GoldenEye Live Watch Along w/ Famke Janssen and Martin Campbell

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Prije 23 dana

Join IGN's Clint Gage and Brian Altano they watch the fan-favorite James Bond film -- Goldeneye. Joining us on today's WFH Theater is director, Martin Campbell and star Famke Janssen.
We'll find out what it's like to reboot James Bond, bringing a terrifying Bond villain to life, and so much more.
IGN won't be able to show the movie in the live stream watch-along, so if you want the full WFH Theater experience, sync up the show on your devices and watch with us when we press "play" together! If you don't own a copy of the film already, you can watch it for free on HRpost or find it on subscription streaming services Netflix and Hulu.
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AJ McRobert
AJ McRobert Prije 5 dana
She still looks gorgeous! I don't know how you could talk to her without "I love you" slipping out.
Sami92095 Prije 7 dana
bond james bond
Julian Sirian
Julian Sirian Prije 8 dana
1:00:27 ... The famous scene with the leg crushing... (Interesting how she says that she accidently put the guy in hospital after they shot the scene, although a fan on another video said that she said in an interview around the time that the first shoot was a more sadistic shoot. What we saw was a more tame version.)
Bond and Beyond
Bond and Beyond Prije 6 dana
yeah because it wouldn't make it past the censors
Asa Yagami
Asa Yagami Prije 8 dana
Martin made two of the best bonds!
Jamie Noble
Jamie Noble Prije 10 dana
I could not disagree more with Martin Campbell, i love the industrial style of soundtrack this movie has. The bond theme was way overused in the movies coming afterwards.
Pdrew Prije 11 dana
T M Prije 11 dana
I’m a simple man.... I see Famke Janssen....I click.
Marianbadea Badea
Marianbadea Badea Prije 12 dana
La al al
AlongCameJosh Prije 13 dana
Love it, thanks for doing this IGN
MarCuseusFX Prije 13 dana
"Armageddon was all CG"??? **EPIC FACEPALM**
Dan Palmer
Dan Palmer Prije 15 dana
This is awesome to listen to, thanks IGN. Famke was so great in this film
Enforcement Droid Series 209
Enforcement Droid Series 209 Prije 16 dana
Its a shame Janseen got so much work done to her face. I always thought she had natural beauty. She looks...stuffy now.
SGBusby1984 Prije 18 dana
Famke is my favourite bond girl. Such a great femme fatale.
Conor Furlong
Conor Furlong Prije 18 dana
An absolutely fantastic film. This was a treat to watch. Thank you, IGN.
tigertron Prije 19 dana
Not just the best Bond film but one of the best films ever made.
Protoss Evolution
Protoss Evolution Prije 19 dana
Time to blow the dust from my N64... Nah, I'm lying, I never put goldeneye down since the release of the game.
hadi oynayalım
hadi oynayalım Prije 20 dana
youngster796 Prije 21 dan
Hope Martin Campbell directs the next bond film again for the new James Bond!!
Gamepro3093 Nick Kulstad
Gamepro3093 Nick Kulstad Prije 12 dana
@Claudiu Rogojan I did.
Claudiu Rogojan
Claudiu Rogojan Prije 13 dana
@Gamepro3093 Nick Kulstad you mean casino royale, he would have been like ten in 1995
Gamepro3093 Nick Kulstad
Gamepro3093 Nick Kulstad Prije 19 dana
I do too. I hope they bring in Henry Cavill. He was Martin Campbell’s preferred choice for Casino Royale.
유석근 Prije 21 dan
도데체. 말이돼냐고요.. 증말 그쪽에서 내리던 네가네리던 ... 왜 그런동영상 만들어요 .차라리 넷것이라면 .... 합성을해서 올리면 뿌듯함이 느겨지냐고요
유석근 Prije 21 dan
진짜 죽으면 직성이 풀리니. 동영상 만들어서 올리시면 뿌듯함을 느끼세요??
