Returnal - Combat Trailer

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Prije 8 dana

Get a gameplay overview in the latest trailer for Housemarque's PS5 exclusive, Returnal.
Roguelike shooter Returnal is due to be released March 19 2021 on PlayStation 5.

Quinch Quidato
Quinch Quidato Prije 13 sati
Reminds me of Lost Planet and Doom.
Craig Johnson
Craig Johnson Prije dan
Thats the worst name for a game ever lol
MsFearco Prije dan
Wow i love this. PC release maybe?
wutbro Prije 2 dana
Risk of Rain AAA?
Lab Rynth
Lab Rynth Prije 2 dana
Risk of Rain combined with Anthem
Tschesch Prije 3 dana
OOOF, getting major Anthem vibes, no thank you
Bamban Gamer
Bamban Gamer Prije 3 dana
Returnal is a psychological roguelike horror game which is the farthest thing from that other thing
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma Prije 3 dana
This game is growing on me. From mildly intrigued now I'm mostly looking forward to it.
Ghoste Prije 3 dana
Risk of rain in 4k?
Justin Jacobs
Justin Jacobs Prije 3 dana
Definitely Lovecraftian in aesthetic.
Luis Cypher
Luis Cypher Prije 3 dana
Need it.
Cody Tierson
Cody Tierson Prije 3 dana
Looks like Anthem with polish and no flying
Alcides Neto
Alcides Neto Prije 3 dana
Generic Mass Effect
Danny GM
Danny GM Prije 3 dana
This looks pretty awesome
Joe Hill
Joe Hill Prije 4 dana
Getting a Mass Effect Andromeda combat feel from this
Retardinho Prije 4 dana
This looks phenomenal! A RESOGUN third person action adventure. Gameplay looks unbelievably fast and fun!
Tobias Lindberg
Tobias Lindberg Prije 4 dana
Vanquish + Edge of tomorrow = Buy🏃
Nekminute Prije 4 dana
shove those exclusives up yer Returnal
bukhrin Prije 4 dana
Space Karen
Fitzy Prije 4 dana
Official trailer with lots of frame drops lol
XI - B - 02 - Evan Surya
XI - B - 02 - Evan Surya Prije 4 dana
0:41 fps drop?
Pj Foley
Pj Foley Prije 4 dana
Anthem, but with the hindsight of Anthem
Julian Prije 4 dana
Looks like another anthem
Tylar Zeigler
Tylar Zeigler Prije 4 dana
Damn this game looks like a mixture of league of legends, pokemon, World of Warcraft, and heavy Viva Piñata vibes. Might have to pick it up.🤔😂
Preston Sap
Preston Sap Prije 4 dana
This looks like “Risk of Rain” with RTX on
WolfgangYDG Prije 4 dana
This reminds me of game that came out a while back. Can't remember the name though.
Zoinks Prije 4 dana
N33T0 K1M
N33T0 K1M Prije 4 dana
uh oh.. more exclusive
Dragoonseye76 Prije 4 dana
It would be fun in psvr and first person
Righteous Destiny
Righteous Destiny Prije 5 dana
It reminds me of a third person Metroid Prime
Michael Prije 5 dana
Mark Stephen
Mark Stephen Prije 5 dana
Sooooooo lost planet 4 basically? 😕 I’m calling tech demo never trust small named “exclusives” in the first year of a consol launch.
Tom Steel
Tom Steel Prije 5 dana
Anirudh Geddam
Anirudh Geddam Prije 5 dana
What kind of Name is this 🧐
Christoph Schoppe
Christoph Schoppe Prije 5 dana
How-many-cuts-can-we-put-in-a-2-minute-trailer the movie.
splayzerboy Prije 5 dana
Its Agent Karen Bowman from Ghost Recon aka Agent 47 handler's narrating this one as well!
Ver Coda
Ver Coda Prije 5 dana
Bled Space.
Alex Trout
Alex Trout Prije 5 dana
So, doom?
Fred Prije 5 dana
"How many particle effects have you implemented in this game?" Housemarque: ......."yes"
gruj4 Prije 5 dana
remnant "Returnal" from the ashes
Kratos be crazy
Kratos be crazy Prije 5 dana
Remember folks don’t go preordering just because you can. Wait for reviews especially since the game is 70 bucks
Dylan Corley
Dylan Corley Prije 5 dana
Doesn't look like next gen 🤷‍♂️
Adam Lallana
Adam Lallana Prije 5 dana
Everything I just saw looks so original, the visuals, the game play, everything! It's like nothing I have already seen 101 times before!
Akaike Prije 5 dana
Graphics are crap, gameplay looks boring, nothing new. Why even bother creating it? So disappointing
Whiskey Gaming
Whiskey Gaming Prije 5 dana
This reminds me of Lost Planet
Jawad Habib
Jawad Habib Prije 5 dana
the only thing i hate about this is that it's PS5 exclusive
annoying Asshole
annoying Asshole Prije 5 dana
Don't cry
Roy Vainqueur
Roy Vainqueur Prije 5 dana
Another loot shooter....
BlackBee Prije 5 dana
It's a shame this is a PS exclusive, I would've liked to play this
snakeinmybewts Prije 5 dana
adfinem rising
adfinem rising Prije 5 dana
Victor Bartlinski
Victor Bartlinski Prije 5 dana
The combat feels like what Anthem should've aspired to be.
Alex Gaming1802
Alex Gaming1802 Prije 5 dana
Mick 8092
Mick 8092 Prije 5 dana
Now this is another PlayStation five game I have my eye on. The only problem is I can’t get a PlayStation five.
