Scott Pilgrim: The Complete Edition - 4-Player Co-op Gameplay

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Prije 8 dana

Check out 22 minutes of 4-player co-op gameplay from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Complete Edition. Coming to Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch and Stadia on January 14.
Scott Pilgrim has been remastered for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch and Google Stadia. The complete edition comes with all the original DLC and now features online co-op (as well as local co-op) for up to 4 players. Watch the video to see the co-op Scott Pilgrim gameplay in action.

DinosaurChinatown Prije 23 sati
is this couch co-op or Online. When it finally launched online mode it wasn't great, is it better now?
Tuck Chesta
Tuck Chesta Prije dan
"Are we gonna play Scott Pilgrim today?" "Uh, you know what? I just left... to get another controller of course!"
Romeo Casido
Romeo Casido Prije 2 dana
I bought the original on steam. Do I have to buy it again?
Martin Ask
Martin Ask Prije 3 dana
Why are you not looting all the coin? : ((
M-roy22 Prije 4 dana
Aye this music slap
KING OF MONSTER Prije 4 dana
Rob B
Rob B Prije 4 dana
I wish I had friends :(
A C Prije 4 dana
Does the music overpower the gameplay like that?
chaTzon Prije 4 dana
Oh yeees and it dont stop with no pause
Tawin K
Tawin K Prije 4 dana
Gio Von Matterhorn
Gio Von Matterhorn Prije 5 dana
Can you play this game online with local players too? e.g: P1 and P2 playing couch co-op and P3 and P4 playing online
Toja Tak
Toja Tak Prije 5 dana
why this game got so popular when the gameplay is so repetitive and boring ?i checked this couse i was thinking ow something new for coop but this looks terrible boring
Dub Snac
Dub Snac Prije 5 dana
Hey guys is this co op online? As well as is it working right cause I want my friends to buy but don’t want them to waste their money if we can’t play cause I hear it’s online is shaky
Dub Snac
Dub Snac Prije 4 dana
@FireFalcon185 play gotcha cause I was debating playing it with my brother here in our room thank you!!!
FireFalcon185 Prije 4 dana
They most likely played locally, in my experience with playing on this game and playing it for around 3 hours online it does get extremely laggy sometimes and it does get really annoying when it does, but it does have those long moments where it's butter smooth
Tony J
Tony J Prije 5 dana
Oh my, this seems a gang of bullies!
THEB0Y!!! !!
THEB0Y!!! !! Prije 6 dana
My big bro got this on the old xbox 360 from then and till now he's addicted to the soundtrack day and night
recaldee Prije 6 dana
20:40 ramona kill kim
recaldee Prije 6 dana
This gameplay is complete or not
Rafael Calvay
Rafael Calvay Prije 6 dana
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FireFalcon185 Prije 4 dana
Man i was having to read the bible with my family for years i can choose if i want to be atheist if i want to
Mari Chan
Mari Chan Prije 6 dana
Gawd I seriously can't wait to play this again 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭
Samuel Rodriguez
Samuel Rodriguez Prije 6 dana
Scott pilgrim vs za warudo
The Fifth Doctor
The Fifth Doctor Prije 6 dana
My game 😎
KiddaAnimé Kun
KiddaAnimé Kun Prije 6 dana
Jam Prije 6 dana
This game is super hard. Like, really hard.
Benjamin morales mendez
Benjamin morales mendez Prije 6 dana
Is the physical vision of this game is out too or just the digital version
Zuri Prije 6 dana
The amount of memories I have with this game is making me happy just by listening to the soundtrack
PsychoMagnet Prije 6 dana
I wanna play this but PS Plus...
NOT NILES Prije 6 dana
Can you do couch co op with one person & still play multiplayer online?
FireFalcon185 Prije 4 dana
Not that i know of sadly, only one per console or computer for online matches
chaTzon Prije 7 dana
Anyone facing network Problems like lagging ? Hmm :((
FireFalcon185 Prije 4 dana
A buuuuunch
Lost Love
Lost Love Prije 7 dana
danggggg iplayed this game as a kid
cwallace96 Prije 7 dana
I am downloading this as soon as I get off work. Been waiting on this one. Nintendo is going to do the dang thang in 2021. Let's go!!!!!