FMFvideos Prije 21 dan
why no pierce brosnam?
jaimon john
jaimon john Prije 11 dana
He did a solo video
vallejo ca
vallejo ca Prije 22 dana
after GoldenEye🤢 the end
Nathan Haller
Nathan Haller Prije 22 dana
Famke has to be one of the nicest and sweetest people I've seen in one of these long interviews/watch alongs. She has such respect for Martin Campbell after all these years, and it makes me appreciate her even more.
Will Perron
Will Perron Prije 22 dana
This is awesome 👍
Nick Mazur
Nick Mazur Prije 22 dana
If only Minnie Driver play Natalia instead of the bad singer mistress
Nick Mazur
Nick Mazur Prije 22 dana
Hold on, why did start the movie and stop showing it WTF!
Bean_Marine Prije 22 dana
Nick Mazur
Nick Mazur Prije 22 dana
@37:52 you can clearly see that's too thin to be bungee cord, that's a rope, and when he jumps it changes color from black to white. Movie mistake
Bean_Marine Prije 22 dana
they answered me :)
Bean_Marine Prije 22 dana
2:25:44 + 2:34:02
GrieverXVII Prije 22 dana
Xenia! ..I can't... Breathe... HNNNGGGGHHHHH!
m.t Prije 22 dana
Worth it 😄
Moraduke Prije 22 dana
My favorite Bond movie and one of my favorite movies ever. Great game too. Famke still looks stunning today.
Neel Sen
Neel Sen Prije 22 dana
Wow Martin Campbell 🤩 My all time favorite Bond director 😇 Wish he introduces Aiden Turner as the next Bond or someone else whoever Martin chooses to Play Bond 👌🍸
Gamepro3093 Nick Kulstad
Gamepro3093 Nick Kulstad Prije 19 dana
I hope he introduces Henry Cavill, his desired choice for Casino Royale but who was passed over for Daniel Craig because they wanted to introduce an agent who later was promoted to 00 agent after already being an experienced agent for a number of years and not someone who’s young like Cavill was back then. That and they wanted to break the traditional mould of a tall dark and handsome actor for a more rough and tumbled version who’d grow into the more traditional version of James Bond later. Well except being tall. The rest he does possess. Cavill would be a great choice to take the series in a different direction with. Of course, if they retain Purvis and Wade the similar writing habits they’ve grown accustomed to won’t disappear. EON would be prepared this time to find a new director for the follow up after Martin does the introduction movie being he does the pilot movie and moves on.
George Hillier
George Hillier Prije 22 dana
Famke looks like she's had work done, if so, what a shame coz she's an absolute beaut.
Crimsonskys Prije 18 dana
I'm pretty sure it's just because she's getting older. Goldeneye was made almost 30 years ago.
Tommy Prije 20 dana
She was super hot in this film
Faiyaz Alam
Faiyaz Alam Prije 21 dan
She doesnt look almost 60
SharkGod2 Prije 22 dana
i was thinking the same thing so sad
Lee Daley
Lee Daley Prije 22 dana
Indeed. She looks like she is suffering from an allergy.
Tony David
Tony David Prije 22 dana
Well, atleast this one is still up. Thanks mgm for blocking it on cinefix /s
Bean_Marine Prije 22 dana
Nevil Mandil
Nevil Mandil Prije 22 dana
This has got the worst special effects I've ever seen.
d4rkjust1c3 Prije 22 dana
One of the best tank scenes ever
MtbAddict109 Prije 22 dana
Aydreean C
Aydreean C Prije 22 dana
Move_I_Got_This Prije 22 dana
Famke: How many women did you try out for my part. Director: After you, no one.
sungleong Prije 12 dana
After casting you, no one
Move_I_Got_This Prije 21 dan
@George Hillier I didn’t, I just watched 10 minutes of it and I’ve never seen that or most Bond movies.
