prije 12 dana
Already a ton of comments are about the Original Milk from FGO. I'm proud for I am a devoted to Mama Tiamat.
Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore Prije 12 dana
Dmbrandon was at capital hill
Max Keutzer
Max Keutzer Prije 12 dana
I’m definitely picking this game back up if they announce Fate Babylon character skins
Fedor Silva
Fedor Silva Prije 12 dana
Gilgamesh..finally..An ancient Iraqi king 😎😎
Jocose Sonata
Jocose Sonata Prije 12 dana
Still waiting for the Jesus reveal.
- Justinbakerking -
- Justinbakerking - Prije 11 dana
Aren't we all 🥲
LooNaTiC Prije 12 dana
So Kaiju lvl 4 appeared..
Jötunn Prije 12 dana
The game they abandoned Tribes for.
Prushin the Spirit
Prushin the Spirit Prije 11 dana
I wonder when the likes of you will go extinct already...
Moмo Prije 12 dana
This looks amazing
Sakib Uddin
Sakib Uddin Prije 12 dana
I am still waiting for them to put angels and demons from heaven and hell.
- Justinbakerking -
- Justinbakerking - Prije 11 dana
Yes lilith as a assassin would be sick
GiHyun Kim
GiHyun Kim Prije 12 dana
kono jatshu!
Spyro Prije 12 dana
Nice to recognise Tiamat's name after playing Spelunky 2 :)
Mr Skits
Mr Skits Prije 12 dana
Looks like a damn Mobile game trailer.
Mr Skits
Mr Skits Prije 11 dana
@CorXIII Felinike and that's the stupidest thing anyones ever said to me. 😂
CorXIII Felinike
CorXIII Felinike Prije 11 dana
@Mr Skits you don’t even know what cgi is?
Mr Skits
Mr Skits Prije 12 dana
@Hyiugo can you make sense please?
Hyiugo Prije 12 dana
lol,you clearly don't know what is cgi trailer.
gruesome bugbear
gruesome bugbear Prije 12 dana
Tiamat bentar lagi
Piss Chungus
Piss Chungus Prije 12 dana
Looks exactly like Aurelion Sol lol
donovan goldsborough
donovan goldsborough Prije 12 dana
So the holy grail war begins again
Terrence Noran
Terrence Noran Prije 12 dana
Weirdly enough, I was expecting the sound coming out of Tiamat’s mouth to be a bunch of “AAAHH”s in a singsong manner. Then I remembered that this is Smite, not Fate. Got my hopes too high or this.
Charming Villain
Charming Villain Prije 12 dana
Dont like the voice act on Tiamat , must be more Dragon like Paarthurnax in Skyrim.
VagrantWulf Prije 12 dana
Sounds perfectly draconic to me. It just doesn't sound masculine, which is what I suppose you actually mean.
Reverence93 Prije 12 dana
The annunaki has come
Prana Khan
Prana Khan Prije 12 dana
Marduk, save us
CorXIII Felinike
CorXIII Felinike Prije 11 dana
@Felipe Zorzi I think they do, actually.
Felipe Zorzi
Felipe Zorzi Prije 12 dana
I think you don't know who actually is Marduk.
aLi 112
aLi 112 Prije 12 dana
That dragon remind me of The Kukulkan's limited skin
Wincked Prije 12 dana
Cool design for a dragon; i like it
Fzde Prije 12 dana
I’ll play again when I can play in my pc with my ps4 account.
Abin Jacob
Abin Jacob Prije 12 dana
Cashing on Last order i see
Sam Tamoglia
Sam Tamoglia Prije 12 dana
Yeah, anything that sounds like King Ghidorah when it roars, shouldn't be trusted.
Warith Deen Zulu
Warith Deen Zulu Prije 12 dana
Enuma ELISHH!!
Ray Kazmi
Ray Kazmi Prije 12 dana
Why does the monster in the thumbnail look like Sophie from love, death and robots?? Anyone? Just me?