Adam Prije 7 dana
if u play this.....lmfao
Bort Prije 7 dana
How do I invite my friends to play with me on PS4?
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Prije 7 dana
Laughter139 Prije 7 dana
Listening to the soundtrack take me back. When the guitar hit, it just make me hype. I couldn't play this game with my nephews, but now we got a new game to beat!!!!
FurkanSN Prije 7 dana
I have no one to play this with. Does anyone want to play?
Chimi Changa
Chimi Changa Prije 7 dana
My game keeps crashing lol
Shairingan Prije 7 dana
is it crossplay?
TheJoJoFanatic85 Prije 7 dana
Anyone have Xbox and this game? Want to play together? My GT is JoJoFanatic
Anthony Chavez Easter
Anthony Chavez Easter Prije 7 dana
I cant wait to play this game
B Mo
B Mo Prije 7 dana
is it crossplay with other consoles
Andre Weatherford
Andre Weatherford Prije 7 dana
Can you play 4 players locally on ps4?
Eddy Sandeman
Eddy Sandeman Prije 7 dana
Wtf are the jiggle physics in this game
gorillazsan Prije 7 dana
Is the game coming to steam?
Brendan Shannon
Brendan Shannon Prije 7 dana
I love how they included guitar hero
soulreaver19 Prije 7 dana
Trickster Quest
Trickster Quest Prije 7 dana
What did I do? What do I do? Raging Homosexual in the background:FIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHTTT!
BrxIghtside Prije 7 dana
Great game movie and comic such a rare trifecta
Slyman 64
Slyman 64 Prije 7 dana
It's time to fight for lesbians
Timelymirror78 Prije 7 dana
🙃 it's scott pilgrim and his friends
Underboss Gamingdunce
Underboss Gamingdunce Prije 7 dana
Shame the people who play games at IGN are completely inept...
Ringo Bingo
Ringo Bingo Prije 7 dana
pauly smallz
pauly smallz Prije 7 dana
Why is this not on psn right now
Douzen Bangarang
Douzen Bangarang Prije 7 dana
So glad to see this game come back! And Anamanaguchi with the soundtrack!
Gregory TheGibusD0ud
Gregory TheGibusD0ud Prije 7 dana
wait its back
Joedan Pabon
Joedan Pabon Prije 7 dana
I still have the game for the PS3. I really love Scott Pilgrim
Amare Johnson
Amare Johnson Prije 7 dana
What time is it releasing because it’s not in the playstation store anymore?
Guamboy Prije 7 dana
Man I used to be such a huge fan of the franchise. Brings back do much memories!
GHOSTy Prije 7 dana
Is this also coming to steam?
Ryan Heinz
Ryan Heinz Prije 7 dana
Is physical edition available today?
Waddle Doo 2 You
Waddle Doo 2 You Prije 7 dana
What's evil Scott's name again?
PhantomWolf Productions
PhantomWolf Productions Prije 7 dana
That would be Nega Scott
Jonny Largent
Jonny Largent Prije 7 dana
Little hint: The Parking Meters can be destroyed if you need coins. Though I do wonder if the cheat codes are still applicable like the Sound Test.
Daily Inferno Nightly inferno rip off
Daily Inferno Nightly inferno rip off Prije 7 dana
Is it just me or has anyone else experienced a delay while playing online
* bunny.
* bunny. Prije 7 dana
I am literally gonna cry!! this game was my FAVORITE when I was younger and I still listen to the soundtrack for inspiration. I cannot wait to revisit it on the switch, finally gonna unlock Nega Scott! 😃
Grifleep Prije 7 dana
AWWW DANG! The physical takes 5 months to ship
Neak Prije 7 dana
So excited to play this again. Only question I have is the online cross platform ?
the wolf 01x
the wolf 01x Prije 7 dana
Is this out
Echo Pendragon
Echo Pendragon Prije 7 dana
Why does the comment section feel like earlier HRpost? Oh, I'm not complaining. I'm just curious.