Shannon McCrary
Shannon McCrary Prije 5 dana
The movement seems like it was sped up later in development without changing animations (like just speeding up a video to seem like your going faster) leaving the movement look insanely floaty
SR Prije 5 dana
Grandma looks cool in her hi-tech space suit 👍👍
Nicreation Prije 5 dana
This feels Risk of Rain 2 but with better graphics.
Sunil Mohan
Sunil Mohan Prije 5 dana
is that rogues voice actor?
Aman Garge
Aman Garge Prije 5 dana
Came here to mock the title, was impressed instead.
ElJorro Prije 5 dana
Looks interesting!
SaucyBernase Prije 5 dana
Rated G for generic
G Lee
G Lee Prije 5 dana
19.99 all day. Rinse n repeat game. Guaranteed glitchfest on day 1.
Jimbodawg Prije 5 dana
I'm actually interested by this games story more than anything
darrinEH Prije 5 dana
Space Mom
The Gman
The Gman Prije 5 dana
What the hell is wrong with the audio mixing in this trailer? It's terrible!
uwu Prije 5 dana
looks dope
Dave G
Dave G Prije 5 dana
IanPeon Prije 5 dana
You don't often see frame drops in an official game trailer, so I'm hoping the hardware limit is being pushed.
popodono Prije 5 dana
Can we please stop making roguelike games please?! I'd like to play a game with a world that was actual crafted in a deliberate manner. Those are always better.
zim zum
zim zum Prije 5 dana
Can't wait to play this one if I ever can find a ps5
UK-ALPHADOG Prije 5 dana
Serious sam in Space? nah i don't think its a Hit,lol
bobocpe Prije 5 dana
Those frame drops look pretty dope...
erkziltonz Prije 5 dana
Looks pretty cool but that voice is so bland and emotionless, I know she must be documenting her research or whatever but still..
Matias Reyes
Matias Reyes Prije 5 dana
So basically the old Avatar game
Simon Holland
Simon Holland Prije 5 dana
very control-y which makes me 10x more excited
Jesse kitchen
Jesse kitchen Prije 5 dana
Risk of Rap............your video card
Amin Boula
Amin Boula Prije 5 dana
I think this will keep me busy for a moment until lost soul aside arrives on ps5. If it comes out someday😅
Casual User
Casual User Prije 5 dana
never head of it....but it looks awesome
Nam Nguyễn
Nam Nguyễn Prije 5 dana
Pretty sure it'll end up being generic as hell
apocalypse369 Prije 5 dana
I still wish Sony wasn't charging extra for exclusives I'll be waiting for a price drop
Russell Richardson
Russell Richardson Prije 5 dana
Anthem with no flying and a better weapons?
Bryan Montanez
Bryan Montanez Prije 5 dana
this game feels like red faction armagedon
DrOfNothing Prije 5 dana
Sergio Jiménez
Sergio Jiménez Prije 5 dana
Mass Effect: Andromeda
francesc alcantarilla gonzalez
francesc alcantarilla gonzalez Prije 5 dana
Very impressive
Hollering Smith
Hollering Smith Prije 5 dana
Anxiety Ebriety
Anxiety Ebriety Prije 5 dana
exciting.very very exciting
JEDIAL9 Prije 5 dana
A day-one *_DROP!_* This game looks hard but dope, can't wait to purchase and play it!
Echo: No Contact
Echo: No Contact Prije 5 dana
So it's a third person bullethell shooter with a possibly Rouge-like approach to levels and death mechanics... I'm in.
rickybobby144 Prije 5 dana
"captured on PS5" IGN: Uploads in 1080p
DreadDrakeIII Prije 5 dana
Third Person Doom
Skizzy Marzz
Skizzy Marzz Prije 5 dana
Am I the only one who got Doom vibes? Maybe a little Nier
stoner boner
stoner boner Prije 5 dana
paxlok Prije 5 dana
I mean if they fix the framerate, then yes you have my money XD PS: idk if its youtube's format making those fps drops
Robert Hughes
Robert Hughes Prije 6 dana
Hey a more playable Death Stranding. I'm in lol.
KodiakULV Prije 6 dana
This looks so bad lol
stoner boner
stoner boner Prije 5 dana
you are very sad.
KodiakULV Prije 6 dana
What a horrible title Name though LMAO
contracide Prije 6 dana
Violently attaches to arm: Does not seem hostile...
Nikhil Shahane
Nikhil Shahane Prije 4 dana
Stockholm's syndrome... I guess?
Playstation finna be winning game of the year BACK TO BACK TO BACK BABBYYY
stoner boner
stoner boner Prije 5 dana
Jack Sawyer
Jack Sawyer Prije 6 dana
I want this game sooooo bad. I wonder if PS5s will even ACTUALLY be available yet in March.
Gideon Sledge
Gideon Sledge Prije 6 dana
Oh cool! Anthem with walking
Fevian Cortes
Fevian Cortes Prije 6 dana
Her voice reminds me of Ripley! Can’t wait to play this game!
Phillipe Correia
Phillipe Correia Prije 6 dana
This is basically Risk of Rain, even the environmental scenarios are look a like (Just graphically distinct, but similar in too many levels). Do the creators of Risk of Rain know about this game or are involved in it?
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