George Hillier
George Hillier Prije 22 dana
Thanks, we also saw the video
Ciaran Statham
Ciaran Statham Prije 22 dana
There really was no need. She's fantastic.
tambulee Prije 22 dana
Yh I remember and enjoyed those Bond runs on TNT during December too
Hassan Prije 22 dana
Netflix party on youtube
Mackenzie Gault
Mackenzie Gault Prije 22 dana
Bert Vedder
Bert Vedder Prije 22 dana
Nederland echt wel!! 🇳🇱 Go Famke, you’re awesome 🥳
MiroirIndustries Prije 22 dana
Why doesn't he direct all the Bond films?!
Gamepro3093 Nick Kulstad
Gamepro3093 Nick Kulstad Prije 19 dana
He was sorely missed for the other 3 Brosnan movies. None of them brought the panache and punch that Martin did. At least with Daniel Craig he got Sam Mendes and Cary Fukunaga for most of the follow ups.
Oliver Giggins
Oliver Giggins Prije 20 dana
He's been asked to direct at least three more times, he just keeps refusing. He doesn't want to have to work with someone else's baggage which is why he just introduces new Bonds.
Uzbekialien Prije 21 dan
I think Green Lantern killed his opportunities for a while.
Damn I remember the N64 golden eye
thelethalhunter177 Prije 22 dana
Wow I just saw Goldeneye for the first time two nights ago. Here we have IGN where they were watching it 5 hours ago with Famke and Martin! What a coincidence!
doro626 Prije 22 dana
blocked on the sapp. i had to come and see if it was still here.
Danny Wilson
Danny Wilson Prije 22 dana
This was pretty cool 👍
Constantinus Prije 22 dana
Who’s the girl in the thumbnail
Eric Thorpe
Eric Thorpe Prije 22 dana
Famke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp
LazerC4 Prije 22 dana
Still my favorite James Bond film of all time. Great stream tho!
m.t Prije 22 dana
Wow I love Famke even more now
Colbert Massie
Colbert Massie Prije 22 dana
And Famke doesn’t age at all
Ben Prije 22 dana
Brian hasn’t got a clue
m.t Prije 22 dana
I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday and this guy remember every single detail from a movie he made 25 yrs ago
keith schlichter
keith schlichter Prije 22 dana
@Tschu Backa some people with higher IQs are more prone to using alcohol and drugs because they can see that the past 10 days isn't worth remembering, it's all meaningless.
keith schlichter
keith schlichter Prije 22 dana
Why would you want to remember the past 10 days? Haha amateur
Anex415 Prije 22 dana
It must be something remarkable..
Blender Study
Blender Study Prije 22 dana
That was an awesome interactive commentary. Thank you for the update, IGN..!!
cyshadowx Prije 22 dana
12 days of bond on TBS omg i remember those my time watching a bond film. my first theater bond experience was golden eye at the imax my cousin treated our family it was the best time i had in a movie fan of Mr Bronson my favorite bond
jorge m
jorge m Prije 22 dana
She’s still hot
Charles Gabriel
Charles Gabriel Prije 22 dana
This is interesting. Goldeneye is my favorite James Bond movie. And the James Bond franchise is now officially dead, after going full woke, or how I like to say it, going full lame.
Gamepro3093 Nick Kulstad
Gamepro3093 Nick Kulstad Prije 19 dana
@Lee Daley yeah I can’t agree with this talk of the series being dead. Especially when the Daniel Craig movies are twice as profitable as the Pierce Brosnan movies and have really increased the popularity of the series. If anything, this talk of the series being dead is better applied to the tail end of the Brosnan era. Before the reboot, the series hit rock bottom with Die Another Day, the Batman And Robin of the series. The whole movie was a giant fashion plate. It was so awful it spawned a 4 year hiatus. It was profitable but there were still serious doubts about how the series could go forward after such a disaster.
Charles Gabriel
Charles Gabriel Prije 22 dana
@Ciaran Statham Yeah, someone just said that right now lol
Charles Gabriel
Charles Gabriel Prije 22 dana
@Lee Daley I see.