Nutcase363 Prije 7 dana
I want couch coop games back
Quadraginta Prije 7 dana
The nostalgia is stabbing me through the chest.
SectionEight Prije 7 dana
Ahh, the music sounds just as amazing as I remember it.
Myzuki Prije 7 dana
Thats what I'm glad about as well
Justin Scott
Justin Scott Prije 7 dana
The next click you hear is me hanging up, the one after me pulling the trigger.
Justin Scott
Justin Scott Prije 7 dana
Love this game!!! So excited its back. I wanna get it on switch for portable but since has online probably gonna do xbox lol or maybe both. Hell might do limited run as well 😂
charlieb303 Prije 7 dana
I love that we are finally getting more couch coop. Keep it up please!!!!
Neo Prije 7 dana
Going to be playing this game for the first time ever with a friend who loves the original! Looking forward to it!
Your King
Your King Prije 7 dana
I remember this game, I used to play the demo to death, I will be picking it up when it comes out.
Hokage Charizard
Hokage Charizard Prije 7 dana
I’m finna cop for Ps5 🤟🏽🔥
Mendez_BT Prije 8 dana
Respect the GOATS Anamamaguchi for this GODLY soundtrack
joshua Prije 8 dana
Is this gonna be online too
Timelymirror78 Prije 7 dana
🙂 yes
Samuel-REMAKE Prije 8 dana
Ramona has some idle-jiggle action going.
Ajscrewu Prije 8 dana
These people playing are garbage
Isaac Ninja
Isaac Ninja Prije 8 dana
Aaaahhhh my memories of nostalgia
Dick Gumshoe
Dick Gumshoe Prije 8 dana
Does it contain cross-platform online co-op?
deadworld 66
deadworld 66 Prije 8 dana
Is this going to have online co-op or just couch co-op?
Askari Mehdi
Askari Mehdi Prije 7 dana
It'll have both:)
Rakan O
Rakan O Prije 8 dana
Buying it for every platform I own haha
Santiago Dunbar
Santiago Dunbar Prije 8 dana
I'll be your garbage man
MSUHitman Prije 8 dana
Is there online cross play or does everyone have to have the game on the same system?
Michael Franklin
Michael Franklin Prije 8 dana
I’ve been waiting for them to rerelease this since they removed it from the online stores all those years ago, hearing that music on the first level almost brings tears to my eyes, I can’t wait to unlock Nega Scott again!
ick Prije 8 dana
only took em ten years
The Maz
The Maz Prije 8 dana
Hopefully we can get the X-Men games remastered for the Switch that would be quite the excitement!
Daniel Middleton
Daniel Middleton Prije 8 dana
So does anyone know if the PS4/Xbox One versions run in 4K? Just want to know in case I have buy it both on my switch and PS4 or just switch.
That boy u know HD
That boy u know HD Prije 8 dana
Artfully Random
Artfully Random Prije 8 dana
I can't wait to get my hands back on this game.
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell Prije 8 dana
00:45 is that a rainbow uppercut? XD
Gwenpool Prije 8 dana
How does eat non-dairy products give you Psychic powers?
KTC12490 Prije 8 dana
Game like 10yrs old
Superior-Mars2341 Prije 8 dana
Idk but I thought it was about to lag for a second there.The ogs know what I’m talking about🤣
Curri189 Prije 8 dana
I can't believe its back... so beautiful...
Syykes Prije 8 dana
I’ve never been so sure of something 💙
XpertRebel95 Prije 8 dana
the first ex boss music is fire ngl
pinkintheflesh Prije 8 dana
As someone who currently lives in Toronto, it was pretty cool seeing the city I grew up in, be in a video game for the first time ever. I read all the books of Scott Pilgrim and have been in lesbians with them ever since. Still haven't been to Sneaky Dees though.
cameron adams
cameron adams Prije 8 dana
Is it co-op local as well or only online?
raging super alex
raging super alex Prije 8 dana
LegalOrez Prije 8 dana
This game on the ps3 was epic
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