David118 Prije 13 dana
yeah I should start playing this game again🤣
Post Malone
Post Malone Prije 13 dana
They make amazing trailer like this but when i downloaded it and and decided to play, there's no one to play with. The match making is too long
marioforever453 Prije 13 dana
Half of you commenting probably don't know how to play smite and die on like 8 seconds
CTkidgamer Prije 13 dana
I smell fate series cross over skins and before anyone ask why they did Rwby
mac Prije 12 dana
gimme that cu chu lancer skin
Santo Tan
Santo Tan Prije 12 dana
Cause promoting series, marketing and stuff... and also money, lot's of money.
Jassiel Rosales
Jassiel Rosales Prije 13 dana
If he's Gil where is Enkidu??
Alphapkmn Prije 2 dana
@Vaduva Iulian So are Achilles and Mulan. And yet...
Vaduva Iulian
Vaduva Iulian Prije 12 dana
Jassiel Rosales
Jassiel Rosales Prije 13 dana
Awwww yeaaaahhh The Anunnaki are coming!!! Be ready, Babylon is arriving at SMITE!!!
Victor S.
Victor S. Prije 13 dana
That looks like Tryndamere at the end and Aurelio Sol
BardBarian Productions
BardBarian Productions Prije 13 dana
Abdul Muhaimin
Abdul Muhaimin Prije 13 dana
*_(Insert Tiamat Beast II Ascension)_*
German Asem
German Asem Prije 13 dana
Tiamat appears (DnD players): Release the Bard!
Chang Siah Lim
Chang Siah Lim Prije 12 dana
Okay I don't play DND do I do know her from Fgo
scott jutras
scott jutras Prije 13 dana
ive got a full party of bards ready with 20s in charisma
BardBarian Productions
BardBarian Productions Prije 13 dana
"I will remake this realm in my image" I see this as an absolute win! I for one welcome our new draconic overlord!
Nothing_New Prije 13 dana
Tiamet is supposed to have 5 heads and like chaotic evil right?
Nothing_New Prije 13 dana
@BardBarian Productions now thats something I did not know
BardBarian Productions
BardBarian Productions Prije 13 dana
She's actually originally from Babylonian mythology.
Joey Fan
Joey Fan Prije 13 dana
This game is still kicking huh?
TwoSteps Prije 13 dana
is this game easy to learn for new players ? or is it hardcore like dota etc...
CorXIII Felinike
CorXIII Felinike Prije 11 dana
Smite is the most casual friendly MOBA out there
TheHellsingHQ Prije 13 dana
Felipe Pineda
Felipe Pineda Prije 13 dana
If you have experienced in Mobas it's easier to learn, it has casual modes where you can learn the gods an mechanics of each one, there's 112 currently and more coming, and as every online game I guess, it's more fun with friends cuz community gets really toxic sometimes (like every other moba)
German Asem
German Asem Prije 13 dana
Easy to learn, very very hard to master. Totally fun with friends (no matter the result).
cu chulainn
cu chulainn Prije 13 dana
it has some game modes for casual players, you play with the third person perspective,and it's free to play. so you lose nothing if you want to give it a try !
John Sidney
John Sidney Prije 13 dana
Is this boss gonna have 50 million HP?
BardBarian Productions
BardBarian Productions Prije 13 dana
She's gonna be playable.
King Gaydorah
King Gaydorah Prije 13 dana
Love it
Laggingvision Prije 13 dana
I want Nico Bolas Smite: we have Nico Bolas at home
devilos250 Prije 13 dana
Smite = toxic player
Shirea Prije 13 dana
yea Tiamat is missing 5 heads. shame.
A.P. X
A.P. X Prije 13 dana
Sooooo I've been waiting about 10+ years for Jesus to be in the game.
renz06660 Prije 13 dana
Do people still play this? Cant find a match on ps5.