Ciaran Statham
Ciaran Statham Prije 22 dana
@Charles Gabriel No, they said the 007 codename has been taken in Bond's absence/retirement from MI6.
Lee Daley
Lee Daley Prije 22 dana
​@Charles Gabriel Lashana Lynch may get a spin off movie of her own. But she will retain her own name. The 007 code can be passed to anybody since it is just a code name. If Craig's Bond retires at the end of No Time To Die then that code can be passed on to someone else.
FIREWERTYHN Prije 22 dana
Jean Grey!
Raziel Prije 22 dana
This guy actually directed two of the best Bond movies, none of the others come even close to Golden eye and Casino Royale. Best Villains, Best themes, Best storyline in those two movies.
Cyberdemon Mike
Cyberdemon Mike Prije 21 dan
@I loathe people who're still talking after I say hi yes
I loathe people who're still talking after I say hi
I loathe people who're still talking after I say hi Prije 22 dana
So goldfinger means nothing to you?
Anex415 Prije 22 dana
Wow...i still remember the leg lock!
Jordane Sheridan
Jordane Sheridan Prije 23 dana
GoldenEye? Classic. 😎
Luis Pardo
Luis Pardo Prije 23 dana
This was awesome!
Moe Fawkah
Moe Fawkah Prije 23 dana
Beautiful woman....Hmm
Earth Element
Earth Element Prije 23 dana
Enjoy Bond's 1-Liners. ;)
Knight M Ares
Knight M Ares Prije 23 dana
Famke is beautiful.
George Hillier
George Hillier Prije 22 dana
She was..... she looks terrible in this. Clearly had work done, and its not gone well.
JUGRIZZLE Prije 23 dana
Cesar Cardoso
Cesar Cardoso Prije 23 dana
JohnnyBlaZe Prije 23 dana
Martin Campbell directed GoldenEye & Casino Royal both was awesome !
Sandy Sheikh
Sandy Sheikh Prije 20 dana
@Edgar Federico Rodriguez You mean The Living Daylights.
Edgar Federico Rodriguez
Edgar Federico Rodriguez Prije 22 dana
Both the top best (with a close 3rd from Skyfall)
Sol Romero
Sol Romero Prije 23 dana
Martin Campbell best James Bond director!
Ricoimf Prije 23 dana
Yes!!!! Goldeneye and Casino Royal are my favorite ones!
Eric Thorpe
Eric Thorpe Prije 23 dana
100% hope he does one more
Marc Questenberg
Marc Questenberg Prije 23 dana
On the HRpost channel CineFix the stream has been blocked because of copyright infringement by MGM, would be a great pity if this stream would also be deleted.
David James
David James Prije 10 dana
With Martin Campbell and Famke Janssen doing this, wouldn't this have been cleared with MGM?
Spaceman Prije 12 dana
It's so annoying right..
Sol Romero
Sol Romero Prije 23 dana
I can’t wait to see Martin
Marc Questenberg
Marc Questenberg Prije 23 dana
Famke is a great , beautiful and sympathetic woman. Great charisma and eye-catcher . A great experience to watch her and the director Martin Campbell watching and commenting on the film James Bond Golden Eye, at the end of this otherwise scary year 2020 .
Master Zone
Master Zone Prije 23 dana
Nice owsom
Dmaura Prije 23 dana
I still get confused on how to say her name correctly
Anonymus X
Anonymus X Prije 18 dana
FlorensEmile Prije 22 dana
I’m Dutch and can understand why it would be difficult for someone who doesn’t speak the language
Da Paintbrush 69
Da Paintbrush 69 Prije 23 dana
Fantastic movies
MartKart 246
MartKart 246 Prije 23 dana
Nutter butter
Eric Thorpe
Eric Thorpe Prije 23 dana
That was great!
Eric Thorpe
Eric Thorpe Prije 23 dana
@emprrah the stream 😂
emprrah Prije 23 dana
What was
XL Dub
XL Dub Prije 23 dana
1k likes and the vid hasn't even started lol
emprrah Prije 23 dana
Really? how come
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