Gianfranco Bellini Rojas
Gianfranco Bellini Rojas Prije 13 dana
How is playstation plataforma have at leas 80k players, Xbox have 30k & pc have in steam 20k.
Lynx Waller
Lynx Waller Prije 13 dana
Hope there will be more from Cthulhu Mythos, like Nyarlathothep or Azathoth
Chance Mueller
Chance Mueller Prije dan
@Finn McHugh likely going to be Charibdis(probably butchered the spelling) this is mainly due to the devs prior statements about the lovecraftian pantheon stating they currently have no plans for anymore, and at that time they likely already had the next year of Gods finalized in terms of who they want and a rough idea of the gods 2 years out similar to what they've had since season 3 (they almost always have the next year set in stone and a vague idea of the year after)
Finn McHugh
Finn McHugh Prije 7 dana
In the other trailer for Season 8 I believe they were hinting at Dagon, he's essentially the granddaddy of fish people, if you seen the movie Depth, like that essentially
Billy Roach
Billy Roach Prije 9 dana
@Kevin Prettyman they said there aren't any plans currently. That could change in the future plus I don't think they care what people think about cthulhu. They wanted him in the game
Kevin Prettyman
Kevin Prettyman Prije 11 dana
Dev's had a statement when he was released saying they didn't plan on releasing any other Lovecraftian gods due to "racial tension dating all the way back to HP Lovecraft"
German Asem
German Asem Prije 12 dana
squalleon keneddyheart
squalleon keneddyheart Prije 13 dana
Shouldn't Gil have an Axe instead of a Sword?
Elena Ortega Sanchez
Elena Ortega Sanchez Prije 13 dana
Well he has a khopesh sword is a middle term between axe and sword. Although I thought that the khopesh sword was Egyptian (and persian by that fact) not Babylonian.
Nite V
Nite V Prije 13 dana
The new Monster Hunter movie trailer is awesome!!! Oh wait....
General Knight
General Knight Prije 13 dana
I was hoping for a five headed dragon, but I guess D&D doesn't mix with mythology.
alexander123243 Prije 12 dana
I hope a skin for d&d tiamat is a thing in the future.
Victor Baez
Victor Baez Prije 13 dana
Marlon Navarro
Marlon Navarro Prije 13 dana
I'm still waiting for Jesus lol
Billy Roach
Billy Roach Prije 8 dana
@One Chill Dude what about both. Old kratos could be a skin for loki or tyukiomi(however you spell it) since they both have dual weapons and kratos has the chaos blades
One Chill Dude
One Chill Dude Prije 8 dana
@Billy Roach so new kratos?? nah man i want old kratos
Billy Roach
Billy Roach Prije 9 dana
@Cucutero Rocke a skin could be in the game though like a crossover. It could be for heimdalr since their bodies look the same.
Valentin Ponjaert
Valentin Ponjaert Prije 9 dana
@Cucutero Rocke kratos is not happening
Cucutero Rocke
Cucutero Rocke Prije 12 dana
Im still waiting for Kratos :/
AuronDzilk Prije 13 dana
When is Jesus joining?
The Hermit
The Hermit Prije 13 dana
Give Zeus back his stun....
Hegg Prije 13 dana
Nah that voice is dogshit lmao
Tiamat is normally depicted as a dragon looking more like a winged jaguar. They really took some liberties with this design.
muntu1221 Prije 13 dana
Her silhouette looks very similar to the reliefs of her, though. Especially the teeth
Kurt Gabriel Martinez dos Santos
Kurt Gabriel Martinez dos Santos Prije 13 dana
Wait a second... Tiamat is more powerfull than cthullu😲😲😲😱😱😱how the other pantheons can handle this?
ABZU Deep knowledge
ABZU Deep knowledge Prije 12 dana
It was Gilgamesh who is from the same pantheon is her might be the only one right now can challenge her Babylonians are the oldest and the most powerful cuz they don't need humans Faith or devotion
Phum Keaos
Phum Keaos Prije 13 dana
i want Fate/Stay night's Gilgamesh skin to be an option!
Denise- I m live with cam ᑕᕼEᑕK ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪE
Denise- I m live with cam ᑕᕼEᑕK ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪE Prije 13 dana
You're like that one sock that disappears out of the blue. I don't know what I did to lose you, but I want you back.
Ichibro Prije 13 dana
This isn't my huge, purple haired anime waifu
Olivia Trusty
Olivia Trusty Prije 6 dana
Or the very large, horned original version
Mir Waiz Usayed
Mir Waiz Usayed Prije 11 dana
Its close to her final form
Enigma gaming
Enigma gaming Prije 11 dana
@Ichibro thats Medusa not Tiamat tho
Ichibro Prije 12 dana
@Kevin Escobar fate grand order absolute demonic front babylonia or just play fate grand order
Kevin Escobar
Kevin Escobar Prije 12 dana
And which version of that is that from?
Preslav Velikov
Preslav Velikov Prije 13 dana
i did not understand a thing that happened here...
cu chulainn
cu chulainn Prije 13 dana
watch the trailer before this one to see what happened . or read the game lore if you are interested in playing the game
shin tis
shin tis Prije 13 dana
I don’t remember Tiamat being so sassy but I’ll take it
BardBarian Productions
BardBarian Productions Prije 13 dana
New best girl.
Snappy Prije 13 dana
Tiamat really did the King Ghidorah roar for a second from Godzilla: King of The Monsters 2019
Ghazi Turki Atom Line
Ghazi Turki Atom Line Prije 13 dana
Wow 🤩 Awesome❣️Impressive❣️
Caliber Light
Caliber Light Prije 13 dana
Ha that’s funny unusual I remember how Tiamat used to have five heads not one
DMD00 Prije 12 dana
Their is no concrete appearance for Tiamat, just know that she's a giant female sea Dragon-like monster who gives births to a bunch of other Mesopotamian monsters (Anzu, Mushushu, Kingu, etc).
Caliber Light
Caliber Light Prije 13 dana
P00 P00
P00 P00 Prije 13 dana
DnD Tiamat and Babylonian Tiamat are two different mamajamas lol
Kevin Vu
Kevin Vu Prije 13 dana
Titamat really pulled a olorun on Zeus and cthulhu
A Skeleton that is both Spooky and Scary
A Skeleton that is both Spooky and Scary Prije 13 dana
@Jeffrey O. Olorun and Yamoja are in this game as the two members of the Yoruba pantheon.
Jeffrey O.
Jeffrey O. Prije 13 dana
Is Olorun in this game? That’s crazy. I actually know someone that worships, scary stuff
Songbird Prije 13 dana
Still waiting for Jesus
Riot man
Riot man Prije 13 dana
@TheHellsingHQ lol
TheHellsingHQ Prije 13 dana
Jesus would break the game by being nothing but a feeder character. Lol
aperal732 Prije 13 dana
If they open a Christian pantheon it would be really cool.. playable characters like, king Solomon, Moises, Jesus ect!! And a bunch of demons
King Thor
King Thor Prije 13 dana
@Riot man not really
Riot man
Riot man Prije 13 dana
he would break the game so no
Reborn Prije 13 dana
Looks like Fafnir is getting a girlfriend
Aircraft Carrier Jo
Aircraft Carrier Jo Prije 13 dana
Tiamat is not a big tittied anime waifu that wants to destroy Mesopotamia? Shame...
Rio Pratama Martin
Rio Pratama Martin Prije 10 dana
She's a dragon okay ?
Mir Waiz Usayed
Mir Waiz Usayed Prije 11 dana
Na it's her final form a beast of humanity.
彡τrͥyiͣnͫgϻybes†彡 Prije 12 dana
Caetano Wahnon
Caetano Wahnon Prije 13 dana
Wahten wnhe ywhhh
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